So in case you missed yesterday’s post, we were recently given the opportunity to try out Bosch’s Universal Plus mixer. And, like I said in my post, I am a girl that already owns 2 KitchenAids, so this was a real, true leap of faith for me.

You’re going to find serious, rabid fans on both sides of the heavy-duty mixer issue, so I’ll give you the abbreviated Mixers According to Kate input.

KitchenAids are pretty and shiny. They come in lots of colors. I have had nothing but delightful experiences with their customer service department. I like using it for small bread recipes like this Rosemary Focaccia or for cookies/brownies/etc.

That said, there are some drawbacks. There’s the infamous not-scraping-the-bottom-of-the-bowl problem. Yes, there are attachments that have rubber scrapers on them, but using them also voids the warranty. Also, one of the reasons why I’ve never been a serious bread-maker is that neither one of my KitchenAids have the capacity nor the motor to handle large-scale, heavy-duty bread-making, especially on a regular basis. They’re straining and hot by the time we get to the end of the kneading cycle and I usually only come out of it with two small loaves of bread, which doesn’t cut it for me.

This is where Bosch wins, both in design and in capacity; the attachments are designed to get every nook and cranny of the bowl and you can use obscene, obscene amounts of flour in them. I would go so far as to say that if you’re serious about making your own bread on a regular basis, a Bosch Universal mixer would be a wise investment.

Which is why we’re giving one away. The real deal, the big one: The Universal Plus mixer that comes with the bowl (well, of course), the dough hook, wire whips, the splash guard, and lid.

Check out these features:

-800 watts of power
-Holds up to 15 pounds of dough. No lie. That’s like two newborn babies.
-It has suction feet so it doesn’t wander off your counter and make you cry when it breaks.
-Lots and lots of attachments

Here are the rules:

-You must live in the US to win. Don’t blame us, it’s the law (really) and we’re sorry.

-1 entry per person.

-Enter here on this post, not on Facebook, Twitter, or through email. To enter, leave us a comment telling us what you’d make in your fancy new mixer.

-Entries start NOW through Sunday, April 8 at 8:00 pm. The winner will be selected with The winner will be notified through the email address they use to comment, so be sure and use an email address that you check at least once every 24 hours. We’re not gonna spam you or sell your email address and it will remain 100% private. Once the winner is notified, they will have 24 hours to respond; if we don’t receive a response, we will randomly choose a new winner.

Who’s excited?! Ready? Set? Go!

**A huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered!! This giveaway is now closed!**

Be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter pages of our friends at L’Equip, who are giving away this mixer! We received mixers to review and keep. We were also encouraged to write a thoughtful and honest review, which we did–as always, we will never endorse or give away a product that we wouldn’t 100% use ourselves.

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