9 Easy Homemade Valentines!

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I’m not totally sure how we’re into the second week of February. In my brain, we’re somewhere around Thanksgiving and spring might kind of be around the corner and my youngest child is still and infant and basically, I’m just very confused.

Because so many of you will be helping your kids assemble Valentines this week (or if you’re sending out Valentines to your own besties), I’ve put together some of our favorite Valentines ideas, new and old, all of them either come with a printable or are a complete Valentine in and of themselves.

final collage

From left to right, we have, 1. Beary Sweet Valentines (maybe with Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bear Popcorn?), 2. Bubble Valentines 3. CD Envelope Valentine Pouches 4. Fortune Cookies 5. Parks and Recreation Valentines 6. Love Potion 7. Heart-Shaped Crayons 8. Tim Riggins Cookies 9.Valentine Tin Can Treats

And if none if these do it for you, here are some of my favorites that I’ve found around the interwebs this Valentine’s Day season.

yoda best valentine

Yoda Best Valentine from Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Along those lines, there are these adorable Star Wars Valentines from The Idea Room.


For someone Extra Awesome, these Valentines from The Crafting Chicks should do the trick…


Super-cute paper airplanes from No Biggie? Yes, please!


And I just completely adore this print from How to Nest for Less!
valentines-day-printable1I hope that gives you some ideas to get you into the Valentines-y spirit!


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