If you don’t know what Mar-a-Lago is, then you obviously don’t watch enough Celebrity Apprentice. (On a side note, are you noticing how many of our recipes here on Our Best Bites have references to television shows?  We’ve got the Tim Riggins Brownie, the Nestor Carbonel Mojito, the take-your-pick-of-16-hot-cabana-boys Mango Colada, and don’t forget the Biggest Loser Salad and the Teen Mom Peanut Butter Caramel Shortbread Bars.  No, we never watch tv.  In case you were wondering.)  Mar-a-Lago is a private club in Palm Beach, Florida owned by the Trumpster, and it’s positively stunning.  Not that I’ve ever been there, but check out the photos.

Apparently they have amazing food too, or at least good enough to host birthday soirees for people like Maya Angelou, which is when Oprah tasted this turkey burger and brainwashed the multitudes into thinking they needed to eat it immediately or die launched it to stardom with her Midas touch.

I saw the recipe and was instantly intrigued.  I’m always looking for new recipes for ground turkey and burgers can be tricky because you have to balance flavor and texture, and often times you get one but fall flat on the other.  This burger had a few surprise ingredients and I figured if Oprah needs it, then I definitely need it.  Because we all know Oprah knows best.

Check out how this recipe starts- with sauteed celery and apples.  The recipe calls for diced apples, but I wanted them to really blend in with the meat (ie: not be noticeable for the toddler sized mouths that would inspect them) so I grated them with a cheese grater.

You’ll keep them in that pan until they’re nice and soft.  If you’re grating the apples like me, then you’ll want to put your celery in the pan first and give it a couple of minutes of a head start.  Then add the apples, and also some green onions, and saute everything until it’s soft and tender.  The apples add an amazing, yet subtle sweetness to the mix, and it keeps the burgers unbelievably moist.

The recipe calls for turkey breast, but my grocery store was out of 100% breast meat so I used naughty turkey.  It has more fat, and therefore a little more flavor and moisture than plain turkey breast.  Either works just fine.  If you use 100% breast, your burgers will turn out very lightly colored, where mine are quite a bit darker from the dark meat.

In goes yummy stuff like parsley, lemon zest and juice, hot sauce, salt and pepper,

and mango chutney, which adds a fantastic flavor.

If you’ve never used Major Grey Chutney, you can find it in the grocery store and it’s usually on the top shelf near the bbq sauces.  It’s consistency is like a jam, it’s very sweet and savory and has things like mango, curry, and all sorts of spices.  My Mom used it a lot in her cooking so I have a lot of recipes where I use it as well.  Buy it for this recipe (it can sometimes be a little pricey) and I’ll share with you my chicken salad recipe which uses it as the secret ingredient.  Okay, so not so secret anymore.  But trust me, it’s worth it.

Gently mix that meat up (using your hands is the best way to go!) and form it into patties.  The mixture is quite wet, so form them gently and them make sure to refrigerate for the time allotted; it helps to firm them up.

When you place them on the grill, do it very gently.  Turkey is much more fragile than beef and it’s easy to crumble the burgers right up.  Another key thing is to not flip the burgers too soon, or too often or they can also fall to pieces.  Let them cook completely on one side and then flip just once to finish cooking on the other side.  When you’re all done you’ll have beautiful burgers!

These didn’t disappoint; I loved them.  And my husband said they were dope.  And my kids ate them with ketchup.  Winner winner chicken turkey dinner.  It’s a beautiful combination of flavors from some ingredients you may not of thought to put together.  But that is why you are not a chef at the Mar-a-Lago, now isn’t it?  It’s okay, I’m not either!  I’m just happy they share :)

Also, we’re guest posting on two of our favorite blogs today!  Kate is hanging out with the Girls at eighteen25, and I’m over at Tidy Mom.  Check out both of those links and leave them some comment-love!

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