4th of July Party Food {and some announcements!}

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Hello everyone!  We have had such a busy week here at OBB.  In fact, we have so much going on that we’ll probably sneak in an extra post this week to fit it all in.  First of all, thank you all so much for the well-wishes you sent my way.  We welcomed boy #3 into our house this past Friday and I’ve been doing nothing but stare at those adorable little toesies ever since.  If you’ve emailed or commented and are awaiting a response, please be patient as blogging has taken a back seat for a bit!  Also, if you’ve been keeping up on Facebook and Twitter you know that Kate has been on a fun excursion to New York and she’ll be back soon and sharing all of the details!  I put together this post pre-baby as I’m sure lots of people are prepping for 4th of July activities.  So check it out!


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With a holiday weekend coming we wanted to give you some ideas of fun things to share at the picnics and bbq’s you’ll most certainly be hosting or attending!  From experience we know that the most commonly requested items are desserts and side dishes so I’ll focus on some of our favorites in that category today.  Seems like everyone usually has the bbq’d hamburgers and hot dogs covered!  And since I have such a sweet tooth, we’ll go in opposite order and just bring on the dessert first 🙂

I originally posted this recipe in honor of my Mom and Independence day.  Growing up this was our standard 4th of July potluck dessert.  They’re easy, they’re make-ahead, and they’re already individually proportioned.  Plus, with fresh or canned berries, they’re adorably red, white and blue!  Click Here for the Recipe.
These little cuties are sure to impress.  You could easily make them larger in regular sized muffin tins, or even do pie in a jar with little star tops.  Click here for the Recipe.

If you’re needing to feed a crowd, this one is a great way to go.  It makes plenty for sharing, and who doesn’t love chocolate?? Click here for the Recipe.

Nothing quite as classic as a fresh Apple Pie, especially on the 4th!  This recipe is down-right perfect.  Add some vanilla ice cream on top for pie a la mode.  Click here for the Recipe.

Okay, imagine with me.  Use star-shaped cookie cutters and fill the some of the centers with strawberry or raspberry jam and some with blueberry jam.  Then drizzle with white chocolate or almond bark instead of chocolate.  Are you now imagining being the most popular person at your party?  Adorable!  Click here for the Recipe.

Other festive ideas are Colorburst Cupcakes in Red, White, and Blue (my brother and sister in law made those last year and they were so cute!) and Sugar Cookie Pops decorated with Glace Icing.


Now onto some sides…

This is the perfect recipe for potlucks and parties because it makes a gazillion muffins or squares.  Plus, it’s delicious!  Bring along a side of honey butter to slap on those bad boys too.   Click here for the Recipe.

Perfect side dish for any bbq type setting.  Plus you could pop them in your slow-cooker that morning and not have to do a thing until it’s time to party!  Click here for the Recipe.

Another great make-ahead option since chilling is a must!  Everyone loves a pasta salad.  Click here for the recipe.

You may not think of Asian inspired food when you’re brainstorming for the 4th of July, but his salad is a great option because the cabbage mix holds up great for parties.  Regular lettuce based salads wilt quickly, but this one will stay nice and crisp on the buffet table.  Click here for the Recipe.

This Cobb salad is great too because you can separate all of the toppings and serve the dressing on the side.  That ensures everyone will get a bit of everything, and no wilted lettuce!  Click here for the Recipe.

Another cabbage based salad perfect for a bbq. We’ve had many coleslaw haters lick the bowl after eating this (um…including me!)  Click here for the Recipe.

This tastes great at room temp too, so it’s okay sitting around.  Although I can promise if you make it, it won’t sit around for long- it’s that good!  Now that fresh corn is available it tastes even better.  Click here for the Recipe.

Make this sweet twist of a salsa with any fresh fruit that’s in season.  Or even combine it with some slushy frozen fruit to keep it cool.  Click here for the Recipe.


Having a party?  Then you need a cheeseball. What more can I say?!  Load up on veggies and crackers and let people at it.  Click here for the recipe.

If you’re having or attending a big party then chances are they’ll have huge coolers of drinks and jugs of juice made from a bulk mix, but if you might be attending a more intimate gathering, take the time to squeeze your own lemons for this refreshing drink.  Click here for the Recipe.

That’s just a sampling of some of our favorites.  Check out our Recipe Index for more ideas.  We hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July!


  1. Wow! Congrats! I love the little feet picture. So cute! And, I have to also say, I love it when you gals do a post like this where you compile all the recommendations for us for a specific event or theme. It makes it so much easier than searching through the site again trying to remember all those 4th of July goodies I could make! So thanks! Now go get some rest you busy Mommy!

  2. I also have 3 boys and am so outnumbered in this house, lol. Enjoy them all…my new baby is already 7 months old and I swear he was just born. Congratulations again.

  3. Congratulation, he's a beautiful boy. You'll have to mention how life with three boys goes. I'm just 3 months behind you on that.

  4. Sara he is adorable! Congrats again. Thanks for the recipe ideas, made the mini star topped pies last year and they were a hit. Think I might try the beans for the block party tomorrow. You guys are awesome!

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