This recipe has been on our site for a long time- it was one of the first things we posted.  And somehow it hasn’t been updated with nice pictures until now. I feel like it’s been lost in the deep dark corners of our index and it deserves some attention because it’s one of our most favorite things!  This is probably the thing I make the very most when we have company over for dinner in the summer time because it’s such a great family style meal.  (Speaking of “Family Style,” anyone watching The Next Food Network Star?  RIP Aria.  And thumbs down on your bacon creativity…)  Anyway, let’s talk Fajitas!  (Oh, and if you missed it on Facebook, you can check out a giveaway we have going this week by clicking here)
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I know you’ve all been posed the question (and I have no idea where or when, but somehow I myself have had to answer it many times thus far in my relatively short life) “If you had to pick one thing to eat every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?” And while I would hate to be required to pick just one thing (since I can’t really live on chocolate alone, but certainly can’t live without it either…oh the angst!) This meal would be one of my top contenders. I love fajitas that much. But not just any fajitas- they have to be good. Really good.  So toss out the store-bought seasoning packet and the 50 for $1 bag of tortillas. I’m going to show you a flavor-packed marinade that you can whip up in a flash.  And when you combine it with homemade tortillas and all the fixin’s, it’s pretty much heaven.
The secret really is in the marinade.  And my little trick is to reserve just a little of it to drizzle on at the very end for an extra punch of flavor.  You can use your choice of meat; boneless chicken breasts work great, as do chicken thighs or tenders.  Flank steak is also awesome.  We often do both chicken and steak.  Grab whatever colors of peppers and onions you have around and grill them up.
I like to serve it on a big platter and let everyone serve themselves.  Or to make sure everything is distributed evenly, you could also mix everything up on the platter.

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