We are SO EXCITED to announce that, thanks to you guys and all of your amazing support throughout the month of October, we are the Better Homes and Gardens Cook-Off Champions! We truly could not believe the outpouring of support we received from y’all through your comments, emails, words of encouragement, and your votes. I think Sara and I can truly say that this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the best readers in the blogosphere and we can’t thank you enough.


We can try! πŸ™‚

To thank you in some small way, we are giving away 4 of these:

And 15 of these:

These prizes are courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens. But we love y’all so much that we wanted to give you something from the two of us. We are officially also handing out one of these in the color of your choice:

And not just the picture, we’ll give you the actual Kitchen-Aid mixer!

So, to re-cap, we’re giving away:
–4 copies of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook
–15 $25 Walmart gift cards
–1 5-quart KitchenAid Artisan Mixer; the winner can pick from the colors in the picture
That’s a total of 20 winners. I love it!

{The Nitty Gritty}
–One entry per person. To enter, leave us a comment telling us something (or things, no need to hold back here!) you’re thankful for this fall. Make sure to leave your comment here on this post. Entries via facebook, twitter, or email will not be counted. If you don’t know how to leave a comment, click on the link at the bottom of this post that says, “____Tasty Thoughts” Or if you have a direct link to the post, you need to scroll down to the very bottom of the page, past all of the comments and you’ll see a little link that says, “Post a comment”.
–Please make sure that you either leave an address or that we can access your blog so we can let you know that you’ve won.
–The winner of the KitchenAid must live in the continental U.S. We’re so sorry to have to do that, but due to their size and weight, I would have to take out a second mortgage on my house to ship it.
–Contest ends Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 8:00 pm Central Time. The winners will be announced bright and early on the morning of November 15.

Good luck! And thank you, thank you, thank you again!

**Thank you for all your entries! This giveaway is now closed.**


  1. 1
    Laura says:

    I am so grateful for the internet! This year I have been tied to home most of the time and the internet has been my life line to friends and information. I have had the chance to learn new things and meet new people, all through this wonderful tool πŸ™‚

  2. 2
    Sleepy Bear says:

    I am thankful that I am able to spend another fall season with the people I love the most. Through all of life's ups and downs, my family and friends have been there for me to lift my spirits. It also doesn't hurt that most of them are great cooks! The joy of sharing a delicious meal prepared by people you admire is a wonderful thing that should be cherished.

  3. 3
    Lori S. says:

    Thankful that God knows better than I do and has the lives of my children in the tender-loving care.

  4. 4
    Lindsey says:

    I am grateful for winter coats, warm blankets, and hot chocolate! As the temperatures begin to drop, and being a desert-dweller originally, I am grateful for things that keep me warm.

  5. 5
    ooshela says:

    I am so grateful for my husband and 3 kids! Also grateful that my husband was already able to find a new job after being laid off a month ago.

  6. 6
    the4bulls says:

    I am so grateful for the US military. As a new member of the military family (my husband is in the US Air Force) I get to see these amazing men and women daily. I get to see dramatic homecomings, sad deployments, and intense training. These people are so selfless and courageous, I am eternally thankful.

  7. 7
    Tfamily says:

    I am grateful for a warm house when I hear the rain and wind outside. For a husband who worked late hours each night for almost a year to build that house. And for 4 wonderful children who always try and do the right thing. I have been very blessed.

  8. 8
    Amanda says:

    I am thankful for my health. Baby #3 due in February and I grateful that I have the opportunity to be a mom. Also, thankful for your best bites recipes that I refer to often. Some of my favorite recipes have come from here!

  9. 9
  10. 10
    kelli says:

    I am thankful for my family, first and foremost, and my knowledge of the gospel of the church of Jesus Christ, and for His Atonement, and for all of the people I have to love in my life!

  11. 11
    Kathryn says:

    Grateful for our family's health, for the "simple" ability to learn and try new things. For a really, truly handsome and good-hearted husband and our sweet miracle babies. For a safe and warm place to live, a weird ability to make friends quickly, and for beautiful sky-blue Kitchen Aid mixers… well, that last one is what I'm dreaming of!

    So glad you guys won. I'm always grateful to see other women being successful in their talents. Way to go!

  12. 12

    I am so, so grateful for my awesome family, our wonderful little home {and the yummy treats that come from the kitchen!} and the new life we have up here in Washington {having previously lived in Oregon my whole life}. I am also grateful for good health, our new WA friends and, of course, my testimony of the gospel.

    Congratulations on your win!

  13. 13
    Kelsey says:

    I am thankful for my wonderful family, friends, and my great boyfriend. I am also very thankful that I can afford to fill my table this thanksgiving day. Remember there are some people who cannot afford a thanksgiving meal this year. Look for a community thanksgiving meal and donate an item or volunteer your time to help cook the meal so everyone can be thankful this thanksgiving day.

  14. 14
    B says:

    I am thankful for my wonderful husband who tries so hard to make sure I know how much he loves me and for FOUR amazing children who are so dear to me πŸ™‚ Oh and I'm thankful for REALLY good food πŸ˜‰

    Becky Jones

  15. 15
    Fae says:

    I am grateful for music…it gives spice to the mundane.

  16. 16
    vanessa v says:

    I am thankful for my beautiful family πŸ™‚ They are absolutely wonderful. And this yummy fall season upon us.

  17. 17
    Natalie @ Perrys' Plate says:

    Congratulations!! I'm so glad you two won. Ya'll deserve it. πŸ™‚

    I'm grateful for my health that enables me to take care of my family (who I'm also grateful for).

  18. 18
    The redhead says:

    I am thankful that the sun rises each day.

  19. 19
    Lisa Christine Johnson says:

    I am grateful for my husband and our families, and I am grateful for jobs in this difficult time, and for a roof over our heads!

  20. 20
    Emily says:

    (What a great giveaway!!) I'm grateful that my doctor moved my due date up and that this baby boy will be here even sooner! And I'm grateful for my hubby & sweet little girl. πŸ™‚

  21. 21
    Green In OC says:

    I am grateful for my family & friends, I am grateful for my dog and I am grateful for Google Voice which allows me to text for FREE!

  22. 22
    Allie says:

    I am thankful for the fact that I am breathing, that I have a job, that I am physically fit enough to take care of myself, I am still capable of making decisions for myself, and I am extremely grateful for my dogs. Without those 3, my days would be horribly lonely.

  23. 23
    NaDell says:

    Among so many other things, I'm grateful that I'm able to get so many ideas for great things to make for my family online and see so many pictures of them.
    Congratulations you won!!!
    (I'd love the red mixer, but the other prizes are just as awesome!)

  24. 24
    Katie says:

    Congrats, girls!

    I am thankful that due to making some drastic life changes so that my husband can have a new career, he gets to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with us for the first time in our marriage!

  25. 25
    Laura Elizabeth says:

    I am grateful for my sweet husband. We have been married three months and I just love that I am blessed to share my life with him!!! πŸ™‚

  26. 26
    Debs says:

    I am thankful to still be here after being diagnosed with colon cancer in Jauary this year!

    However, I do wish you had extended your kitchen aid mixer giveaway to worldwide entries too, cos you know it's not just the Americans that support you!

  27. 27
    CJ says:

    Congratulations!! That is pretty exciting stuff.

    I am thankful for the family that God has blessed me with. A wonderful husband and two children (one a full fledged adult in about 20 minutes!)that are walking with the Lord.

  28. 28
    love bug momma says:

    I am grateful for a group of fun girls to go out with and laugh it up with before returning home to kiss my little ones goodnight.

  29. 29
    val says:

    I'm really thankful for our daughter AND that our adoption finally seems to be moving again. It's been a long wait. We're so thankful to see some progress!

  30. 30
    Brandy says:

    I am grateful that tomorrow always is a new day.

  31. 31
    Julie says:

    I have been sick the past couple days which has made me realize how THANKFUL I am for my normally healthy body. Congrats on winning!

    ~Julie Stephens

  32. 32
    Mrs. Bliss says:

    I am thankful for ten loving years of marriage (our 10th anniversary is the 30th of this month.) I am thankful for 4 bright and vibrant souls that call me mommy. I am thankful for my Savior. I am thankful for my life!

    And I would be really thankful if I won one of the giveaways! πŸ˜‰

  33. 33
    Heninger family says:

    Would it be sucking up too much to say I'm thankful I found your blog??? πŸ™‚ I really am!! My kids have their favorites of your recipes, I've got my favorites, and we've had a great time cooking and eating together… I'm thankful for the time we can spend together as a family, building relationships that will last.

  34. 34
    Katie BQ says:

    Congrats on the win!! I am so very thankful for this sweet baby girl that is due in March of next year. I've waited a long time to be a mother and I couldn't feel more grateful!

  35. 35
    Kelly says:

    I am thankful for my health, and for a wonderful family and good friends!

  36. 36
    Hayley says:

    I am thankful for my husband and brand new son. I'm thankful for the chance to be a mother.

  37. 37
    Erica Wyatt says:

    I am thankful my husband has a job this fall.

  38. 38
    Kenna :) says:

    I'm so grateful for my family and my best friends! Around the holiday season I am reminded that life would not be nearly as meaningful without people to share it with and those who make my life better just by spending time with them.

  39. 39
    merica vom nahttrenner says:

    I am tankful that my husband (and the rest of my family) is well, that my little one is in Kindergarten now and that I can dig in some Lebkuchen without getting annoyed looks.

  40. 40
    Alicia J says:

    I am extremely grateful for my husband! He spent 3+ hours this evening working on a 3 minute slideshow that I needed done for tomorrow. He blesses my life each day.

  41. 41
    Margaret says:


    I am grateful for my family. I love having stability during this time of stress. There really is so much to be grateful for.


  42. 42
    Ginger says:

    I'm thankful that this fall I'm cooking like no other! I'm thankful for my family who eats it…most of the time.

    Oh! How I've always wanted a Kitchen Aid!

  43. 43
    Carla(LoverofWords) says:

    Congrats on winning!

    I am thankful for my life and for God's grace for allowing me to live to not only see another day but to be able to say I do in exactly one week from today.

    I am also thankful for the people who give without asking for anything in return.

  44. 44
    Cassie says:

    I am thankful for my family, VERY thankful for PCS time and getting to move into our first real home, and so much more!

  45. 45
    the W* family says:

    My sweet kids. I love getting to spend each and every day with them, and to get to share this fun holiday season with them!

  46. 46
    Amy says:

    I'm thankful for my family, especially my husband and two little boys. I'm thankful for great friends and having a job I love. I'm thankful for my health and the health of those I know and love. And, I'm thankful for having a home, clothing and food for my family

  47. 47
    Ty & Nancy Mackey says:

    I'm thankful for food in my pantry, clothes on my back and children who make life worth smiling about!

  48. 48
    Pleshette_Rose says:

    I'm always thankful for my family and relative good health. Thanks for hosting such a fantastic giveaway.

    pleshette_rose at yahoo dot com

  49. 49
    Steph says:

    I am thankful for life, health, and a job! I am so grateful everyday that I can wake up in my own home, provide food for myself, and have the love and support of such wonderful friends and family. I know that others are not so fortunate and I'm constantly humbled by that thought.

    Congratulations to you guys on the BHG win! Love the blog!

  50. 50
    RM says:

    I am thankful for beautiful mild weather and that I get to go HOME for Christmas!

  51. 51
    Todd and Shana says:

    Congratulations!!! You so deserve it! I am most grateful for the fact that I have a roof over my head and a car that runs (on prayers more than gas at this point!), a husband who amazes me more with every day, and three beautiful children.

  52. 52
    Loving Life in Europe says:

    I am thankful that my husband will be home for the holidays in a couple of weeks from his deployment. I am also thankful that I get to talk to my mother every morning online even though we live half way around the world from each other.

  53. 53
    Darlene says:

    I'm thankful that even thought I'm unemployed, I still have a roof over my head, food to eat and heat for the house!

    I'm thankful that I live in the USA and that we still have the freedoms that we DO have.

    I'm thankful for my children and the new grandbabies that are on the way. (first ones)

  54. 54
    Ashlee and Scott says:

    I know people will judge me for writing this, but I'm five days overdue and in labor…which is the only reason I'm up at 2:45am. However, I am thankful for the labor. These 5 days have lasted forever. Why am I on the internet while IN LABOR? Just focusing on other things before I can go to the hospital. Obviously…I'm a big fan!!!

  55. 55
    Louanne says:

    I am thankful for my supportive, wonderful husband and my incredible son. They both amaze me everyday.
    Congratulations to you both! No one deserved to win more than you guys.

  56. 56
    Deb says:

    Congrats on your win!

    I am thankful for time spent with my Granddaughter.

  57. 57
    Body By Janalyne says:

    Your giveaways brought to mind 3 things I'm thankful for…first, the cookbook made me think of my best friend who's a chef and just moved 1000 miles away, but I still get to talk to every day. The gift card made me think…hey, even though I'm a bigger fan of Target, I'm sure grateful to have a Walmart close by for little things I need and the money savings there! The mixer made me feel grateful for my parents…the mixer I use is their little electric hand mixer they got as a wedding gift over 36 years ago and they passed it along to me when I moved away from home.

    Other than what the post made me think of, one of the first things always on my list of what I'm thankful for is my little doggy curled up next to me right now.

  58. 58
    The Whatcott Fam says:

    Congrats you two!!! This fall, amongst many other things, I am thankful for modern medicine and good doctors.

  59. 59
    Bri[dilly] says:

    I'm grateful for the commute between home, work and school. It gives me the time I need to slow down and think about all the beautiful, and sometimes not-so-beautiful, things about my life. It is in those car rides that I find the beauty in the day, the joy to face it and the peace to take home with me. πŸ™‚ I'm also grateful that I live with my best friend and sister. She's wonderful.

  60. 60
    Kathy says:

    You guys are amazing! I'm so so THANKFUL for Good Health! Great Family and Wonderful Friends!

  61. 61
    Rebecca says:

    I am grateful for my 2 (almost 3!) kids, my wonderful hubby, and my nearly 70 lb dog who thinks she's a lap dog…at least she keeps me warm on the couch!

  62. 62
    Melaina25 says:

    I am thankful for my husband. I love my baby boy to death and I couldn't have gotten through the past ten months without his love and support!

  63. 63
    absees123s says:

    I am thankful each day for the children I teach and how they enrich my life. It doesn't matter how my day starts…they make it even better! I'm also thankful that I have a warm place to sleep, a roof over my head and a job to go to each day!

  64. 64
    vkochis says:

    I am so grateful that my children our healthy – had a scare this weekend with my 6 week old. Thank God she will be okay!

  65. 65
    Asheritah says:

    This year I'm grateful for my husband who loves and cares for me. I couldn't have asked for a greater blessing.

  66. 66
    kelly ogreer says:

    I am thankful for my Judy Sam and the chance to win Kitchen-aid mixer!

  67. 67
    vkochis says:

    I am thankful that my children are healthy!

  68. 68
    HCM says:

    I’m thankful for being able to spend more time with family in the next coming months. My husband and I have lived several states away for the last couple of years but recently moved closer. I can’t wait to be able to see our families more than every 6 months! πŸ™‚

  69. 69
    Crystal says:

    I'm thankful for my family & true friends. I'm thankful for everything that God has blessed me with. I'm thankful for life!

  70. 70
    Kristin says:

    I'm so thankful for my husband, my family, our home, and the happiness our marriage brings us each day! πŸ™‚

  71. 71
    Anne Marie says:

    Congratulations!! I am thankful for so much so if I have to pick just one I will say my family. Love them all.

  72. 72
    Mrs. Bement says:

    I am thankful for being able to spend time with my husband before the military snatches him away from me for a while.
    Also thankful for friends, family, and God's blessings on our lives!

  73. 73
    gretchen says:

    My husband and I had a baby this year so I'm thankful for our new little family. I'm also thankful for my fairly new job and our new house….whew it's been a busy year!

  74. 74
    Ashley says:

    I'm thankful for the chance to go home for Thanksgiving. Only 2 weeks!

  75. 75
    Lisa Russell says:

    I am thankful for my family, my friends, good health and for all of God's blessings in my life!

  76. 76
    Amy says:

    I'm thankful for my family-aging parents in good health and happy children.

  77. 77
    Em says:

    This year, I am thankful that we have clean water to drink, can afford medicine for our kids when they get sick and have more than enough food to eat.

  78. 78
    The Van Fam says:

    I am grateful for my husband and that he works so hard to provide for our family. Of course for my 5 wonderful kids.

  79. 79
    Beth says:

    I am thankful for so many things I'll try to slim it down. I am thankful for my home, my husband that built it, my lovely daughters, my parents and wonderful family, a kind brother in law that ensures we get to together each year to share time, for a loving Heavenly Father, for a job, for LIFE. I really did narrow it down πŸ™‚

  80. 80
    Shannah says:

    I am thankful that this holiday season is shaping up to be NOT overly-busy. I'm thankful we'll have time to look at holiday lights and drink peppermint hot chocolate. I'm thankful my family is traveling to spend thanksgiving at our house (for the 1st time!) rather than us traveling there. And I'm especially thankful to be almost done with holiday shopping already. πŸ™‚

  81. 81
    Jen says:

    I'm so thankful for my family this fall!

  82. 82
    Alison says:

    I am thankful that i have the ability to be a stay at home mom…with another baby joining our home in March!!! I'm also thankful for the doctrine our church teaches. Having 'family first' instilled at a small age has helped me attain my own little family I have now.

    Oh and I'm also thankful for my new french-door refrigerator, the little ones aren't constantly opening the doors now! Life is good πŸ™‚

  83. 83
    Amy says:

    I am grateful to be spending December with my sister! She's coming for a visit and I can't wait!

  84. 84
    You can call me Shirley says:

    I am thankful for my new fiance, having a great new set of loving in-laws, for my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and most of all that I will soon be an AUNT.

  85. 85
    Autumn says:

    I am thankfully for my health and the health of my family.

  86. 86
    Suz says:

    I'm thankful for YOUR BLOG!!! I have made some wonderfully delicious things for my family using the recipes you post and I know my FAMILY is thankful, too! πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your win…..I knew you'd win!

  87. 87
    MrsHwang says:

    I am thankful for my healthy family and a warm home…and the mixer giveaway!

  88. 88
    girlosun_9 says:

    I am thankful that my daughter is home from the hospital. I didn't know if we would be in this place at this point and we are. Every day is rocky but it feels so good to wake up and have her at home.

  89. 89
    Mandy says:

    This fall I'm grateful for a happy and healthy newborn baby boy! A big sister that loves him to pieces and for my husband that serves this country proudly!

  90. 90
    Stephanie says:

    I'm thankful that I have a job and my children are healthy!!

    Congratulations ladies!!

  91. 91
    Kim McCallie says:

    I'm thankful that my children are healthy and my younger son has adjusted well to kindergarten. I'm thankful that I've found a creative outlet in blogging and that I have the support of my husband, friends, and family. It's been so fulfilling to me and I look forward to all of the possibilities that next year holds for me.

  92. 92
    Lorraine says:

    I am thankful my bany boy finally has some teeth poking through and will be even more thankful when he starts sleeping again!

  93. 93
    Chele says:

    Congratulations! I am thankful for grandkids. I have five healthy ones with two more on the way. Life is good.

  94. 94
    Pamela says:

    I give thanks for my Jesus, my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter, my loving parents who, although no longer with us, showed me exactly what unconditional love is, my friends and extended family and the modern technology that keeps me in touch with all of them, our home, our veterans, and for all the blessings that I don't deserve but am so grateful to have. Life is good!

  95. 95
    Ash says:

    I am grateful for: The Gospel, my family, and the changing of the seasons!

  96. 96
    mrsnic says:

    I'm thankful for my students who always manage to put a smile on my face, no matter how frustrating the day has been.

    I'm also thankful that you're giving away such great prizes!

  97. 97
    Jamison says:

    I thankful that I am able to stay home with my two children! I LOVE my job and can't imagine doing anything else!

    Congratulations on your big win!

  98. 98
    becca says:

    I am most thankful for my family and I cannot wait to spend Thanksgiving with them enjoying good food and good times!

  99. 99
    j bird says:

    I'm thankful I'll be spending the holiday with family who live on the other side of the country! I can't wait to see them!

  100. 100
    Leslie F. says:

    You know what I am thankful for — your blog! It is the first thing I read in my feed reader every morning. You just have the most wonderful recipes and a great attitude about cooking. So thanks for always sharing such yummy cooking ideas! And congrats on the win — you deserve it!!

  101. 101
    The Wilkinson Family says:

    I am so thankful for my family! A wonderful husband, and 3 babies, the newest of which arrived via adoption only 2 weeks ago:) I am one blessed woman!

  102. 102
  103. 103
    vickisherbert says:

    I am so thankful for my 3 great kids; Brett, Abby, and Cody. They inspire me, delight me, and humble me. Watching them grow into who they are becoming brings me joy every single day.

  104. 104
    slip4 says:

    I am thankful for family and friends and a God who will take over my worries and handle them when I can't! I am also thankful that, even though I just lost my part-time job, I am not the main breadwinner and I have some extra time in my schedule now to handle some projects around the house. And I will be thankful when I find another job!

  105. 105
    Corrina says:

    I am thankful for my family and the friends that I have chosen as family here when I am far away from the real thing. It is wonderful to know that we have multiple invites for all the holidays – even if we just wanna hang out on our own.

  106. 106
    Dunne' says:

    I am thankful for so many things….my health, my incredible fiance, the fact that we have a roof over our heads and are able to pay our bills and put food on our table (so many people can't) and I'm thankful that I get to see my family at Christmas! I'm also thankful that I live down South now and out of the yucky snow!!!

  107. 107
    Marie says:

    I'm thankful for the many blessings that God has bestowed on me and my family, especially the gift of my son.

  108. 108
    SJL~ says:

    I am thankful that my family and I are healthy. Its scary how quickly we can lose someone to disease and illness.

  109. 109
    Ms. W says:


    I am thankful for my husband and two girls. We are so blessed beyond measure.

  110. 110
    A Busy Nest says:

    I am grateful for my family!
    Congrats on your big win! – Jennifer

  111. 111
    Brett and Michelle says:

    Congrats on winning!

    I am so thankful for my 2 kids and my wonderful husband. I don't think I remember that as often as I should. I am also thankful for the Fall! I seriously LOVE this time of year! I am thankful for the internet and all the recipe/craft blogs. I have been able to try so many different things because of them.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  112. 112
    Ashley says:

    I'm thankful for my 2 dogs and wonderful husband. Whenever I have a bad day, they never fail to make me smile!

  113. 113
    Lindsay says:

    I am so thankful for my warm house last night when everything outside was frosty! Brrr…..xo

  114. 114
    Andrea says:

    I'm thankful for each breath.

  115. 115
    Topher says:

    I am so thankful for close friends and family in the area whom I can share the holidays with. Thanks for the giveaway!


    zekks at yahoo dot com

  116. 116
    Amanda says:

    I'm thankful for a wonderful group of friends & family who have been incredibly supportive of me since my hubby deployed a month ago.

  117. 117
    Woodruff Family says:

    I am so thankful for so many things- but especially my family!!! I really have been blessed with the greatest family in the world!!!!

  118. 118
    Flora says:

    I am thankful for opportunities – to learn, to grow, to correct melself, to discover, to love, to work and to live!

  119. 119
    Lori says:

    I am thankful for so many things, I don't know where to start:) I am thankful for my husband a beautiful little girls. I am thankful for my health, and having a roof over my head, food to eat. But most of all, I am thankful for my Lord Jesus Christ because without Him in my life, I don't know where I would be today!

  120. 120
    Lori says:

    I am grateful for the health of my family. It is the thing we think about least, but need more than anything to keep up with all the other things we have to be thankful for.

  121. 121
    PoemboysAngel says:

    I'm thankful for Family and good friends, and the roof over my head!

  122. 122
    Karen says:

    I am thankful for the Lord's provision of jobs for both me and my husband. After he lost his job 18 months ago, He has provided everything we have needed and more. Thanks for offering such wonderful gifts to us!

  123. 123
    ForPete'sSake says:

    I am thankful for blogs that get me cooking something other then my "standard works". Really. πŸ™‚

  124. 124
    Mom and Dad says:

    What's not to be grateful for. Life, challenges and all is just an amazing thing. My husband has been reading about cells. They are very complex organisms in their own right!
    And that's just a cell! Exponentially combined, all kinds of life exist. What a marvelous world.

  125. 125
    Annie says:

    I am thankful that God has placed several challenging experiences in my life over the last week. They have caused me to grow as a person exponentially within the last few days(even if they pretty much sucked in the moment!)

  126. 126
    keepitsweet says:

    i am thankful for my family- especially my husband, parents and sister!

  127. 127
    At the Moment says:

    I am so thankful for the newest addition to my family – my son. He had a rough start but is now as healthy as ever. I am very thankful that for his grandparents that have helped us with in every way possible by being there for him!

  128. 128
    Bournes says:

    I am grateful for the new baby arriving in May πŸ™‚ Also, for my husband and his new job…moving to california! I have to say I am thankful for you guys that help make our meals so much more delicious!!

    Congrats on winning πŸ™‚

  129. 129
    Kelli says:

    I am grateful for the Holidays! What a wonderful time of the year!! I'm also grateful for family, friends, hot chocolate, Skype, and microwaveable rice bags to keep me warm.

  130. 130
    Tiff says:

    I am truly thankful for a healthy happy family this year. Sometimes I forget how great that really is.

  131. 131
    jlk says:

    Congrats to you! I am thankful I can create things with my own two hands that help bring in income and also make me happy.

  132. 132
    Melanie says:

    Family, friends, running water, food to eat, air to breath…all the daily necessities that I SO often take for granted. I am blessed.

  133. 133
    AmyMak says:

    I am thankful for food bloggers! Seeing recipes and trying them for my family is not only fun, but a meal brings my family together around the dinner table. Having the family come home after a long day to gather for a good meal is one of my favorite times of day. Recently, your chicken tortilla soup was a huge hit and I'm just about to make your famous rolls for a soup party tonight. Thank YOU! I am grateful.

  134. 134
    Julie says:

    I am thankful that my family has stayed healthy year after year. Also for my wonderful husband, who has supported my adventure in finishing my bachelor's degree…I couldn't do any of it without him (he's a great homeschooling dad too). Graduate next summer…yay!

    chickfilamom AT comcast DOT net

  135. 135
    PrincessOrangePants says:

    I am thankful for the closeness of family.

  136. 136
    Jill says:

    I am thankful for your perfect cupcake frosting. I made it for my brother's birthday cake and he loved it!

  137. 137
    Casey says:

    I'm thankful for our house. After years of scrimping and saving, we finally found the one just for us. We feel so very blessed!

  138. 138
  139. 139
    Rachael says:

    Congrats on winning! You guys are awesome! I am so thankful for my family. Family is everything to me! My little girl brings so much joy into my life!

  140. 140
    Jillian says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, girls! So proud to be one of many of your faithful followers! I am thankful for a loving husband, a curious and unbelievably sweet little boy, a family that supports us in rough times, and a Savior that provides more grace, mercy, love and provision than I could ever need or deserve. (http://kurtandjill.blogspot.com)

  141. 141
    Ashlee says:

    Yay! Congrats! πŸ™‚ I'm thankful for my life–I've been so blessed and I have wonderful friends and a great family. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  142. 142
    Laura says:

    I'm so thankful for my husband and best friend, Ben. He is a super support to me and I really can't imagine life without him.

  143. 143
    Kim says:

    I am grateful for a warm home and a loving family that God has blessed me with.

  144. 144
    Heather says:

    What wonderful news! Congrats. This fall I am thankful that my husband found a job.

  145. 145
    Merry Jo says:

    I am so thankful for my awesome hubby and 2 sweet girls. I'm also thankful that I'm able to stay home with them every day. Even though it's exhausting, I have the BEST job in the world!

  146. 146
    Michele Hennigh says:

    Congratulations on your win! I'm very thankful for all my family and friends – without them, I wouldn't be where I am today!

    michele.hennigh at gmail dot com

  147. 147
  148. 148
    Jodi says:

    Congrats guys! I have been posting every day this November the things I am thankful for. My biggest thing I am thankful for is my family. I'm talking my husband and children. They are my world and my foundation and I am home wherever they are.

  149. 149
    Amanda says:

    I am thankful for good doctors.

  150. 150
    Dana says:


    I am incredibly thankful for my husband! My husband knows me better than anyone and is truly the kindest person I know. I am so proud of him. It's been a busy 6 months of marriage as he is in his 3 year of medical school, but he always finds time to make me feel special and to help around the house. I am so thankful!

  151. 151
    Jennifer says:

    Congratulations on winning the cook-off!

    I am thankful for a warm home to be in this holiday season with my hubby and our pets.

  152. 152
  153. 153
    Rachel says:

    Wow. So much to be thankful for. I am grateful for employment. I am grateful for my healthy (and beautiful) children. I am grateful for my extended family. I am grateful for my faith.

  154. 154
  155. 155
    Lisa says:

    I am thankful for my family and friends and each day that I am here to make the most of.

  156. 156
    Meri says:

    I am thankful for my family, my husband's job after 16 months of unemployment, and sites like this that make it easier for someone as cooking illiterate as I am to be able to make meals for my family.

  157. 157
    vanessa says:

    I'm thankful for my minivan! After two plus years of sharing a car with my husband we were able to get a second car so that I don't have to be stuck at home with the kids all the time! πŸ™‚

  158. 158
    Kim says:

    I am so thankful for my family this holiday season.

  159. 159
  160. 160
    Annie Jones says:

    I am thankful for my husband and that he and I are so well suited for each other. I am thankful for the rest of my family, also.

  161. 161
    Sarah says:


    I have so much to be thankful for this year. I am thankful for meeting the most amazing man ever after having given up. I am also thankful for a new job in a new city, a much needed fresh start that lead to said man.

    Of course, I'm also thankful for puppies, babies, sunshine, daisys, and butterflies.

  162. 162
    ~Joan says:

    I LOVE (and I do mean love) the cooler weather and all the special baking that the fall holidays demand.

  163. 163
    Shell says:

    Congrats! I am thankful to God for each day that I wake up & that my family is healthy. I am very thankful to all my fellow Veterans(& their families) currently serving & those who've served in the past for continually protecting my rights & freedoms. Thanks

  164. 164
    Kristen says:

    Congrats on the BHG win! You ladies are amazing – and fantastic cooks too!

    I am thankful for the opportunity to see the world through my children's eyes. They make me laugh, investigate things I've never thought about and see things in a whole new way.

  165. 165
    sarah says:

    I am thankful that i live in the continental US so that you can ship me a new kitchenaid mixer!! Thanks for the awesome blogness.

  166. 166
    Kelly says:

    I'm thankful to have such a fantastic family to spend my life with.

  167. 167
    Will says:

    Hoping this is the right place. I'm most thankful for the ability to provide for my family and allow my children to have the opportunities that I did not have.

  168. 168
    Hawaii Monkeys says:

    I'm very grateful for good friends. As common as it is to say, but having just had to say goodbye to our good friends yesterday, who are moving away, I've lived long enough to know, "good friends are hard to find, they're worth gold!" Thanks for the fun give-away, and congrats on the winning recipe!

  169. 169
  170. 170
    ginger says:

    Congratulations on your win!
    I'm thankful for a healthy family.

  171. 171
    Danielle says:

    I am thankful to live in such a beautiful part of the country and to be able to experience it all with my sweet little family!

  172. 172
    Hannah says:

    I'm so thankful to be pregnant with twins this fall! I hate to rush the holiday seasons, but I can't wait for spring! hehe! πŸ™‚

  173. 173
    Jaime says:

    Thankful for my 3 boys!

  174. 174
    Jodell says:

    I am grateful for my beautiful family, our good health, and pie. with ice cream. and whipped cream. for breakfast πŸ™‚

  175. 175
    lola says:

    I am thankful that my husband is home this year to celebrate Thanksgiving. He spent last year in Afghanistan, so it is definitely nice to have him home! πŸ™‚

  176. 176
    Carolyn says:

    I am thankful for so many things, like being employed, having my health. But the number one thing I'm thankful for is my family.

  177. 177
    laura says:

    I'm thankful to have a healthy, functioning body that allows me to do so much! I've had several experiences lately that have reminded me not to take that for granted.

    ostler [dot] laura [at] gmail [dot] com

  178. 178
    amber says:

    A warm home, even if it's small and rented. And wonderful family.

  179. 179
    Mrs. M says:

    I'm thankful for my daughter this fall. She was born prematurely last fall and her first few weeks of life were a struggle. Now, she is a happy, healthy, silly toddler who I love more and every day (if possible)

  180. 180
  181. 181
    Allison says:

    I am grateful for sanity and a supportive husband during a really tough semester of grad school. Also, my area is having a beautiful fall season that makes me really happy!

  182. 182
  183. 183
  184. 184
    linsey says:

    I have been thinking about how thankful I am for medicine–very simple, but so many in the world don't have it!

  185. 185
    kpeereboom says:

    I am thankful for my family and a home to live in. They are so important to me and am so thankful for the loving people they are. I am also thankful for the plans that God knows and that I don't – he knows where we will be and he has great plans for us!

  186. 186
    Ladipierce says:

    I am thankful for all of the wonderful people in blogland who help me great a wonderful home for my family – and cook good food, too!

  187. 187
    QTPics says:

    I'm thankful for blogs! πŸ™‚

  188. 188
  189. 189
    Sasha says:

    I am grateful for having a job, a home, and loving friends and family. Don't know what life would be like without them.


  190. 190
    Brittany says:

    Congratulations!! I'm very thankful for my husband and baby boy and the chance I have to be a wife and mother. I love this time of year and I'm grateful for the many blessings I have.

  191. 191
    james and andre'a says:

    I am so grateful for my seven-week-old daughter, Anna. She has brought an added measure of peace and happiness into our home and lives. She is adored by a big brother (2 years old), Clark, who calls her "Nanna" (though it gets confusing when he's asking for a banana or to see her…). I'm grateful for my family. We live in Chicago and aren't sure what the job market will do, but we have each other. I am the most grateful that Heavenly Father has given me them. Forever.

    my e-mail is: [email protected]

    Thank you!

  192. 192
    clg0513 says:

    I am thankful for a roof over our heads and that we could provide for 3 months for my sis in law, brother in law and nephew when they lost their home in the Nashville floods!
    cls0513 at yahoo dot com

  193. 193
    N. Dade says:

    Like most other commenters, i am thankful for my family. Especially in rough times its better to be going through it together than alone.


  194. 194
    Amie says:

    I'm thankful for my family!! They all get to come to my house for Thanksgiving this year. Boy wouldn't one of those great prizes really help me make it tastey. Congrats girls! I hope that my many votes helped you out!

  195. 195
    Jenny says:

    I am thankful for loving friends and family who have helped us through an incredibly challenging month.

  196. 196
    Kathy says:

    I am so, so, so thankful for my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. I would not be where I am today without Him. =)
    kathy k.

  197. 197
    Jennifer Lee says:

    I am grateful for family and friends and freedom. For religion and the knowledge that I will be with my family forever.

  198. 198
    Fichtner Family says:

    I am so thankful for your carmel toffee dip that I made last night for an RS activity! It was a huge hit! πŸ™‚ I am grateful for my family and my spiritual life. It would be a dark and depressing world without them. They bring light, life, hope, and joy into my heart and spirit.

  199. 199
    Natalie says:

    I am grateful for my family, animals, the Savior, my friends, a job, and for my health.

  200. 200
    SK says:

    I am thankful for new beginnings… after recovering from a painful divorce I have reconnected with an old love and I am now starting a new chapter in life. I also am thankful for websites like yours where I can learn and explore new recipes to share with my new family.

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