Something about September triggers my I’m-totally-obsessed-with-autumn side.  I started getting out my fall decorations this past week and put some of my favorite fall-ish meals on the menu with plans to share them with you.  Then Saturday rolled around and as I sat in 97 (yes, ninety-flipping-seven) degree weather, sweating my rear off while watching my son’s football game I decided there was absolutely no way I was going home to cook soup.  So we stopped at the store for ice cream ingredients instead.  Oh autumn, I guess you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

You might remember our one ingredient ice cream which is a pretty good fake out.  The difference here is that this is real ice cream.  And it only requires this:

Okay so technically this too:

But I’m not counting that, because this is even great if you forget the vanilla.  The best part about this ice cream is that you can make it with our without an ice cream maker!  And, you can add any flavors or add-ins you like.  (Check out our friend Amanda’s to-die-for flavor combos for this same recipe)  I’m making good ol’ fashioned vanilla, and I’m going to show you the freezer method.

Just dump out your sweetened condensed milk into a mixing bowl

and add some vanilla

Now if you’re using an ice cream machine, all you do is stir in the cream or half and half and pop in the machine.  If you aren’t using an ice cream maker, then you just need to whip the cream first.

Does this sound familiar?  We’re basically doing the same thing as my Creamy Fruit Freeze.

Then just fold the whipped cream into the sweetened condensed milk mixture.  You don’t want to just dump it in and stir.  To fold means to take a little bit at a time, and gently move your rubber spatula from the bottom of the bowl, around up to the top.  This keeps the fluffy air in the cream as opposed to deflating it while stirring.

At this point you can add in anything you like: fresh fruit, crushed cookies, spices, extracts, etc.  Or leave it plain jane like me.  Not that I’m plain.  My ice cream is.  If we’re talking about me, then I’m more like marshmallow fudge ripple with peanut butter cups and sprinkles.  With a side of bacon.

Just place your container in the freezer until the ice cream is firm; at least 6 hours.  Then scoop ‘er up.

Experiment with different flavors- we love crushed oreos, mashed banana, fresh strawberry, cinnamon-graham cracker with apple pie filling, peanutbutter banana with chocolate chips, nutella, you can’t really go wrong here, folks!

Good ol’ fashioned caramel from a jar works just fine too :)

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