Curry Cashew Quinoa Salad intro From the time I was little, I developed a love of nuts, which I think I subtlety inherited from my father (maybe or maybe not via peanut M&M’s).  I’ve always loved Cashews in particular, but they were cemented as my most favorite nut after living in Brazil and eating them freshly picked and roasted, right on the beach.  Vendors walk around with little baggies you can buy for a buck and it’s the most amazing thing.  Cashews, with their rich, buttery texture, and roasted nutty (hmm, can you describe a nut as “nutty”?) flavor, make them perfect for use in so many recipes.  I often buy my groceries at my local Fred Meyer (part of the Kroger family of stores) and I discovered some spicy curry cashews,  from their Simple Truth line that I absolutely fell in love with.  Ironically, Simple Truth later asked me to develop some recipes for them I knew immediately that one of them would feature those nuts (since I conveniently already had like, 12 bags of them in my pantry…)  If you don’t have a Kroger store near you (which include Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, QFC, Frye’s, Dillon’s and Smith’s) don’t worry!  You can use regular cashews here, or another brand of curry cashews if you can find them. I actually shot a video for this recipe (way back in February), so I’m going to let that do the talking!

This salad makes a really yummy light lunch or dinner and I love the colors in it.

Curry Cashew Quinoa Salad from Our Best Bites



Fresh Curry Cashew Quinoa Salad from Our Best Bites


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