Huge Discount on our Favorite New Curling Wands!

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So many of you have been asking when we’d have another great deal on curling wands and other hair products and the time is NOW!  Not only that, but this discount will work on EVERYTHING on the L’ange site, including professional straighteners, wands, product, you name it. We’ve got a new favorite and look how gorgeous it is:

Curling Wand Discount

You can save 50% on the ENTIRE L’ange site plus free shipping in the US with code OURBEST50.

I did a Facebook Live yesterday where I talked through all the tips and tricks I use when styling my hair to get that perfect bouncy curl and beachy wave.  You can catch the video by clicking Here!  I started with freshly washed, un-straightened un-styled hair and did it all on video.

Curling Wand Discount

We’re also giving away 2 wands from people who shared that video!  I’m going to give one more away to someone who comments on this blog post πŸ™‚  I’m sneaking that in right here so those of you who are actually reading and not skimming have an advantage!

One of the most common questions we get is about what size wand to use so I talked about that, and showed the difference in the 25 vs 32mm wand sizes.

Curling Wand Discount

I used the 25 to style almost all of my hair in that video.  But you might remember photos I’ve shared in the past demonstrating the difference.  The larger 32 mm will give much looser, larger waves, and the smaller 25mm will give more defined curls and waves.  For example, this is done with a 32mm, you’ll notice the curls are loose and soft:

And this is with a 25mm, after I’ve run my fingers through it quite a bit to get a nice wave. 

If you have shorter hair, here’s a picture of Kate after using a 25mm wand.  I suggest the smaller wand if you have shorter hair!

They are both amazing!  This brand is high quality and I like it even better than ones we’ve done in the past.  They also have some great product, some of which I highlighted in the video. Two of my favorites are on back-order because they’re so popular: this Sea Salt Spray, which is great to give texture and define that beachy wave look (it also smells amazing).

And this Root Booster, which I spray on my roots before drying to give lots of extra volume.

Check out the rest of their product and grab some goodies taking advantage of the 50% off.  

Then take a peek at the video and I give lots of tips and tricks to get different looks- you can see me do my hair from start to finish.  Obviously this takes way longer on video while I’m talking- when I do my hair like this at home it’s done in 10 minutes!

Hop over to the L’ange site and grab yourself a wand!  Remember to use code OURBEST50 for 50% off everything AND free shipping! 




    1. If you have damaged or dry hair, you might want to go with the ceramic- but I personally prefer the titanium. I think it gets a little hotter and curls better on my hair. But they are both awesome!

  1. I’ve always wanted to know how to get that wavy look. Thanks for the great tips and awesome discount πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve always wanted to try a curling wand but I’m notorious for burning myself. I’ll have to give your tips a try!

  3. That’s a pretty one! I haven’t owned a curling iron in years, but I might be persuaded to! πŸ™‚

  4. I was literally looking at your last curling wands post this weekend! I’d love to win one! Thank you!

  5. Love the curls! Looks so good and easy to use. Maybe this will be the thing that I need to finally get the look I want. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for posting! I’m growing my hair out and am looking for a curling wand….perfect timing!!!!

  7. I have only ever used a curling iron…..but I use it like a wand;) I would love to try a wand and I think I would love to try the 32mm maybe;) Loved your video!

  8. I would love, love, love to win the 32 mm curling wand. It looks so awesome (and it’s pink, so that’s awesome too).

  9. Hooray! Glad I love reading your posts, not just skimming!
    I would love to try out one of these curling wands. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I have naturally curly hair so I’m just learning how to do all this curling iron/wand stuff on my daughter’s hair. I loved the tutorial yeasterday. Thanks!

  11. I’ve never used a curling wand before. Although my hair is naturally wavy, it is also thick and frizzy. So I never wear my hair wavy. This might be a solution to that.

  12. I love videos like this! Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to get better at creating that nice, loose wave look!

  13. I really like the look of your curls with both wands. I guess it depends on what kind of look you’re going for! ???

  14. I’ve got to watch the video! I bought one during a past sale and am clueless. Plus I burned myself in about a thousand places-I wish the tip had plastic on it ?

  15. Thanks for the tips and tricks! I’ve enjoyed watching the videos you guys have been doing. ?

  16. Thanks so much for posting this here! I’m not on FB and was sad I missed it. Now I can watch it too!!!

  17. I love the way the curls and waves look when done with a wand. I’ve never had one, but getting a good deal like this one might make it worth it! πŸ™‚

  18. I have only ever used a curling iron. It is falling apart. I would love to try a curling wand. Love the color and love the results you got. Thanks for all the tips.

  19. Pick me!! I have always had hair envy for Sara’s hair!! I bought the Nume when you had the sale for them, but I’d love to try this one!!!

  20. Oooh! I missed out on the last sale, so I should snag one of these wands now! I think I’d go for the 25 mm size

  21. Great tutorial yesterday! I still use a curling iron and can get waves similar to yours, but I’m thinking a curling wand would be less harsh on my ends.

  22. Loved your tips & tricks yesterday that you shared. I’ve been wanting a wand since growing out my hair it’s been on my wish list for months!

  23. Your curls are so pretty! Thanks for the tutorial – I learned a lot from watching and you’re so funny!!

  24. Sorry, spelled your name wrong Sara! (As one with an unusual spelling I always feel bad when I do it to other people ?)

  25. Thanks for all the info and for sharing the discount. I’ve been thinking of getting a wand lately and this might be the ticket!

  26. I have been interested in getting one of these. Thanks for giving me the info I needed before purchasing. Your hair looks great!

  27. I bought one of the NuMe wands when you were promoting them and like it a lot. I bought the 25mm but was thinking about buying a 32mm as well. Now I guess I’ll need to use the discount to try this kind. I love the rose gold! Thanks!

  28. I’m going to have to look into getting the 25mm one… and I may have to try the root booster too! Thanks for the tips and discounts!

  29. Your video was fantastic!!! Great job!

    FYI: I have shorter hair (shorter than Kate’s) and I have to use the heat safe glove otherwise I’d burn my fingers off!! ha!

  30. I must get a 25 inch. My 32 inch doesn’t work so well on my post chemo, shorter than I like hair. But I also seem to burn myself often with it. grrr. Guess I need to start shopping!

  31. Wow. You both have lovely hair. I have yet to master that technique. I feel like I need some serious volume help at the roots. Maybe the root booster would work for me. Does it make your hair feel gritty? Anyway, I love your recipes and was delighted to see this hair post as I always need help in both areas. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  32. I’ve been meaning to buy one of these for a while. I think the 32mm would be so nice to use on my daughter’s hair as she’s heading into junior high this fall. Thanks, ladies!

  33. I bought the 25mm from NuMe during your last promotion. I watched a “how-to” video online, used the wand once and now it’s sitting under the bathroom sink because I burned myself one too many times. Thanks for posting the video. I gotta try it again when the kiddos are asleep.

  34. My daughter and I would love one of these wands! Thank you for the fun tutorial! We snuggled and watched it together! We are going to go try to some of these tips out now!

  35. So excited to try out your tips! Thank you for sharing. I’m checking out the website right now for the wands. *

  36. Everyone always says “this only takes me 10 min”…I guess I need to practice….And yes, show a braid video!

  37. I’ve wanted a wand but I haven’t wanted to invest because I am so bad at hair! I feel like this might be easy enough to make me good at it though…

  38. Terrific tutorial! Thanks for the discount code! My birthday is coming up…maybe I’ll drop a few hints for the hubby!!

  39. Your hair is gorgeous – I’ve tried my sisters wand and it took me a minute, but I decided I really liked it after I figured it out (:

  40. Yours is one of my favorite recipe sites. I’ve never tried a wand before & would love to.

  41. My curling iron I’ve had forever just broke. Great timing! I REALLY need one of these! Thanks for the video:)

  42. I have 5 daughters so we can always use another wand. And my older girls that do their own hair totally need to watch your video! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  43. I watched your tutorial and I would love to win one of these wands! Thanks for all the great stuff that you two do!!

  44. Your hair looks great! I’m glad I didn’t get the other curling wands, I’m going to check these ones out! Thanks!

  45. It’s so helpful to see the wand in action – thanks for tutorial! I have shorter hair and have always wanted to get the curly look, but have been to intimidated to try it on my own. With this wand (if I win it;-) I feel I may be able to actually do it now πŸ™‚

  46. I have never been very good at curling my hair so getting one of these would be awesome!

  47. I love the video you posted! I need to be better about learning how to do my hair in more ways. It was really helpful to watch you do it. Thanks!

  48. Loved watching the video yesterday. I need a new tool in my arsenal and this one looked so easy to use!!

  49. I’ll probably lose all of my fingerprints learning how to use this, but hey, no guts no glory! πŸ™‚

  50. Loved this video! Thanks for sharing your tips. I need a wand and this looks like a great time to get one. Thank you!!

  51. I have two teenage daughters and myself who would love to have one of these! Love your hair and love your blogs πŸ™‚

  52. I have always wanted to learn how To use one. Never thought I would learn in the school pick up line. Great tutorial. Thanks

  53. Love your Hairstyle recipe!
    Also love the pretty rose gold color of the wands!
    You are two generous and talented young women!

  54. Thanks for all these sales and for the info! I’ve been looking at these but haven’t known which company, size, or type would be the best so I appreciate all this info!

  55. I just cut 8 inches off the length of my hair and could definitely use a smaller wand now to style it.

  56. Thanks for the tutorial! I usually curl my hair to give it more volume and body too. Would love to try using a wand instead of just a curling iron and see if the curl will last longer.

  57. I use my flat iron for curling. I’ve never been able to use a wand. I’d love to try it.

  58. Yay! Glad you’re doing this, I’ve been debating on getting one for my daughter with long hair and myself with short hair, might have to get both! Your hair is gorgeous Sara! Thanks for doing this!

  59. I’ve been so tempted to spring for a curling wand! Love seeing you and Kate model the results! Thank you!

  60. Gorgeous hair, thanks for the tips! You just might save me from my old big curling iron…yes I still have one!

  61. I’d love to try a 25mm wand on my hair! But so hard to find the time to do anything other than dry my hair. ..

  62. This looks like something I’d love to try! I’m pregnant with our first child and about 21 weeks in and let’s just say it’s been rough! I was even on bed rest for a week. Over the summer and in the early fall I used my big round traditional style curling iron after blow drying to get loose beach waves but I have long, fine hair and a lot of it… and I haven’t been motivated to stand there for 20 minutes curling it since. Definitely going to check out that root boost as well πŸ™‚

  63. Loved the tutorial it gave me confidence to use a wand! What a great deal! So your lashes look Amazing! Do you do your own lash extensions or have them done or maybe they are real, either way I need details;)

  64. I’m not saying that this will get my ponytail out every day, but it would be nice to have the option when I return home from taking my daughter to preschool in my pajamas.

  65. I’ve had my curling iron since before I got married over 10v years ago. I have a nice high quality straightener but cold use an update for curling. I would love to win one of these wands!
    Also, love your second day hair you showed on Facebook!

  66. Crossing my fingers luck is on my side to finally win something cause I’d love this wand. Curious how hot it gets because I have super thick hair. Thanks!

  67. Thanks for the tips. I’ve been thinking about trying to do these kind of waves on my tom-boy daughter. ?

  68. Wow, these wands look amazing! How do they compare to the NuMe ones you guys have mentioned before?

  69. My finger is tired from scrolling! ? It has taken me two years to grow my hair long (I’ve had short hair for 22 years ?) a wand would be awesome for mine and my daughters hair! Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

  70. I would love to win!! I have been wanting to try a curling wand for my thick hair! Thanks.

  71. I love the video and the hairstyles look great. Great tip about about the salt spray too, I’m going to try it.

  72. So pretty. I still use hot rollers because I never had talent with the curling iron. Maybe this can give me a much needed update. Thanks!

  73. I would love to try one of these wands! I’ve only used a curling iron. Did it take a while to learn how to use the wand?

  74. I love that you thought you’d just sneak that comment in there! ? Don’t you know there are tons of us out here who think you’re hilarious and read every word you write?

  75. How long is the 50% off code good for? I wanted to try their root boost and heat protectant and both are sold out…wondering if the code will work once they restock?

  76. I had a tapered curling wand and like it, but would like to try the straight ones. I like the more relaxed curl they provide.

  77. I’ve tried different things on my hair with varying degrees of success, so I’d love to try this. Thank you so much for the tips!

  78. You have gorgeous hair! Loved your tip on using mousse when “combing” your curls! I used that tip this morning! =)

  79. I’ve been growing my hair out but having a hard time styling it so usually it in a pony tail. I have really fine hair and the curl falls out quickly. I’m excited to try this curling rod and styling products! Thank you for all your amazing beauty tips, health tips and especially the recipes!

    How long is the discount code good?

  80. Your hair is beautiful! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have 3 daughters with long hair and we’ve never really nailed down a great way to get those beautiful curls and waves. Excited to try your tips. Would love a chance to win the wand!

  81. Thank you for sharing your tips! I am going to try this! Maybe my hair will hold the curl?

  82. I’d love one of these wands! It would give me an excuse to actually do my hair instead of my daily Mom bun. My hubby has forgotten how long my hair really is because all its all I ever do with my hair anymore.

  83. This is EXACTLY what I needed right now. Gotta win a wand or buy a wand. Either way it’s happening. Thank you! Thank you!!

  84. I have struggled with curling my hair because it is so fine and won’t hold… I’m thinking the thing I’ve always been missing is some good product to give it volume and texture. Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve got new ideas to try now!

  85. I have short hair that is cut into a bob. I curl mine and people go crazy about it. If your hair is short and you want spunky, funky curls-get a small 25mm wand. You don’t have to have long beautiful hair to use this product!

  86. I’m in love with the beachy wave look butI’ve never been able to do it. I need one of these wands! My 30th birthday is is two weeks and I’m kind of in mourning…this would make me not feel so old. πŸ™‚

  87. I love this!!! It’s amazing what you did with this wand, I would love to have one. I’ve always had straight hair and would love to curl it. I’ve always been afraid too, but you made it look easy.

  88. I loved the video yesterday – thanks for sharing. I have a cheap Target wand that is tapered at the end, and my hair slides right off! It drives me nuts. I like the results well enough, though, to consider purchasing a better straight wand. Thanks for the product recommendation!

  89. You’re giving me more motivation to try my hand at those beach waves! It looks so intimidating and mine always end up looking more like Shirley Temple!

  90. I love this post!! Always looking for new equipment & products for me hair – especially as my hair is less forgiving with age *sigh*

  91. I watched your video live, and I appreciated all of the tips! Thanks for the discount code- what a deal!

  92. my oldest daughter is going to college in the fall…we need to get another wand or her younger sisters will be sad when she takes the one we bought the last time you recommended it!

  93. Those natural boho beach curls are dreamy! I’m a nursing school student, and love that this look can be achievable under five minutes, and lasts all day. I’d love to try one of your wands!
    Thanks for sharing!

  94. Thank you for tutorial! I love your hair and I think I need to get me one of those wands to help me change it up a little bit.

  95. It has been a long time since I have used a curling wand, we called them curling irons. The old one I have is probably dangerous, I love the way these make your hair look so natural and yet styled also.

  96. I’ve always been intimidated by the wand – but the video made it more approachable πŸ™‚ would love to win one!

  97. I used your tips yesterday with my wand and it looked so much better! i’d love to try the larger wand to get more of a wave.

  98. Oh man ha do really bad luck with curling iron a lately, definitely need one that will help! Thanks for the tip on titanium vs ceramic — good to know!

    (Wouldn’t mind winning one either πŸ˜‰

  99. I remember you ladies (maybe incorrectly) talking about using the Nume wands? Which ones do you prefer? I have a Nume, but am always looking out for better hair stuff – does the Lange seem to work even better?

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