Some of you may be wondering why there is an image of Michael Scott, branch manager of Dunder Mifflen Scranton, on the beginning of this post. Well let me start by saying that this isn’t actually Sara typing, it’s her husband Eric. If you’re an avid reader of this blog you may feel like you know Sara. You might know she’s obsessed with chocolate and limes. You might know she can’t swallow a plain cherry tomato even if her life depended on it. You might even know she cringes at the word “panties.” However, one thing you might not know is that she’s completely accident prone. Especially in the kitchen. Which is why it didn’t come as too much of a surprise this morning when my dear, sweet wife grabbed the handle of a skillet just moments after it came out of a 500-degree oven. Yeah, ouch. For those of you who are fans of The Office and have seen this famous episode, you know the rest of the story. One clean CT scan later…we’ve determined that Sara’s okay, too. Unfortunately, her hand now has frostbite from sitting in a bath of freezing cold ice all day, so she has asked me to type for her. I assure you that she will quickly recover and be back to writing witty commentary soon…thank goodness for bubble wrap.

The recipe today is awesome. I’m an average guy, so I think it’s awesome because it tastes amazing. But Sara tells me it’s awesome because there’s NO yeast in it. Just a bunch of other random stuff that somehow lets it fake being a real cinnamon roll. No yeast means no rising and no waiting and no nightmares for all of you yeast-o-phobes. You just mix it, roll it, bake it, and eat it. I think even a guy could do it. (And by guy, I’m not talking about the food-blogging guys who are actually reading this post, I’m talking about the average Joe who likes to eat, but probably doesn’t even know where things such as baking soda are even stored in their kitchen. Sara tells me I have to specify this or she’ll get hate mail from hoards of offended man-foodies. For the record, I totally hooked Sara on our first date when I impressed her with my mad cooking skills. Two words: Boboli Pizza.)

Alright, from this point on I’m turning it over to Sara and typing exactly what she says because this is taking way too long with her making me delete all of the inappropriate commentary. (But come on, she actually told me to write something about disliking soggy nuts. Really? You think I can let that one go?)




Eric here. One last thing. If you’ve ever wondered if Sara really is the young mother of two she claims to be and not some scary old man, some of you can finally know the answer. If you’re in Utah, tune into KSL’s Studio 5 this Thursday (Sept. 17th) to see Sara cooking up a storm. And let’s all pray her hand is functioning by then.

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