10 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Products to the Rescue!

So it’s the Monday before Thanksgiving and your menus are probably pretty much set, so today I’m sharing a list of things you can still track down before the big day that will make your Thanksgiving even better! This time around, everything is from Amazon because if you have Amazon Prime (or a free Amazon Prime trial membership), these will still arrive before Thursday! (Word to the wise: when I added these, they were all eligible for Prime shipping–sometimes that changes, so double check, just in case.)

Must-Have Thanksgiving Items

1. Fiesta Deep Pie Plate. For me, the hardest part of Thanksgiving is keeping on top of the dishes. Last year, after it was all over, I posted on my personal Facebook that the thing I was most thankful for was my dishwasher and I wasn’t being even a tiny bit snarky. So if a dish can do double duty as a cooking and a pretty serving dish, I’m all for it. This is a deep dish pie plate, so if you’re making pies, you’ll need to adjust the pie crusts and filling. But it’s also perfect for mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing–pretty much anything! And it comes in a huge variety of gorgeous colors. I actually have this same pie plate in 3-4 different colors because it has been so versatile!

2. Crock-Pot Casserole Slow Cooker. If you haven’t guessed, Sara and I are completely smitten with this little device. And when oven and stovetop space are at a premium, if you can rock the Crock-Pot, do it! (I can guarantee you that was never a sentence I thought I’d ever say when I was 16.)

3. Gilmore Girls complete series. I have the happiest memories of Thanksgiving weekend TV and movie marathons with my sisters (of course, they were recorded from TV onto VHS tapes. Also, I was also not the kid in the family that has the happiest memories of a Thanksgiving morning football scrimmage in the park. The very thought of it makes me panicky.) Yes, it’s on Netflix now (YES!), but there are some times when I want a hard copy and this is one of those times (so, you know, during the Thanksgivings of the zombie apocalypse, we can still laugh with Rory and Lorelai and their zany rag-tag crew.)

4. Food Scale. My trusty food scale stopped working a few months ago and I just resisted buying a new scale with everything I had in me. I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed how much I hate buying anything called “scale” in the past.

Problem is, not having a food scale kills me. It’s one of those things where you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. So I broke down and ordered the prettiest one I could find on Amazon (didn’t hurt that it had fabulous reviews and didn’t break the bank.) And I love it. It’s sleek, sturdy (my two-year-old tried to weigh himself on it. I can’t even.), uses regular batteries instead of little button batteries that I never have, and is even prettier in real life than it was on the internet (you can’t say that too often.)

5. OXO Fat Separator.  This is another one that’s gotten a lot of love from us lately. But it’s just the best–if you’re making homemade gravy from pan drippings, this is one must-have item!

6. Roll of Kraft Paper. I keep a roll of this in my closet and I can’t even tell you how frequently I use it (often for blog pictures, but even if you don’t have a creepily high number of food pictures on your camera, you’ll still probably find this super useful.) It’s a perfect disposable tablecloth or table runner for Thanksgiving dinner–have jars of crayons on the table so people can doodle. It’s also great to keep kids busy–it’s a perfect canvas for finger paints, non-finger paints, major artwork, and body outlines (of the artistic variety, not the murderous variety, although…) I also use it more often than not as inexpensive, trendy gift wrap.

7. Wide-Mouth Half-Pint Jars. If you’re making our Single Serving Pies in Jars, these jars are a must! They can sometimes be hard to track down in stores, so ordering them is an easy solution (also: don’t go shopping right now, you might harm someone and the holidays are a terrible time to go to jail.)

8. Flavor Injector. I always buy a cheap(ish) flavor injector for my turkey and it always breaks and I’m always sad. So this year, I finally broke down and bought one that wasn’t really designed to be disposable (and it really isn’t that spendy. Also, can we discuss the option to buy these in packs of 3? I can’t imagine a cheerful scenario where I would need 3 giant, stainless steel syringes.) It’s kind of terrifying-looking, I’m not gonna lie, but this scary device will transform your turkey in miraculous ways.

9. Roasting Pan. If you’re like me, it’s hard to shell out the cash for this one because you only use a roasting pan once or twice a year for your show-stopping turkey. Unfortunately, it just kind of is what it is. Foil pans are potentially disastrous. But. This one isn’t too bad price-wise and it’s a fantastic pan. And really, you can use it throughout the year for roasting vegetables, marinating meats, and storing all of the pots and pans you actually use.

10. ChefAlarm Roasting Thermometer. I have had terrible luck with roasting thermometers in the past. I have spent a small fortune on lesser alarms that stop working (some of them literally can’t handle the heat), are not accurate, or are just super difficult to use. I’ve had their Thermapen for a few years now (and have since converted to the less expensive and AMAZING ThermoPop). They are hands-down the best kitchen thermometers I’ve ever used, so I decided to give their Big Daddy of Thermometers a try and they are definitely worth every penny (and less than everything I spent on bad roasting thermometers in the past.)

All right, guys, there you have it–Thanksgiving rescue in 10 easy steps! If you’re traveling over the next few days, hosting family, or frying a turkey, do it safely!

P.S. If you’re looking for our turkey, gravy, and other Thanksgiving recipes in one easy place, you can still get a digital copy of our holiday meal plan (read all about it here!) You can also check out the Thanksgiving section of the blog!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Just thought you might want to know that the link connected to the Crockpot Casserole Slow Cooker actually sends you to the OXO Fat Separator. You’ve convinced me to try your turkey this year…I’ve always used the turkey bags, but I’m going to buy the rest of the supplies today!

  2. There have been so many times I’ve though “man, I’d kill for a food scale right now.” I’ll have to get this one and you get bonus points for picking a pretty one. 🙂

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you both! Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes! I made your turkey the other night for our YSA ward! Everyone loved it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you both! I have to say that I have checked your website less and less since more and more ads have appeared that gum up the experience. And, I am a big fan of yours! I have even waited in line to have you sign the seven cookbooks I bought for all of my friends and family! I understand that ads are the way you get paid for all of your efforts here. It shouldn’t be a charity. However, I just thought you might want to know. Thanks for all your great work.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! We are traveling, so I’m not doing much of the cooking this year.. . In a way it is nice, but in a way I miss it too! Thanks for the great list!

  6. I have a similar pie plate and I use it for chicken pot pie, frittata and all kinds of yummy actual pies. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! (And it’s my birthday then so we’ll be sticking a candle in that pie!)

  7. I’m so thankful for YOU! Your blog is the only cooking blog whose recipes I trust implicitly. I have never tried a loser recipe from this site. (And yes, I have both your cookbooks.) OK, WILL STOP GUSHING NOW. But seriously. Well done, y’all. Well. Done.

  8. Do you think you could “bake” your candied coconut sweet potatoes in the crock-pot? Or do would you need to cook them in the oven and then transfer to the crock-pot to stay warm? I may buy this pending your response. 😉 Thanks!

    1. #1 reminds me of the pretty rectangular baking pans I received as a wedding gift (they are crate and barrel) they are three coordinating blues and are so pretty and double as a baking/serving dish as well as I’ve also used them just to serve because they are that pretty! (I coordinated all my kitchen items in varying blues just to match!)

      Another thing I could also suggest, a counter top roasting oven! Saves from having the turkey take up precious oven space for hours! It like a very large crock pot, but designed for roasting and inexpensive even though it’s only used once a year it is totally worth buying!

      1. The other advantage of the counter top roaster is that you can put it someplace other than the kitchen such as the laundry room so it’s not taking up valuable counter space when you’re prepping dinner. It’s useful any time you’re cooking big-batch food – I certainly use it more than once a year. Anything you can roast in your stove oven will go in it.
        It’s also great for anything you need to tend (baste, stir, etc) during the cooking process. It’s at counter height so you aren’t bending over pulling a heavy bird out of the oven – a real back-saver 😉

  9. Love getting your email Best Bites every day! Thank you for all your hard work! Would love several of these, but especially the crock pot casserole slow cooker~ What a great idea!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours~
    God Bless

  10. You should really tell people that your 250 ml bottles of Bacon Olive Oil are back in stock. I took a chance by checking a few days ago and scored this liquid gold! I received it very promptly. I’m beyond thrilled to give this as a gift to my dad and his wife! They are going to LOVE it! P.S. Thanks for the little treat in the box! 🙂

  11. I’m pretty sure I need that roasting pan. And I”m not cooking a turkey until at least Sunday because we are going somewhere else on Thursday so I even still have time to order it before I need it. Thanks for the tip.

  12. I love love love that Gilmore Girls made the list. I’m going to go pack my DVDs and take them with me to my Thanksgiving with my family. My husband is going to love it! Ha!

  13. I LOVE that Gilmoore Girls is on there!! And if you are feeling kind of slugish after eating so much food, you can watch the episode where they have 4 Thanksgiving dinners and feel better about yourself (or worse, because their ability to eat lots of food and not gain a pound is unreal!)

  14. Question: how am I gonna save your recipes now that ziplist is going away? I’m seriously peeved about it. I mean, I like Pinterest but I honestly rarely make recipes I’ve pinned. I used the ziplist app all the time. I know my recipes transfer to epicurious but what about saving future recipes? Any words of hope? Ps I loved your commentary on these products.

  15. I typically don’t cook my own turkey because I’m with relatives. The only problem is that I don’t get any leftovers. This year, I decided to cook a smaller one sometime in December. Definitely going to buy the injector and oven thermometer.

  16. I would love to try the raspberry balsamic. I love balsamic vinegars! So excited to gift these! Thanks for the deal!

  17. I honestly don’t make a turkey or a roast without my roasting thermometer. My daughter made her first roast the other night and didn’t have a thermometer of any kind. She was so nervous about it, and it did turn out a tad overdone. The minute I returned home, I ordered her a roasting thermometer! She’ll have it in time for Thanksgiving and will never have to worry again.

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