How to: cut a Kiwi Fruit

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It seems to me like the more yummy (and more tropical) the fruit, the trickier it can be to figure out how to peel and cut the thing!  We’ve showed you how to do both avocado and mango, so I thought I’d show you this quick tip with the luscious kiwi. 

And I do have a reason for posting this today- on Monday I have a recipe that involves kiwi and also a really exciting announcement.   In involves all of you having the chance to win $300 buck-a-roos so I hope you’ll all check in on Monday!  Now, on to kiwi…

You probably know if you just want to eat the plain fruit, you can just cut it in half and use a spoon to scoop it out and then straight into your mouth.  But let’s say you want pretty slices or dices.

If you use a paring knife to just peel off the skin, chances are you’ll take a good portion of the fruit with you, and with a little kiwi, there’s not much to begin with!  You’ll also end up with little octagons instead of nice circles. 

You can see in the picture above- the fruit on the right was just skinned using a knife.  Compare that to the perfectly smooth, round, whole fruit on the left.

Start by cutting off both ends

then take a regular spoon and slip it in between the fruit and the skin.  Depending on the size of both your fruit and your spoon, you may be able to slide the spoon in all the way to the other side like I am doing in my picture.

Otherwise, you can just go half-way, gently working your spoon around the entire kiwi and then doing the same thing from the other end.

The skin will easily separate from the fruit and you can slide it right off.  This way you lose hardly any fruit at all.

Plus, your fruit is nice and round and will look prettier when sliced!  It’s also easy to dice up.
Try kiwi fruit in one of my favorite things, Sweet Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

And make sure to stop in on Monday for an awesome new recipe and details on a little contest we’ve been challenged with.  You’ll also find out how you can enter to win some $$$!


  1. Or you can just eat the skin, it's actually edible! While a little weird at first, the skin contains anti-oxidants and fiber making it good for you!

  2. I have never seen this done. What a great idea. I will surely try this the next time I add kiwi to something.

  3. OMG! You're a Genious! I have been using a pareing knife all this time. Thanks for the tip. Now I can have pretty Kiwi's too.

  4. Neat trick! My girls and I love kiwi but don't get them very often. Mmm, now I'm going to have to go and get some!

  5. I always feel like an idiot when I realize I have been doing it the hard way forever! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Thank you so much for this! I hate buying kiwis and then losing so much of those tiny little pieces of fruit just in peeling them. Great tip!

  7. I just discovered your blog about two weeks ago and I have tried so many recipes that my family is loving each and every one of them…I keep getting compliments galore…all I can say is THANK YOU!!! you make me feel as if I can cook anything LOL!…

  8. I never thought of that I just use a potato peeler this way is much easier :). I'm going to go try it now thanks!

  9. I love your blog and all of the tips. I found you today as a result of my friend Nedra's blog about. I am going to love being a follower!

  10. that is brilliant. Why did it have to take me 33 years to learn that! Now, I want kiwi and berries. Thx.

  11. Brilliant!!! I'm sad about all the kiwi I've wasted over the years. Can't wait to impress my kids with my new skillz at lunch tomorrow. 😉

  12. Hmmm…I've always just eaten the skin! But now if I do have to peel one, I'll know an easy way! The skin is actually my favorite part of the kiwi! 🙂

  13. AWESOME! I too have been using a paring knife. My little boy loves KIWI! he get about 2 a week, so now he will he get even more of the fruit, haha

  14. What a great idea… I usually try to peel mine with a paring knife, and it never goes well. I have some kiwi in my kitchen right now, so I'll be giving this trick a try… Thanks!

  15. That is exactly how I eat the Kiwi. I always use a spoon. Why in heavens name did I not think to use a spoon for peeling and cutting. So stupid. I am excited now to do it. Once I figured out how to cut a watermelon without cutting my hand off it was so nice. This is going to be so nice as well. Thanks.

  16. WHAAATTTT???? I have been peeling those little suckers for so long and didn't ever think to do that. Duh. Thanks for the tip!

  17. I am so glad I read this. Last week I made a fruit pizza and for the first time I didn't struggle with my kiwi's. Thanks!

  18. How did I miss this post in March? I eat the skin of the kiwi. The first time, it was wierd, but its like a peach and NOT too fuzzy.

    A produce guy told me that eating a kiwi with the skin is the healthiest / most nutritious (bite for bite) fruit you can consume!

  19. I only just now discovered this tip for peeling a kiwi (from a different source though) and I can’t believe this isn’t more popular. It works wonders every time and it makes peeling a large batch (say for a fruit sorbet) a breeze!

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