Happy Thanksgiving Week!! First off, if you didn’t see our amazing giveaway that’s going on right now, be sure to head over to that post–you won’t be sorry you did! Then head back over here to check out all our Thanksgiving ideas.

I’m in serious denial that Thanksgiving is 3 days away. I tried talking my husband into a ham instead of turkey because it’s just our little family this year and I’m feeling lazy-ish, but alas, he wants the real deal.

I know you guys are going to be poking around the blog, searching out the recipes for your yummiest Thanksgiving ever, so I’ll share some of our favorites, new and old, to help make your Thanksgiving amazing!

Now…I know that at Thanksgiving, it’s supposed to be all about the turkey. But for me…it’s the carbs. Bread. These rolls are the. best. part. of Thanksgiving.

and what are rolls without honey butter?

And if cornbread is more your thing (or if you want a little of each), be sure and try Sara’s Corn Spoonbread.

Like I said, I’m semi-begrudgingly making a turkey this year. The Turkey. And it’s an amazing turkey, I’ll be honest. So if you haven’t already started on your bird, today’s your day!

At our house, wherever there’s turkey, there has to be cranberry sauce.

And you can’t have turkey without stuffing. Or dressing. Whatever you call it. Don’t worry, for me, that’s my favorite part, so we’ve got plenty of options! Like this Italian Sausage Dressing.

If cornbread dressing is more up your alley, give this one a shot (you can make it sweet or savory, depending on your preference).

And then there’s this Artichoke-Parmesan Sourdough Stuffing that is also amazing.

Some families have different side dishes every year and some families keep it traditional. Whatever we do, we have to have these Candied Coconut Sweet Potatoes.

Growing up, I honest never had the green bean casserole with the cream of mushroom soup and the crispy onions. Is that weird? I’d never even heard of it until I got to college. However, I do love me some green beans. Like these Caramelized Green Beans or these Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean Bundles.

Funny side-note–When I was asking my kids whether we should have turkey or ham for Thanksgiving (trying to subconsciously convince them a ham would be a much better choice), my son suggested bacon. Just a big plate of bacon. That is the only meat he is thankful for.

If you’re looking for a salad, these are two of my favorites that are perfect for the Thanksgiving table. The Candied Walnut Salad is full of yummy fall flavors…

And on a similar note, there’s this Pear & Blue Cheese Salad with Candied Pecans.

Another twist on a traditional favorite is this Broccoli Salad.

And then there’s dessert, which is also the best part of Thanksgiving (have you noticed that I have, like, 10 best parts of Thanksgiving? Yeah…)

If you’re making pies, I’m a huge advocate of making your own pie crust, so here’s a great tutorial and recipe on how to make it perfect!

Once your pie crust is ready, you’ll definitely need to make an apple pie with it.

If you’re not crazy about apple pie, these Apple Streusel Bars are a surefire hit.

Before you ask, Sara and I don’t have a pumpkin pie recipe because neither one of us are really huge fans (GASP!) However, we do have other yummy pumpkin-y desserts. Liiiiike…Pumpkin White Chocolate Cheesecake!

Or Layered Pumpkin Pie Toffee Cheesecake.

There’s also this amazing Easy Pumpkin Crumble.

And finally, if you’re looking for something fun and crafty, these Oreo Turkeys and Pilgrim Hats are adorable!

There are also these super cute Flower Turkeys.

Sara and I are going to be busy Thanksgiving-ing with our families for the rest of the week, but we’ll be back next Monday with all sorts of Christmas-y fun. We hope you have a fun, safe, delicious holiday with friends and loved ones!


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