Perfect Cupcake Frosting and Filling


I always hear people say “I’m not a frosting person.” And while part of me thinks that’s ridiculous, I can understand to a certain extent when so many frosting are sickeningly sweet and heavy feeling. I love frosting that is more like whipped cream. I used to actually fold whipped cream into classic buttercream to get that lighter texture and not so rich taste. Then I realized that I could get that same result with this very unusual method.  I’d say it’s the perfect frosting.  It’s not so thick and sweet that you need a gallon of milk to get it down your throat. It’s mild and smooth, and light as air. I also love it because it doesn’t take away from a good cupcake like other really rich frostings can.  This frosting has a similar feeling and texture to a Swiss Buttercream, but with way less effort.  It’s great as a filling OR a frosting.

amazing vanilla frosting

Let me show you!  The frosting starts out with a mixture of all purpose flour and milk. 

amazing frosting

And even though I’m showing it here being whisked together, I’ve actually found you’ll get a much smoother result if you mix this part in a blender first and then pour it in your pan. 

easy white frosting

Now comes the weird part.  You’re going to cook this mixture until it gets thick- it happens fast and you’ll want to have a rubber spatula and constantly smash/stir it to keep it smooth.

Amazing frosting recipe

I usually take it off the heat when it looks like this photo above.  There are still some wet spots but as you stir it all comes together like this:

best frosting

Don’t taste it.  It’s not frosting, yet!  Pop it in the fridge- it needs to cool completely.  I sometimes pop it in the freezer if I want it to cool fast.  Put it in a bowl and smoosh it around and stir every few minutes to cool it off.

While it’s chilling, place some real butter (no margarine) and granulated sugar (not powdered sugar!) in a stand mixer. 

best frosting recipe

Whip it up for a few minutes so it’s light and creamy.  I use the whisk attachment on my kitchenaid, but any paddle should work.  Then you’ll add that glob of flour.  I know.  Weird!

amazing vanilla frosting recipe

I’m warning you right now it’s going to look weird at first.  Like, what the heck did I do weird.  But keep going.  You’ve got to whip it for a long time for all the sugar to dissolve and everything to come together.  Don’t be startled if it looks curdled and weird.  Eventually it will look like fluffy soft clouds of heaven.

Best vanilla frosting recipe

I usually give it a little taste and if I can still feel quite a bit of granulated sugar I keep on whipping.  Sometimes it takes 5 minutes, other times I let it go for almost 10 or so!  It’s worth it for this silky, fluffy, magical mixture.  

best vanilla frosting recipe

Pipe it or spread it or fill it or whatever.  Anyway you eat it, it’s fantastic.

amazing vanilla frosting

Helpful Tips

1. Use real butter, and a good name-brand. Cheap butter does weird things.

2. If you beat for the 6-8 minutes and the mixture still looks strange, beat longer and at a higher speed if you can. It should come together, but it takes a little patience!

3. I personally think this frosting is best eaten fresh.  You can store for a few hours at room temperature, or try storing in the fridge overnight, letting it come to room temperature on its own, and then re-beating to fluff.  If you want to frost cupcakes or a cake the day before, refrigerate and just let come to room temp after.

4. Add extracts to your hearts content; lemon is wonderful! Food coloring is also okay.

5. The white sugar can be exchanged for brown. Try 1/2 white 1/2 brown for a warm caramel flavor.

6. Do not try to make other substitutions or additions. Sour cream, fruit purees etc. can do disastrous things.  Some people have had amazing success, just experiment at your own risk.  

7.  If trying to decide whether or not to double it- double it.  Chances are you’ll want more.  It’s a rather small batch, but on purpose.  

1 batch will not look like much, but it can spread on (just with a knife, a normal amount) 24 cupcakes.  If you want to pipe it thick, definitely double it.

Looking for Chocolate? This isn’t exactly the same, but very similar!

Perfect Cupcake Frosting and Filling

3 T Flour
1/2 C milk (whole milk is best, but I use non-fat when it’s all I have and it’s actually fine)
1/2 C real butter (I prefer salted, but you can use also unsalted and add salt to taste)
1/2 C sugar (that’s granulated sugar, not powdered sugar)
1 t vanilla extract, or other flavor if you wish.

Whisk together the flour and the milk. Heat in a small sauce pan on medium heat.
Whisk continuously until it starts to thicken. Let it cook, while stirring with a rubber spatula, until you can start to see the bottom of the pan.   Continue to cook until mixture has the consistency of thick pudding or paste.

Put  mixture in the fridge and let it cool completely, it’s fine if it stays in there long enough to get chilly, you just don’t want it warm at all. As it’s cooling, feel free to stir it occasionally to speed up the process and keep it from forming a crust on top.

It an electric stand mixer, beat the butter and the sugar for a minute or two until well combined and fluffy. You’ll want to use the whisk attachment on a stand mixer if you have one, instead of the flat paddle. Then while beating, add in the thickened milk mixture and the vanilla. Beat to combine and then scrape down the sides. Mixture will separate and look messy, keep beating!  Continue beating until mixture comes together and is light and fluffy, about 7-8 minutes, but time varies.  Take a sample of frosting between your fingers; frosting is done when light and fluffy and sugar granules are dissolved.






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  1. I just stumbled upon your frosting recipe and I'm going to give it a try this weekend on my daughters bday cake! I have one question….{and this may sound totally dumb, but I'd rather ask than mess up this recipe!}….

    3 T Flour
    1 t vanilla extract….

    Does the capital T mean Tablespoon, and the lowercase t mean teaspoon??

    Thank you!


  2. Also…I noticed this is a "cupcake frosting" recipe…can I use it to frost an entire cake? Or would you recommend a different recipe? Thank you! I am so new at making cakes from scratch! This is my first one….eek! : / Say a prayer for me!!

  3. Jessica–It would be awesome on a sheet cake or on the top layer of a layer cake, but it's too soft and fluffy to stick two cakes together (like for a round layer cake) and the layers might slide off each other. So as long as it's on top, you'll be fine. πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks Kate for your quick responses!! You are awesome! I am doing a layered cake but the fillings will be strawberry mousse and chocolate ganache, so this sounds great for the outside frosting. Thanks again!

  5. I am so excited that I found this recipe! I'm making 200 wedding cupcakes for a friends wedding and just made a typical buttercream frosting. Then I found this recipe and tried it out. The difference is amazing! Hands down the best "buttercream" frosting!

    I actually mixed the flour and milk before placing it over the heat to take out any lumps and then ended up cooking it until it was almost paste like (accidentally left it in the pan for too long), but decided to use it anyway. Cooled it in the freezer for a couple minutes and then dumped it in with the rest of the ingredients. Only took about 3-4 minutes of beating to come out nice, light and fluffy, yet perfect for piping on cupcakes. πŸ˜€ THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this!!!

    1. Hi. Have to make 100 cupcakes for a birthday party. Did you make the frosting the same day you decorated your cupcakes? I am just curious how you pulled it off. And did you color the frosting at all?

  6. it definitely looked perfect… but thn i found tht salted butter messed up the taste.. it was tasting weird.. didnt taste like normal icing cream.. i wish if i cd minus tht salted taste from thid recipe.. may be thts y it must taste.. but this was just my choice.. let me know if i can minus tht.. but otherwise texture, color, consistency n everything was just perfecto..

  7. Guys! i just made a vegan version of this tastes SO good!! it worked just as well as the original recipe! just replace the butter with dairy free margerine and the milk with soy milk. YUMMY!

  8. I am wondering if self rising flour can be used? It is the only thing I have on hand. I do not have time for a "trial run" as the birthday is tomorrow. I was hoping to use the topping for the cupcakes that will go to school tomorrow. [email protected]

  9. Well, I decided to make the chocolate version of this recipe for my son's cake at home (I'll have time to run to the store prior to making). I went ahead and made a cream cheese frosting for the cupcakes for school. Go figure, I have cream cheese on hand, but not all purpose flour. Thank you for your input. I'll let ya know how the chocolate ones turn out!

  10. The first time I attempted this, heating the flour and milk mixture kinda went "boom". Not literally, but I think I cooked it *too* long and ended up with an insanely thick ball of…whatever. Not good. So, I turned down the heat just a tad and was able to get the consistency "you" were asking for. I also want to note that this CAN be done with a hand mixer, but dang, it's an arm ache! Someone needs to poke my husband and tell him I need a standing mixer. Seriously. All that to say this – THIS FROSTING IS DIVINE. The best I've ever had, bar none. It's well worth the work. I just wish I would have had the brain cells to realize I needed to double the batch in order to cover my cake. *sigh* Thanks gals!

  11. Oh Wow! What an Amazing Frosting!! And I am Shocked it came out ok. I was so distracted by my kids & husband that I Accidentally put the sugar in the Flour & Milk Mixture. Ugh…Well, I kept on going anyway. I put it in the freezer for about 10-15 mins. & mixed the butter. I added the chilled mixture in two parts – whipped it on high with my hand mixer for about 12 mins. (just in case). My husband split up the frosting in three bowls & we added food coloring & Vanilla, Orange & Lemon flavoring. OH MY GOSH!!! We are in Love!!! Thank you So Very Much for an Incredible Treat!

  12. I made this and it was awesome. I forgot not to store it in the fridge though so I was freaking out the next day trying to figure out how to get it soft enough to ice with! Then I realized I could just rebeat it in the mixer and it worked! Then I loaded it into the Pampered Chef gun thingy and it worked great (other than being an icing HOG!). Do you have a recipe for chocolate icing?? πŸ™‚

  13. The frosting tastes really, REALLY delicious. Not too sweet, nice and creamy. Next time I need to triple the recipe, because I like my frosting T H I C K. I think others have mentioned that it needs a little more flour than the original recipe. Next time I'll try 4 tablespoons instead of 3, but with the same amount of milk. For those who think there is a funky flour taste, you may not have cooked the flour long enough. Uncooked flour tastes "flourey". I beat the milk and flour mixture with my immersion blender first and then poured it into the pan to help eliminate potential lumps. Then cooked it on low, whisking constantly. I let it get to the consistancy of "set" pudding. Next time I may cook even a little longer to insure the base is firm enough to hold up to all that butter. I'm looking forward to using a very firm version of the frosting as a filling for cupcakes. DELISH!!!

  14. I know that this is a very late post, but I just discovered this blog about a month ago. I have a quick question and hope that someone can answer it.
    I was wondering if using Splenda instead of sugar would change things? My husband is trying to stay away from sugar and so I am trying to support him by cutting down on my sugar as well. Any idea if it would still work?

  15. Haylie- I probably wouldn't use splenda in this recipe, but I can't say for sure since I've never tried it. Sorry I don't have a better answer!

  16. I considered myself pretty talented in the kitchen especially at all things baking. Maybe that is where I went wrong πŸ˜‰ . This recipe totally failed me (i mean i totally failed the recipe). I even read through all the comments before I embarked. All I got was a silky more glaze like frosting. It never thickened or fluffed up. I cannot imagine what I did wrong.I even beat it for 20 minutes and finally shut my mixer down for fear of the motor overheating. Help !!!!

  17. I tried this frosting yesterday and it turned out great. I just came upon your website and love it. I was wonder can this recipe be doubled or tripled?Thanks!

    1. Andrea- you can multiply the recipe, but I’ve had the best luck when doubling. Anything more than that and people tend to run into problems.

  18. Would this frosting work well to decorate a birthday cake with, or should I stick with a thicker, sturdier buttercream?

    1. Laura, I’ve used it on cakes before. It pipes really well and holds up fine. The only thing I would worry about was if you were to be serving it somewhere really warm- but in normal conditions it works great!

  19. Would love to make this frosting for my daughers first communion cupcakes im from Northern Ireland would you have the recipe in grammes i dont understand your recipe and what does T flour mean.

  20. The frosting tasted great…..It looks as if it started to separate when I was piping it on the cupcakes. The frosting did not take form, it looks a little like a blob. What did I do wrong?

  21. I came across this post a little late in the game, but I am wondering if the all-purpose flour can be substituted with something gluten-free, like a rice flour. I am hoping to make my Grandma a gluten-free cake/frosting but I still want it to taste great!

  22. I tried this recipe yesterday. I used the best brand of butter I could find. I doubled the recipe but was still very careful about the measurements. I’m not sure what went wrong but it was runny and looked like it separated. It had the taste I was looking for but definitely not the consistency. I don’t know what else I could try to make it work. I was really bummed because the taste was so yummy!

    1. Honestly Mel, just try it again! Sometimes people have weird things like that happen, I have no idea, but chances are it will come out just fine if you try it again!

  23. This is the most amazing frosting I have ever had!!!!! Hands Down the Best,,,,Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,,,,for the recipe

  24. This is my first visit to your blog – you’re great! I’ve had this recipe for years – from my grandma. This is actually the original-so I’m told, recipe for Red Velvet Cake frosting! (You can find the argument on various blogs between what the original frosting was and the cream cheese frosting everyone has come to expect!) This was always my favorite frosting, though I’d only had it on Red Velvet cake. My grandma did use margarine (though it could have been a little different back then) and it worked I refuse to use margarine, so I also use butter. My recipe only differs in the amount of flour – mine is doubled from yours, so 1 cup milk to 5 Tbsp flour. I also cook the flour and milk over low, to make a thick paste, it’s never been lumpy – no need to strain. I’ve never beat mine that long, so mine has turned out a little more dense, I’ve tried it on other cakes and it has been great to me, but I’ve noticed others leaving some of their frosting behind…. I’m going to try beating it longer next time πŸ˜‰

  25. Ok a few comments on this recipe.
    First, I have never made frosting before and let me tell you this recipe is AMAZING.

    At first it looked quite disgusting, with the milk and flour. I was worried that I had overcooked it because the mixture got quite junky and I literally had to push it through the strainer.

    You also really have to beat for a long time… I have a regular handmixer and I probably mixed for like 12 minutes + in order to get the nice fluffy frosting.

    I wasnt sure whether I should use unsalted or salted butter. I made it with both and in fact most people preferred the recipe with the salted butter.

    Also, because I had to frost over 70 cupcakes I quadrupled the recipe and really had no problems (except having to beat the frosting for even longer).

    Oh, by the way if you keep the frosting closed up in a container at room temperature, it stays completely fine.

    Thanks for the recipe – it was a complete success!

  26. ok, I’ve been making this for the last year or so with no problems and today for some reason I got soup. curdled soup. that is after 20 minutes of whipping… i make wedding cakes for Pete’s sake, I know what I’m doing. I have no idea what went wrong this time. HOWEVER I managed to save it….
    I doubled had the recipe, so when I was left with soup here’s what I did- added about a 1/2 cup of powdered sugar & a full freaking stick of butter. This was all done in small increments, but that’s what it ended up being. It’s fine now. So don’t give up. and yes, it still tastes pretty damn good.

  27. I am new at making and decorating cakes. I love it so far. I made a cake for a teenager at church, only to find out that her family doesn’t like the thick sweet Icing. I searched every where for a whipped icing (like the ones in the store) but couldn’t find one easy enough to make. I was very skeptical when I saw this recipe. However, the icing turned out Great and the cupcakes are beautiful. Thank you so much!

  28. I thought (before you switched to the new blog format) that there were some comments on how this would work as a frosting for cake and as a crumb layer but I’m not seeing those comments here… So, does anyone know if it will work for the top/sides of a big birthday cake?

  29. I just made this and it came together so quick and was so easy. And of course it tastes fantastic. It’s exactly the frosting I was looking for to balance super sweet key lime cupcakes.

  30. I made this recipe tonight! Delicious! Definitely a hit. I just ate 3, then of course had to cut one in half and take a photo. So i had to eat that one too! I made the rainbow cupcakes, with funfetti, because it was the only white cake mix I had, and I used orange cream yogurt! Turned out great. Then as I was making my frosting I realized I had used the rest of the vanilla last time i made something!!! I happen to have almond instead! My mom and I loved it! (almond is her favorite flavoring!) I have already recommended this to a friend (who loved the fact that you put ww points on the recipe!)

  31. My neighbor saved the day and this was yummy. So, my neighbor and I have been cooing over your site for a while now and we both really enjoy it. I was having a get together at my house and was running out of time QUICKLY!! I called my amazing neighbor and begged her to bail me out and frost my cupcakes. She came over and got my sad, un-iced cupcakes and saved the day when she topped them with this. Luckly, she let me lick the spoon becuase out of the three desserts I served, these were gone before I got to have one. The guests thought they were fabulous!

  32. I am wondering…if I use lemon zest, at what point should I add it?

    Also, I have wanted to make this frosting for a long time, but don’t have a stand mixer. In one of the comments, you said a regular hand mixer should work. I think I’m going to attempt it. Should I use the regular beaters? Or the little whisk attachment?

    Thank you!

    1. Add zest at the very end- but just fyi the oils in the zest sometimes make the butter separate. It tastes amaaaazing but sometimes looks funny. Use the whisk attachment on your mixer, and with the other flavors, it doesn’t really matter . I usually still add a little vanilla, but not quite as much and then add the other flavors. It’s just a personal preference.

  33. Also, when you use other extracts, like lemon or orange, do you REPLACE the vanilla, or use it in ADDITION to the vanilla? The instructions said replace, but a comment said in addition. Not sure…

  34. I’ve been making this frosting for decades. It is delicious and is THE frosting that should be on a red velvet cake! I just don’t “get” that cream cheese frosting on red velvet “thing”.

  35. Made this frosting and the chocolate version yesterday…. OH my! I was SHOCKED(that doesn’t even really describe it) by how yummy this frosting was/is! I mean when I was stirring the milk and flour I felt a little nauseated… but it was “life changing”! THANKS!

  36. Thank you for this! It was awesome! I think I cooked my flour/milk a little too long (it goes from liquid to thick really quickly) but it didn’t cause any problems. I used room temp butter that I had left sitting on the counter overnight. It came together in about 6 minutes on speed 8, but I let it beat a bit longer just in case! It was awesome. No grainy taste from the sugar at all, nice and thick, easy to spread. Sweet, but not too sweet, which I don’t care for. I spread it on my cupcakes pretty thinly because I was making the chicky cupcakes with coconut on top (and I don’t think my son’s class needs more frosting than they are already getting by having cupcakes at school), and it was perfectly the right amount for 24 cupcakes in a single batch. I can’t wait to try it in some whoopie pies next week. I think it will just what I have been looking for! (I’m on batch five trying to find the perfect filling.)

  37. I am going to try this frosting today, it looks so delicious! My question is: is this 1 point on the new weight watchers points plus system? Thanks.

  38. FINALLY my prayers have been answered. I’ve been searching for something like this for what seems like years (reality….. 8 months) I’m not a fan of store bought baked goods/frostings and I’m not a fan of overly sweet confectionary sugar based frostings. I had my doubts about flower but you have converted me for good. I made both the chocolate and white frostings for church this weekend and they were both equally silky and tasty. Thanks for your awesome blog!
    Your newest fan!

  39. I made this for the first time today, doubled the recipe, and thought that I had messed it up by overcooking my flour and milk (it was thick and pasty!). I persevered and mixed it all up in my bosch and within a few minutes, MAGIC! My frosting hating toddler has eaten three cupcakes already and I can’t wait to take some over to the neighbors. Thanks!

  40. I’m sorry if this comment was already made, but I found the frosting was perfection after about 3 hours after I made it. I had a taste test with family between this recipe and another and everyone loved the flavor and fluffiness of this recipe, but the only drawback was the grittiness of the granulated sugar. About another hour we came back for more and the sugar had dissolved into the frosting and was completely smooth!

  41. Flabbergasted, simply flabbergasted at the light, delicious results! Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

  42. How well does this frosting work on a cake versus cupcakes? Does it spread well/look nice? I am debating using it for my daughter’s first birthday cake.
    Thank you!

  43. Just thought you’d like to know: I made this frosting for a wedding reception the night before and inadvertently put them back into the freezer. They came out fine. The trick I think is not to melt the butter. Just let it get soft on the counter before you make it. It took less than a minute to mix and it was ready to go. It didn’t need 7 or 8 min. Also after pushing the flour and milk through a sieve I thought there has got to ba a better way.
    So I made it the way I make gravy. Mix the flour and milk smoothly befor you cook it and if it is smoothe before you cook it, you won’t have to push it though a sieve.

  44. Totally didn’t work for me =( i tried twice and at the it was still separating!! I did use 1% milk… Usually i’m good at following recipes but this one just didn’t wanna happen for me! Any suggestions?

  45. Thank you thank you thank you best ever frosting i dont like buttercream so had been looking for a recipe and stumble on this by accident and im so glad i did i added lemon extract to the recipe delish double or triple the recipe though cos all the family will want a taste πŸ™‚

    1. Lemon is my favorite Jennifer! Lemon zest tastes fantastic, but the oils in the peel make the frosting do funny things. So I use lemon extract and it’s fantastic.

    2. I just made lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling. I used lemon extract in the cake and the icing. My guests said they were the best cupcakes they’ve EVER eaten!

  46. If anyone is having problems with this and is using anything other than whole milk, try it with whole milk or half-n-half! I used half-n-half today and it was awesome! A little extra lumpy but worth the time to push it through the wire mesh!! I think it may even be thick enough to pipe! Woo hoo!!

  47. helloooooo,
    Did Dorothy ever get back to you about making it ahead of time? I am wondering because I actually would like to make this red and I need to make it a couple days ahead because it darkens as time goes on, as you know:/ Advice???

  48. I made this and initially liked it when I was licking the bowl, but for some reason, when I had it several hours later on the actual cake, I did not like it. I could still taste the flour, so I don’t know if maybe I didn’t cook the flour & milk quite enough? or if I just didn’t whip it up enough? Anyone else have the same issue?

  49. I tried this recipe for the first time today! Wow, I have made a lot of frosting, but nothing like this. Mine worked great. I’m trying to freeze some and put some in the frig, just to see what happens. Freezing is ok, not as light and airy as fresh, but buttery. The frosting in the frig is ok also. I think fresh is the best, if you have the time.

  50. i would definitely give this a try for my next project. could i use buttermilk instead of whole milk for this recipe?

  51. ok i just found out. not a good idea. don’t answer. lol but i think coconut milk will do well for a rich coconut flavor. the sauce will be thicker too which is always a good thing for this recipe right? let us know how it turns out olivia! i’d love coconut frosting on white or devil’s food cake.

  52. Everytime I do this, which by the way I love it, but it’s not drainy enough to drain. Am I doing something wrong? Love your stuff!

    1. No Kat, you’re probably not doing anything wrong. It’s just a matter of how quickly your flour mixture cooks and sometimes it just gets too thick. But that being said, you’re not really “draining” it- you’re really pushing a thick mixture through a sieve, does that make sense? If you just poured it in there, it’s wouldn’t strain through on its own, so that might help.

  53. I just made this and modified it a bit. I wanted to share, because it might help. Actually, I messed up. ; ) But, it turned out to be helpful. When I was making the flour/milk mixture, I turned around to do something for my hubby and totally overcooked it. It looked like biscuit dough (it was so thick). To fix it, I added a tiny splash more milk and beat it to make it smooth. I don’t have a strainer, so I skipped that part. I finished up the rest as normal. After beating it for very little (using a hand mixer as I don’t own a stand mixer) it looked great! I continued for the full 8-9 minutes to be sure, but it was pretty silky right at first. I think that beating the flour/milk mixture before adding it helped. I think it might only save you 3-4 minutes in the long run, though.

    Anyway, it was super easy (though it sounded intimidating) and the result is a fabulously light/silky frosting with a wonderful vanilla flavor. Thanks for the recipe (once again).

  54. I want to make a cookies and cream frosting. Do you think this receipe will work out adding cookies??

  55. I recently tried a sugar free version of this frosting for my Mom who is a diabetic and she LOVED it! I simply substituted the sugar out for splenda and whipped it at the highest speed for about 10 minutes and it actually turned out great! I added mint extract and green food coloring to top sugar free chocolate cupcakes, they were pretty good for no sugar!

  56. Hi, I am making 100 cupcakes for a sweet 16 party. How far in advance can I make the frosting? They wanted a light and fluffy whipped frosting. I have always used buttercream. I am not sure how this will work with the delivery and set up if it is a warm day? Any suggestion?

    1. This one doesn’t work really well when made ahead of time. I would try our Swiss Meringue Buttercream, which might work better. It has a high butter content, so it will definitely melt away if it gets really warm (like I’m talking outside in the heat of summer) so keep that in mind.

      1. Thank you..I am still going to try this recipe for myself. It looks yummy:) Also, can you add food coloring to the Swiss Meringue Buttercream?

  57. I made this for Christmas when I tried the peppermint brownies in a jar and it was soooo good! I added half peppermint extract and half vanilla and it was like heaven. Seriously melt in your mouth good!

  58. I use this recipe for cupcakes and for icing on cinnamon rolls. I also make the frosting a day in advance sometimes. Actually I’ve made it two days in advance and as long as I leave it sealed up on the counter it’s perfection even after two days!!

  59. OK, I made this frosting last night and it turned out AWESOME!! Thank you so much for this easy but yummy recipe…. One question though. It says to store overnight in airtight container but not in the fridge, how long is the frosting good for then? I have a lot of extra and I’m not sure I’ll be able to use it right away so I was hoping to be able to make something else later using it but don’t want to serve spoiled frosting πŸ™‚

  60. Hi, I’m planning on making this frosting for my nieces christening this Sunday. Can you clarify how much a cup actually is? I’m from the UK and have never measured/weighed using cups before? Many thanks.

  61. I tried making the vanilla; it only tasted like butter. So I’m trying to add unsweetened chocolate powder to see what I can do. We’ll see. Disappointing thus far.

  62. Hi
    I have used this recipe this weekend as a topping for Blackforest gateaux muffins for gifts for Fathers Day (in the UK) and I am pleased to report that it worked a treat and wowed both my Dad and my boyfriends. When I told my mum how you make the frosting with white sauce she was amazed. It worked fantastically as it looked just like whipped cream and tasted like chantilly cream, just perfect sprinked with very good quality Swiss dark chocolate shavings and topped with a pitted black cherry…I am going to experiment with goats milk, goats butter and rice flour for an allergy friendly version so that I can try one. I promise I will share my results with you all.
    All my Best
    Guernsey, Channel Islands

  63. Do you think I can use Bailey’s Irish Cream as flavoring? Thinking about making a mocha cupcake with Baileys frosting. I know a coffee flavored frosting would work (using your chocolate frosting recipe), but I’ve been in a booze-infused-desserts craze lately lol.

  64. Any suggestions for making this chocolate? I need to make a cupcake cake that will be decorated as a road and a chocolate base will mean a lot less detail work on the decorations.

  65. My focus is great food and feeling like luxury, and though I am an author, my passion is blogging now and this is going to be a link for sure! I love this recipe. Delicious. Kudos!

  66. I can’t wait to make this frosting/filling!!! I also want to know if this frosting will be okay to use between 2-layer cake. Will it hold the cake layers or will the cake layers slide around when I try to cut it to serve. Please let me know asap, thanks.

  67. I made frosting for the first time today for my daughter’s 4th birthday and was looking for something light and not too sweet and followed the recipe to the tee. It worked perfectly! It was simply amazingly fluffy and downright delish. I made the first milk/flour part yesterday as I knew I would be pressed for time this morning and left it in the fridge overnight. It worked fine. One quick note about that 1st part: don’t leave it on the fire for too long. Once it thickens and you see the bottom of the pan, turn the stove off immediately! If you leave it on for too long and it gets too thick, there is no coming back! (I had to redo my first batch). Other than this, it went beautifully this morning (with a hand mixer and the whisk attachment) and the guest of honor did as she usually does: she ate the frosting and left the cupcake! (always a good sign!) Thank you Sara!

  68. I just tried this recipe and I got a very small amount of frosting. It also tastes like pure butter. HELP

  69. OMG! This is hands downn the best icing I have ever made! Thank you so much for posting. Everyone agrees that is it so good because it is rich as well as sweet, not just overly sweet like others. Made it exactly as the recipe stated and it was perfect! Love it!

  70. Oh my goodness, this is the best icing in the whole world. I, too, do not like icing that is overly heavy and sweet. This icing has the perfect amount of sweetness and the perfect consistency. It’s just beautiful! I made it to frost cupcakes for a baby shower. At first I thought I was going to have to buy storebought icing due to lack of time, but in the end I squeezed in the time to make this icing, risking being late for the shower. It was SO worth it! I cannot sing the praises of this icing enough – both the vanilla and the chocolate version. Absolutely delicious! I’m never searching for frosting recipes again.

  71. Thanks much for this Sara. This is the perfect icing I have been looking for, not the overly-sweet buttercream but holds it place perfectly on the cookies and cream cupcakes as cookies and cream-flavored icing:) And I am amazed that my nephew ate 5 cupcakes in just within 2 hours along with his lunch:) And that’s five times his usual food intake within the same period:)

    It definitely tasted good, not buttery in tasteand it is really fluffy. Thanks for stressing the importance of patience in beating until sugar is dissolved. I did not have a grainy icing because I waited until the 8th minute, it’s worth all the wait and the perseverance especially since I am using a hand mixer:) The mixer I have is not at all that good as I felt iron-like heat at its machine-base from the 5th until the 8th minutes of beating this icing. But I will definitely do the same thing just to have this icing the next time I bake:)

    And another very good thing about this is that I can put the frosted cakes in the fridge so that I may avoid having runny icing when I transport my cakes. Here in the Philippines, weather can be like summer even at rainy season:) And it has usually been my problem. Mine did not separate when I stored themin the fridge last night. In fact, it’s like a hardened butter and I am checking if it will return to the fluffy condition after hours of leaving it at room temp. I just can’t wait to tell you my good news, I did it:) And I am enthusiastically thankful to Sara and fellow fans who inquired further details of the icing:)

  72. Made this today, must say I was not expecting much lol. White sauce…! But wow wow wow wow wow, absolutely gorgeous and piped so well. Thank you for sharing!!!

  73. I didn’t read all the comments for this post so this may be redundant but I’m going to tell you anyway. . . I make this as a chocolate frosting also by adding about 3 T. cocoa powder to the sugar/butter mixture. Yummy!!!!

  74. Best. Frosting. Ever.

    My roux came out thicker than yours as others have mentioned but I wasn’t worried because I read every single comment, lol. I used lemon extract and this frosting is to die for.

  75. OK – this sounds amazing, so I’ll need to try it. One question – my apologies if it’s already asked and answered. I get the “real” and name brand butter thing, but you don’t mention salted vs unsalted. I only ever cook w/unsalted (per my chef cousin) but not sure about how that applies to baking.


    1. You can use either- if you use unsalted then I would definitely add a pinch of salt to the frosting. If you use salted butter (which is what I always use) you won’t need any added salt.

  76. THANK YOU. I usually never like frosting, but this frosting is incredible. it’s like whipped cream and was so easy to make, although I did have to throw out the first batch. Yes, you can overcook it, trust me. To me it cooked very fast, and went from sooooupy to that next stage where you can see the bottom of the pan REAL fast. The end result still has people talking about it at work. I did use red food coloring to make a pink frosting which I put on strawberry cupcakes and everyone seemed to assume that it was strawberry flavored since it was pink. Funny! Thanks again, so much. This is a keeper!!!

  77. I love this frosting! I was just wondering if, after I have frosted my treat (aka cupcakes), could I store them in the freezer for a future date, or would that ruin the frosting on top?

  78. i love this site but this recipe had me in tears. i did everything right. all the right ingredients, the right temperatures… i didn’t make it in advance and i DID use real butter. i must have beat the mixture for 30 minutes and it was just barely working. it never became light and airy. the flavor wasn’t impressive and it completely ruined my day. to be fair i attempted it twice and nothing changed. πŸ™

  79. I’ve used this for years in a recipe for ‘chocolate Gobs’. Sometimes it works like a dream and other times it’s horrible. If you’re not careful, the frosting will separate and never fully come together no matter how long you whip it! However, when it works properly it is my FAVORITE frosting!!

  80. Hi!

    I’ve tried this frosting today! It tastes wonderful however, it melts(?) really fast. I’ve left it at room temperature and it started to melt after 5 minutes. Could this be because of the weather? I live in HOT and (note) HUMID Singapore (basically, you can expect sweat even by walking leisurely after 5 minutes). Is there anything I can do about it?

    Thank You!

  81. This frosting is amazing!!!! Instead of vanilla I made a really strong coffee flavor with a teaspoon of instant coffee and a teaspoon of water. I also made a batch with Baileys Irish cream. It’s Sooo light and really compliments my special dark chocolate cupcakes!!!! Love love love!!! I’m never going back to boxed stuff!!

  82. I’ve made this ahead many times. You can refrigerate or freeze it then just let it come to room temperature and beat for a few minutes to restore the texture. If you frost the cupcakes or cake the night before, just cover loosely with plastic wrap and it won’t develop that hard crust. I’ve also frozen cupcakes after they were frosted and they were just fine when we thawed them later. You can add cooled, melted chocolate for a chocolate version and substitute brown sugar for part of the white for a caramel version. I’ve even beaten in strawberry puree for the most decadent, yummiest frosting ever. That one takes a bit of powdered sugar at the end though to thicken it up. It’s really a GREAT recipe!

  83. I made this the other night and use margarine and it worked fine. It was very yummy but it was only because I didn’t have butter. Making it again today with real butter and I can’t wait. My kids wanted Twinkies and so this will be the cream and my husband wants the Devils Food kind so I’ll be making those today.

  84. Truly the best frosting I’ve ever tasted. I make this all time for functions, get-togethers, gifts, or just when I want something with frosting on it.

    For the people who can’t get it to set up into frosting consistency, you might be having the same problem I was having. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a high elevation cooker or what, but following the recipe exactly was not yielding me good results. I ended up having to cook the milk/flour mixture until it was very thick, almost too thick to push through the strainer. Even then, it’s a room-temp, lumpy cream cheese consistency. However, this yields good results for me and the frosting comes out perfect.

    Hope that’s helpful.

  85. Thank you for sharing such a delicious recipe. I would like to add a suggestion for the white-sauce. Because I have heavy bottom pans, as soon as the sauce starts to thicken, I remove my sauce-pan from the heat while still whisking, then transferring it to a metal bowl so the it will stop cooking. I also have found that the metal bowl helps the sauce cool down quicker in the frig.

  86. OMG! AAAAAAAMAZING frosting! I will never go back to my old frosting recipe again. This is just so good and light, I love it and so did the family πŸ™‚

  87. nice recipe oldie but gooood ,this is a old bakers trick and used in most commercial settings and i think its the filling in some big brand doughnuts also.
    Ive made it before in 30lb mixes at the deli bakery i used to work a few years back but ive never made it at home till tonight after eating a cupcake that tasted like lard and sugar….yaaaak! So i googled to see if there was a smaller recipe i could adapt and found this one .
    I used flora buttery (A uk half butter half other spread) and caster sugar so the granuals disolve better and quicker and all made by hand without straining either and ended up with a fluffy bowl of creme frosting (thats what we called it in bakery) ive put it in the fridge over night to see what happens because i need a lot soon for a event im managing and it needs to be made in advance and stored safely seeing as theres milk in the mix.

  88. This is the most fab frosting I have ever made. I took this frosting (on cupcakes) to a BBQ…it was the talk of the party. Thanks for making me look like Betty Crocker! I also plugged this site on my blog. YUMMY!!!!

  89. Can you try adding food coloring to the frosting? or will that mess it up. I’ve made this frosting once before and it was SPECTACULAR!!!

  90. I love this frosting. When I first made it, it didn’t taste like anything special, but when I ate it with a cupcake, I was in love. πŸ™‚

    I just have one question: If I’m doubling the frosting, should I double the time to beat it?

  91. Holy YUMMY frosting! Would it be a bad thing if I just forgot the cupcakes altogether, and ate the whole bowl of frosting???
    Making the blue and white cupcakes for the BYU Utah game Go Cougs!

  92. I just tried this and it is the best not too sweet or buttery. Its my daughter’s birthday and she had fun decorating and I am sure she will have fun sharing them out. I want to try it with chocolate. Thanks for posting.

  93. This is going to be my new icing of choice from here on out! So easy to make and it is so creamy and just the right sweetness!!! So thankful I came across this website!! Thank You!!!


    I’ve looked under every rock looking for a frosting/filling recipe like this..
    The frosting known as Buttercream or Bettercream is good,,which is used to frost cakes,but it falls under a whip cream type frosting..
    This one falls under an’s delightful..

    I had no trouble adding food coloring and I think you could play with the amount of sugar…The whipping breaks down the sugar so it doesn’t taste like sand/grit,,
    I was able to make this beautiful frosting with a hand mixer…

    In closing,,if your first batch fails,,try again and again,,it’s worth it…

  95. I made this frosting today to frost on top of a very rich and chocolatey devils food cupcakes. The frosting was so easy and so delicious. Its texture and taste is very similar to a Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I’m definitely going to make this frosting instead of the SMB, since no raw eggs are needed. I cooked the flour and milk over med-low heat, constantly whisking, until just thicken (gravy consistency) then continued to whisk off the heat.

  96. I’m wondering how many batches of this to make if I’m making 4 dozen cupcakes with the swirl frosting technique that you used and also a “rose” technique? Would it be ok to make the first part of the frosting (flour/milk mixture) the night before and then beat it the next morning? Also, I don’t have a stand mixer just a regular mixer, will any attachment create the same results? Sorry to be asking so many questions!

  97. My brother asked for a lemon frosting and I was out of powdered sugar, so a butter cream was out. However I had a jar of lemon curd and remembered this wonderful frosting so at the end, I beat in about half a cup of my fav lemon curd and it was perfect!
    So maybe if the fruit was already in sauce form it wouldn’t mess with the consistency? anyway, thanks for this super awesome frosting, Sara!

  98. I think this recipe was a good start for what I was looking for! I thought it was too sweet when I was done with the recipe as written, so I made another batch of the flour thickened milk and stirred it in. Also, some melted unsweetened chocolate, since I am filling a 4-layer cake and wanted to be sure it was thick and sturdy enough to not ooze out, and I was sort of wanting it chocolate anyway.

    Next time I think I will just cut the sugar in half.

    Oh, btw, I don’t have an electric mixer, and made this with a whisk and a rubber scraper/spatula. I had no trouble getting the right consistency. I just beat the butter til it was totally smooth, beat in the sugar til it was totally smooth, then beat in the white sauce.

    I used local organic butter from Trickling Springs Creamery.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  99. I’m trying to make a hairy monster cake and I came across your recipe … It sounds to me that this recipe is for eating-at-home (not sharing) kind of stuff so I will definitely try it for us at home, I’m just nervous about transporting it and the cake sitting out at the park. Could you please guide me to a good tasting frosting, stiff enough to make hairy creatures, that would taste good like this one? … I might be asking too much sorry! But I’m tired of looking! HELP!

    1. This is definitely a “sharing” kind of recipe! Unless it’s going to be very warm outside, it will be just fine. And if it’s going to be really warm out, then there’s really no good frosting for sitting out!

  100. My Mom”s good friend has made this for years and always gets rave reviews. When she doubles it she uses one “stick of crisco” in place of 1 stick of butter – it keeps the frosting very white and doesn’t change the flavor much at all. I have done it when I NEEDED white πŸ™‚

  101. thanks Ii have found the courage I’m going to replace this for a classic buttercream…. I hope it makes good hairy creatures

  102. i made the frosting and followed the description to a tee and no matter how long i beat it it stayed split.

  103. Im excited to try this because this is just what i’ve been looking for, a frosting that is all nice, light and fluffy unlike the kind in the cake isle. Is there any “rookie” mistakes that I should look out for? And do you have a favorite cupcake recipe? Like one out of the box or even from scratch? I make them all the time and I really want to perfect them! Thanks!!

    1. Hi, Drew! There are looooooooots of tips because we’ve done a lot of troubleshooting over the years! If you have time, I recommend reading through the comments because there’s a lot of discussion about fails and successes. In a nutshell, though, we recommend:

      -Use a name-brand butter, or, at the very least, not using Walmart or Sam’s Club butter.

      -It is better to slightly overcook the flour mixture than to undercook it.

      -Don’t try adding anything like chocolate, extra sugar, cream cheese, etc.

      -Keep your kitchen on the cool side; if the ingredients get too warm, the frosting won’t fluff up.

      As far as a favorite cupcake recipe goes, we’ve used it a few times on the blog, but here it is:

      1 Duncan Hines white or yellow cake mix
      1 cup sour cream
      1/2 cup vegetable oil
      3 eggs
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
      1 teaspoon almond extract

      Combine ingredients and beat for 3 minutes. Transfer to lined muffin tins and bake for 18-20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Makes 24 cupcakes.

      Good luck and have fun!

  104. My flour & milk thickened & is not watery. Did the recipe say 3 tablespoons flour & 1/2 cup milk. Am I reading it right?

  105. I made the frosting/filling yesterday for the 1st time and although I didn’t like it as a frosting (I like a denser frosting) it is now my go-to cupcake filling for sure.

  106. This frosting is DELICIOUS! A great alternative to my usual buttercream… sometimes it just gets too sweet, and this is a great balance! Thanks!

  107. could you tell me what the weight of the ingrediants is. We have a different conversion in England – gram and oz.

    if you could offer me a alternative, I would appreciate it.



  108. ok i know this might be a very stupid question but the T after vanilla is that tablespoon or tea spoon i am preaty sure its tablespoon but im not soo sure

  109. Can I quadruple this recipe? Will there be any changes I need to make or will it still turn out the same consistency? The last time I made it I absolutely LOVED it, but I didn’t have enough to frost all of my cupcakes. πŸ™

  110. Hi, Sara for the icing can I use just regular milk or (whipping cream, half and half or evaporated milk) if I dont have the milk suggested in recipe. Also is it ok to leave the iced cupcakes in the fridge overnight.

    1. You can use any regular milk, from non-fat to whole. I’ve never tried cream or evaporated so I’m not sure how that would work. You can leave in the fridge and rewhip the next day, but I think it’s definitely better fresh.

    1. I think that sounds like an abomination. Haha! No, really I’ve never added shortening to this so I’m not sure how it would affect it, but in terms of general frosting making, I’m a firm believer that taste-wise, butter is always better!

  111. I’ve made this frosting several times and have had hit or miss results. Recently I tried to make it and it was very separated looking, and would not set up. I’m so glad I came back and read the comments. I definitely think it is my walmart brand butter that’s giving me trouble. I just asked my husband to pick up some real butter on his way home!

  112. I had to try this recipe because it was so weird looking! lol. It was really good! I put it on an 8″ strawberry cake and wished I had about a cup more frosting at least. This is such a light frosting it needs to be loaded on. Anyhow, I thought it was quite tasty. I felt like it was a little grainy at times from the granulated sugar. I’m not sure if there is a way to prevent that or is it possible to sub powdered sugar? I’m still happy though. I personally love the richness of buttercream frosting, but this will have it’s time and place for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  113. I’ve made this multiple times (vanilla and chocolate), always successful and a big hit!
    But I had to tell you…today I made egg nog cupcakes (Thanksgiving has passed in Canada so I am onto holiday baking!). I gave this a shot using egg nog instead of milk, and oh. my. goodness. Amazing. I didn’t have to whip it as long, and it actually seemed to hold together a bit more than the regular.

  114. so, i’ll add my name to the list of people who can’t quite get this right. i actually tried it twice (because i didn’t make enough the first time… oops)… and both times, it didn’t turn out as “fluffy” as it looks in your photo– but here’s the catch… although in my opinion, i did the SAME EXACT THING in both attempts, they didn’t even turn out the same as EACH OTHER.

    even stranger: they both tasted amazing, and were thus “successful”– they didn’t separate, or anything like that… but they never quite fluffed up. even though i beat them each for at least 8 minutes and then FOREVER after that as well.

    is there such a thing as beating it TOO MUCH? like– after that 8 minutes, should we be peeking over the edge of the bowl to make sure it’s not going too far?

    either way, i’ll be making it again. tasted that good!

    1. Cook the flour mixture longer until you are scraping off of the sides of the pot–beat constantly. You want the flour mixture to look like a paste and not a glue. I’ve been using this recipe for years–add some crisco shotening (about 1 tblsp) once you’ve combined the butter and cooled flour mixture–it will fluff right up. it doesn’t affect the taste at all. Good Luck!

  115. I use this recipe for my Gobs. It’s been in our family for years. I cook my flour/milk mixture longer and beat constantly to avoid lumps. I cook it until it is more of a paste and not a glue like pictured–but whatever works for you πŸ™‚ The trick to avoid separation is once you’ve combined the cooled flour mixture to the butter mixture is to add about 1 tblsp of crisco shortening, either butter flavor or regular. This fluffs this icicng right up! I am anxious to try the strawberry cupcakes!

  116. Hi I just tried a homemade cupcake recipe and frosting and was dissapointed in the taste. I didnt like either one. So I am thinking about trying your frosting but do you have a good cupcake recipe? And how do i get the frosting to look like that on the cupcakes? do I have to use a certain tip number?

  117. Hi there!!
    This frosting sounds amazing! My question is, do you think I could use this on a large cake as the filling between the cake and the fondant/rolled icing?
    I am making my nephews 1st birthday cake and doing cupcakes as well and don’t really want to make 3 different types of icing πŸ™‚
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

  118. This is the same frosting my mother has been making for 60 years. We call it “grandma’s frosting” and it is always the best! Everyone who tries it wants the recipe…so delicious!!

  119. I think the butter i used wasn’t “real” butter because when i tried making this frosting today it came out with little grease bubbles and little clumps of butter that weren’t there before. I used fresh and easy brand butter since that was all i had ): any REAL butter recommendations?

  120. Sara….looking foward to trying this recipe…my question….is the frosting pretty sturdy?? you said it can be kept at room temp…so i can frost the cupcakes and the cupcakes can sit out correct?? thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  121. I just made this frosting and quite honestly, I was glad that you wrote how it should look like a gloppy mess because mine sure did until all of a sudden, was amazing! I made a single batch and you are right on with this as well. I should have doubled it! It is simply amazing and not sugary, sweet. I’ll NEVER buy frosting again! Thank you, Ladies for all you do!

  122. Mine doesn’t look anything like yours, but it tastes good.
    I probably didn’t mix it long enough, because it still has the consistancy of shifted crΓͺme fraiche πŸ˜‰

    1. I made mine with coconut milk and rice as well. Both batches turned out perfect! My husband cannot have dairy : )

  123. im VERY disappointed in this recipe. i ried it multiple times and each time it urned out horrible. it turned out clumpy and had the consistency of glue. VERY disappointed.

  124. Well be careful everyone if you put coloring on it. I did and it ruined everything I checked the bottle and realize that it contained citric acid πŸ™ will have to try again though cause so many comments says it’s wonderful

  125. Thanks so much have just made this for the first time and worked out perfectly exactly as you promised. I grew up in New Zealand and after I made the frosting realised had made this years ago and in NZ it was called Mock Cream, so great thanks so much. And way less sweet than the traditional butter creams and not graining. This is my fav icing and will be stickint to this one. πŸ™‚

  126. Hi i just tried this today with my 3 year old sister and mom and I just want to say that the frosting tastes absolutely fantabulous!!! πŸ™‚ although we didn’t get the same ‘frosting look’ as yours (ours is a little more buttery soft and whatever– not as fluffy as we would like) because we don’t have an electric beater and had to do it by hand (which is tiring) but even so, IT STILL TASTES GREAT!! On the first try too!
    I just wished we used your cupcake recipe as well; will try next time!

    THANKS πŸ™‚ <3

  127. This is hands down the best frosting I have ever had. I’ve been searching for a light, non-sickening sweet frosting for years. I was a little skeptical about the flour but man did it make the difference! I will never use another recipe. This is it! It’s almost like whipped cream frosting with zero milk. It’s perfect, love it!

  128. Also, if anyone wants to use this as filing for a fondant cake, it’s perfect. I did a dry run for my daughters birthday cake. It paired well with the red velvet cake I made covered in marshmallow fondant. I’m going to use it for a red velvet trifle too!

  129. Also, if anyone wants to use this as filing for a fondant cake, it’s perfect. I did a dry run for my daughters birthday cake. It paired well with the red velvet cake I made covered in marshmallow fondant. I’m going to use it for a red velvet trifle too!!!

  130. A variation of this recipe has been in my family forever, with just a few differences.
    We start with the milk and flour but we use crisco instead of butter and confectionary sugar instead of granualated. We add a tsp of vanilla but not to much as this frosting in white

    For a change we add maple walnut extract and it is so good and use this on a pound cake

  131. OMG..this is THE PERFECT frosting. My friend and I just made your frosting. It was simple to make and not too sweet. Yum yum! Thanks for sharing. We really appreciate it.

  132. Hi Sara or Kate,
    I made this delish frosting and it turned out great! One question I have is whether I should add the food coloring into the roux as part of the liquid, or at what stage? Because i used liquid coloring, and around 15 drops for a double batch. Everything was great, but it was softer/less stiff than your pictures appear and I’m wondering if the added liquid is the cause.
    ps. I followed the directions exactly and my roux was plenty thick.

    1. I usually add it at the very end, but I always use gel or paste color. If you add that much liquid, that’s probably what the problem was.

  133. I finally got around to trying this and it was a perfect topper for Picky Palate’s Biscoff Cupcakes. Thanks for scaling it down to a recipe for 12 cupcakes! We love it and will be using this as our go-to cupcake frosting.

  134. it seperates =(
    i just put the batch in the fridge and ill whip it more in the morning.. one other blog said that if it seperates, its overmixed.. but you mention i need to whip more. im really confused what to do!! im making the chocolate version.

  135. My grandmother used to make this. It was tasty, but often lumpy. Wonderful on coconut cake. On my site is a frosting that will yield almost identical results, but no cooking. Far less finicky. Called custard frosting. Agreed, wonderful icing.

  136. I just made this and it turned into a big fail for me. =(
    I used a bit of brown sugar and a teaspoon of maple syrup for flavouring. But it just stayed runny and kept separating. Maybe I used too much butter?
    I think it’s because I live in France and converting cups and tablespoons into grams is a little risky sometimes, specially with pastry. I’ll keep on experimenting.

  137. This was delicious!!! Tasted like whip cream, been looking for a recipe like this for a while! Thank you!

  138. Okay, this is THE BEST frosting! I hate the really sweet stuff. This is delightful. I actually used this to make cake pops and ended up making more just so I could have some frosting for another cake. OH MY GOODNESS it was amazing. Using REAL butter is the only way this will work. I was worried a bit about it when I heated it on the stove top cause it got thick quick, but it turned out amazing! Thank you so much!

  139. Do you think this would work on the chocolate cut-out cookie recipe y’all posted? I hate regular frosting and would love something that tastes better but is still easy to decorate with.


  140. Hi! I have to try to this recipe, how can you not with all those fabulous reviews. Will be baking the cupcakes tonight and preparing the frosting tomorrow. I will be filling the cupcakes with a custard filling that needs to be refrigerated. (these cupcakes will be served on Monday) So, frosting them Sunday and refrigerating overnight. Do you think the frosting will be ok? Unfortunately I wont have time to do a trial run before hand.

  141. This recipe worked beautifully for my Valentine’s cupcakes. I quadrupled (4x) it with no problem. Colored it dark pink with pink sprinkles; cupcakes looked shiny as if with morning dew. I saw one of the children licking the frosting like ice cream. There’s a testimony for you! I tried the recipe again a few days later and ended up with soup, but put it in the frig until it chilled a bit and then it fluffed right back up. Room temperature does matter.

  142. Hi Sara,
    I don’t even like iceing and if I ever would eat it it would be chocolate but this vanilla iceing is so very good. I have one problem. I know I did something wrong. The iceing has some lumps in it. How can I make it more smooth and also I’m making an arrangement of roses which really is cupcakes attached to styraphome with tooth picks. Will the iceing fall off if the cupcake is tilted on it’s side for a period of time. This is for my son’s engagement so please let me know so I can have a WOW desert for that occasion. Thank you, Lu Ann

  143. Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for a couple days now and I’ve been waiting to try it out. My Daughter’s Birthday party is tomorrow and I wanted to test it out today and see how yummy it was. Let’s just say my mouth didn’t know what was about to hit it! DELICIOUS!! I’ve made/had so many different versions of frosting/buttercream but this one seriously is THE best. Thank you so much for sharing this! I know it will be a hit tomorrow at the party and I can’t wait to share it with all my friends πŸ˜€

  144. I make this frosting so much that I just leave my tablespoon in the flour! Love it. I think I made my best batch this morning, and realized that one part that can go wrong is if you don’t beat the butter and sugar enough. It struggles to come together in the end if you don’t. And now that I have a stand up mixer this recipe is sooo much easier. Thanks, mom!

  145. I’m so glad I found this website. I am intrigued by the frosting, especially it being something creamy but not too sweet. I read that someone else did strawberry puree with disastrous result, but I decided to give using strawberry puree a try and it worked beautifully with one big modification: I macerated the pureed strawberries first with some sugar (puree 1 pint of strawberries with 1/3 cup sugar, then wait about a half hour). Then I took 1/2 cup of the macerated puree and thickened it as in the recipe. After it cooled, I whipped the butter a bit without adding any sugar. Then I added the cooled strawberry mixture. It came out perfect, slightly sweet, but mostly tart, and ultra creamy. And the strawberry flavor is as clear as if it were sorbet. So, for those interested, here’s the ingredient modification:

    3 Tbs flour
    1/2 cup macerated strawberry puree
    1/2 cup real butter (I used unsalted since it’s fruity)

  146. I absolutely love this recipe. I tried it the first time with Wal mart butter and 1% milk. I cooked the milk and flour into a big glob, and then i chilled it and it became a big playdough looking glob. I put it in my stand mixer with the butter and sugar and sure enough fter 8 minutes I had perfect frosting. I was making a cinnamon flavored cake at the time so I chucked 1 tsp of cinnamon in this frosting and my family went gaga. The next one I made I put almond extract and it was delish! I can’t go wrong with this easy wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  147. I cannot believe it. This is the recipe that my family has handed down for the last few generations. I have never seen it before ANYWHERE. We handed it down on scraps of paper. I make it for everyone’s birthday and everyone who has tasted it will tell you that it is the only frosting you will want to eat ever again!

  148. Amazing frosting! I made it tonight to add to cake for cake balls. Simple delicious. I have made the chocolate version as well and will never make any other frosting again!

  149. Omg just made this and all I can say is AMAZING!
    Can not wait to try different versions!
    Is there a way to pin this in interest? I would love to share with my girls!

  150. omg! i have a new baby and am going on very little sleep here and just realized i used “flower” instead of flour…. more.than.once! sorry for looking so crazy. ;0)

  151. This was, without a doubt, the most delicious frosting I have ever tasted. It was the perfect sweetness & texture. In fact, I couldn’t stop eating the frosting out of the mixer. Yummmmmy.
    Thanks so much for sharing. This is the only recipe I will ever use again.
    I was really scared to make it after reading all the reviews, but I found it quite simple. I followed the directions exactly. I wouldn’t change a single thing. I even used a store brand butter (Trader Joe’s) & my frosting was absolute perfection. For those of you that thought it was too salty – here’s a little trick I use often, especially with my holiday butter cookies. I use half salted & half unsalted butter. It’s the best of both worlds. Once again, thanks so much. I can’t wait to try your other recipes.

    1. Any ideas on how to get rid of the buttery taste I get when I make this frosting ??
      Every other aspect of it I love to bits ,as do the whole extended family.

      1. The taste of butter is kind of the whole point, lol! I would honestly suggest a different recipe if you don’t like that taste!

  152. Ok. I tried this recipe. However I substituted a number of ingredients. Instead of butter I used Nuttelex, a vegetable based spread. Also, instead of full fat milk, I used ‘lite’ soymilk. I used raw cane suger instead of white granulated sugar. Also, to half the mix I added cocoa powder at the end of the process ie. after the mixture had been beaten for ~ 5 minutes. And it turned out great! It came together well and is now sitting on chocolate cupcakes waiting to be eaten. I found the mix did 12 cupcakes nicely. Thanks for the recipe.

  153. I have been looking for a perfect frosting recipe for a long time, and I finally found it!! Just ate my cupcake, oh it was just delicious!!!!!!! Thank-You so much!!!

  154. Just tried this today. It was wonderful. I will say I added those new Duncan Haines frosting starters. Ya know the ones with flavor. Added it at the very end and it worked. Although I just don’t like the taste of raspberry. Which is the kind my youngest daughter chose because it was purple. Next will be the strawberry add in. Just thought I would share!

  155. Yum!! These cupcakes are so good and moist! We used light pink, purple and green and they are so pretty. Definitely double icing as it is just barely enough. The icing is super smooth and way different than buttercream. I like it so much more. It’s almost cream cheese like.

  156. OMG!! I just have to say THANK YOU! I have been looking for a frosting just like this for a very long time its so light and fluffy. I just made it and it looks just like your pictures. Its just the right sweetness with the cake. =) Thank you again for this amazing frosting recipe.

  157. Haven’t tried the chocolate version yet, but the vanilla one was very nice. I didn’t have to worry about lumps because I put the whisk attachment on my mixer and blended the flour and milk in a small bowl until smooth before heating it. I also don’t particularly like things made with white sauce so I was very hesitant to try it. I didn’t want to risk tasting raw flour in my frosting, so I cooked it until it was quite thick. Thicker than pudding as the recipe suggests. I let it cool (get cold) in the refrigerator while I mixed butter and sugar. When I combined the flour mixture with the sugar mixture, it never even went through the β€œugly” stage. It didn’t even take 5 minutes. Made it twice, once was a double batch and it turned out great both times. Oh, I made too many cupcakes so I put them in a covered container in the frig for a couple of days. The frosting was hard while it was cold, but once it reached room temp, it was exactly as before. No seperating at all. I even prefered the cold texture. VERY firm and smooth, but I’m weird that way. I’ll be trying the chocolate version tomorrow!

  158. I tried this for a baby shower last weekend. I def wanted to add lemon ext and vanilla (both) for flavor. Mine has stayed good for 3+ days now in the fridge and looks great (tripled it and had extra). Great for creme filling, didn’t love it for frosting top…ended up making a batch of reg lemon icing for top…perfect rich creme filling-will use again! πŸ™‚

  159. I love this recipe! I have had great success with this recipe in small batches. In larger batches though, something goes wrong. I really love to pile on the frosting and have to make a double batch per batch of cupcakes. Our extended family has grown by leaps and bounds and it now requires a quadruple batch of the frosting…….this is where I need your help. I have not been successfull with this quadrupling….tastes great, but isn’t quite the right consistancy as when I prepare a single or double batch. Any suggestion you have would be appreciated. Thanks so much for posting so many wonderful ideas.

  160. im sorry but this taste like plain flour and sugar, nice texture just not that great tasting! and i have the biggest sweet tooth in the world!! unless i done something wrong?

  161. Please can anyone tell me why when I made this frosting it had a buttery after taste , even though it looked and piped really well onto my cupcakes.The buttery taste was a big let down for me.Please Please help…….
    Thanks in Advance

  162. I am a cupcake freak but have never made a vanilla frosting that I really enjoyed because I strongly dislike the flavor of powdered sugar (I think it’s the cornstarch that’s added to it). Homemade chocolate frosting is fine because the chocolate flavor covers the weirdness. I so, SO want to try your frosting recipe because it looks and sounds delicious (and doesn’t use powdered sugar!), but there are only two of us here and I’m reluctant to make a frosting that will only stay good for a day since it takes us several days to eat even a small batch of cupcakes. One of these days though I WILL make this frosting and I very much look forward to it!

  163. I don’t have a stand mixer, just an old fashioned beater thing that you have to hold (it’s still electric). Is this okay?

  164. This is the best frosting. I doubled it and used 1 1/2t vanilla and 1/2t butter flavor, yes butter flavor. It is devine. This will be my go to recipe. Butter cream is way to sweet for us. It did take about 10 min with my kitchen aid mixer. I finally put it on the highest speed about 7 min in.

  165. This was an amazing recipe. I followed it exactly as is and it was easy and ridiculously delicious. They were a huge hit at a baby shower. Now I need to find a worthy cupcake recipe! πŸ™‚

  166. By the way, I don’t have a stand mixer either, just the handheld electric and this worked just fine.

  167. LooksAMAZING…can’t wait to make this. I was just wondering…I am going to make a peanut butter cup cupcake soon and wanted a delicious peanut butter frosting…but your buttercream looks perfect! Do you think there is any way I could make your buttercream taste peanut butter flavored? Thanks:)

  168. This custard type frosting is from waaaay back in the days before powdered sugar was readily available. It’s the classic frosting for Red Velvet Cake and is wonderfully smooth and tasty!

  169. This recipe is very similar to the one I use for homemade Twinkie Filling. It’s super fluffy and holds up very well. I normally use as a filling in my cupcakes, but could also make a nice “other than whipped cream” frosting.
    I always double the batch, but have frozen it for up to two weeks and it’s still wonderful. Just rewhip in the mixer for a couple of minutes! Yu

  170. Just tried making this, it turned out beautful. However, it tastes mainly like straght butter on my cupcakes… did I do something wrong? I doubled the recipe and the texture is great and the color is great but all I taste is butter….wondering if I should have blended it longer or something?

  171. Greetings from Singapore!

    Hi Sara thank you for the awesome frosting Recipe. I have tried the chocolate frosting as well. It taste fantastic even on its own, just like ice cream or whipped cream. By the way i used unsalted butter and it taste just as good. i have to admit this is the best frosting recipe ever. In fact i have your given frosting for a 1000 cupcakes for my son’s school carnival and i am sure it is going to be a hit among the kids.

    Once again thank you for sharing!

  172. Found your recipe through a google search, so happy to have found it! Made cupcakes today with this icing and they are the best I have EVER made! Really awesome recipe. Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

  173. HEY! This is amazing. Me and my mom are just sitting here eating it by the spoonful. So yummy. I was wondering if there was anyway I could make different (chocolate mostly) flavors out of it. If there is anyway e-mail me! Thanks ([email protected])

  174. I tried this today and it turned out amazing!! Thanks. Any tips for the chocolate version of this?


  175. I don’t know if anyone else posted these tips, but I find them invaluable to recreating this incomparable frosting…especially on a hot day in CA!
    1. Whisk the flour into the COLD milk thoroughly before cooking…no lumps!
    2. Cool the flour and milk mix quickly by putting ice in a big bowl with a smaller bowl on top of the ice–whisk/stir for a few minutes and it’s nice and cold. πŸ™‚
    3. Use the same method with a hand mixer if your kitchen is hot–it speeds up the whipping time a bit, although I had to watch mine carefully so that it didn’t get TOO cold (it gets really, really stiff!).

    Thank you thank you for the best vanilla frosting ever! (If only it didn’t have wheat in it, I could eat it too–but my fam and friends went gaga over it!) I will also experiment with other flavors…but am sooooo happy to finally have a buttercream frosting that I can stand (I LOATHE any and all frostings with powdered sugar in them).

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