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We haven’t done a Friday Favorites, or a Goodie Box post in quite a while, so let me explain what it is!  First and foremost, we want to make it very clear that these posts are NOT sponsored, ever.  There is no advertising or promotion going on here- in these posts we simply highlight things we’re loving at the moment.  Things we buy and use ourselves, things we’re always talking about on Instagram, things we want to tell our friends (you!) about.  And sometimes we go out and buy all of the stuff we’re talking about (we buy it ourselves, this isn’t free stuff that’s sent to us) and we put it in a hand-packed care package (because how fun is that?!) and we mail it to one of YOU!  Now, this isn’t one of those Blogger-Favorite-Things posts where we give away ipads and designer purses.  It’s the little random stuff from around town that you can actually go out and buy yourself after you read about it.  Stuff you can look for at Target and the mall.  Because we like to keep it real around here. So let’s get on with it- eh?  Here’s some of my favorite things!

Our Best Bites Winter Favorites Giveaway copy

Tis the Season Candle1.  Bath & Body Works 3 wick Candles: Kate and I have a small hoarding problem obsession when it comes to scented candles, but not all candles are created equal.  We love Bath and Body Works, not only for the endless variety of fun scents and the fact that their shipping boxes are lined in blue gingham, but for the fact that when those babies are a burnin’ the smell really does fill up your entire house.  I have a lot of favorite scents, but one of my favorites these days is Tis the Season.  It’s a little fruity, a little spicy, maybe a tiny hint of evergreen in there…basically it just smells like Christmas.  I’m sending a mason jar size in this scent!

Angies Kettle Corn2.  Angie’s Kettle Cooked Crack Popcorn: People who follow me on Instagram sometimes get the impression that I work for Angie’s Popcorn.  I do not.  I wish I did because I’m guessing the job comes with perks like lots of free popcorn, and then I would have half of my 2013 income back (you know, the half I spent on popcorn this year).  If you haven’t tried out Angie’s products, stop waiting.  I actually waited, because I figured what the heck- it’s popcorn.  Don’t people know you can make this stuff at home?  (And we make really good popcorn.) But then I tried some.  And I was addicted at first bite.  Angie’s is kettle cooked, comes in amazing flavors, and most of them are just ever so slightly coated in sweet, sugary, deliciousness.  Just enough to make you feel like you’re eating something naughty, but not enough to ruin your diet.  They’re all fairly low calorie and come in amazing flavors.  It’s seriously a dieters dream.  Two of my favorite holiday specials (BOTH going in this box) are Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, and Iced Gingerbread.  The peppermint is great too, but I make enough of my own Peppermint Bark Popcorn!

Peanut Butter mint3.  Jif Whips Peanut butter with Chocolate Mint: I instagramed a photo of this a while back because I thought it was so, SO weird.  Like, whoever even thought of this idea?  Were they on drugs at the time?  How did it pass focus groups?  Of course I had to buy it simply because of intrigue.  I like peanut butter, I like chocolate, I like mint.  I like peanut butter chocolate, I like mint chocolate.  But peanut butter chocolate mint??  That’s crazy talk.  What a bizarre combo.  I opened it expecting to be repulsed and something else happened.  I ate a spoonful, and then another spoonful, and then before long I was thinking of anything and everything I could think of that I could dip in there.  Graham crackers, cookies, more spoons.  I’d say it’s more of a chocolate mint spread, with a hint of nuttiness.  I don’t really know how to explain it, but I like it.  And I want someone else to try it out too, so it’s going in the box!

Candy Cane Bliss Soap4.  Candy Cane Bliss Handsoap:  Of all of the amazing yummy smells at Bath and Body Works, Twisted Peppermint takes the cake.  This candy cane bliss spells pretty much exactly like it, only the container is cuter (if you ask me).  Peppermint soap that is refreshing and yummy, and makes you want to eat candy.  Enjoy it.


Cozy Socks5.  World’s Softest Socks:   Do you all have a pair of these?? At Costco you can buy a 3 pack for 10 bucks and they’re literally called “World’s Softest.” Like the brand claims, it’s like walking on clouds.  In the winter, when I’m hanging around the house I wear them every day, and my husband stares at my feet every time I pull them up over my skinny jeans.  I don’t care; they’re the coziest socks everrrr. Also, they’re super good for sliding contests, if you happen to have family sliding contests down your hard wood hallway.  Just my family?  Okay then.  I actually forgot to get these (along with half of my grocery list) at Costco today because I was completely sidetracked and overstimulated by the onslaught of holiday sample stations.  But I did grab Target’s version, which if you ask me, are plenty cozy themselves.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies6. Market Pantry Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies:  Soooooooo Goooooooood.  These are amazing.  Pumpkin Spice Cookie.  Cheesecake Filling.  Find them at Target.  Only during the fall months.  I dare you not to finish off that entire box in one sitting.  That is all.


M&M's Holiday mint7.  Holiday Mint M&M’s:  My favorite specialty variety of M&M’s.  My first bag of the season is as exciting as the first snow.  I could easily down an entire bag of these single-handedly.  There’s a white-chocolate candycane version too, but don’t be fooled.  These are the best.


Red Pepper Soup

8.  Pacific Foods Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup:  I know.  Kind of random that there’s a box of soup in here.  But I’m sitting here writing out this post while sipping it out of my favorite mug, like I do at least once a day, every single day.  So I thought, dang.  I’m tossing a box of soup in.  People need to be eating this stuff.  If you haven’t been buying a case of this soup on every trip to Costco, you’re missing out.  It’s super rich and creamy, but also super low calorie.  And it’s a work horse in the kitchen.  I love it plain, but it’s awesome as a base for any other soup, or smothered over enchiladas,  or loaded with sour cream and bacon.  It has a great, great flavor that I can’t get enough of.  There’s an open carton in my fridge just all the time. You should be able to find it in most grocery stores, or like I said, you can buy a case at Costco for a killer price.

Baby Lips Medicated Balm9.  Baby Lips Dr. Rescue: All of my friends are obsessed with the Baby Lips line from Maybelline.  They come in sheer colors, and make your lips super soft.  It now comes in medicated, giving soft pretty color with a soothing peppermint scent and tingly feel. Love it.  I’m tossing in one in the coral crush color!


Peppermint Crunch10. Jo’s Candies Peppermint Crunch: There was a little specialty market near my childhood home that we stopped at on almost a daily basis for last-minute things like milk and bread.  They have an amazing deli and bakery, and always stock their checkout lanes with unique little finds.  One thing that was constant was packs of Jo’s Candies.  These dark chocolate covered lemon crunch things are amaaaazing, and we’d anxiously await every Christmas when they’d stock Jo’s Peppermint Crunch.  Squares of pure holiday heaven.  The centers aren’t crunchy, but they’re not soft; it’s somewhere in between and they’re awesome.  My Mom would often get the little pack of 2 and quietly sneak one to me and eat the other one herself.  I haven’t seen these in years, and last night when I was checking out at World Market, I heard a chorus of angels and SAW THEM.  I totally yelped out loud.  And then I came home with a bag full of Jo’s. I’m parting with a tiny little 2 pack because I love you.  But I’m hoarding the rest.

My package is all packed up and ready to go.  I just need a name and address on it!  If you want me to send this YOUR way, just leave one comment in the comment field below, and tell me one of your current winter time faves.  Winner will be chosen in about a week and will have 48 hours to respond to my email or a new winner will be chosen.  Go!


  1. Thank you for this post! My roomie just bought the cheesecake cookies, I was wondering about those JIF whips, and I think I may have yet another reason to go to World Market this weekend!

    My current winter fave is the red cups from Starbucks. I don’t know why but it makes the drinks taste better and it makes it feel like it really is the holiday season.

  2. my current fave is white chocolate peppermint m and ms siblings the ones in your box! this is such a nice thing that you do!

  3. Whilst reading this post, I realized, I HAVE NO FAVORITES!. I need some, and quick. I’m certain I could become attached to any and all of your faves, if given the chance. Thanks!

  4. Right now I love that it’s finally cold enough to really enjoy hot soup. I live in AZ and it’s been hot until just recently. So nice to enjoy something hot!

  5. I’ve tried the pumpkin cheesecake cookies and they are delicious. My winter fave right now are the Peppermint Joe Joe’s cookies from Trader Joe’s. They are like an Oreo cookie with peppermint filling.

  6. Well, one of my holiday favorites is homemade. It’s either called pumpkin sheetcake or pumpkin crumble or pumpkin cake, depending on who makes it! But I love it! Way more than pumpkin pie!!

  7. Mint M&Ms are my wintertime weakness. I need this box because I can’t get them living in Germany and I NEED them!

  8. All those things look amazing. Now that its winter I have to have my hot chocolate AMD my Christie scented candles.

  9. I am loving the dove peppermint bark chocolate mints! Also Costco has coconut and chocolate covered almonds. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting! Divine!!

  10. My kids are begging me to stop at Trader Joes for a package of Peppermint Joe Joe’s. I also look forward to clementines in the winter.

  11. One of my favorite things for winter, well, actually all year long, are the Bath and Body Works hand soaps. I always keep them in stock. Always. In fact I recently went to a Favorite Things party and brought a variety of Christmas scents to give away. Everyone loved them! Of course! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway…someone is going to be very lucky!

  12. I can’t even articulate what this post has done to me. I’m up in the middle of the night, due to pregnancy-induced insomnia (and a need to eat and pee like every hour), and I’m just finally coming out of the first trimester… Which means I’m starting to like food again! Hallelujah! I hadn’t even realized it, but reading about all these treats and thinking that they sound good?! It’s a miracle. A Christmas miracle! I’ve been living off of crackers and oranges and Mac & cheese (I know), and I’ve been completely unenthusiastic about the approaching holidays, since food has been so gross to me. But no more! My mind is just racing thinking about treats and food that has all made my tummy turn for the last two months. And those socks and the candle! Oh, they would just do wonders in my hands (or on my feet and table). Our little basement apartment with its hilariously cold floor, and weird, old-basement-smell. It’s killing me. Anyway, thanks for bringing me back to reality and reminding me that I’m a human. With calorie-centered needs. One of my favorite holiday treats (even though they’re around all year) is Fererro Roche chocolates. Mmm. Give me them now!

  13. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love starbucks caramel apple spice drink this time of year. & I love winter sucks!

  14. One of my holiday favorites is the evergreen wallflower from Bath and Body. We have a faux tree and no one can tell because it smells so real!

  15. Ooo those all look fabulous! My winter fav is Caramel Apple Cider with an extra dose of caramel from Star Bucks.

  16. These all look like things I would love, so I hope I win, but one of my favorite things about winter time is the first snow of the season. It just feels magical.

  17. I love the candles from Bath & Body Works, too! I haven’t tried ’tis the season, but my current favorite is marshmallow fireside.

  18. You had me at anything that said “mint.”
    Then you had me at pumpkin
    THEN you had me with the soup!

    My fall favorite was short lived. Pumpkin Poptarts at Trader Joe’s! THe bad thing was that they were around only for a short time.

  19. Having lived by the Pacific factory (which smells like heaven) I would have to say that their soup is delicious and is a staple in my pantry. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Carmel brûlée latte from Starbucks is one of my favorites! I also am a fan of the twisted peppermint body cream from bath and body!! Did the buy three get three free all in that scent:). Carry me through the year!

  21. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who wears fuzzy, warm socks every day all winter! this is by far my favorite thing since I’m not a cold weather person

  22. I love Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranates. You can get them at Costco. They are yum, yum!! Love your site.

  23. A few of my winter favorites: peppermint Chapstick, Edy’s (Breyer’s) Limited Edition Peppermint Wonderland ice cream, and Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash soda!!!

  24. We have a little warming spell right now…it’s up to 50 degrees. Just discovered the little round boxes of Dolci Frutta hard chocolate shell dipping chocolate that makes it oh so easy to dip fruit even in the winter!So my fav is the chocolate covered strawberries we munched on for dessert yesterday.

  25. President’s Choice Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha (even though I drink them year round) and flannel pjs!

  26. My favorite winter treat is the Ghirardelli Peppemint Bark. Just bought my first package of the year, and it’s almost gone! I love your favorite things posts! I will be trying most of these things even if I don’t win!

  27. Although I’m sad to see the end of pumpkin-flavored-everything-season, the fact that it transitions into mint-or-spice-season makes it somehow ok. Love me a mint hot chocolate from Starbucks or gingerbread spiced candle scents. And they may be overpowering for some, but just about any of the Yankee candles with balsam in them scream Christmas!

  28. I love Starbuck’s Gingerbread lattes! But at almost $5 for a “grande”, this is only an occasional splurge!

  29. I love L’Occitaine Shea butter lotion. I use it every night during the winter months to combat dry and cracking skin on my hands.

  30. I love soy nog with nutmeg and Harvey’s hot buttered rum mix, though usually we have “hot buttereds” without the rum… I know I can make (and have) both items, but seeing and buying them at least once in the store means “it’s winter” to me 🙂

  31. The holiday mint M&Ms are a favorite at our house! A bag slips into my cart every time I’m at Target. I also love the cherry cordial, but they’re a lot harder to find.

  32. I love (or would love) all the things you chose because they are all simple pleasures. Nothing extravagant, just special treats that make us happy and the older I get, the more important that is to me. One of my favorite things is making cinnamon buns with my 6 year old granddaughter…very special to us because we only make them during the holidays and special to the rest of the family because they taste so darn good!

    Thanks for the chance to win…fingers crossed!

  33. Infiniti scarves are my favorite right now….I have a knit one that is lightweight and super warm.

    (I really wanted to say SMILING…SMILING IS MY FAVORITE……..)

  34. So many fun and yummy things to love during the holidays but a new favorite of mine is Blue Bell’s Gingerbread House icecream!! I could eat it year round:) Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  35. The only way I survive winter is with a lot of hot chocolate and bubble baths. But my most favorite thing about this time of year is Christmas music. I find a good station on pandora, turn up the speakers,and I am instantly in a good mood–no matter how cold or gray it is outside. 🙂

  36. I love curling up by a fire and watching the snow fall. I love to look at snow and admire it, but I absolutely hate being in it. In other words, I just hibernate all winter and admire the scenery from my nice, cozy couch.

  37. Hot chocolate with a spritz of whip cream is my go to for cold weather evenings. I’d love to try all the goodies you have picked out!!

  38. Our local burger place makes fantastic freshly blended candy cane milkshakes from their soft serve. We order a round for the family every year during the holiday parade. And BF is the start of eggnog lattes, have them add a shot of vanilla, whole new level of deliciousness.

  39. I have a few winter faves…..Trader Joes Chai latte mix and the glade spruce candle (super cheap). I also am a sucker for yankee candle’s balsam and cedar candle, it smells just like Christmas trees! For lips my favorite is Maybelline color whisper in pin up peach.

  40. What a fun package! A winter fave for me is aveeno lotion. Totally saves my cracked and bleeding hands.

  41. It’s my birthday. And those all look like really good birthday presents. So I think you should pick me 🙂 and I am now weirdly fascinated with the peanut butter and must go out and buy some!

  42. Good hand lotion for the season is a must. This year I will be loving my hands bc I will be using the Savannah Bee Co Beeswax hand Cream!

  43. I love Christmas lights! Our YSA stake was asked to help put up the lights at the Mess temple, and it got me so so excited to see them sparkle in a few weeks!:)

  44. Love the smell of Bath & Body Works candles…current fave is Sweater Weather. And my kids know that right after all the pumpkin goodies of the fall, I’ll be happily making everything chocolate & peppermint all winter!

  45. I was frantically taking notes on all of your favorites – this is my favorite kind of blog post! Especially when everything on the list is affordable 🙂 I saw several people mentioned Trader Joe’s Peppermint JoJos, but did they realize that for a limited time TJ’s has those cookies, dipped in dark chocolate?? A Trader Joe’s employee pointed them out to me, and they are AMAZING!!

  46. I love all things peppermint in the winter. I love the candy cane hershey kisses. I get so excited when they come out every winter.

  47. Drinking hot apple cider inside my house while it’s cold outside is one of the only redeeming attributes of this season! Thank goodness for that!

  48. I love the white fudge covered Oreos that you can only get this time of year! Stick them in the freezer and there is nothing better!

  49. Hey Sara! Thanks for sharing your favorites! Hope I win 🙂

    My current favorite winter item is my scarf from Nordstroms that my sister gave me for my birthday! Love it!! Check it out: BPhttp://shop.nordstrom.com/s/david-young-open-weave-infinity-scarf-juniors/3559615?origin=fashionresultspreview&fashionColor=Oxblood

  50. I just love Christmas music! I start listening the first of November and enjoy it through the end of December. It just puts a little “spark” in my day and makes my holiday preparations more magical!

  51. Soups & Chili’s — they’re simple, they’re “home-y”, they’re filling and soothing at the end of a cold day.

  52. I was tricked by the white chocolate mint M&M`s. We NEVER get all the amazing M&M flavours up here in Canada ( yes, that`s flavours, not flavors), and so when I saw it at Target, I grabbed it, but alas it is NOT the same as the delish ones I`ve tried in the states in the past! ahhhhh I`m loving Bath and Body works `WINTER`, right now. ahhhhh i would love to win, even just for the Angie`s ( we also get ripped on those flavours up here in the great white north!), everything else would be an amazing bonus!!!!

  53. Mulled apple cider. The Williams-Sonoma mulling spices are a must have – but this year I discovered Trader Joe’s Spiced Apple Cider… to die for! It fits the bill when I don’t have time to break out the mulling spices.

  54. Bath & Body Works ‘Winter’ scented candle is sooo good! We get it every year. Also, this box of stuff is my favorite. Holy good picks.

  55. I am in love with plantoeat.com. It is a recipe organizing website, and no I am not affiliated with them. They have a black Friday special for half off!

  56. Wow! We have a couple of the same winter faves – chocolate mint m&m’s and Angie’s kettle corn with chocolate. I’d love to try out some of your other faves! I also love vanilla hazelnut coffee with sugar and cream – just hits the spot on a cold, gray afternoon. And I love Burt’s Bees peppermint lip balm.

  57. Love my new cold weather boots I just got…feels like I’m wearing cozy slippers everywhere I go they’re so warm and furry lined.

  58. One of my favorite winter things is Scentsy evergreen candles. They make my house mell just like Christmas.

  59. Oh my! I’m expecting my first little one and sadly have been unable to read your blog because of the darn nausea (just trying not to think about food). But fortunately, I’m back, and just in time for something as fun as this!

  60. Hershey’s MInt chocolate Kisses, christmas music, the lovely smell of home baked goods loaded with aromatic spices.

  61. I am addicted to Vanilla rooibos tea! I live in the UK during school time and can’t wait to get home for Christmas to try the things on the list that I can’t get here – ie all of them! Would be nice to get a box of them delivered to my house and save me a couple trips! I promise to send you my tea if I win 🙂

  62. One of our new discoveries was “hot vanilla milk” that I found on Pinterest. Just milk, sugar, and vanilla, heated up and topped with marshmallows. YUM!!! A nice change from regular hot chocolate!

  63. Around Christmas, Ghirardelli and Wiliams Sonoma both have peppermint bark – usually white chocolate with little pieces of crushed up candy cane in them. Heavenly!

  64. I love this , lots of great ideas! My current favorites are all of my cozy socks and my keurig coffee maker

  65. My favorite ice cream ever is peppermint ice cream. I love that it comes out during winter time. What a fun idea.

  66. I love Williams and Sonoma’s hot chocolate, best with whipped cream on top. The peppermint flavor is divine too.

  67. Awesome list! Andes mint cookies. The season is too short for these. I was just talking about your website and recipes and how there is nothing you guys do wrong. Everything I have ever tried is delicious!

  68. I love some mint hot chocolate or anything chocolate with mint in it – perfect for the holidays.

  69. I love this post! It is my grown up Christmas wish to win this!! My new favorite is a box of Maple Leaf Sandwich cookies with maple cream filling from Trader Joe’s. Fall perfection!

  70. I love mint chocolate. Around now is when I start seeing the Mint Truffle Hershey’s kisses, and those I could get addicted to each year.

  71. I also love that Baby Lips- it’s my favorite! I lost mine, my silly purse doesn’t have a zipper closure and is always dumping out. I would l-o-v-e this package!

  72. Man! Now I’m hungry!!

    So many yummy treats this time of year but pecan pie is one of my perennial favorites!

  73. Currently loving Peppermint JoJos from Trader Joe’s! Also just discovered how to make hot chocolate with Nutella, and I’m pretty sure I will be drinking it all winter long. 🙂

  74. So fun! My current winter fave are these peppermint bark-coated pretzels from Trader Joe’s – salty, minty, sweet deliciousness all wrapped up in a crunchy package. They always run out of these quickly at my local store, so I’m stocking up this weekend!

  75. What a great goodie box! I always love it when you two do this because it’s like having personal product recommendations from a friend!
    My favorite winter pick right now is SOUP!!! (Homemade generally, but I’m definitely picked up that Roasted Red Pepper on my next trip to Costco!!)

    1. Chicken noodle soup and homemade bread. I love your writing. What a gifted blogger, chef, writer, photographer, etc. Thanks for your fun blog!

  76. My winter favorite item is drinking soup from a mug. Same soup tastes so much better in a mug than a bowl.

  77. I LOVE the bath and body works soap too. Love washing my hands over and over for the smell. But my top winter favorite is hot chocolate!! I live in AZ so I look forward to the short winter months were I can drink it daily. YUM!

  78. My winter favorites….the newest hot chocolate from Dunkin (this year salted caramel..yum!), fireside marshmallow candle from B&B, and for nostalgic reasons, chocolate covered cherries.

  79. My favorite winter treat is pomegranites. I look forward to them all year. I would really like to try some of items in this post. Totally running to Costco on Saturday for those socks.

  80. Oh my! So much fun in one box. 🙂 I stared with suspicion in the grocery store at chocolate mint Jif as well. Have you seen the new dark chocolate Skippy? It is to die for, and I keep it hidden in my pantry just for me! These days my obsession is pumpkin smoothies for breakfast. I made mine yesterday with your suggestion of adding spinach to a smoothie, and it was totally awesome! Could not taste the spinach at all, only pumpkin spice goodness, and I felt smug and superior all morning knowing I had snuck in an extra serving of veggies with breakfast. 😀

  81. Hershey’s cherry cordial kisses. I love them so much I try to stock up for the year, but eating the, in the summer when they have gone a bit hard is never the same as that first bag at Christmastime!

  82. That roasted red pepper and tomato soup is so good! You should try it with cheese tortellini in it – amazing! I will eat anything chocolate & mint this time of year. Those special Christmas mint m&ms are addictive, not to mention dangerous.

  83. I have been loving the ‘Tis the Season candle, too! It really does smell just like Christmas!

  84. Every winter we have to get a box of the white chocolate covered oreos! The kids love the sugar cookie Pop Tarts with the winter scenes.

  85. This would be amazing! Mint M&M’s our my fav. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win!

  86. My favorite winter thing is anything pine scented! Soap, lotion, candles, all of it! But that peppermint soap has me intrigued…

  87. Sarah, these treats sounds so wonderful!! I’d love to win a box of these goodies!! My favorite winter time thing right now is Grove Square’s Chai Latte. It is found at Walmart and it just warms me right up.

  88. My winter favorites are anything pumpkin spice or peppermint chocolate (but not together…yuck!).

  89. I always like seeing what other women are loving. I am even on a group that throws favorite parties for a Girls’ Night where we exchange some of our favorite things. All I can say about your list is….I want that soup now. Our temp just dropped today and it would be the most perfect lunch. So I guess I’m going to the store after the gym. One of my current favorite things it the almond bark from Costco.

  90. Peppermint ice cream, which is very hard to find up here. Publix has it during the holidays, but they don’t have stores in my area yet – but they will be here next year, I’ve heard! Food Lion used to have their own brand, but it was nothing like Publix’s.

  91. Ooooh! Such good stuff. This isn’t necessarily just for winter but the sugar scrubs from bath and body works are amazing! Oh and I love those pumpkin cookies from target too 🙂

  92. Just recently tried the roasted pepper and tomato soup–yummy! Most of my favorite winter/holiday things are homemade and are the same as I enjoyed when I was a kid (magic cookie bars, chocolate covered PB balls to name a couple).

  93. My current winter fave is anything with sugar in it. I did something completely insane about 6 weeks ago and decided to cut out sweets entirely until my bday (it’s the day before Thanksgiving this year). You’d think the sugar cravings would go away by now, but reading this post was making my mouth water, big time! Hope I win! 🙂

  94. Those all look really fun 🙂 My holiday fav has to be the Mrs. Meyers line of seasonal scents for cleaning products. Gingerbread, cranberry, orange clove, etc. I bought a multipack of gingerbread a few years ago and I loved it, almost hated to use it all up cause it smelled so good 🙂

  95. Ive never commented before but i couldn’t pass this one up. Oh homemade apple cider. By far. I always have some on hand during the holidays. Its a major holiday food group. Yum!

  96. Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice Egg Nog. I usually don’t even like egg nog, but this is smooth, creamy and not too thick. I dilute it half milk half egg nog. Delish!

  97. What fun! I LOVE these posts and hearing about fave products! I’ve got to get me hands on some of these things :). I was drooling just reading about them! My fave is the Celestial Seasonings tea bags in Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride………soooo yummy! I add a little bit of vanilla stevia drops and it tastes like a sugar cookie. It’s also zero calories so it’s a great holiday drink so I can save my calories for other yumminess! I always buy all the boxes when I find it so I can drink it all year!

  98. I treat myself to specialty hot cocoa. Different type/brand each time – I’ve found a couple of favorites but still have dozens more to try before I settle on an absolute fave!

  99. Oh I love it all! I love everything chocolate peppermint and have been trying my hardest not to buy the m and m’s every time I go shopping. I also love a nice bowl of soup on a snowy winter day. My favs are homemade of course.

  100. My husband ran to the store for milk, bread, a few other essentials and came home with a carton of butter brickle ice cream. I haven’t had it for years! Loving it!

  101. I am already in love with half the things on your list, and now I’m dying to try the ones I don’t know! My absolute favorite, brand-new obsession is your peppermint cookies in the Seasons cookbook. The ones you roll in egg white and crushed candy canes. Ooooh my goooossshhh.

  102. My current favorites are the kinfolk candle reindeer poop (i know weird name but love the candle) I currently have burning in my house and pumpkin cookies

  103. Have to get those socks from Costco! What a great gift idea! I love anything peppermint this time of year.

  104. I love the seasonal powdered creamer from Coffee Mate. I use it to make hot chocolate mix. Right now we have Pumpkin Spice in the cupboard. Yummy.

  105. I love hot cocoa. I have a favorite stovetop recipe. And to make it even better I put in a scoop of Schwans’ peppermint stick ice cream. So good! Thanks 🙂

  106. I love Blue Bunny Peppermint Ice Cream. Unfortunately the rest of my family loves it to…that little half gallon doesn’t last long enough.

  107. I don’t know if it is a “winter” favorite, but I found it in the store in the right season, so? Shrimp fries, found them in the oriental food section at Food4Less. Just don’t stick your nose in the bag before you eat them!

  108. I dislike all things winter – darkness, cold, cold, darkness. The only thing I do like is that I can bake anything I want to warm up the house and not worry about having to put on a bathing suit anytime soon. These picks all look amazing!

  109. Winter favorites? Things that keep me warm! Costco’s wool socks for women – so warm and they look great too! Stephen’s Hot Cocoa – in any flavor they make! And for guilt free warmth – Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Herbal Tea with a touch of honey!

  110. Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe Joes are the best! I have already hoarded a case, yes case, or two for gifts. Or maybe to just enjoy the whole year. They are that good!! Whole Foods version of them isn’t half bad either.

  111. So nice of you guys to do this give all this stuff away.
    When the Holliday season rolls around I run to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Steamer ( A Pumpkin Latte for non coffee drinkers) One sip and you will be hooked.

  112. Oh this is tough! Peppermint is my favorite though! I love the smell in soaps, or candles, and eating it with chocolate. Yummy!

  113. I love the candy cane kisses to make your candy cane kiss cookies. I have to take them to all family holiday parties! And my kids love putting the kisses on the warm cookies after they have baked.

  114. I don’t really use my scentsy burner in the summer, but come fall, it’s on a lot! Now I’m starting to pull out my winter smells – my favorite is the chocolate peppermint one!

  115. I am loving the Snow Day scent from Bath & Body Works. And since we are well on our way to being snowed in, seems fitting!

  116. I’ve recently discovered peppermint crunch Junior mints. Oh. My. Word. So yummy. And I always loooove burning Bath and Body Works candles. I love toasted marshmallow.

  117. I haven’t been able to stop eating Angie’s Gingerbread popcorn. It’s so bad that when I see a bag in the store my ass automatically sighs from the extra padding it’s going to gain. 😉

  118. I’ve been waiting to see what your favs are, the box looks amazing! I love a good bath and body works candle too, I’ll have to try this scent. My winter is also filled with all things peppermint. I love it.

  119. I am pretty partial to the mint M&M’s myself! And I do love my scented candles too! Thank you!

    1. What fabulous favorites! Love the M and M s. Love that soup the best. It just warms me up and tastes so good.

  120. My current winter favorite it the shower soap Wintermint Snowfall. Mostly I like it because my daughters always have us smell their skin after they use it 🙂

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