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Boise, Idaho: Saturday September 22, 11:30am-1pm.  Deseret Book Store, Boise Idaho (that’s the store on Overland, not Eagle Road)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
:  Friday September 21, 7 pm.  Barnes and Noble 7707 Bluebonnet Blvd, Baton Rouge (that’s TODAY!)
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3.  We’re still accepting entries in our photo contest through today- so send them over!  We’ll be featuring more of our faves this weekend and announcing the winner of the KitchenAid next week.  Woot!

3.  You need to make these Sweet Potato Chips.  Like, now.

I’m kickin’ it totally old-school today because I used to make chips like this when I was in, like, 6th grade after school.  Sweet potatoes are incredibly versatile and incredibly good for you!  They’re high in vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, potassium and magnesium.  They’re also super sweet, but unlike regular potatoes, they won’t spike your blood-sugar.  It’s crazy how easy these are, and how good the results are.  Sweet potatoes have a reputation for being a little soggy in the oven, but don’t be fooled- these will turn out perfectly crisp.

Sweet Potatoes come in all sorts of random shapes and sizes.  Keep in mind that it’s helpful for the slices to be close to the same size in order to cook evenly, so if you spot some evenly-sized sweet potatoes (like the one shown on the left- see how it’s straight and long as opposed to all curvy like the one on the right?) grab ’em.  But in the end it doesn’t really matter much so don’t stress too much about the perfectly shaped sweet potato.

You will need to have either a mandoline, a food processor with a thin slice attachment, or some crazy ninja knife skills.  A mandoline is definitely the easiest.  If you’re using a food processor, you want the thinnest slice possible, and you’ll probably have to cut your sweet potatoes so they won’t be round.  I gave mine a slice with my mandoline (I also sliced my finger off for the first time.  With the frequency that I use my mandoline and my history of injury in the kitchen, it’s fairly miraculous it’s never happened before.)

Now, these can be baked in the oven at about 400 degrees, but I’ve made them a million times a million ways and you want to know what works the best?  The microwave.  It’s faster, and at least for me, produces more consistent results and crispier chips.  In the oven, I almost always get burn chips on the pan along side chewy ones that aren’t cooked.  So I recommend the microwave for this one.  If your microwave doesn’t have a turn table, you might need to rotate during cooking.  To fit the most chips in at once, I just use the glass plate/tray that’s in the microwave already.  Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit it and lay your sweet potatoes right on there.  They can be touching, but try not to overlap them.  Squish as many as you possibly can on there because they shrink a ton.

At this point, you can just pop them in the microwave.  Or you can give them a quick spritz of non-stick cooking spray and season them.  A light sprinkle of sea salt or kosher salt is great (and I really do mean light sprinkle.)  I like them with cumin, or the seasoning mix I use for my Sweet Potato Fries.  I also love the flavor of rosemary with sweet potatoes.

There’s a great burger place where I live called The Boise Fry Company.  When you order fries to go with your burger, you can choose from a ton of different types (russet/red/sweet/blue etc) and then there is a Smörgåsbord (seriously, that’s the correct spelling.  I Googled) of flavored dipping sauces (blueberry mayo!  Spicy Thai!) and flavored salts (vanilla!  Chipotle!)  My favorite salt is a rosemary-garlic one and last time I used it I sprinkled it on sweet potato fries and they were so good.  So I made my own little version.

I just combined kosher salt, garlic powder, and fresh minced rosemary.

Process it in the blender until it looks something like this:

The flavor of the rosemary is actually really mild, because you don’t sprinkle very much on.  There’s a lot of salt in there and once the chips are cooked and the moisture evaporates, everything is intensified.  It is very easy to over-salt these things, so consider yourselves warned.  Sprinkle it on with a very light hand.

Then place the plate into the microwave.  Now, when it comes to cooking in microwaves there is a huge variance in heat temperature and cooking times.  Every microwave is really different so you might have to experiment a little.  I’ve found that cooking at 50-60% power for 8-10 minutes is perfect in my microwave.  If you’re only cooking a few chips, they’ll be done much quicker than that.  You’ll want to keep a close eye on them once the edges start curling up.  Keep cooking them until you see slight browned spots.  Not dark brown all over- that means they’re burned, just golden brown-ish in the middles.  Keep a close watch on your first batch so you know what to expect from your own microwave.

You’ll need to let them cool completely before they get their crunch.  If cooked properly, they’re super crispy and crunchy and naturally flavorful.

My kids devour these things- and little do they know they’re eating straight-up veggies, score one for Mom!

They’re even sturdy enough for dipping, but they totally don’t need it.  They have so much flavor they’re great all on their own.  But if you wanted to dip- try the honey-lime dip in this post, it’s awesome.

And since I know people will ask- yes, you can use this same method on regular potatoes.  I’ve found it does take longer for them to cook, and red potatoes tend to work better than russets.  I do however think both the flavor and texture is much better with sweet potatoes.




  1. 1

    I used to try making potato chips like this at our old place, but the built in microwave there didn’t have a turn table! It did not work well. I’ll have to try them again now that we’ve moved!

    Oh, and I even found a little rack (from Korea) that lets you place a whole bunch of chips standing upright instead of flat, so you can fit more.

    • 1.1
      daniel says:

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  2. 2
    Lynness says:

    So, does microwaving work for regular ol’ potato chips, too? I never would have thought chips could be any good cooked in the microwave, but I trust you gals. I will totally try these- as soon as I pull my sweet potatoes from the ground. (Really, they’re so easy top grow- throw the plants in and then don’t touch them until it gets cold).

  3. 3
    Stacey says:

    These look great and so easy! The microwave!! Who knew?

  4. 4
    Aimee Jane says:

    Thank you for my newest addiction… I will enjoy these without guilt. Love your site!

  5. 5
    Jill says:

    What a great tip to use the glass plate in the microwave. I was just using a big dinner plate, but it doesn’t fit as much! Thanks 🙂

  6. 6
    Kate says:

    Wow! These look great….a snack, an appetizer or a side with burgers….yummy. Thank you for sharing!!

  7. 7
    Julie says:

    I can’t wait to try these. And thanks for the restaurant recommendation. I know where we are going for dinner tonight!

  8. 8
    meredith says:

    Beautiful!! Chips and that fabulous dish towel in your final pictures 🙂

  9. 9
    Mallory says:

    I just have to say that every time you talk about the book signing being at the overland Deseret Book rather than the Eagle Road one I kind just laugh. Only Boise people know exactly where they are in that town based on the cross street rather than actually knowing an address. I’m from Boise but I live in the Seattle area now and I miss the easy directions of the mile grid for the main roads.
    Love your website, food, and how exciting and easy you make cooking.

  10. 10
    Andrea says:

    I’m excited to try these. If all goes well, this will be “the” snack for the house!

  11. 11
    Tina says:

    This is great since I eat paleo and have limited options for snacks! AWESOME, THANKS!

  12. 12
    Bobbie says:

    Wish I would have seen this about 2 months ago…before I bought the Pampered Chef microwave chip maker thingy. It does work great but I could have saved 25 bucks 🙂 Have you ever tried this method with apples?? Delish! Especially with fresh Washington apples 🙂

  13. 13
    Nicole Peck says:

    I have an obsession with sweet potatoes. This is definitely going to help feed that addiction. Yum!! Can’t wait!!!

  14. 14
    Lauren vdh says:

    I need to buy a mandolin, any suggestions? Sounds like you’ve had yours awhile, and use it alot. Excited to try this!

  15. 15

    I love how easy these seem, and they are so perfect! I need to get a mandolin JUST to try these. I love your cute little holder too!

  16. 16
    madeleine says:

    That so reminded me………………I was at my sister’s once, and we were making salads. My brother in law was slicing without the guard and sliced off the tip of his finger. I took over and proceeded to brag about how I never used the guard, and promptly sliced the tip off my finger! Did I ever feel dumb~we both ate dinner with one hand up in the air in order not to bleed on anything.

  17. 17
    Brittany says:

    Microwave?? Awesome! I just bought sweet potatoes so that I could try these! Can’t wait.

  18. 18

    I’ve heard of making potato chips in the microwave but have never tried it! These sound so good and like a fun experiment! I will have to try these soon- like tonight!

  19. 19
    Anne says:

    Well this recipe made my day. So easy (I didn’t make the seasoning salt, although it looks amazing), read your post, sliced a sweet potato on the slicer part of our grater (not as good as a mandoline, but it worked) and 10 minutes later my anti-vegetable toddler inhaled them. My husband and I got to try a couple and we all loved them. My new go-to snack.

  20. 20
    Lisa F says:

    Wow, these look awesome….I really cannot wait to try them! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  21. 21
    Jenni says:

    How long will these last for after they are cooked? Say if they arent all eaten right away? Thinking about making them in large batches for a cookout….

    • 21.1
      sara says:

      They’ll keep if put in an airtight container. Mine have never been around longer than 24 hours- but at least that much works!

  22. 22
    Maria says:

    Sweet potato, rosemary, garlic salt = *faint*

  23. 23
    Durante says:

    Bountiful Baskets just gave us about 10 lbs of sweet potatoes, so your post is very well timed. I’m going to end up trying this tonight; I’m eager to have a ‘healthy’ snack the kids may even eat! Thanks!

  24. 24
    Lani says:

    If one doesn’t have a microwave, what are the temp settings for doing it in the oven and how long will it take? Can’t wait to try it. We have a ton of yams.

    • 24.1
      sara says:

      You’ll want to put them on parchment and bake at 400, just keep an eye on them, baking time varies!

      • Thanks! Living overseas….. No microwave!

      • Claire says:

        A tip I picked up about baking these in the oven is that if you slice up the potatoes, lay them on the baking pan(s) and then salt the heck out of them, the potatoes will sweat out extra moisture. Just blot away the moisture (after you let them sit 5-10 mins), and then bake. They do turn out much crispier in the oven that way! And I bake them at I think 450-ish for 5-6 mins, then flip & another 6-8 mins (just check on them to make sure you don’t burn them since that seems to happen to me if I’m not careful).

  25. 25
    Jill says:

    Our local grocery store in Salt Lake carried all different kinds of specialty salts. I just bought Rosemary Salt last week and was wondering what to try it on first. Problem solved! Thanks!

  26. 26

    What a great, healthy snack idea! I love sweet potatoes!

  27. 27

    These look wonderful! They remind me of the Sweet Chips served at a restaurant here in the Orlando-area. Can’t wait to try them!

  28. 28
    Lucinda Scherting says:

    What brand of Mandoline do you recommend? I purchased one years ago and it doesn’t work at all.

  29. 29
    Crystal says:

    Seriously, last night I was actually dreaming about these and I haven’t even tried them yet. I think my subconscience is telling me that I need to buy some sweet potatoes ASAP!

  30. 30
    Ellen says:

    I made these on Sunday. My hubbie had bought a sweet potatoe probably with other plans, but they became our chips. We thought they were really good and this is a keeper recipe. Considering I hated sweet potatoes as a child, I am growing up.

  31. 31
    Nichole says:

    So…. I don’t own a microwave. Do you have the baking instructions?

  32. 32
    Casey says:

    MAN OH MAN.. These are DELICIOUS! My husband and I were both shocked at how crispy these got..and in the microwave!!? SO easy (assuming you slice them thin enough), and they are super addictive. We ate them with the Peach Kissed Turkey Burgers from the new book (THAT recipe deserves a post of its own. They are literally the BEST turkey burgers we’ve ever had. I’ve made them 3 times in a week. Don’t judge.

    Thank you both for an amazing site, and a WONDERFUL new cook book which I absolutely love. I’ve made 4-5 different recipes out of this new book, and they were all terrific. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY BOUGHT YOUR COPY OF SAVORING THE SEASONS…You need to get in your car.. drive to WalMart (hey, they’re open 24 hours, so no excuses), and pick up 2 copies. One for you, and one for a friend. They will owe you! 🙂

    Thank you again! Huge fan! 🙂

  33. 33
    Justin Towe says:

    A mouth watering Crispy baked sweet potato chips with rosemary garlic salt that is considered as nutritious sweet potato that is good for cardiovascular health, and is essential for optimal and at the same time it is believed to help loss weight but of course in order to have a good and a nice body it is important to take a look onto your diet and have a daily routine exercise.And above all I thank you for sharing this wonderful and interesting recipe of your’s.Will surely watch for more available recipes .Thanks! [ sweet potato rally dot com ]

  34. 34
    Jenny Armontrout says:

    Made these and they were great! Also so simple to make. My husband is so excited that i can make these anytime. 🙂 Thanks for the new recipe.

  35. 35
    Liv says:

    Oh my gosh. Cannot wait to try! I just ordered a mandoline, I hope I can try them with all my digits intact:) I love those, are they Terra Chips?, but they are a bit pricey. I am going to be a chip making fool! Sweet potato chips, potato chips, carrot chips, apple chips, beet chips…… Thanks ladies!!

  36. 36
    Cyrena grimm says:

    I made about 4 batches tonight and I had a hard time with them being over cooked (ewww) or undercooked… Out of the 4 batches 1 was perfect… Don’t get me wrong… I snarfed down most of them with no help haha! What’s the secret? I was doing 8 min on 60% power… And I watched them like a hawk.

  37. 37
    sueAnn Deeble says:

    It looks like you left the skin on, did you? While ive done that with new potatos , ive never tored it with sweet potatos, the skin seems so thick, but if it works, seems way healthy.
    (brw, i just made a batch using 2 large SP and wcraffed back the whole thing while reading thru comments on this blog, yum! ) what my husband doesn know, he’ll never miss right?

  38. 38
    Justin Towe says:

    Well its really good to have some experiment with regards in preparing this sweet potato relying on our own taste buds.And will probably baked a bunch of it. 🙂

  39. 39
    Kristin says:

    These look really yummy! Can you tell me roughly how thinly you sliced them???? Also…I have run out of parchment and would love to cook these tonight, is there an alternative for parchment paper????

  40. 40
    Claire d'Oro says:

    turned out awesome!

  41. 41
    Megan says:

    These look awesome! I need a mandolin ASAP now.

  42. 42
    jill says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I can’t wait to try it. I’ve been burning half batches at a time and have been so frustrated. I like the rosemary salt idea too! thank you!

  43. 43

    I struggled with overcooking these too. I started with 6 minutes on full power then added 30 seconds at a time. When you aren’t sure if they need longer but they aren’t quite brown enough, don’t add 30 more seconds, add 10!

  44. 44
    Lacey Dellinger says:

    Love this recipe! I had never heard of this before but always dealt with the slightly burned mixed with perfectly crispy sweet potato slices from the oven. This is time consuming in the manor of activity involved but the end result is worth it. We will never buy chips again!

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