People often ask me where I learned to cook. I really had to think about it at first since I can’t really pinpoint an exact point in my life where I became interested in all things culinary. I didn’t take a class, or watch a show, or read a book. I just…cooked. I always have. But as I reflect on my life and my past and all of the things that have made me into the person that I am, the answer to that question is crystal clear. I learned from my Mother. She wasn’t a chef or even a super fancy cook. She just made good food. And she made it often. Growing up in our house, meal times were consistent, treats were plentiful, and the kitchen was the heart of our home. We all gathered there and we all helped out (some more willingly than others, *cough* Drew…) My Mom always took time to include the “little helpers” even if it meant a less-than-perfect finished product. That’s a lesson I remind my perfectionist-self of often. For her, cooking wasn’t a dreaded obligation, it was a cherished opportunity. And constant exposure to that just led to a natural interest for me. My Mom created a lot of memories in our kitchen and it’s something I really try to do with my own kids. You don’t have to be a top chef to teach your children how to cook or how to appreciate good food. It’s all about the time!

Okay, therapy session over. I mention all of this because this is one of my Mom’s recipes and biting into one of these blissfully sweet bars is like taking a big chomp into my childhood. I don’t know how anyone can resist this flavor combo. We made these all the time growing up for summer pot-lucks, Christmas plates for neighbors, our weekly “Family Nights” and on lazy Sunday afternoons simply for the purpose of inhaling. As I made this batch to photograph, I made a special point to let my toddler grab a stool and help out and I smiled when he bent over and stuck his tongue directly on the icing I was about to snap a picture of. So what are you waiting for? Go whip up a batch and start making some memories with your own family!


Are you a PB fan?? Then you better try these too!

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