$100 Whole Foods Market Giveaway!

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Whole_Foods_Market_logoI finally made it to downtown Boise to visit my city’s first Whole Foods store!  I’ve been dreaming of a Whole Foods since I moved here about 7 years ago.  (Now if we can only get our Nordstroms, Container Store, and Ikea.  I’ll continue my letter-writing campaigns until they all get so annoyed with me, they just build me what I ask for, sheesh!)

Produce Whole Foods

I seriously love Whole Foods; it’s one of my favorite places to go for lunch because it’s like 14 restaurants all in one place and I can always stumble upon unique foodie-finds and fun gifts.  The problem is that I drain my wallet too quickly because there’s too much fun stuff there!


We want one of you to go on a guilt-free shopping spree, just for YOU!  Buy whatever the heck you want, because hey, it’s a free $100.


We’ll give it to you in the form of an e-gift card this Friday, so you’ll even have time to run over there and buy some fun stuff for yourself for Mother’s Day.  Or send someone else to the store with a grocery list and the recipes you want them to make for you 😉  If it were me, I’d head straight to the bakery.


To enter, just leave a comment on this post!  Tell us what yummy thing you’d like someone to make for you on Mother’s Day!  We’ll announce a winner THIS Friday, so hurry and enter!  I also just noticed that all Whole Foods Stores are having “Mom-o-Rama” events this Thursday May 9th, from 10-1.  If you have a Whole Foods near by, check it out!



  1. Yumm!! I hope somebody makes me crepes with nutella and cream cheese…or your peanut butter cheesecakes from the new cookbook. They’re the BEST!

  2. I don’t know that i want anything really special. I just don’t want to have to do the dishes or have my newborn crying at me and my other two playing tag and yelling at each other around my legs while I try and cook.

  3. Don’t know if it’s just a holiday special, but I’d love some more of their White Chocolate Orange bread–OMG, so delicious!

  4. I’d love a delicious homemade gluten free dessert. I’m still struggling to find good ones since my diagnosed gluten allergy last year. Being a allergic to chocolate as well reduces your options significantly.

  5. I am taking a Vegan challenge this month so I’d love for my husband to make me a delicious quinoa salad with some roasted veggies for Mother’s day! The gift card would definitely help and be a huge blessing. Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!

  6. I’d love cheesecake. Or anything for dinner. And would love even more if the kitchen was cleaned up after dinner without my help. 🙂

  7. Have been shopping at Whole Foods for years. Often when looking for that extra special ingredient you can’t find anywhere else. I have a weakness for the scones there, and anything they have smoked or grilled. Always something new to try. I am happy to browse the aisles for hours 🙂

  8. Totally a cheesecake, but a New York style cheesecake~ Those are so delicious, especially after you’ve just left a Broadway Show and can eat it at 2 in the morning! Yum!

  9. My husband makes fabulous fajitas…that’s what I’m asking for for Mother’s Day dinner. And I LOVE Whole Foods. Fingers crossed!

  10. Brunch in bed! I am running a race the day before and will need to recover by sleeping in and being fed delicious food.

  11. I want fancy omlets for breakfast, but that means that I’ll have to cook. If I want someone to make something for me, it’ll have to be store-bought ice cream. haha. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I LOVE Whole Foods! They have sooo many Gluten-free items!

  12. I would love for someone to make me something with deep, rich, dark chocolate & raspberries on Mother’s Day!!! But I’ll settle for just about anything that I don’t have to cook. 😉 Well, almost anything…

  13. I would love for someone to make me a berry cobbler or fruit tart or something similar to that! YUM-O! Thanks for a chance to win!

  14. I was just looking at my cocktail board on Pinterest. Hopefully by hubby will make me a big pitcher of Peach Sangria.

  15. Well, since my husband only makes egg salad or fried eggs or meat on the BBQ, I would just like to see him make ANYTHING else!

  16. I’m not a mom yet, but if I could make something for my mom this weekend, it would be a chai latte from scratch. She loves chai and I love letting all of the spices steep because it always makes my apartment smell so lovely. But since I live on the opposite side of the country from my mom, I’ll be drinking a chai in her honor.

  17. Isn’t it just wonderful that Boise has a Whole Foods now! I just go there to walk around and be surrounded by yumminess. I’d have to say some yummy fajitas 🙂

  18. I honestly don’t care what someone makes me as long as I can hide somewhere alone for 15 minutes to eat in peace! LOL Peace and quiet is hard to come by with little kids in the house 🙂

    hmmmmm maybe an arugula salad with strawberries, goat cheese, toasted almonds and garlic bread. Add to that a nice glass of red wine, a book and some quiet time and it would be my heaven!

  19. Anything I don’t have to make or think about is great by me! (Though I did recommend your pepperoncini beef sandwiches…)

  20. I would like my family to make me breakfast (in bed) for Mother’s Day… only if they do dishes as well! Hahaha. A fresh bouquet of flowers from Whole Foods would work too!

  21. Breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day would be great! I wouldn’t even care what it is. I love Whole Foods and have missed being close to one while here in Upstate NY. The drive is still worth it though.

  22. Just one thing? I think I would stock up on non-perishable ingredients/food that are GF and Dairy Free as we just started taking that out of our diet and I’m trying really hard! 🙂

  23. I’m into made-from-scratch cakes and cupcakes right now. Any homemade baked good, sounds like a wonderful mother’s day treat!

    Thanks for a fun give a away!

    Happy Mother’s Day to the Best Bite Gals!

  24. This is SO awesome! I hate to spend money on myself, so this would be perfect for ME on Mother’s Day! Thank you for the chance!

  25. SO MANY THINGS – french toast and hot chocolate and paninis and cinnamon rolls and chocolate creme brulee and fried eggs with homemade toast and chicken fajitas for dinner. I’ll also be delighted with the bowl of cinnamon toast crunch I might ACTUALLY get.

  26. I would love someone to make me yummy homemade Cafe Rio! Yum, Yum!! Thanks for the chance to win. I’ve never been to the Whole Foods Market even though I’ve driven past it many times.

  27. Would love to have my kids piled in bed, drinking a fancy coffee eating banana pancakes. They are building a Whole Foods 5 minutes from our house!

  28. If I had my pick of everything at Whole Foods, I’d decimate the cheese case, get a few loaves of amazing bread and a couple bottles of wine. Also, a goose. 🙂

  29. I wish someone would make me a fat free–calorie free cheesecake…Oh wait that doesn’t exist! Dang. Then, I wish someone would make me a peanut butter oreo cheesecake.

  30. Just to not have to cook would be nice, but then I’d get a quesadilla with kraft singles so I’ll probably opt for the usual which is my husband and kids taking care of the clean up 🙂

  31. I LOVE Whole Foods too!!! I’m not picky, I would love anything made for me for dinner… and the dishes done too. 🙂

  32. An assortment of desserts! Spring is birthday season in our family, with about a birthday a week from the end of March until the beginning of June. I love baking everyone’s cakes, but I want someone else to prepare the treats!

  33. I am looking forward to anything that doesn’t require me to cook or clean! Hubby is working all day Mother’s Day (9-9), so it will probably be Thai take out for me!! Unless someone wants to come over and grill for me – I’d love that too!!

  34. I’d love to win! Your Greek CousCous salad is a Mother’s Day tradition at our house, so I’d love someone to make it for me!

  35. Breakfast. I don’t care what we have, but I would love it if my 4-yr old and 1-yr old would forgo the usual screaming contest at the breakfast table just this once! 🙂

  36. I want a Barbeque for Mother’s Day! With grilled, hormone-free chicken and some of Whole Food’s amazing pasta salads!!

  37. I’d love a four-course meal with TONS of veggies and herbs! I would be equally content to do the cooking if someone else will clean when we’re done. Great giveaway!

  38. I’ve been trying to be really good in my food consumption, so my wish is for something sweet for sure 🙂 Probably cheesecake. Or key lime pie. Or both. 🙂

  39. Going to Hawaii in 10 days, so trying avoid sugar and tone up the swim suit body 🙂 I’d love to have a healthy meal for Mother’s Day!

  40. I don’t care what we eat, I want one day that I don’t have to plan and carry out the meals! As long as it is yummy and I don’t have to think about it I will be happy.

  41. I’d love a nice cookout with grilled beef tenderloin, grilled asparagus and potato salad! Maybe strawberry shortcake for dessert. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. White chocolate covered pineapple – addictingly good, and easy to make, after you go through all the work of cutting slices of fresh pineapple. Thanks for the giveaway! LOVE Whole Foods!

  43. I would probably buy something from the Bakery. That picture looks amazing. I’m pregnant so i would buy a little something for myself too. lol.

  44. I’ve requested that my husband make his famous Boston Butt!! YUM…it is sooo good! 🙂 Our town is getting a Whole Foods soon so this would definitely come in handy!

  45. This is actually quite a struggle for me this year. I am pregnant and nothing sounds good. I usually force myself to eat. I am one of the biggest chocolate fans in the world and anything chocolate makes me want to hurl at this point. It is sad and I hope it doesn’t last much longer.

  46. Scallop, mango and avocado salad. Yum. Note of caution: Last Mother’s Day my husband broke our garlic press trying to use it to juice a lime. 🙂

  47. I’ll take whatever they’ll make me…but, I’m wishing for a grilled cheese panini and creamy soup! And dessert of course!

  48. Oooooo! That’s a tough one! I would want someone to make me something unique that I have never had before! But still tasty, of course!

  49. I saw a raspberry bread pudding recently that looked divine. I wouldn’t mind a homemade version for Mother’s day.

  50. If it’s not made by me and it’s not on my kids’ favorite list, it’s probably something I’d love. A mom can only handle so many chicken nuggets and hot dogs. 😉

  51. I’m a first time mother-to-be (due in less than 3 weeks!) and would love something chocolate-y like brownies or a mud cake. Since my husband doesn’t bake I would be happy to settle for some Ben & Jerrys though. 🙂 Oh…and I heart Whole Foods, it’s my favorite grocery store by far.

  52. As long as I don’t have to cook it or clean up after it and its not my husbands “famous” cold noodle salad, I’m happy with whatever!

  53. I don’t care what someone makes me as long as someone else is making it and not me! Can I just sit on the couch and read a book? Actually, we are going bike riding in a national park this weekend for Mother’s Day. Now THAT’s a great Mother’s Day!

  54. well seeing as how i am not a mom yet, i can’t really go demanding someone make me dinner 🙂 but maybe the hubs will start training 😉

  55. I’m not a Momma, but for the last several years, my gift to my own mama has been a home cooked feast. This year, I’m doing all vegan: nut and seed bread with vegan feta, carrot chickpea soup, a simple salad and a raw vegan dark chocolate orange tart. This gift card would sure help me with ingredients!

  56. I’m really in the mood for chicken salad sandwiches on croissants. I’m feeling very ‘ladies who brunch’ about Mothers Day this year and I want light and tasty foods.

  57. I’m thinking some kind of turtle cheesecake would be perfect for Mother’s day, but it isn’t going to happen unless I make it!

  58. Pretty much anything from OBB! But I have to say, probably the best dessert EVER is the chocolate pb cheesecake tarts y’all made at the cooking demo at Orson Gygi. They are my go to dessert when I want to cheer someone up…or just really impress them. Never fails. Plus, I get to sneak a few too (which is a HUGE added bonus).

  59. I would love someone to make me the black bean and mango quesadillas. I love Mexican food and I especially love mangoes. Thanks for all that you do with this blog because you have broadened my cooking horizons.

  60. I love Whole Foods. I am making chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and cookies for all our RS sisters Mother’s Day so I guess that counts as cooking for me 🙂

  61. I want my husband to make reservations at a yummy place to have Mother’s Day brunch this Mother’s Day! We will not have a kitchen to cook in that day.

  62. I would love to have a yummy cheese and cracker plate. The different cheese’s at Whole Foods are delicious! I am so excited to finally have one in Boise!

  63. What a cool giveaway! I have been meaning to go check it out too, I still haven’t been there yet. I would love to win and give me an excuse to check the place out!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!!! I’m hoping someone makes me something with chocolate!!! 🙂

  64. My favorite Mother’s Day treat is Rhubarb Cobbler with a big scoop of ice cream. It’s my Mother-in-law’s recipe and I love to eat it every Mother’s Day when the rhubarb in our garden is crisp and fresh.

  65. comfort food would be the best – mac’n’cheese, bacon and greenbeans, and meatloaf w/a heaping side of mashed potatoes and gravy.

  66. A fruit pizza for Mother’s Day would be nice, But I would give the gift card to my brother who is a student at BSU. He works at whole foods, so I’m sure he would know just how to spend the money.

  67. I love Whole Foods. I would spend my card on a hunk of Bellweather Farms Carmody cheese. It’s one of my very favorite. Then I’d have to think of what could go with it….burgers? fruits? nuts? cracker? olives! must visit the olive bar too. Enjoy having one close to you.

  68. I have to bleach my fruits and veggies where I live (for only three more weeks YAY), so I would want a nice fresh salad. YUM!

  69. I love to cook and never mind to do it, but I would love some delish chinese food and some one else to do the clean up this Mother’s Day!

  70. aswesome giveaway! I’d love if someone made me scallops for mother’s day. thanks for the opportunity to enter – I’ve been looking for a reason to visit the whole foods about an hour from where I live. 🙂

  71. Steak does sound good, with a big baked potato! But alas, I’d have to cook it for myself for Mother’s Day, since my husband is away for 3 weeks for military drills. 🙁

  72. Well, I’m not the best cook but I make some pretty good pancakes so I’ll probably make some breakfast in bed? Sounds cheesy I know but you gotta admit is kinda cute. xD

  73. Considering I do most of the cooking and baking 99% of the time in my household, I would really love if my husband and my children could give me a break on Mother’s Day to make two of my favorite foods, Moussaka and Leche Flan!

  74. I would love to win this! We would do some sort of fresh mozz and basil pizza with a salad and some stuff for sundaes. =0)

    cooperkelly4@yahoo dot com

  75. gluten-free flour! $100 dollars worth! 🙂 And I’ll bake my gluten-grieving tummy something gooey and sweet and hot from the oven. Pick me pick me pick me!! 🙂

  76. I will be making low-glycemic brownies for my Mother in law this weekend! She’s recently switched over to the low glycemic index diet for health reasons, and we’re all super proud of her. I know she misses her chocolate though, and I found a recipe using Coconut oil and Coconut sugar to keep this fudge healthy! Hope I win, can’t find this stuff at Walmart, that’s for sure!!

  77. I want some steak and a twice baked potato. YUM! Unfortunately my husband is in the elders quorum presidency and it is likely he will not be home to make me dinner… oh well! i’m having a baby any day and won’t have to do the cooking for a while!

  78. I’ve been craving pie! And I’m pregnant, so the craving is hard to ignore!! And I don’t have the energy to make it…so hopefully someone makes it for Mother’s Day. 🙂

  79. I actually love to cook for myself on Mother’s Day – that way I get exactly what I want. I just ask the hubby to do the cleaning and to take care of our daughter!

  80. I’m from Austin and we have the Whole Foods mothership here. Anyone who visits gets taken there as one of our tourist attractions! We love our WF! I could easily spend $100 just buying lunch for all our visitors. That must include lots of gelato!

  81. Organic ham. YUMMM!!!! and chocolate anything…….
    I love their yogurt-covered pretzels. Divine. The best thing IN THE ENTIRE STORE!!!!
    Thank you for everything you do. My dad is successfully stuffed with your delicious recipes.

  82. I would love someone to make me cheesecake! Unfortunately my hubby doesn’t know how to cook or bake, so I’ll probably end up making it for myself 🙂

  83. I don’t know what I’d want made, but if my husband made me breakfast, that would be amazing! He basically avoids the cooking part of the kitchen at all costs 🙂

  84. Belgian waffles are my yearly request and I LIVE for them!
    (I’d love to win this so I can go to Whole Paycheck and not spend a whole paycheck!)

  85. I have recently had to give up dairy and eggs for my nursing infant, so I would love some sort of safe treat! Whole Foods offers vegan baked goods so I’d probably stock up on those.

  86. OMG!!!!!! I love Whole Foods aka (Whole paycheck) love the selection I find so many wonderful things for my kiddos with out yucky dyes and blak in it. My 6 year old is a cardiac pt so when he started eating solids we changed our eating habits in our house to fresh, green and lean and very rare out of a box. We aren’t perfect but Whole Foods has made life easier for our family to make this healthy change.

  87. Ah! I have been dying to go to that new Whole Foods in Boise! For Mother’s Day instead of making me something I would LOVE the husband and kids to get one of those amazing fruit tarts…or brownies. They make really good brownies.

  88. Some sort of thai curry dish- with fresh vegetables and then some homemade mango sticky rice or something similar for dessert. Yum!

  89. I am looking forward to the men in our family making lunch for the women in our family….fajitas!!! And that sounds like exactly what I want!

  90. If I win, I’ll give it to my sister. She spends a TON of money and time at Whole Foods because her son has nut and dairy allergies.

  91. I am addicted to Whole Foods, there isn’t one super close by where I live, but when I do get to go there my heart beats and I turn into a small child in a toy store. That being said, I would love to have something yummy off the grill cooked for me, I am loving grilling lately and the food seems so fresh and healthy!

  92. I’d load up on 100% organic, cause i am usually to cheap to buy as much if it as i want! $100 worth of organic produce, and baking supplies! Yum!!!

  93. Belgian waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs, with a side of maple syrup & a side of hot sauce. (I hope my hubby is reading this!) 😉

  94. Honestly, I don’t care as much for what we have for dinner as what we have for dessert! And it should be excessively chocolatey!

  95. I think I’m going to make some gluten-free, dairy-free carrot cake waffles on Sunday. Yum! It’ll be quite the treat for our Mother’s Day brunch.

  96. While my husband is an awesome cook, I would honestly prefer he not cook anything and buy me a piece of cake from our local bakery (The Bonbonerie in Cincinnati.) Which, by the way, if you ever find yourself close to Cincinnati, you absolutely must stop by and try one of their offerings. They made our wedding cake 10 years ago and I so desperately didn’t want to share any with our guests! 🙂 Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  97. Oh man, I love Whole Foods and would love to win! I also want my husband to make me dinner. Doesn’t matter what, it just needs to happen!

  98. I would love a coconut cream pie from Achatz Handmade Pies! They have the absolute best pies any where. A trip to Whole Foods sounds good too.

  99. I’ve been waiting for my own mom to come visit before I visit the new Boise store. And it would be so fun to get some goodies for free! Thanks for the (wonderfully simple) giveaway!

  100. I’m drooling over an orange pecan cake with cream cheese frosting I found on Pinterest! Now to find someone to make it for me…

  101. hey, this is only the second coment i have ever made in my life, (the first being the apron contest) even though I make something yummy from OBB cook books just about every day. ! have 9 children and 18 going on 19 grandchildren. What I would love made is homemade stawberry icecream with unrefined sugar over brownies!

  102. I would love bannana pancakes and bacon for breakfast and a nice steak and baked potato for dinner. Also no doing this dishes for this momma!

  103. I really enjoy anything I don’t have to prepare or clean-up on mothers day.I have 9 kids so someone can come up with SOMETHING! If I get to pick though, I love anything Italian with Strawberry shortcake for dessert!

  104. I finally made it to Whole Foods for the first time last month….love that place!! I have emails going to those same places too. I am wondering if anyone reads them!!!

  105. Yea for Whole Foods and this blog! I hope to grill my wife an excellent Mother’s Day dinner so that she feels as appreciated as she truly is!

  106. I would want some of that delicious looking fruit tart! Or I could make my own since their produce is so fresh and appealing all the time. The difference between Whole Foods and my local grocery store is like day and night. You can’t even compare the quality.

  107. Living in the Pacific Northwest, you never know what kind of weather to expect this time of the year, but the last several years have been sunny so I always like to have the hubs BBQ on Mother’s Day. 🙂

  108. My son is BBQing for us and my folks – anything he makes is guaranteed to be good! We don’t have a Whole Foods near us — but he does! I’d love to send him shopping!

  109. What do I want someone to make for me . . . . . I would like shrimp scampi, mushroom risotto and grilled vegetables. A fruit tart would be great for dessert. I also don’t want to do the dishes afterwards.

  110. I would love a sweet treat, one made with either lemon or lime! SInce my husband is out of town, and my kids are only 8 and 4, it’s pretty safe to say the only food being made will be from me!

  111. Well, I’m not a mom so I don’t think anyone will be making anything for me. But I’m thinking of whipping up something for my mom…perhaps her favorite bean salad!

  112. Breakfast is my favorite meal so I would love breakfast on Mother’s Day. Sweet and savory crepes or a stuffed blueberry french toast, or a tradtional egg breakfast. Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

  113. What I would like someone cook for me is my mom’s version of pad thai. Basically, any Asian BBQ or noodle dish. Total comfort food for me.

  114. I can’t get enough of home made peanut butter cups. Either peanut butter cups, or bars, or squares or a big huge pizza, I would love for someone to make me some. YUM!

  115. I would love any dessert with lemon. For Mother’s day my husband makes an English lemon trifle with pound cake, fresh raspberries and lemon curd. It is divine!

  116. Oooh, I love Whole Foods! I’m not even asking someone to cook for me–but if they’d make me a salami and cheese platter I’d be a happy pregnant lady 🙂

  117. Forget making me anything-if I could get someone to do the dishes I would be happy! I love whole foods too! They have some amazing stuff!

  118. Man, those tarts look good! I’ve never been to a Whole Foods store. I guess if I were to win, I’d tell my husband to buy/make something with exotic stuff I can’t find at Wal-Mart and I’d never buy anyway b/c it’s not in the budget.

  119. Oh Whole Foods, how I love you! I would keep it simple and ask for a Whole Foods cookie cake with lots of frosting – YUM!!

  120. I would love some gnocchi with sauteed squash, zucchini, tomatoes and grated pecorino romano cheese, lemon juice, minced garlic, chopped basil and oregano and a dash of salt and pepper. Yum.

  121. I would love a summer fruit parfait!!! Mmmmm. No cooking even involved, come on family!!!
    (Also, those bakery cupcakes looked soooooo good!)

  122. One year my husband made me a stack of french toast with smashed up brownies in between each layer and strawberries on top. I’d love something like that again!

  123. I’ve been craving key lime cheesecake. And some homemade bread. Which is unfortunate because my husband doesn’t mind cooking, but he NEVER bakes.

  124. I don’t live near a Whole Foods either, but I’ll be in Portland, OR this weekend, so it would be a perfect time for me to take advantage of a bonus $100. You guys are the best!

  125. I have been meaning to go to the new Whole Foods. I hear it is spectacular. I would love some Strawberry Short Cake for Mother’s Day!

  126. My 9 year old insists on fixing me breakfast in bed every year for Mother’s Day. I’m not a big breakfast eater but anything she makes is the best breakfast ever and exactly what I want 🙂 (and, ya know, if I could get one of those fruit tarts pictured above, too…Bonus!)

  127. I recently moved, and have a whole foods store half a mile away. Gosh, what have I missed all my life. I am making baked goods for my grandmothers and mother this mother’s day. I also made them little wooden boxes with photos on them. But, seriously an e-card to WHOLE FOODS…. WOW I NEED ONE BADLY.

  128. Anything, as long as I get the day off from the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong: I love cooking, but a day off from cooking/cleaning is pure heaven. Oh, and if someone could throw in “not fighting” between my kids, that would be awesome!

  129. Oh my, how about an entire Chinese food dinner with hot chocolate cake for dessert. Yum. I’ve never been to Whole Foods (gasp) so I would love to have an excuse to go!

  130. A really fantastic chocolate layer cake. With lots of chocolate buttercream frosting. And don’t make me share it! LOL 😀

  131. Oh man I am drooling! I would totally go and buy this gorgeous five layered cake at Whole Foods just for me. What I really want someone to make me? Dinner! And not a PBJ or mac&cheese but something pasta-y!

  132. I would love a strawberry pie….with lots of fresh whipping cream on it!!! You guys are awesome…I loving cooking because of you two ladies!!!!!

  133. I’m 11 weeks pregnant, and this will be first “Mother’s Day” to celebrate as both a daughter and a mom. I’ve been craving pizza the past couple of weeks (which I normally don’t care for), so I’ll take any kind of pizza! 🙂

  134. My husband makes a mean steak, so I’d be happy with just that (and I wouldn’t argue if he picked up ice cream to come after dinner!).

  135. Love, love, love whole foods! I haven’t seen one there yet, but I would really love someone to make me a pavlova for Mothers day. They always look so pretty and light:) I’m afraid to attempt one, because I know it would just turn into a sloppy mess!

  136. I want my husband to grill for me and chocolate cake! I love whole foods but don’t shop there often so this would be a great luxury

  137. Grilled Chicken and Chocolate Cake Balls…my husband grills up the best chicken and the bonus is that I don’t feel guilty eating it. So when the cake balls come out….I am ready to savor every sweet chocolate bite. Thanks for the chance to win….I love Whole Foods!!!

  138. Fresh fruit tart would be amazing or something with raspberries – I’ve been craving raspberries this pregnancy. We’re out of town this mothers day for a graduation, so I don’t think anything will be made the day of. But I might ask my husband to make breakfast our first morning back from the trip.

  139. I would buy a whole fish and ask my 8 yr old daughter to roast it for me (she does!), and some small potatoes and have my husband grill them (he will!), then have my four boys make a yummy fruit salad and some kind of veggies…but they WON”T, oh well! It will still be yummy!!!!

  140. I would love for someone to make me chicken alfredo! I love it and I never get to eat it… and breakfast in bed would be nice too! (my kids always try to do this though and it consists of dry toast and water- I usually feel like a prisoner or something!)

  141. oh my goodness, i’d LOVE to win this gift certificate!!! WF is about 30 min. from my house, making it a destination shopping experience, not a weekly opportunity. i’d put that $100 to GOOD USE!

    what i’d like someone to do for me for mother’s day? give me extra energy–i’m traveling to my uncle’s funeral (from GA to IN and back in 48 hours) this weekend. i’ll need the extra oomph to be able to give of myself to my family.

  142. I usually get the very rare treat of biscuits and gravy made for me on Mother’s Day! Of course there’s nothing I’d turn down delivered to me with giggles of glee by my babies. 🙂

  143. I’ve never been to a whole foods, but am headed to Utah this summer so I’d love to try it out! I would love a chocolate cream pie!

  144. Whole Foods has this chocolate mousse cake that is super decadent! I would love to buy this for my mom (or, let’s be honest, myself) for Mother’ss Day!

  145. Actually, I’m making what my mom wants!

    She and my step dad have moved into an assisted living facility where they do minimal meal prep. I asked her where she’d like to eat on Mother’s Day and she asked if they could come over to our house and could we grill? I forget they no longer have access to grill outdoors! So we’re having burgers and brats! And will make extra for them to take home for a few lunches!

    Enjoy your day!

  146. I LOVE Whole Foods, especially the bakery. I love trying new things especially products by local vendors. I would want pretty much anything from the bakery!

  147. i would like for someone to make me caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! chocolate with chocolate ganache. please and thank you.

  148. If I can find raspberries I think I’ll ask my girls to make vacherin. They always want me to make (because it’s so delicious) . In fact, I think they can make dinner on Mother’s Day.

  149. Yay! A WF gift card! I actually do more shopping there than we can afford because my husband and sons have a myriad of allergies amongst the lot of ’em, and WF reliably has allergen-free versions of so many pantry staples. I’d use that gift card to get some of their amazingly good gluten-free chocolate cupcakes for a Mother’s Day splurge.

  150. I would actually love a dinner out. We are so good about cooking at home but never take the time to enjoy a dinner out.

  151. Hi! I would love a fresh vegetable salad and a slice of homemade cake (that’s my weakness). Thanks for the opportunity to win something!

  152. Cookies. I’m a COOKIE MONSTER! 🙂
    Oatmeal chocolate chip with walnuts are my favorite (if I have to pick a favorite).