Happy Mother’s Day!

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If Mother’s Day kind of gives you heart palpitations, I totally get it. It’s a well-intentioned holiday rife with feelings–good and not so good–that only seems to get complicated as I get older. So. We’re here to make things a little easier for you. And since Teacher Appreciation seems to go right along with Mother’s Day (both in timing and in how I seem to get teachers exactly what I would want; it’s almost never a mug and almost always involves food and gift cards), these could be easily adapted if you’re also looking for ways to thank your favorite teacher.

I’ve already shared my 2018 Gift Guide that includes some of my favorite bigger-ticket items, but there’s still time to buy those (or forward it to your Mother’s Day Gift Purchaser of Choice…)

Also, Sara shared a fantastic build your own perfect Mother’s Day Brunch Menu!

If you’re not going to get me a THIS that I can lie under whilst wearing sunglasses like a tortured Hollywood diva, I think I probably want chocolate. If you’re going to give me a generic, mass Mother’s Day token, keep in mind that a plant is just another thing for me to take care of and it will probably die, but chocolate is forever.

Click her for our Mother’s Day Chocolate Bar (and there’s also a Teacher Appreciation printable, too, because generally speaking, teachers also like chocolate.)

These Tin Can Treats are always a huge hit because they’re adorable and unique and you can fill them with all sorts of fun surprises. Again, chocolate is always good. Also good: nail polish, lip gloss, money (probably not for teachers, that feels weird, but gift cards are always good), tickets, jewelry, a nap, the essence of a changed toilet paper roll or laundry actually in the hamper and not 18 inches from it; you get the idea.

We don’t have our cups in stock in our shop anymore, but Sara has TONS of perfect little gift ideas from our shop in THIS post

(and we DO have these adorable Mother’s Day Gift Boxes!)

Finally. If all these crazy expectations have got you down, if you feel like, for whatever reason, your situation is less than ideal, we know. We get it. We feel it, too. We really, really, really do…you know how when you have company coming over and you shove everything into that giant closet so people don’t know you live like you could be on an episode of Hoarders? Think of Instagram and the blog as what you see when you come over, but rest assured, we have our hoarder closets (physically…emotionally…all the closets) that you don’t see. So. If you have a few minutes, read A Few Thoughts Before Mother’s Day.




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