We can’t believe our book is finally coming out this week! Tomorrow! We’re going to be traveling this week for all sorts of book-related festivities (and if you have any happy thoughts/prayers/good vibes to send my way as I fly with a nursing 2-month-old, I will TAKE them!), so we’re going to be posting all sorts of giveaways, games, and other fun things this week (and don’t forget that you’re invited to our launch event this Thursday at Orson Gygi in Salt Lake City!)

Unlike our last book, which was mostly available in the western US and online, this book will be sold in Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco nationwide. Like, you can bet all your toes that I will be taking pictures tomorrow in my Walmart and Sam’s Club in semi-rural Louisiana.

Pictures like this one:

Yep, that’s me in all my 10:30 pm glory, dark circles and messy hair..

Now we wanna see your pictures! We want to see where you find the book, and help others find it too.   So here’s the deal:

If you’ve ordered a copy, take a pic with it when it arrives.
If you happen to see it while you’re out and about, snap a picture with it!

The crazier the photo, the better.  Post the picture on YOUR facebook page and be sure to tag us (or we won’t see it!) If you don’t know how to tag, just put the @ sign before “Our Best Bites” and our page will pop up and you can select it.  Note that our page will only show up if you’ve “liked” it already.  (We’ve heard tagging fan pages doesn’t work on mobile devices, boo!  But it should work just fine from your computer!)  We’re giving away some awesome prizes near the end of the week and not only will these pics get you an extra entry, but we’ll also be giving away prizes to our favorite pictures! Be sure to tell us where you found it (you don’t have to be super specific, but tell us what store you found it in or ordered it from and, if you feel comfortable, your general location).  And feel free to get creative. You could take a picture of the book with your baby!

Or your dog!

You could plank in weird places with it! You could play hide and seek in the club-sized hand sanitizer! You could make a recipe and post a picture with the book! We just wanna see your best pictures.

Where to Find Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites:

Deseret Book (in stores and online)
Walmart (in stores and online)
Sam’s Club
Barnes and Noble (in stores and online)

It also may be available in other bookstores and you can always special order it if you can’t find it.

We’re super excited to see you and your books! Happy snapping!

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