A few months ago I picked up a muscle magazine at the gym and almost gagged out loud when I read a recipe for “Protein Cupcakes” that involved mixing protein powder and plain yogurt together and piping it on top of some concoction involving pureed beans, flax seed, wheat germ, and egg whites.  “It tastes JUST like a cupcake!”  One thing was clear- it had obviously been a long time since that person had consumed an actual cupcake.  It’s like when people tell you that you’ll never know there’s kale in that sludge-colored smoothie you’re drinking (I can tell) or that you won’t miss pasta if you substitute a spaghetti squash (no really, you’ll miss it.  A lot.)  So listen up.  I’m not going to tell you this little miracle recipe tastes just like a pancake.  Use your brain and look at the ingredient list.  The only two necessary ingredients here are these:

Egg and Banana

Seriously.  No flour, nothing else.

I’ve seen this recipe floating around for years, in those same magazines that tried to tell me that my brain will not know the difference between protein powder with yogurt and glorious butter and sugar, so naturally I discounted it immediately.  But over the past year or so I’ve seen this popping up in more and more reputable sources, so eventually I gave it a try- fully expecting to laugh in the epic failure it surely would be.  But something happened.  Don’t ask me how.  Somehow when you mix bananas and eggs together and say some magic words, an unseen universe wizard comes and sprinkles pancake dust on it and it magically turns into this:

Stack of Two Ingredient Pancakes

It’s sort of amazing actually.  The result is obviously different than a standard carb-filled pancake.  The best way to describe the flavor and texture is it’s like the center of a piece of french toast.  Kind of eggy and crepe-ish.  Keep that in mind when you make these.  If you’re expecting a real pancake you’ll be sorely disappointed.  While these certainly aren’t meant to replace a good ol’ classic pancake, surprisingly they’ve found a solid place in my kitchen.  They take literally 30 seconds to make, and less than a minute to cook.  They’re low calorie, high protein, and my kids love them.  That means pancakes on a week day morning or a quick daytime snack is totally doable.  If you’re into fit food and healthy eating, you’ll probably love these.  Banana and eggs?  Pretty much the perfect pre or post workout combo. So watch this:

One large banana.  Open ‘er up and mash it with a fork.  You’ll want to mash it pretty well, a little more than you’d mash for banana bread.  If you don’t mash well, you’ll end up with kind of a lumpy gooey mess that basically tastes like scrambled eggs and banana chunks and then you’ll come back and leave mean comments on this post.  And no one wants that.

Mashed Banana

Crack open 2 eggs and mix it in there.

Eggs and Banana

Now that’s seriously ALL you need.  I promise.  You could mix that up really well and then pour the batter on a hot pan just like you’d cook a normal pancake.  I add couple more things, namely a tiny pinch of baking powder, and a few dashes of cinnamon.

Cinnamon and Baking Powder

Remember back in my Healthy Thai Chicken Salad recipe when I introduced you to PB2 (powdered peanut butter)?  I love that stuff.  When I’m making these for my kids, I add a couple of spoonfuls of that in as well because it adds a little protein and makes the pancakes a little more substantial.  It doesn’t really make them taste like peanut butter, but I do like the addition.

Eggs, banana, PB2

Now, you can make these in the blender as well.  I actually usually throw everything in my blender, but if you process them until it’s totally smooth, your pancakes will be quite a bit flatter.  So I just pulse a few times until it’s all mixed, but you can still see some small chunks of banana. If you have a high-powered blender like the Blendtec, it really takes like, one pulse.

Blendtec blending ingredients

Then you’ll just cook them on a hot skillet just like you would a normal pancake.

Cooking Pancakes

I mentioned the taste and texture is similar to the middle of a piece of french toast,  or a crepe.  Neither of those things are very sweet and if you eat them on their own they’re mediocre at best.  When you eat that first pancake off the griddle you might be thinking the same thing.  Sweet eggs.  Yum, Sara.  Just what I was craving.

Stick with me.  You just need a little somethin’ somethin’.  But look at those cuties.  I like to call these ‘toddler pancakes’ because these are perrrrfect for little kids.  All three of mine love these.  Look at them- they look just like normal pancakes, crazy, right?

cooked banana pancakes

While they’re hot off the pan, spread them with a little butter.

Landolakes light butter

My favorite lower calorie option these days is this Land O Lakes light butter.

Spread Butter

Then drizzle with a little syrup.  Or you could use agave, honey, or any other sweetener you like.  (I love this Blueberry agave).

Banana Pancakes with Syrup

And while that’s delish, if you really want to make them yummy, give them a smear of nut butter, too. (I literally only buy Justin’s Maple Almond Butter in the sample pack size because I can’t have open jars of the stuff around.  It’s amazing and swoon-worthy.  (Also, this is not in any way a sponsored post even though I’m doing a ton of brand-naming today.  Just sharing some favorites.)

Justin's PB

Spread on a little love…

PB on Pancakes

and give that a drizzle.

2 ingredient pancakes with syrup

It’s honestly really, really good.

Healthy Low Carb Pancakes from Our Best Bites

And not horrible for you.

Close up of 2 ingredient pacakes

You know you have to go try this now.

Sweet Healthy Pancakes form Our Best Bites

Because you’re dying to know if I’m crazy like the protein cupcake lady.

Eating Pancakes
There’s one positive review.  I didn’t say a word about what was in these pancakes.  I just stood off to the side like a silent camera-wielding ninja.  I’m positive some of you will hate these, and some of you will love them.  Try for yourself and see which camp you fit in.  Let the games begin!

Quick and Healthy Two Ingredient Pancakes from Our Best Bites

Give it a shot and have an open mind.  Let me know what you think!  (Don’t forget the butter and syrup.  And maybe peanut butter.)

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Close up of 2 ingredient pancakes

Two Ingredient Pancakes

  • Author: Sara Wells
  • Yield: 12 1x


  • 1 large banana (it should yield abt 1/31/2 cup, mashed)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/8 teaspoon baking powder (optional but recommended)
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional but recommended)


Heat a skillet on the stove top to medium heat.  While pan is heating, mash banana well and then mix in eggs, baking powder, and cinnamon.  When pan is hot (water droplets should sizzle) Spray pan lightly with non-stick spray.  Pour 2 tablespoons of batter at a time and cook until bottom appears set (30-60 seconds) flip with spatula and cook additional minute or less.  Serve warm with butter and syrup.


*When I add PB2, I do 2 tablespoons, and I find the powdered peanutbutter blends best if I pulse the mixture in the blender just a few times.

Nutritional Info (per 1 pancake alone)
Cal: 22  Protein: 1.2 g Fat: <1 g Carbs: 2.6 g


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    1. I just made these, with a TBSP of cocoa powder in place of one of the TBSP of PB2. They were amazing, tasted like a slightly less sweet brownie =) I ate the whole batch… for way less damage then a couple pancakes. Thanks!

      1. Sitting here with a batch of freshly-made pancakes. They’re SO satisfying! Not the real thing, but good enough if, like me you’re looking for healthier ways to beat your cravings. I’ve tried several of these recipes that are floating around on the web, and this one wins, hands-down! All of the directions you provide: adding the baking powder & PB2, and jwhat the final batter consistency should look like all made a difference. I added 1/8 a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, which made it slightly soft, but helped with the flavor. (In my house, taste reigns over consistency). Will definitely try it with the cocoa powder next time.

    2. You can also make pancakes with a couple eggs, a scoop of protein powder (I like Quest Vanilla Milkshake protein powder) and a little unsweetened almond milk. They are amazing!!!

      1. I also do the protein pancake but to the banana and egg whites, I add cottage cheese, oats – blended to a flour, banana and a TB of protein powder. I actually prefer them over normal pancakes now…

  1. Amazing! I’ve seen these around, too, and I’m glad you reviewed them, because I trust you! My kids have a lot of food restrictions (one can’t have gluten or corn, the other can’t have dairy, wheat, soy, nuts, or fish), but they CAN have bananas and eggs!! Until now I’ve had to buy the Biscquick gluten-free pancake mix (which is really quite good), but this is a whole lot cheaper and easier and I almost always have these ingredients on hand! I’m excited to try this in the morning! Thanks!

  2. Evidently the site is still having issues- I went to look at the steam oven post, since I hadn’t seen it, somehow, but it won’t let me post a comment, which is: is that a built-in thermometer sticking into the roast in that picture from Thermador?! And, more on topic, I will definitely have to try this ‘pancake’ recipe. And it might be perfect as it is for me- I like the ‘eggy’ taste and plain crepes and such.

  3. Oh I looove the almond butter!! I buy the packets too, I stash one in my purse for a snack (yup I can the whole thing in one go eep!)

  4. Awesome recipe and so excited to try it and perfect for my 6 week challenge I started today. I love PB2, I like to add a little bit of honey to the mixture and then dip apples in it. I’ve always tried the regular but I think next time I’m going to order the chocolate one.

    1. Good luck with your challenge, Tish! For what it’s worth- I actually like the regular PB2 better, I think it’s because the chocolate isn’t chocolate-y enough for me, lol.

  5. Ha ha! Your favorite butter is what we use to get. However, we now make our own. Just put 1:1 ratio butter and canola oil in you blendtec. Mix. Pour into containers and place in fridge or freezer. Less $, still spreadable from fridge and tastes like butta!

  6. These look fantastic! The 3 ingredient banana-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies floating around everywhere are also really good! I have this weird fear of agave because my sister in law used it forever and then found out that tons of women in China use it as a natural birth control-which she found out in the middle of a year of trying to have a baby, which didn’t happen for about 2 more years. Not saying the agave is to blame, but it gives me this irrational fear that if I eat it I’ll never have kids again! Haha

    1. I’m not sure about the frozen brown bananas- my gut tells me that would be too liquidy and mushy. And if it makes you feel any better, I’ve had 3 healthy babies (with no issues of fertility) on a diet involving agave for quite some time 😉

  7. Also, have you ever tried using brown bananas that have been frozen? Wondering if this would be a good use for those or would they be too mushy for it?

  8. Just tried these for lunch. I put a little peanut butter and maple syrup on mine, which mostly hides the flavor of any pancake, but the banana just peeked through, which was yummy.

  9. My mind is officially blown. Seriously. I don’t know where I’ve been but I’ve never even seen the mere suggestion of these pancakes so you can imagine the shock value of your post. Since we eat pancakes 3-4 times a week, there’s no way I’m NOT going to be able to try these soon. Super post!

  10. Ok, I first saw this on Pinterest a year or so ago, tried it and immediately put it onto my “epic fail” board. I trust you girls, so I tried this again and it isn’t as bad as I remember. The first time it was like scrambled eggs that tasted like bananas, yuck!! This time I added the baking powder and cinnamon like you suggested and then added peanut butter and syrup, aside from the texture difference, they really aren’t all that bad. The kids will probably like it more that I do though….

  11. I love that these can be eaten as a snack and are QUICK! I just started working out again and getting back into that routine and sometimes my husband and I don’t go for a walk or run or lift weights or whatever we’re doing until after he gets home which can be like, 5:30 and then we’re starving afterwards! And I hate the nights we have a late-ish work out and then I munch on so much stuff in the kitchen while cooking because I’m starving! And the whole “I’ll do a slow cooker meal on the nights we work out late” doesn’t always happen – trying these this week! Thanks 🙂

  12. Super easy and delish. These also work with a heaping 1/4 cup of pumpkin and it reduces the sugar. I add pumpkin pie spice and the kids devour them.

  13. I’m really sorry. I just made these for a snack, and they are really gross! Not one person in my family would eat them.

  14. I’m one of those crazy people that actually prefer spaghetti squash over pasta. I realized after a few go-rounds with it that it’s not the actual noodles I loved, it’s the sauce and amazing goodness that goes into the sauce that I love. Doesn’t really matter what I put it over, sometimes just grilled chicken, but the sauce is key. Plus, I feel way better when I don’t eat actual pasta. Those cupcake things though? No.

    These look fab! We do something similar but more egg, less banana and turn it into a scramble. Add a little maple syrup and it’s totally delish.

  15. Just made these for lunch today (yep, lunch). Holy yum! I’m not one who eats a lot of bananas, but the banana flavor is totally mild and they were not at all egg-y. They’re perfect to fulfill a craving while staying away from grains. Had mine with almond butter and a teaspoon of honey…

  16. I LOVE these things! I started making them a few months ago and regularly have them for dinner. Tons of protein and fiber, and they are really good with a smear of jam. I always add a spoonful of rolled oats and a dab of nutmeg, but never thought about baking powder. I’m also going to try leaving it a bit chunkier instead of blending smooth next time. Thanks for the tips!

  17. We practically live on these in my house. If you’re making the batter in the blender and want them a little sweeter you can add a couple dates. I always add a tablespoon of almond flour/meal too to make them a bit more substantial. My kid love them slathered with jam.

  18. Those look like a great idea! Super healthy and still pancake-like. I used to make three ingredient oatmeal + cottage cheese + egg pancakes. You’re right, its not going to taste like a pancake, but its still easy and yummy!

  19. I don’t want to be overly dramatic but… These are kind of changing my life! I have a seven month old and a two year old and they both loved these (I did too!). I also loved that they’re healthy, quick and I had everything on hand. This is going to make my life a WHOLE lot easier! thanks!

  20. I read this post this afternoon and went and made the recipe right away. The verdict? I love you! There are not many foods I can eat because I am very diabetic. It is always so hard to make pancakes (which I love) for my family and not eat them myself. I feel like I can have these with just a little drizzle of syrup. I love how honest you were about them. No, they aren’t the same as regular pancakes, BUT I really, really liked them. I didn’t have a large banana so I just used a smallish regular sized one and I did add the cinnamon and some baking powder. I topped them with butter, a little peanut butter, and syrup. My five year old made a face when she saw them and said they “looked gross” but after she had taken a bite or two, she said, “Mom, you’re gonna need to make more of these. They are so good!” She proceeded to eat three more, which is amazing because she is a tiny eater and fairly picky. In all honesty, my nine year old took one bite, wrinkled her face, and pushed the plate away, but she is extremely picky. My husband ate most of one but said he doesn’t like peanut butter on things and he left a bite or two uneaten. So, two out of four of us loved them. I’m looking forward to making them soon for my three other kids who weren’t home. Thanks for the post!

  21. So good!!! I’m on weight watchers and made them with egg beaters instead of regular eggs. That makes the entire thing only 1 point! I made one huge pancake out of the mix and topped it with blueberries, pecans, whip cream, and coconut syrup. Filling an entire dinner plate that I could barely finish for 5 points total. My kind of breakfast, thank you!!!

  22. I must be doing something wrong. I had to turn the heat way down because they burned on the outside before they were done on the inside. Perhaps I was making them too big. They were delicious though! Thank you OBB!

  23. Just made these with chocolate PB2. Really yummy. More like a crepe. Didn;t even need syrup with the chocolate PB2.

  24. Sara, do you think any unused batter can be saved for the next day?

    During school days we never have time for pancakes, but these were easy and fast to prepare this morning. But I had half the batter left. Just wondering if it will be ok to keep in the fridge until tomorrow. Thanks for another great recipe!

  25. I only get 500mg sodium/day and have been craving pancakes. I made these this morning and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I used cinnamon and vanilla and ground up some flax seed. They were great with maple syrup. Next time I may add a tablespoon or two of almond meal.

    1. That is what I did with mine. I think they are good but 6yr old son said not pancake enough. The rest of the family hasn’t tried them yet.

  26. I must admit I was very skeptical right up until I poured the batter in the pan, but I trust you………… The result was delicious! I watched the kids faces closely as they took the first bite and they didn’t even blink an eye as they quickly took the next bite. I still can’t believe it – bananas and eggs! Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Tried these yesterday and they did NOT work for us. I’m not sure if I did something wrong but they would not “set up” in the pan. They never had enough body to flip, and by the time they got close they were pretty dark (close to burned) on the one side. 🙁

    1. I had the same experience. I did not use a blender – just mashed the banana really well with a fork. I think that may have been the issue because the consistency if the batter was basically eggs with some banana chunks thrown in. So fliiping the “pancake” was like trying to flip an omelette over. They ended up being just piles of mush in the pan.

      To be fair, the pieces I cooked tasted okay, but they did not resemble pancakes due to the issues with setting up.

    2. Use a large ripe (not too ripe) banana, mash it to mush, completely blend in the egg, then add 1/2 C oats. I always add the oats. They are much easier to flip.

  28. WOW! That’s it… WOW! I tried this today and did most everything incorrectly. Oh, I followed the basic instructions. 1 bananaa, 2 eggs, a bit of baking powder. Put it into a blender cup and gave it a spin. Then, I poured it (in its entirity) into a buttered fry pan. I’m in South America and don’t have a griddle, but the result was fantastic. Yes, some of the mixture didn’t get completely cooked, but the bottom of the “mega-cake” was nicely browned (perhaps a bit burned due to the quantity I was trying to cook), but the end result after I folded into an bamlette (that’s a banana pancake omlette) and plated, with a bit of sugar on top (not a lot of Maple Trees in SA) sat at my terrace and ate. Did I say WOW? It was fantastic! Now, not mentioned in your write-up, The apartment had the smell of banana wafting throughout. This is a keeper receipe and I’ll be making it often. May even have to go out and find a griddle to buy. If I didn’t before, I just wanted to say WOW!

  29. Just made em for my wife & 3 grlz. Dash o’ cinnamon, nuttn’ else. They loved em with only syrup – didn’t seem to need butter. Mrs K put apple butter on hers and scoffed it all done. I’m gonna experiment with eggs & plaintain next…

  30. Super quick and easy to make, and most importantly-delicious! Thanks for the recipe. I have been doing paleo, and this fits right in and is tasty too.

  31. I was a little nervous with the mixed reviews but LOVED them! I used my food processor and added about 1/4 tsp vanilla. I thought they were great plain but loved them with the almond butter too! Thanks!

  32. I made these for my boys. My 4-year-old can’t have dairy, soy, wheat, or nuts and my 2-year-old can’t have corn or gluten. So this was right up our alley! We put sun butter and peanut butter on them, and squished them together to sort of make a peanut butter sandwich and then dipped them in syrup. They were SO GOOD! Very crepe-ish, and I even liked them plain. I’ll definitely be making them again!

  33. HELP! By the time they set up enough to flip the bottom side is black. I blended everything in my Vitamix! What am I doing wrong? I really want to make these work. Thank you!

      1. I had the same problem, cooking over medium heat with a hand-blended batch. thin layer of burned black char on the bottom, and the rest uncooked slimy banana egg. Ended up tossing the whole mess. Twice, actually, because I thought I must have done something wrong in measuring the amounts for it to have turned out so badly & gave it a second try, with the same result.

  34. These were actually really good. I was looking for breakfasts that are healthy and had heard about these but had never tried them until now. Definitely going to do these again. But don’t go into it thinking they will taste exactly like pancakes. They won’t. But they are still good and look enough like pancakes to trick your kids 😉 Am going to add a little flour next time and try to trick my family.

  35. Just tried this wow and all I can say is YUM. I didn’t do it exactly the same way, so it didn’t look pretty, but it tasted awesome! For taste I used cinnamon and, because waayyy too much poured out, a little bit of natural peanut butter to mellow it (just mixed it in the same bowl as the egg/banana). I only had one egg left so I just decided to make one big pancake in my frying pan, but tried to flip it too soon -and that’s where all hope of a pretty pancake died- and had to kind of squish it back together. In the end I flipped it several times and had 1/2 of a pankcake and the other 1/2 essentially scrambled. Added a little maple syrup in fear of what I may have done to the texture, but it was hardly needed -although certainly a nice addition! These pancakes are definitely gonna be a regular thing. 🙂 Thank you!

  36. This was fantastic, thank you for sharing! I added a tablespoon of self-rising flour and a handful of ground almonds leftover from making almond milk, and they turned out amazing. I don’t like a lot of toppings so I just used cinnamon sugar. I’m definitely adding these to my list of regular foods, they’re too good and easy to pass up when you’re surviving in a college dorm.

  37. I add 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats and 1/8 tsp of baking powder and then spice it up with cinnamon, nutmeg and a few drops of vanilla. I usually make at least a double batch for my family and any leftovers are used with peanut butter for snacks or breakfast.

  38. I probably should have mentioned that I put the oats in my food processor first and then add all the other ingredients and pulse until combined.

  39. I frequently make a very similar recipe. Instead of adding the PB2 – which is an issue for many if you want to pack them in school lunches – I add 1 1/2 Tbsp of coconut flour. It is very dry an absorbs a lot of moisture (sort of like the PB2) so don’t add more than that! It works great, an gives them a bit more of a ‘real’ pancake texture. My husband, 4yo and 10mo can’t get enough of them!!

  40. Just tried these out in my teeny tiny apartment with nothing but the MOST basic of cooking materials–they were delicious! I was lacking in cinnamon but just sprinkled in a few pinches of sugar and lathered in butter (oops, sorry health-food dreams). They don’t taste exactly like pancakes, but really not very far off and tasty in their own right. Will be repeating!

  41. This article is amazing. lol. I wanted to try them since a friend recommended them, but you made me want to leave my desk at work and make them NOW. The pics and pairing suggestions were great! Thanks for your enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle!

  42. I tried these and they were a complete bust! 🙁 They wouldn’t flip and turned into banana scrambled eggs more than anything. I was quite disappointed, I wish I knew what I was doing incorrectly because yours look delicious and I LOVE pancakes, not the calories.

  43. i made them and for some reason they weren’t looking like yours at all! they weren’t flipping right and not cooking very easily :/

  44. Made these this afternoon, really enjoyed them. I did add 1/4 cup oats (processed into fine powder first), dash of cinnamon, stevia, and vanilla. Did not use the baking powder because I was out. They turned out great. Now my main goal here was actually to use up the one ripe banana I had sitting around, so I didn’t feel awful about the bit of stevia, or the Nutella I spread on the tops (out of PB and almond butter is at work). My 5yo ate one and said ”mmmm” several times. Now I want to make sure and get more bananas so I can make them again! I think would actually prefer peanut butter over Nutella. I’m not a fan of syrup

  45. Hi there! Im itching to try these! Just a quick question though, do you know what adding baking powder does to it? Curious to know what role technical role it plays! Also, I NEVER would have thought banana+eggs could turn out so beautifully just like real pancakes!! THANK YOU

  46. Wow, thanks for the yummy recipe! I’m not a major cook, but tried these after reading some other comments on other recipes. The little things you said about the consistency of the bananas, and the little bit of cinnamon were excellent! Mine turned out like your pictures, which was a huge surprise to me. I also threw in a tiny bit of vanilla extract just because I can’t leave anything alone. 🙂 They were fantastic and my picky boyfriend agreed!

  47. Score!!! All three kids loved them, even my egg hater. I love all the variations that have been suggested and cant wait to try some. Thanks for this great healthy alternative, now to convince the hubby… 🙂

  48. looks like a good idea – until all the gunk was dumped on top – I’ll be trying them as they are, thanks.

  49. SCORE! These silver dollar pancakes look just like your pictures, and tasted quite good! I was SO surprised, because I def doubted you there 🙂 I can’t believe they tasted just like a French toast, perfect description. I made the BASIC pancakes (using only 2 eggs+ 1 ripe banana) because I didn’t have any other ingredients you’ve mentioned! How sad. But now, I definitely want to try that PB2 stuff, Blueberry agave, and nut butter. I’ve never tried those 3 before, but it sounds good, and seems like all the foodies here agree. Perfect treat when I have to rush out of the house for those crazy 6:00am clinicals. We (the starving and broke nursing students) would forever be grateful if you can post some more “2-4 ingredients” quick and easy breakfast recipes or perhaps an easy “mug recipes”. THANKS!!!!!

  50. So I was skeptical but I really wanted to try them and I really wanted success the first time! I carefully read through all the comments and followed several suggestions. I beat the eggs first before adding them to the well-mashed bananas and skipped the blender altogether. I also added 1/4 tsp. vanilla, 1/8 tsp. baking power, 1/8 tsp. cinnamon and 1 Tbsp. almond flour. Rather than cooking them over medium heat, I cooked them over medium-low to avoid any problems with overdone outsides and underdone middles. The first time I made them, I did several small pancakes on my large griddle. The next time I poured all the batter into my 10″ frying pan and made one large pancake. Both ways turned out very well. I served with fresh berries and pure maple syrup. Thanks for a great breakfast idea that goes well with my healthy eating goals!

  51. I just made these with a egg whites! They were a bit harder to cook but I made it work! Topped with fresh strawberries and Justin’s hazelnut spread…. all I can say is OMG! I found my new favorite breakfast meal 😛

  52. Thank you for an awesome post, I actually tried your recipe today with a twist. I added sweet potatoes and raspberries. And I’m loving the maple almond butter! Hope I can find it around here 🙂 I post my version of the pancakes on my blog if you want to check it out. Thanks again.

  53. I made these and they were fabulous! I took some natural peanut butter and melted it for my sauce and it turned out great! Amazing and simple

  54. Hi,

    I tried these today and it taste good. But I only have one problem, it is too soft. I can’t make a “pancake” out of it. It’s always breaking in the middle. My kids didn’t touch it because it didn’t look like pancakes. Any tips?

    Thank you!

  55. Fantastic taste. Had them with rasberries and I am stuffed.
    Found them impossible to flip though. Any suggestions? Where I live theres no such thing as fat free cooking spray. Thanks!

  56. Tryed it and it didnt work…i did it three times making sure that i did everything and it turned up like a omlet with bananna taste…didnt look like or taste like a pancake..

  57. Hey! I’ve just tested your recipe and it is amazing! OMG, I still cannot believe how good these pancakes taste! I spread just a little bit of almond butter on each pancake and ate them with fresh strawberries and blueberries. I also tried with a little bit of maple syrup (not too much because I’m on a diet) and the result was absolutely yummy.
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe… When you are on a low carb diet it is almost impossible to satisfy your sweet tooth! With these special pancakes you can eat something sweet without feeling guilty!

  58. I just seen this recipe today and asked my Nutritionist about it. I was wondering how many calories, carbs, and protein was in it. I recently had gastric sleeve surgery so always looking for good recipes to fix. This sounds almost perfect. Thanks for sharing and cant wait to try them.

    1. Just stop with this stuff. As a librarian we have a saying “just because the internet has it, does NOT mean it is true”. Take any website that ends with .com and be even more critical than you would with say a .gov or .edu. In the case of the link you posted, the author is not an actual medical doctor- he is a doctor of Chiropractic and a homeopathic/nutritionist. In other words, to most intelligent people he is no more an authority on health issues or than you or I, or the guy on the bus this morning. If you feel like you don’t want to ingest canola oil- do not- your choice. But, please stop spreading disinformation and calling it fact (see here http://www.snopes.com/medical/toxins/canola.asp) Check and verify sources, be critical of things you read on the internet and in your email and think for yoruself. /off soapbox
      Thank you for the recipe and all of the verification comments that this recipe does indeed work- I love them!

  59. Made these a couple of days ago. They are amazing! I hate bananas and not a huge fan of eggs. Added vanilla instead of cinnamon. topped mine with white chocolate PB. My kids 9,7,4 are big fans too! If you have trouble making them turn the heat down and learn how to flip em quick. even if they dont turn out looking like perfect pancakes they will still taste good! About to make more right now. Going to experiment with adding hemp protein powder.

  60. I made these last week (although I used directions from another site but I have a point i’ll get to about your great site) using only bananas and eggs, they were surprisingly good. I made them today and WOW what a failure! lol I added blueberries, cinnamon, baking powder and a little vanilla. They were gooey, would not hold their shape and it was pretty much like a blueberry/vanilla omelette. It tasted good and my husband liked it, but I had a hard time with it. (Although I ate it all. :D) I was really glad to read your post. I like your writing style. Your voice comes across like you are sitting across the table chatting with me. That said, I am sure I mashed my banana too much which I wouldn’t have suspected until reading here. Also, my first banana was a teeny bit green at the stem still and so made of firmer stuff than this brown freckled banana I used today. We’ve also decided to heat the blueberries separate so they don’t add all that moisture while the pancake cooks. Lastly, I have never heard of powdered peanut butter and I’m looking forward to experimenting with it to get beautiful pancakes like yours. Thanks for adding all the details that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I’ll be back to see what else you have to offer.

  61. I made them with the yolks from the 3 eggs Where I only used the white parts. It was very good. I will try the conventional way with the two whole eggs. I did not need syrup or butter.

  62. Eggs + banana = pancake, sort of.
    It’s doable and with practice should be more consistent.
    I can’t tell from my first Attempt, but I think the starchier the banana the better, that means less ripe. The consistency of the batter has to be homogenous. I’ll grant them this: they definitely look like pancakes and flip like pancakes as their being cooked. They don’t absorb but are the same as regular pancakes, but that’s okay. Most people will enjoy this. Glad I tried. I will do it again.

  63. I tried these and now they are my preferred way to make eggs! Really great, like having French toast and pancakes at the same time. I like to add a bit of finely shredded coconut to the “batter” and have Greek yogurt with fruit on the side.

  64. I’m not a big pancake lover but I do like to make them for the family. It’s the soggy bread thing that I don’t care for. But I’ve been known to put a nut butter on one and devour it while flipping the things. But I had an idea when a couple of comments mentioned that these were like crepes.
    How about making these for a dessert and using 2 Tbsp. of canned ‘no added sugar’ apple pie filling rolled up in the middle? I think the ideas could be endless.
    ps: Amber, If you’re using egg whites only, just double the amount of eggs for the recipe.

  65. I think adding butter and syrup defeats the purpose here, for healthy and is EXTREMELY unnecessary! I find them so sweet from the banana itself. I put a little low carb yogurt and berries on top and they’re almost like a dessert!

  66. I have been trying to eat gluten and sugar free, because eating foods without these ingredients helps me to lose weight and feel better. I have been trying to teach my 12 year old son about eating healthy, as well. I started out making these pancakes, but didn’t really care for the consistency, plus I wanted him to eat them. I ended up tossing 2 eggs, 2 bananas, organic cocoa powder, PB2, baking powder, and unsweetened oats into a Vitamix. I added a few drops of stevia and these came out FANTASTIC! Gluten free. They rose like regular pancakes and my son LOVED them. He didn’t even know they were healthy!

  67. This were good. Next time I may add some ground oats or something to thicken it up a bit, but my toddler seemed to enjoy them. This will be something I add into our mix. Its quick, easy and still diet friendly.

  68. Google “banana & egg pancakes” and your site was the first that came up that had an easy to use and search website, thanks for that lol. I love the recipe, I made them today for my hubby who is very health conscious. He loved them! He ate them with organic peanut butter and blue agave. Will definitely be making these again. ☺

    1. Try again! Did this recipie for the first time yesterday (in fact, first pancakes I do ever) and the two first pancakces where without form. The 6th was ok and tasted great.

  69. I used 3 bananas and 6 eggs, then had to add a little bit of flour just to thicken it. The kiddos enjoyed mashing the bananas for me and mixing in the eggs. It was delicious! I loved the full banana flavor and soft-ish middle. I will definitely be making this again. Simple, healthy, and tasry!

  70. Just made these – I was worried I wouldn’t like the cinnamon in the mix but that was a great addition! Awesome recipe and loved the pancakes 😀

    Being Paleo it’s not easy to make pancakes that stick together well when using coconut or almond flour. Loved them!!

    ~ Caroline

  71. These look good. Who cares if they don’t “taste just like pancakes?” French toast innards are yummy.

    Your first paragraph here is a thing of beauty!

  72. These were a big hit (and a last minute save) at breakfast this morning! Three ripe bananas, six eggs, a dash of baking powder and a dash of cinnamon pulsed in the blender. I used a cookie scoop to portion silver-dollar sized pancakes that I cooked up in coconut oil. There was a bit of a learning curve to cooking them, but even the messy first attempt were edible. We skipped the butter, topped each one with a touch of peanut butter, piled them up and drizzled a touch of real maple syrup on top. I called them “banana crepe pancakes” and my picky kids devoured them with compliments. Thank you!

  73. this banana pancake resipe sucks ass and YES I MASHED THEM GOOD ENOUGH! all they do is stick to the griddle and make a huge mess ill just stick to plain glutin pancakes and just add banana i ferl sorry for you people

  74. Made these this morning! Yum!! I made a berry compote with stevia instead of sugar. Can I say yum again!?! Fun, Thanks!

  75. Not a fan, but to each his own, I guess. All I can say is, “Thank goodness for syrup and butter!” otherwise, I would not have been able to get them down. When you have to add so much syrup and butter to them, that really defeats any health benefit the idea may have had. They did look pancake-ish, although I had the same issue some of the earlier commenters had with turning them because the centers were not cooked enough to turn without splattering everywhere, even on a low setting, but if I waited any longer, the other side would have been completely burned.

  76. I just tried the 2 ingredient pancake this morning.
    Very surprise had a creape like texture but full of flavor. Used one teaspoon of peanut butter.
    Very light but very filling …..

  77. I was unable to flip them without them falling apart. So I scrambled them and had scrambled pancakes. My kids loved them.

  78. I thought, “No way”. I tried it and it started to look like a pancake. I yelled, “It’s working! Its a pancake!” Haha This is great! TASTES GOOOOD too!

    Sharing this!
    God Bless!

  79. I must be incompetent in the kitchen because I just made a mess. I don’t like syrup so I always put chocolate chips in my pancakes. I went through two pans because they were covered in batter. Every time I tried to flip them, they broke apart and went all over the pan.

  80. Best crepes ever! Haha. After failing on the first two pancakes, I went to Crepetown (see what I did there?). Anyway filled with choc chips and PB. YUM! Kids loved them too. Thank you!

  81. They weren’t bad, I’d try them again. I think I masked the banana well enough, it didn’t look lumpy. I definitely could taste the banana. I was surprised on how they did in fact look like and cook like an original pancake! I was pleasantly surprised! Thanks for sharing!

  82. My one year old and I just destroyed a batch of these! Super yummy, really hard to flip though. I did separate my eggs and whipped the whites but I don’t think it did anything so I’ll just make everything in one bowl next time! Loved adding my chocolate pb2 into it too!

  83. Good afternoon! I gave these a shot this morning and while the flavor was great, the texture was lacking. I’ve never made pancakes, so I’m sure I did something wrong. They would brown on the bottom but flipping them was impossible. They would fall apart. I ate them anyway, because they were tasty, but is there some advice you could give me on this?

    1. I am not a banana person, so when a friend gave me a walmart bag FULL of very ripe bananas yesterday I’ve been struggling to come up with things to use them in that my family will eat. So tonight I tried these for my husband, at first they didn’t work and I wondered if maybe I didn’t have a big enough banana, so I mashed another tossed it in and they STILL weren’t coming out. Finally I added a small scoop of regular old pancake mix from my pantry. Couldn’t have been more than an 1/8 cup (I did a double batch on your recipe as a side note) and found that after that they came out AMAZING. Husband loved them for an after work treat (for topping I had been trying to make honey butter, but my honey is solid and it over melted trying to soften it which in turn melted my butter which means it was more a honeyed cinnamon butter glaze). My kids were super jealous, stealing bites off his plate and complaining I wouldn’t make more since they had already had their dinner. So, all in all– works good well. To those having trouble I recommend adding a bit of pancake mix or flour to your batter, and cook in lots of butter.

  84. My sister told me about this recipe and I’ve literally been making variations of this recipe every day for a week. Here are a few ingredients I like to play with:

    Cinnamon raisin
    Frozen blueberries, strawberries, or any berries for that matter (mash them with the bananas or as a topping)
    Finely chopped nuts (almonds, pecans)
    Coconut flour

    Thanks for sharing!

  85. The comments may already say this, but eggs have about 6g of protein each. So that would up the protein to 13.2g. That alone makes me want to make these for my bottomless pit boy.

  86. I just made these for my almost 10 month old. She loved them! She ate 4! Put the rest in the freezer for quick meals and snacks! Thank you so much for this recipe!

  87. I found this wile looking for dairy and gluten free foods for my two year old son to eat. Not only does he love them but my wife and I do as well. The best part about finding this recipe is that now my son an enjoy a Mickey Mouse pancake just like any other kid.

  88. I have just made these as I started a teadetox and you have to eat rather healthy!
    THEY ARE SO GOOD! To me they’re just as good as pancakes (my cooking skills need perfecting) but the ones that worked tasted amazing! I used melted butter with a teaspoon of brown sugar and cinnamon mixed and poured on top!mmmm!

    I was wondering do you think you could make these the night before and then heat up in the micro for breakfast? x

  89. I just made these this morning and OH MY GOSH they were amazing!! They pretty much taste like a crepe that has a very light banana taste. I usually love regular pancakes, but these banana ones are definitely a great substitute. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us!!

  90. I was personally not a fan tasted like an bananay egg :/ but my 2.5 year old and 1 year couldn’t get enough! They were eating them faster then I could make them. I’m going to try less ripe bananas and see if they are anymore appealing to me next time. Thanks for the quick breakfast!

  91. I made these earlier and they were AMAZING!!! I love pancakes but am trying to cut down on the amount of gluten and dairy I eat so they were perfect. They definitely didn’t look as good as yours but tasted great and the addition of cinammon was perfect. Thank you!!

  92. Ok. Not exactly like traditional pancakes, true. More like “crepe meets pancake.” That being said… They were absolutely delicious! Totally scratched that forbidden pancake itch!!

    I used one reasonably ripe medium-sized banana, two eggs, pumpkin pie spice, small dollup vanilla extract, a pinch of baking powder, and 2 tablespoons of chopped pecans. I made fairly small pancakes as suggested, and they were thinner like thick crepes, not thicker like thin pancakes. I cooked them fairly brown, and topped with butter and sugar-free maple syrup. Next time I will try adding some dried chopped cherries, blueberries, or cranberries before cooking. Almonds instead of pecans would be outstanding as well. I would also like to try adding a spoon or two of pumpkin purée for pumpkin pancakes, and serve with a sugar-free pumpkin mousse. The possibilities are nearly unlimited! Excellent recipe, thank you! I’m post-Bariatric (roux-n-y), and have to be incredibly careful with carbs and sugar, but have been craving pancakes like a big dog! Thank you, thank you (!!!) for my first guilt-free, dumping episode-free pancake experience in 2 and 1/2 years!!!

  93. I used 4 very ripe medium bananas, 6 small eggs, a teaspoon of MACA powder and some left over coconut milk, put in my Thermomix, used the kneed function for 15 seconds and tehn had a go. Fried them in salted butter and had the salty hit they needed (forgot to add the baking powder). Initial lot looked like scrambled eggs. Made spoonfuls smaller and got a formed pancake. Miss 9 and husband enjoyed them. We had a mix of toppings, maple syrup (pure), cream, honey and strawberry sauce I made with lemon and coconut sugar… yumbo for a grain free, refined sugar free brekky we all liked! Now let’s see how long it takes for the ‘mum, I’m hungry’ cries to be heard!
    thanks for sharing!

  94. The only problem was that because I knew they’d taste like banana, I ate them with chocolate spread. I love banana and chocolate together. So, I liked them, they were easy and delicious but those 11 pounds won’t budge if I keep eating them.

  95. Heey:)
    I’m trying to lose weight but i just looove pancakes. What do you guys think? Do banana pancakes have more calories than normal pancakes? Will normal pancakes make me fatter? Please help

  96. I made your gluten free pancakes today.
    They were marvelous. Great recipe.
    I think they would also be a great dessert.

    Keep those gluten free recipes coming.

  97. When I made these and began to cook them, they were so liquid-y that I could not flip them to cook the otherside… does anyone know how I can fix this? Also, the few that I managed to flip were so flat, almost like crepes. But tasted like a banana omelette! SOS

  98. Hi! This is the first time I’ve used one of your recipes! Let me just say it was delish! I made some adjustments though I added a splash of vinilla extract, and I added about a little bit more baking powder and cinnamon, I also added a pinch of salt. I used butter to grease the pan. Also when you mash the banana use a fork first and ,since I don’t have blender, then go in with a hand mixer. I used a 1/4 cup measure and got about seven medium sized pancakes.

    Btw this is super easy I’m fifteen and was able to make it!

  99. What about using this recipe for waffles. Perhaps someone already posted in the comments–I didn’t read them all.

  100. I really hope these will taste as delicious as they sound and look! I’ve no time this weekend but I am thinking I need to test this for breakfast on Monday, pictures and all! I will come back and let you know how it turns out (because I just KNOW you care sooo much about it 😛 ).

  101. I tried making these, and they turned out tasting like banana-flavored scrambled eggs. Is this because I didn’t mash the banana thoroughly?

  102. i read all the comments and made a batch based on experiences posted by others, using all ingredients listed for recipe (including optional ingredients) plus a tablespoon of almond meal and a bit of salt. i also used an immersion blender stick thing…pulsed mixture 5-6 times. i had no trouble getting them cooked properly. thanks for sharing this recipe.

  103. Made this today. Lovely! Couldn’t beleive how nice they actually were!! My daughter spread some Nutella on hers, I tried mine with lemon (as that’s how I have normal pancakes) but preferred these plain! Deffo gonna be a regular lunch for us alongside some chopped up fruit.

  104. I have made these a few times now and this is to address the issue of ” won’t set up so they can be flipped”. I too had that issue but I found that different stoves heat at different rates. If your stove cooks things hot then you will want to take a little longer and cook them on a very low setting. They eventually do set up without overbrowning this way so that they do not look burned. Bananas tend to brown quickly on high heat.
    Also the almond meal or a similar substance does help stiffen them a bit better so one can ” flip them” easier. I also tried them on a silicone baking sheet done in the oven. they did cook properly but did not look like a pancake that was fried on both sides. When I do mine on the top of the stove I always keep them in a 300 F. degree oven to hold until they are all baked. They seem to tighten up a bit more . My kids also like them cold wrapped around a hot dog. Go Figure. My daughter eats them with HP sauce and claims it is the only way to eat them. They are mild so can be flavoured savory or sweet. Anyways I have persisted and now I make a nice golden pancake and the family eats them the way they want. Don’t give up people, they are worth it.

  105. These were really good! I just had one problem making them- the flipping process. I cooked them on medium just like your instructions said, but they burnt really fast, but I couldn’t flip it without it crunching together. I turned the heat down and let it sit, but I still had the HARDEST time flipping them. They looked nothing like your pictures.:( Maybe I’m just still new at this, but do you have any tips for me?

  106. I am going to add oats to mine as well. I tried small pancakes, a large pancake and none wanted to flip. I adjusted to the temp to a lower, slower heat and same thing happened. Next time I will try to mix in oatmeal to see if that helps. Tastes good, but looks awful.

  107. Just made these. They look like thin pancakes, and don’t taste awful I just didn’t love them. Seemed to be missing something, and too sweet for my taste with syrup. My dogs loved them though!

  108. Just tried these and I was seriously surprised that they were delish, a tiny bit flat but I added some raisins to the mix and I was in pancake heaven!

  109. My friend and I first started to make these thinking that they would be amazing and healthy considering the ingredients and the photos.
    I am sorry to say that this was completely awful.
    They tasted good, but they crumbled in the end.
    We mashed the banana’s well considering that the recipe was nearly liquid whilst cooking it.

  110. I just made these and added some almond meal and flaxseed meal! I served them with Greek yougurt (sweetened with stevia) and blueberries! Yummy!

  111. I made these pancakes this morning.

    I used my Nutri Bullet to finely pulse 1/4 cup of rolled oats. I then added 1/8 tsp of baking powder, a dash of salt, some cinnamon, about a 1/2 tsp of vanilla, one ripe medium banana, and two eggs. I pulsed until smooth and ladled the pancakes onto a hot griddle.

    They turned out perfectly–nice little hotcakes to which I added Earth Balance Cinnamon spread.

    Delicious! Next time I’ll probably pulse a little dried coconut with the oatmeal, and add a bit of nutmeg.

  112. I make the original “virgin version” (just a mashed banana and two eggs) and love it as is. Now I need to try the baking powder and cinnamon. I don’t like very sweet food, so I don’t even add syrup or sweetener of any kind. Thinking of adding some frozen wild blueberries next time.

  113. My first attempt at these failed miserably but I am willing to try again. I used my immersion blender and think I blended a little too much. I also think my heat (although at medium) was too high. The bottoms cooked and then when I flipped they completely fell apart! I ended up with a scramble that I ate with maple syrup that was actually pretty decent. It reminded me of the matzoh brei my grandfather made when I was a kid! Still not pancakes but I think I’ll just need to adjust to my kitchen!

  114. Just made this & omg I’m in love. Super easy and your writing for this was clear and simple so its greatly appreciated!!

  115. These pancakes are AMAZING!!! I am a diabetic so I will take whatever low carb, yummy recipes I can get. They were so great, I ate three of them and only ate six grams of carb and 66 calories (excluding the syrup). Totally guilt free and super tasty! Thank you for posting!

  116. So I tried making these and I couldn’t eat them but my question is does it need to be a barely ripe banana? Mine was pretty ripe and my kids wouldn’t eat it either ? Trying to find foods for my picky toddler!

    1. No you could definitely try it with one that’s a little sweeter. You can also add a couple tablespoons of flour- that might improve the texture for your kiddos! Another thing I make a lot for picky toddlers is Kodiak Cakes pancake mix. Are you familiar with it? It’s whole-grain, very clean, and delicious! I love it because they’re great just mixed with water so it literally takes like, 60 seconds to whip up a few pancakes for some little kiddos. You might try that one, too!

  117. Just tried this recipe. Absolutely loved this, hubby and kids loved it too. It was super easy to make. It will sure be our go to pancake recipe!!

  118. I know this post is awhile ago but this comment is for the pancake failures that I read so many times in the comments while trying to figure out how I messed mine up too. The first time my pancakes were mushy, hard to turn, half of them didn’t even turn and took forever to cook, BUT since the taste was good I tried again and the next time I was done in 5 mins with a beautiful stack like in Sara’s picture. The difference- 1st try using regular non stick frying pan, too ripe banana and didn’t use blender, just hand mixed. 2nd try used skillet where I could fit 6 at a time, a yellow banana and used a simple blender- big difference! Still soft, but easier to turn and color was much better! If you fail the first time, try again!

  119. I’m just made them for a quick healthy supper for one.. And I just loved them… most definitely will be making them for breakfast.. thanks so much for sharing

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