This past Valentine’s Day my husband had to be at work all day. Half way through the day I decided I should be a good wife and take some goodies in. My husband loves these sugar cookies. Loves them. He especially loves them with a fluffy pile of sweet buttercream frosting on top. However, I was taking the treats into everyone and I wanted to pack them in a cute Valentines basket I had so fluffy frosting wouldn’t work. And I didn’t have time to wait for Glacé Icing to dry. So that’s when I rummaged through my pantry and came up with these. They are so super yummy. The buttery sugar cookie pairs perfectly with the creamy chocolate and sweet crunch of the toffee. They were a big hit with his co-workers and quickly became a favorite in our house. They’ve become my go-to for baby and wedding showers too. You can make them ahead of time, they look totally adorable- yet elegant at the same time, and they can be stacked and packed. They look so fabulous tucked in a peep window box or a cellophane treat bag tied with a ribbon. Perfect!

Chocolate Toffee Sugar Cookies

1 recipe Sugar Cookies, cooked until slightly golden brown on the edges*
dipping chocolate, dark, semi-sweet, or milk. I prefer dark
white chocolate or almond bark
Heath toffee bits

*Even if you like your sugar cookies soft, you’ll want to cook them so they’re crisp and buttery for this recipe. Roll them on the thin side and then cook them until they’re just golden brown right around the very edges and they should be perfect.

To make this process quick and easy, I pre-bake my sugar cookies. As soon as they are cooled to room temperature I stack them in a tupperware container and pop them in the freezer. (I do the same thing when I’m going to frost with Glace Icing). You can do this up to a week (probably more really) ahead of time. The dipping process is actually really quick and easy, so if you have your cookies already made and ready you can throw these together really fast. If your cookies are frozen you don’t even have to defrost them. Just take them right from the freezer adn start dipping. The cold cookies make the chocolate harden fast too!

Start by preparing your dipping chocolate. Put it in a small, flexible bowl (like a plastic one) for best results. Dip half of the cookie in the chocolate and tap off excess. When I dip I angle the cookie so only the front gets dipped half way, and just a tiny bit of the back has chocolate on it. I scrape the edge on the bowl to have a nice clean edge to my cookie.

Thanks to my sister for being such a great hand model! Work with a few cookies at a time, and place them on either parchment paper or a Silpat after dipping in chocolate. While the chocolate is still wet, sprinkle on some toffee bits.

Melt your white chocolate or almond bark in the microwave. For best results, chop into chunks (or just use white chocolate chips like I do) and microwave in 40 second intervals, stirring in between until melted.

You can drizzle the chocolate on with a fork, place it in a zip-lock bag and then cut off the tip.

When all of the chocolate is hardened, remove from the parchment paper and break off any white chocolate that is hanging over.

The picture below is from a baby shower brunch I hosted recently. These little beauties looked so pretty on the table. It’s like they put on their fancy clothes.

By doubling the sugar cookie recipe, using a 2-3 inch heart cutter and rolling them about 1/4″ thick I got about 100 cookies.

I hope you guys can try these soon- I guarantee you’ll fall in love with them like I did!

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