Okay, so for those of who were scandalized by my use of artificial vanilla flavoring in the Snickerdoodle Ice Cream recipe are about to REALLY keel over when you see what I’m about to post. But before I show you what I’ve done, can’t we all just agree that sometimes all you need is some chocolate chip cookie dough? And sometimes you need it FAST? And, especially when it’s smothered in vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and caramel syrup, you don’t even really know that it’s not homemade from scratch? Come on, all you cookie dough junkies, I know you’re out there!

This dessert is for the end of the week and you’re dead tired and so very grateful for the weekend, something you can delight in while you watch all the shows you DVRed during the week.  I’ve made them with homemade cookie dough, I’ve made them with the cookie dough from Papa Murphy’s, and I’ve made them with the good ol‘ refrigerator cookie dough from the grocery store. Quite honestly? I like the dough I don’t have to make the best. These are so easy and so AMAZING that any extra effort, either in preparation or cleanup, seems to take away from their deliciousness. So take that for what it’s worth…
What are we making? Pizzookies–basically, warm cookie sundaes. I would highly recommend buying some ramekins if you don’t already have some because while these can be done in muffin tins, part of the joy is cracking that spoon through the shell of the cookie and spooning out the warm, gooey center, which, with a muffin tin, is either going to be impossible (cookies smoosh while being removed from pan) or awkward (sharing a muffin tin of pizzookies with dinner guests). Unless, of course, you make the whole pan for yourself and that’s only awkward when someone walks in on you.
Our Best Bites
Chocolate chip cookie dough (look here or here for a recipe if you want to make your own)
Vanilla ice cream (click here for vanilla ice cream; omit cookies and cinnamon and add an extra tsp. vanilla)
Chocolate sauce (Click here to make your own hot fudge sauce)
Caramel Sauce (Click here to make buttermilk syrup, which is pretty much caramel sauce)

Preheat oven to 350. Fill ramekins about 1/2 full of cookie dough.

Bake in preheated oven for about 12-14 minutes or until golden around the edges but still soft in the middle.

Remove from oven and allow to cool about 5 minutes. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle with caramel and chocolate sauces. Pure evil (although mine were only 99% evil because, if you’ll notice, my chocolate syrup has added calcium–because, you know, an intangible amount of calcium is gonna offset this bad boy).

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