Flashback Friday: Buttermilk Caramel Syrup

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I hope you all subscribe to our newsletter so you got my Latin Favorites last week!  If not, definitely check out our Latin Index!  Also, I totally spelled Mayo wrong in that newsletter, but it’s only because I speak Portuguese and that’s how we say it (Maio)!

So, this is not Latin but it’s flipping amazing.  One of our all-time favorites and most popular recipes:  Buttermilk Caramel Syrup.  This is one of those sneaky recipes that makes it socially acceptable to eat dessert for breakfast.  

You’re welcome. 

The best buttermilk syrup recipe

We’ve cleaned up this post and added some fresh new pictures.  If you haven’t made this before, stop wasting time and click here!!  

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3. Okay, 3 things- HAPPY FRIDAY


  1. i have made this ever since I saw it in your first cookbook. I always and I mean always have a little container of it in my frig. One of my sons will eat no other syrup on his breakfast except this syrup! It is amazing! Also good with bananas. Love it!

  2. I’ve made this several times and L. O. V. E. it! Last night we had French toast and I made a few different syrups, this syrup was highly asked for from my kids, and no surprise it was the main attraction. My brother ate with us and he said “I need to bottle that and sell it! It is gooo-ooood!” We also had a little strawberries with our syrup, delicious! Thank you for one of the many amazing recipes you help make me look like a rock star cook.

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