Happy week before the 4th of July! Sara and I were talking about how we’ve kind of being holiday slackers when it comes to the blog lately, so prepare yourselves for lots of holiday- and potluck-friendly red, white, and blue recipes this week!

So our friend Nathaly emailed me a few weeks ago (and, um, I never responded because I kind of suck at Facebook messaging. Lesson #1 about being friends with me on Facebook: please don’t get your feelings hurt if I never message you back because for some reason, I seem to be incapable of responding to Facebook messages…) and suggested I come up with a berry vinaigrette recipe. Since I had just eaten one of those new Berry Chicken Salads at Wendy’s (delicious, by the way, and no, Wendy’s has never sponsored Our Best Bites, unless by “sponsor” you mean they give me food after I give them money…), I took her up on it. Without her knowing, of course, because…what? I suck at responding to Facebook messages.

So for this, you’ll need fresh berries–I used strawberries, but I’d bet my children raspberries or blackberries would also be delicious. You’ll also need white wine vinegar, garlic, some onion, salt, pepper, canola oil, poppy seeds, and honey. Or sugar, if you’re in a pinch. But really, honey because there’s something amazing about honey and fresh berries together.

Berry Vinaigrette Ingredients

In a the jar of your blender combine all the ingredients except the oil and the poppy seeds.

Berry Vinaigrette in blender

Blend until combined and then, with the blender running, add the oil in a steady stream. Then add the poppy seeds

Adding poppy seeds

and whisk whisk them into the dressing until combined. If you can, refrigerate this dressing for at least an hour before serving it. Final Berry Vinaigrette We’ve had a lot of questions about how long this will keep in the fridge. It’s hard to say because the thing that will make it go bad is the berries, so here’s my advice–save one berry from the batch you use to make the dressing. Keep it in an airtight container or a Ziploc bag. When the berry gets gross, it’s probably about time to toss the dressing. However, no matter what, I wouldn’t keep it around for longer than a week.

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