Now your favorite recipes from OBB are with you wherever you go! Whether you’re in the grocery store and need to check the ingredients list or you’re cooking in a friend’s kitchen, the free, universal Our Best Bites mobile app has our entire collection of recipes quickly and easily accessible.   It’s available on all Apple devices and you can find it in your itunes store by searching “Our Best Bites.” (Please note: we are well aware that those using other platforms, like Android, would like an app too.  Heck, even *I* don’t have an iphone!  But right now this is only available on Apple devices.  Please keep in mind that app development requires an enormous amount of time and resources, and we chose to dedicate those to the platform that the largest majority of our users use, and Apple wins by a landslide!)

in itunes

All content is in stunning HD and custom made to fit your apple device.

recipe index

In this colorful and easy-to-navigate app, you can…

* Search by category using full color pictures

* Browse and search recipes alphabetically

* Search by cooking style, seasonal/holiday, and ethnicity

* Easily locate healthy and 30-minute meals


* Save and print your favorite recipes

* Share what you’re cooking with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

Share options

We took into account what you, our readers wanted in an app and created our entire recipe library, that you can easily access without having to wade through entire blog posts and photo tutorials.  The step-by-step photos for each recipe are in a scrolling strip below each recipe, and you can choose to swipe through them if you choose.

Photo feature

You can also save your favorite (and most used!) recipes so you can easily access them at any time.

The universal app is free to download on all Apple devices.  The free version will have advertisements on it, but for $1.99 (Less than 2 packs of gum!) you can upgrade to an ad-free experience.  With the $1.99 Pro upgrade, you can also save an unlimited amount of favorites, and automatically receive new app features as they become available.

We hope you’ll download it on your iphones, ipads, and ipods and play around with it!  Please note that the very first time you use the app it will take a minute to load, but after that it should be nice and speedy.  If you run into any recipes that don’t show up for you, just let us know and it’s an easy fix on our end.  With over 700 recipes on our site, we were bound to miss formatting a few!   Also, note that the purpose of this app is to give you quick and easy access to actual recipes.  We’ve tried tried to weed out informational posts, photo round-ups, etc.  But sometimes those might slip through and show up as unavailable.  That’s simply because it’s not a “recipe.”  We decided to leave our How-To Section in the app, for example, so you can see the photos (like, if you want to see how to cut up a mango or something) but you won’t see the text of the blog post since it’s not a recipe.

If you like it, we’d also really appreciate if you’d take the time to review it.  You guys know us best, and there’s a whole world out there with lots of people who have never heard of Our Best Bites (I know, can you imagine??! lol) so it would help so much if you left kind words in the review section to help others discover something they might like as well.  Have fun and let us know what you think.  And stay tuned for a fun app-related giveaway coming up in the near future!

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