Kate & Sara’s Albion 2016 Picks

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Sara and I are well-documented lovers of fitness wear. In fact, this basically sums up my life…

workout clothes

In all fairness, I do hit the gym most mornings (the last month, also known as the Jones Plague 2016, excluded), but then I’m like, “Dangit, my kids will be off the bus in 17 minutes and I still haven’t showered and whhhhhy are these pants so amazing?!”

We love the fitness wear from Albion Fit–if you’re not familiar with them, they’re a high-end boutique Utah-based fitness wear company. Their stuff is incredibly thoughtful–whether you’re going for support or movability or breathability or comfort (or a combination), they’ve got you covered. And their swimsuits? To. Die. For. They are incredibly well-made…there are lots of cute boutique-y swimsuits popping up from smaller companies and I’ve tried many of them and I can tell you these are the best I’ve tried. T  fabrics are very high-quality (many of the suits I’ve tried have thin, borderline sheer fabrics) and stitching, thoughtful lining, and so cute–I bought this Jaw Dropper 3 years ago and it’s still probably my favorite), but the cuteness doesn’t decrease the functionality; they move, they cover, and they last; as long as you take care of them, they still look amazing, use after use.

Albion let us pick a few things to try…

Albion2016 headerBoth Sara and I picked those pants in the middle and if you’re wondering what pants I thought were so amazing at the beginning of my post, those are the ones. They’re compression leggings, so they’re über-flattering, holding everything in, but not in an uncomfortable way.

I also tried out their Go Love Racer (top left picture), which is a fitted, lined tank with adorable (and flattering) ruche-ing on the sides. Just a heads-up–I think this one runs a little small, so if you’re on the fence size-wise, I’d order a size up. I have a few of their Go Long Crews (top right picture) and their super lightweight and breathable, perfect for pre- and post-workout as well as lounging (hello, thumbholes…) The Sweet Stripe Capris on the middle left are lightweight, movable, and super breathable…the closest you can go to au natural without being arrested.

Sara also opted for the swims–that rash guard? I’m kind of jealous, especially when it’s paired with those North Shore Shorts.

We’re going to be giving away a $150 Albion gift card over in our DietBet, which JUST started, so there’s still plenty of time to join! Happy Saturday (aka online shopping day…), everybody!



  1. So, I have a hard time finding exercise clothes that are cute, because 1) I need sleeves and 2) I need pants that are loose enough to accommodate other layers – if you catch my drift. ? I know everyone views this differently which is fine, but for me, I am not comfortable otherwise. Especially because I often stay in my workout clothes after the workout. I haven’t been able to really look through their website, so do you know if they’ve got styles that would accommodate this? Or is there another brand you would recommend?

    1. I am the same way for the exact reason you said. Despite my best intentions, I often end up staying in my exercise clothes. My only suggestion is to have both layers on bottom Capri length.

      1. Yes, the longer bottom layer are actually my favorites. I also love the boyfriend tees from Target–they’re inexpensive and lightweight and perfect for working out or just running around!

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