Blendtec Designer Series Blender Giveaway!


At Our Best Bites, we LOVE our Blendtec Blenders.  They do everything from turn nuts into nut butter within seconds, make whole juices, grind grains into powder, and make ice cream instantly!  They are true workhorses in the kitchen, and one of our all-time favorite appliances.  We recently both started using the shiny new Designer Series 625 in our most favorite color- hello lovely!

Seafoam Blendtec

Check out Blendtec’s Website and have a peek around.  If the price tag is a little high for you, I recommend you check out their line of certified refurbished blenders.  (I’ve been using that very model for over 6 years now and it’s awesome!) It’s such a great way to get one of these beauties into your kitchen.

For one of you lucky ducks, however, you’ll get a brand spankin’ new one delivered to your door compliments of Blendtec!  Choose the beautiful Seafoam, like we did, or another color of your choice.  The Designer Series 675 boasts these stats:

High Tech with Fashion Sense

The Designer 625 is engineered not only to perform—but also to fit in with your fashion sense.

Features include:
  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch interface
  • Preprogrammed cycles: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup
  • 6-speed capacitive touch slider + Pulse
  • Illuminated display indicates remaining blend time

Illuminated Touch Controls

An intuitive touch screen with easy to see icons makes the Designer 625 more versatile and simple to use. It lights up with a single touch, shuts off automatically, and is completely flat so cleaning is as simple as a quick wipe.

Six-Speed Touch Slider + Pulse

Simply slide your finger left or right to control the motor speed for customized blending. Use Pulse for an added burst of power at any speed.

Preprogrammed Blend Cycles

No more guesswork! Four preprogrammed custom cycles enable one-touch blending perfection: Smoothie, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, and Hot Soup.

Designer 625 Interface


Use the form below to enter!  Open to US Residents only.

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  1. I’ve NEVER had anything but peanut butter…gasp! That super amazing Blendtec is just what I need, fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. For once it’s good I’m up feeding my newborn right now haha
    I would loooooove a blendtec! What a beautiful color!!

  3. This one is the cutest blender I’ve ever seen! Making nut butter in it sounds so fast & easy. You guys are so nice to offer this to some lucky person!

  4. I would love this!! I was just taking about this to my coworker yesterday, it would be a great way to get my toddler to drink her milk by making awesome smoothies

  5. I don’t even have a basic blender (I do everything with my immersion blender or mini food chopper) so this would be amazing!

  6. This would be great to win- I have a VitaMix that’s over 8 years old that I use a lot (especially for grinding wheat) and the speed control is starting to go…revs and jumps all over the dial.

    1. Sounds just like mine! I have used it a ton and loved having it, but it drives my husband crazy that it revs and jumps at the lower settings. It’s paid for so I’ll keep using it for as long as I can make it work (I just never turn the dial below 3 and then it works fine), but if I happened to win a contest, I would be happy to try a Blendtec, especially in such a lovely color!

  7. I’ve also loved the seafoam color my entire life; waaaay before it was all over the place. What a beautiful blender!

  8. Oh this would be SO AWESOME!! Our blender is about dead and this one is not only a workhorse, but a beautiful jadeite green unicorn workhorse!! I never win so I never enter these things, but I had to try for a Blendtec!

  9. Oh how I hope I win this!!! I would love to see what it can do. And with three little boys in sure we’ll put it to the test!

  10. What a fantastic give away!!! You girls are so awesome! 🙂 Hope I win! My lite two year old loves when I make him some “smoovies”!!

  11. Oh, I’ve been wanting a nice blender for such a long time, but can’t justify the spending!! This would be awesome!

  12. WOW! What an awesome blender!! Thank you for providing healthy and fun recipes. Can’t wait for your NEW cookbook to come out.

  13. oh! what epicurean wonders & delights i could create! if only…!
    (thanks to you wonderful ladies and your nut butter post yesterday, i have this year’s holiday gift idea already figured out! but i really do need to win the lovely machine. that would help. a lot.)

  14. Oh I want one of these so bad. We are starting a new diet for our 9-year old—-no peanuts! Among a lot of other things and one of these blenders would make my life sooo much easier.

  15. Nut butters are a huge part of my diet, but it’s so hard finding ones I like. I would love this blender for that reason and so many more!

  16. what an awesome item to give away – you girls are great! can’t wait for your cookbook I preordered!!!

  17. I’m in love! Been trying to justify purchasing a nice blender for ages. And that seafoam color is just adorable!

  18. I’m not sure I would even need to look at any other colors. This seafoam is just dreamy. And is it silly that one of my favorite features is the flat button interface? How many times has stuff spilled between the buttons on my current blender and been impossible to clean!

  19. I have a dying Vitamix and having been saving for a new BlendTec! I’ve heard awesome things about this machine. Fingers crossed!

  20. Me, me, me, meeeeee! (The one in the back jumping up and down with my hand in the air!) I wanna win!!!!!

  21. I would love this blender and would be a perfect birthday present for me coming up next week 🙂

  22. Pick me! Pick me! I make green smoothies everyday for my five lovelies and this would be so completely awesome!

  23. I’m just graduating from school with a Baking and Pastry Degree…this would be amazing to have to start out on my new adventure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Would flip out of I won this blendtec! I have always wanted one but haven’t had the spare change to snag one up. 😉

  25. So my brother is a patent lawyer and wrote the patent for the Blendtec blender. I feel like that should get me a free one, but somehow it doesn’t! The nerve! 🙂 Hope I win!

  26. Awesome giveaway!! I need a blender so bad. Been shopping around, Blendtec seems like the way to go for sure! Fingers crossed!!

  27. I’ve always wanted one of these, but can’t afford one. Thanks for an opportunity to try to win one.

  28. I’m an avid home cook and the one tool I’m surely missing is a good-quality blender. My blender bit the dust a long time ago. This Blendtec is amazing! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  29. This is ALL my daughter wants for her birthday. I think she’d love your cookbook too. She’s really into healthy eating.

  30. Oh I would love to win. Have always wanted one of these. I need a good pick me up after another snowy day in Boston!!

  31. You girls are amazing!!! Such an awesome giveaway. And when I visited blendec on facebook, I found a recipe for avocado aioli made with greek yogurt. Um, yum! Making that for my sandwich for lunch. So thanks for that too. 🙂

  32. I would die if I win!! These are the most amazing blenders (parents have one), and this color?! Gah!

  33. I love almond butter with maple and just straight cashew butter. This giveaway is awesome, btw.

  34. This is perfect! I need a blender so badly! My husband almost bought me one yesterday,but i told him to wait to get a better deal! Maybe it’s my lucky day?!

  35. My blender is 17 yrs old and pathetic. I’m sure its on the verge of becoming an antique! ;)This blender would be a dream! Love you girls and all of the fun posts! (and no I’m not a creeper, just a blog stalker)

  36. We have gone through so many blenders in the past few years, we REALLY need to upgrade to a deluxe blender like this. If only we had a way to win one..,.my boys would LOVE it!!

  37. How beautiful! My blender starts smoking and doesn’t really puree, so having something like this would be an amazing improvement on my 11 year-old one! It would definitely help with the weight loss and making recipes from your new cookbook!! 🙂

  38. I, like many others, have been wanting a Blendtec for years! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  39. My daily smoothies on my magic bullet just aren’t cutting it. It should I say, blending it. Would love to have red or teal to match my kitchen.

  40. Quick and healthy soups, smoothies and even tasty “ice cream” desserts (like the carrot and cashew ones). I need this blender badly…to replace a junky one that barely crushes ice. Whoop. Hi.

  41. Due to the very unfortunate recent death of the trusty old blender, the only food processing/blending tool in our house right now is a little immersion blender with a tiny food processor attachment where I have to make all my stuff in itty bitty little batches! So this would be a lifesaver for me!

  42. I have a K-Tek mixer/ blender combo for about 7 years and I love the mixer but the blender is not powerful enough for our large family needs. I have been looking into a new blender :). Love your recipes especially the Slow Cooker Taco Chicken! Yum!

  43. Oh, I’ve had my eye on one of these for sooo long! I haven’t been able to justify the cost, though. Would love to win!

  44. Would love to win this to make fresh and healthy items for my daughter and I! We are both allergic to dairy and love fresh fruits and veggies in the blender. Especially one this high-tech!

  45. What a great giveaway! I would love to have a Blendtec!! What a fabulous tool in the kitchen!

  46. Would LOVE to win this blender – mine is on the fritz and I need my protein shake every morning!! Thanks!!

  47. I’d like to enter but where are the rules? We just leave a comment about it? I’d love a Blendtec!!

  48. I’d LOVE to win this! Clean eating makes it a handy item to have! Thanks, again! <3 your blog!

  49. Loads of features! Don’t you just love how fast you can make ice cream?!!! And can’t forget soup!

  50. WOW High-Tec Blendtec! That would be AWESOME to own. Hope it’s got my name on it.
    Thank you for the opportunity…

  51. Perfect for smoothies, soups and everything else. I would love to have one.
    Thank you for the chance to own one.

  52. What a wonderful addition this appliance would be to my kitchen; it would take the place of several others. Thanks for your recipes and encouragement.

  53. I would love this blender, in the process of changing our eating habits. This would help alot. Plus my 6 year old loves to cook, this will help him blend and learn new things. Thank You!

  54. Uhhhh yeah!!! Def would love to fill my countertop space with even more gadgetry!! Lay one one me, Baby!!

  55. YES, been loving making smoothies. My new favorite is spinach, pineapple, banana, orange and coconut milk.

  56. You all are the! I would love me a brand spanking new Blendtec! I hear awesome things about them!!!

  57. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! I love the color of this blender! Reminds me of the Caribbean sea:)

  58. The blender we received for our wedding 14 years ago just bit the dust…this beauty couldn’t come at a better time! 🙂

  59. Someday I will own a Blendtec! I H-A-T-E my blender and therefore totally avoid using it unless absolutely necessary. I didn’t know about the refurbished option though; I’ll have to look into that!

  60. Are you kidding me?!?! I went looking for this blender after your last post! Love the sea foam! I’m incredibly unlucky but crossing my fingers!

  61. I love these blenders and have always wanted one. My BFF has 2 and I always tease her to give me one

  62. Just watched the guy at Sam’s Club demo one of these today…. I’m pretty sure I need one!

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