All About Greek Yogurt

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greek yogurt thumbnailSo you know how if the world was made out of ideas collected on Pinterest, we’d all sleep in beds made of wooden shipping pallets held together with burlap and washi tape and we’d stay perpetually skinny by adding dollops of coconut oil and Greek yogurt into everything we ate (and by “everything,” I mean a diet consisting largely of smoothies)? I love Pinterest (sometimes I love it more than others…I tend to like myself a lot more when I pin in moderation); I love so many of the ideas and being able to save such fabulous creative ideas into one place. But it’s also easy to get burned by trends that seem to have all the answers.

Like Greek yogurt.

I love Greek yogurt–I’ve loved it for way longer than it’s made your skin silky soft and established world peace one 5.3-ounce container at a time. But I’m under no illusions that it’s going to change the world. I also totally get it if you think it tastes like baby vomit and are scared to admit it lest the throngs of Greek yogurt devotees come and flog you with the un-cool stick. Yeah, yeah, I just said “baby vomit” on a food blog. It’s gonna be one of those posts.

What Greek Yogurt Is:

  • Before the Greek yogurt purists hit the comment button and furiously tell me that I am wrong and that TRUE Greek yogurt is made from full-fat milk and the stuff we eat from the grocery stores here in the US is not fit for dogs and we are stupid, stupid idiots for eating “Greek” yogurt, yeah, I get it, whatever. This post is about Greek yogurt purchased in major US grocery stores.
  • True Greek yogurt has been strained twice, so it has twice as much protein as regular yogurt. Most Greek yogurt sold in the US is low-fat or fat-free, which does make it a great addition to a healthy diet–it’s a good source of lean protein and has all sorts of other dietary goodies like calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Pretend Greek yogurt (more officially known as “Greek-Style Yogurt”) is thickened with pectin and doesn’t have the protein of double-strained yogurt.
  • Greek yogurt is thicker, tangier, and generally not as heavily sweetened as yogurt you might be used to eating. I like the tangy flavor and the thickness makes it feel like I’m eating a treat, but some people compare it to eating plain sour cream.
  • Speaking of sour cream, it’s a great substitute for sour cream and other fatty, creamy ingredients like full-fat buttermilk and mayonnaise. Check out this chart from Chobani that tells you how to substitute Greek yogurt in the kitchen:

chobani kitchen

  • It may be more expensive than yogurt you might have bought in the past.
  • It pretty much always contains live active cultures. You know, all that good bacteria.

What Greek Yogurt Isn’t:

  • It isn’t going to negate all the other bad things you eat all day or make you magically lose 7 pounds by hanging out in your fridge.
  • It is not a sure-shot with husbands. Mine looked at me like I gave him a sealed plastic container full of peach-flavored something horrible when I handed it to him.

If you go to the grocery store, you might feel overwhelmed with the Greek yogurt selections. Seriously, 3-4 years ago, I couldn’t find it anywhere and now it’s kind of taken over the dairy department. Which is awesome. But Greek yogurt can be really really good and it can be really, really bad–don’t judge all Greek yogurt on one or two bad brands.

I couldn’t possibly test all the flavors of all the brands in all the grocery stores in all the land, but I did try to track down all the brands I find at grocery stores where I usually shop. Because I’m not a total glutton (or glutton for punishment), I didn’t get every single flavor. I can tell you that even within my favorite brands, there are flavors I love (Chobani pineapple!) and others that I can’t stand (Chobani Strawberry!) I tried to stick with vanilla or honey if possible because they’re smooth and mild, but I got Fage peach because that was the mildest flavor I could find. Also, all the yogurt here was purchased with my very own money for testing purposes. I’m not being compensated in any way by any yogurt company, so I promise, everything I’m telling you is totally my own opinion.

First up: Chobani Honey!
chobani honeyServing Size: 6 ounces
Calories: 150
Fat: 0 grams
Carbs: 21
Protein: 13
Weight Watchers Points +: 4

This yogurt was delicious and creamy, not too sweet, with a slight, pleasantly sour aftertaste. Grade: A.

Next…Dannon Light & Fit Greek Vanilla.


Serving Size: 5.3 ounces

Calories: 80
Fat: 0 grams
Carbs: 9 grams
Protein: 12 grams
Weight Watchers Points+: 2

This yogurt had a nice texture, but it tasted like a cup full of chemicals. The vanilla tasted like a vanilla candle, the yogurt was overly sweet, and it had an artificial sweetener aftertaste. Grade: C-.

Next…Fage Peach


Serving Size: 5.3 ounces
Calories: 120
Fat: 0 grams
Carbs: 17 grams
Protein: 13 grams
Weight Watchers Points +: 3

This yogurt was thick, creamy, and didn’t taste fat free. The texture was smooth and silky, the yogurt was tangy with no weird aftertaste,and the peach wasn’t gummy or over-processed like a lot of fruit flavors in yogurts. Also, the fruit comes in a separate compartment,


so you can add as much or as little as you like. A+

Greek Gods Vanilla Honey


Serving Size: 8 ounces
Calories: 280
Fat: 14
Carbs: 33
Protein: 8
Weight Watchers Points +: 8

Tangy, creamy, multidimensional, distinct, clean honey and vanilla flavors that didn’t taste fake in any way and were well-balanced. This was probably the best-tasting of all of them (um…duh–it has 14 times as much fat as any of the others). I took a peek at the ingredients list and it had whole milk, sugar, honey, vanilla, and whey and pectin. So a lot more natural than some of the other options and you could taste it. That said…take a look at the serving size and the protein content. This isn’t actually Greek yogurt, it’s Greek-style yogurt (notice the pectin?) It’s also probably not something you want to eat every day if you’re trying to lose weight. But it’s a delicious, creamy treat–I’m giving it an A-, just because it’s misleading and more like ice cream than a healthy breakfast alternative… 🙂

Oikos Vanilla


Serving Size: 5.3 ounces
Calories: 120
Fat: 0
Carbs: 19
Protein: 12
Weight Watchers Points +: 3

This was creamy and smooth with a slightly gritty after-feel. This had a strong artificial vanilla flavor that I wasn’t too keen on. Grade: B.

Voskos Vanilla Bean

IMG_0064Serving Size: 5.3 oz.
Calories: 130
Fat: 0
Carbs: 21
Protein: 11
Weight Watchers Points +: 3

This was hands-down my least favorite. It was grainy with an artificial vanilla taste and a weird, unpleasantly sour aftertaste. In fact, I checked the expiration date a few times to make sure it wasn’t spoiled, but the expiration date was a few weeks off. I couldn’t eat more than a few tastes. Grade: D-. And that’s because I’d feel like a jerkface for giving it an F.

Yoplait Greek 100 Vanilla

IMG_0074Calories: 100
Fat: 0
Carbs: 11
Protein: 13
WW Points: 2

The yogurt was thin and had an artificial flavor and chemical aftertaste. It didn’t taste a whole lot different from non-Greek diet yogurt. Grade: C-

I know that’s a lot of info, so here’s a little chart of how the different brands of yogurt stack up nutritionally. Happy Monday to you!

and here’s the chart from Chobani so you can print it out and hang it on your pantry door:



  1. Fage honey is my favorite. Getting just a little bit of honey every few bites made me feel like I was eating a treat.

  2. Thanks for your input! I concur with a lot of your comments. I LOVE the Fage Greek Yogurt. Try the blueberry. It is yummy!

  3. We are huge Fage fans in our home…we have it always every morning with honey and walnuts. While it is probably the most expensive of all these brands, I find that it’s worth the price given how much protein it packs in!

    It’s also interesting to note how the U.S. Greek yogurt trend has really revitalized the dairy business, especially in upstate NY. I believe Chobani and Fage both have operations there. Hopefully this food trend continues to boost the US economy.


  4. I have to admit that I’ve never been a big yogurt fan, I always kinda feel like i have to gag it down. That is, until my brother introduced me to the Chobani Passion Fruit yogurt. I love it! I love the tanginess and creaminess, I always feel like i’m having a treat when I eat it. Yumm!

  5. I make my OWN greek yogurt in the crock pot! 3 WW pts and it is so much better for you that what you buy… and my blood pressure has dropped 20 pts. since I have been eating it!

    1. I do the same, but I sometimes buy Fage, too. It’s hard to duplicate the same texture at home and I miss that part. I had seen Fage for so long without trying it, and now I know why it has been around for so long. My next stop in the make-your-own yogurt parade is to buy powdered cultures.

    2. I would love to learn how you make yours in a crock pot. My daughter tried it and it was a failure and wasted LOTS of great milk!

  6. My fav is the Oikos – its so creamy – love the honey!

    The greek gods one is good also – we used that for my daughter when we were trying to get some extra calories/fat in her – way too much fat for me but she loved it!

  7. Fage is my favorite–and I hate yogurt! But the Fage doesn’t have as much sour after taste as the others so I can actually get through the whole container. And I love that they have the fruit/honey on the side.

  8. I love this. I posted awhile ago on FB that I couldn’t get on the greek yogurt bandwagon, but it was definitely because I was eating the wrong ones! Hubby and I LOVE Chobani Passion Fruit. We eat it as a treat a couples time a week after the kids are in bed. (The other days we eat cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.) I have liked a lot of Chobani flavors and Fage flavors. Not at all a fan of the Yoplait ones.

  9. I love chobani! I love that it is all natural with no chemical.
    I don’t ever eat anything with artificial sweeteners as they make me really dizzy so lite and fiit are always out 🙁
    Thanks for sharing your opinions!

  10. Alas – rural Nova Scotia doesn’t carry many of the brands you recommended. I make do with Oikos (being my favorite) and President’s Choice honey (being my 2nd). Yeah, I agree — I hate those chemical tasting yogurts.

    Thanks for the review. If I ever come across Chobani, I will push all other shoppers aside and trample them in an attempt to buy all the honey flavor!

    1. Check and see if they have Liberte there – it is hands down the BEST greek yogurt I have ever had! It is made in Quebec and so delicious, creamy, thick, true greek yogurt. It is divine! They make a line of non-greek yogurts with the most incredible flavours, the lemon tastes like dessert and the coconut is to die for as is the black cherry. It is kind of like eating ice cream – it tastes that good!

      1. Yes! Just had liberate while on vacation in fl. It is unbelievable! But truly a treat as the 2 or 3rd invite is cream! Coconut and vanilla were to die for.

  11. I really wish I could get on the plain Greek yogurt bandwagon and be all virtuous and only eat it with a bit of honey or agave sweetener–but really, I just feel like I’m eating a bowl of sour cream. Blech. I really like the Chobani yogurts with the fruit but I am frustrated at how much sugar they have in them–but honestly, that’s the only way I can stand to even eat it.

    1. I’m so with you! I’ve tried and tried (mostly with Fage too – so it’s not like I’m buying the junky stuff), but I can’t love Greek yogurt either!

    2. I have never liked ANY yoghurt but now every morning I eat a bowl of the plain greek yoghurt ( Costco brand) but I lightly sprinkle if with granola and a cup + of blueberries. (I get the big bags of frozen ones from Costco, put the blueberries in a plastic cup and cover them with water and microwave them for a minute to thaw them out.) The large amount of fruit and the slight texture of the granola make all the difference to me! I don’t eat a very balanced diet so the large amount of protein is important to me. I’ve also lost 6 pounds since I started eating this about 4 months ago:)

  12. I can honestly say that I’m a yogurt hater…something about live cultures is a HUGE turn off to me. HOWEVER, I found Chobani pineapple and also their vanilla & chocolate chip yogurts back in the Fall and they are pretty awesome. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m a yogurt-lover, but I’m slowly converting. 🙂

  13. Fage is by far my favorite brand too! A+ all the way. Also, you can buy the 0% fat free flavors, and only use about a third of the fruit portion.. I spread a thin layer across the top, eat halfway down, and then spread a bit more. This cuts WAY down on the sugar, so the stats are even better!

  14. You must get some funny comments about authentic greek yogurt, lol.

    Anyway, writing to tell you that you HAVE to try Liberte greek yogurt. It blows Chobani and Fage out of the water. It is so creamy and smooth and rich. I told my sister about it and she went and bought some and couldn’t get over how awesome it was. I’d rather eat it than icecream, which might be a good thing because it has cream in it and LOTS of calories (I think 280?). Anyway, you absolutely must try the lemon – it’s the only I eat anymore, although the other flavors are good too.

    1. Oh, girl, we get a lot of funny comments about EVERYTHING, haha. There are a lot of super angry people in this world.

      I’ll keep my eyes open for Liberte. I kind of live in the middle of nowhere, so we don’t get a lot of cool stuff right away, lol.

  15. I LOVE this post! Thank you so much! I always want to put Greek Yogurt in place of fat in a lot of things, but I get scared to experiment beyond the simple ones. This will be really helpful!

  16. I was enjoying my Greek yogurt when I found this post. I had plain yogurt with honey on the side – this is a treat because it’s 9% m.f.! Not something I eat everyday! Love this blog…am making the spicy honey chicken and salad tonight! Thanks!

  17. I have a wonderful biscuit recipe that calls for no butter or shortening…only greek yogurt and I substitute full fat milk for fat free evaporated milk and my hubby says those biscuits are better than his granny’s….just sayin’

      1. Super simple and healthier too 🙂
        2 c. all-purp flour (can also do 1 1/2 c. all purp and 1/2 c. whole wheat)
        1 t. salt
        1 T. baking powder
        1- 5.3 oz. container oikos greek yogurt (plain or honey)
        1/2 c.- 3/4 c. fat free evaporated milk (enough to bring the dough together)
        Mix all dry and incorporate yogurt. (I use my kitchenaide on low w/dough hook or paddle)pour in enough evap. milk just to bring dough together and will be a little sticky. Roll on lightly floured surface and bake at 350 till golden 🙂 Tell me how you like them!

  18. Am I the only person that is going to request this yogurt thing turn into a two part series? But I would love to know which of the chart substitutions two fabulous cooks like you guys would use!

  19. Voskos is gross. I pretty much like all yogurt, but I threw out the last few containers of it I had after eating my third and hating it. All of the flavors were equally not good.

  20. ok, so I agree with not really liking the taste of it when eating it with a spoon, even if I add fruit and sweetener. So, that’s out of the question. However I have tried to use it when making dips or dressings, substituting it for the buttermilk and mayo. But it became runny by the next day and the only thing different from my original was the greek yogurt substitution. any suggestions?

  21. First of all, I totally love the comment numbers when you reply!

    I love the Greek Gods honey vanilla. It is often my dessert. 🙂

  22. Love greek yogurt – love the protein I get when I eat it. We have a brand here in Canada called Liberte that makes the most incredible flavours and they have a huge 12 pack they sell at Costco which makes me so happy 🙂

  23. Fage honey is my favorite! A few years ago when they introduced it it was $1 and they had a $1 off coupon you could print. I was like a crazy person trying to collect those from my friends and family so I could stock up on this tasty treat. Now I buy a big huge tub and keep some honey in the fridge. I love the extra thick honey!

  24. So I have tried a lot of greek yogurts. I used it mainly as a substitute for sour cream for a while. Until I tried Zoi greek yogurt with honey. It’s most comparable to Greek Gods but in my opinion much much better! It’s smoother and doesn’t have quite the same texture as other greek yogurt. It’s the only one I’ll eat plain. I have only found it at Winco here in UT but I am seriously addicted to it. I love opening up a fresh container and dipping into it for the first time. It’s like the joy I feel when I get to open a fresh jar of pb and get to be the first one to dip into it. Heaven. It kind of reminds me of like a healthy version of a cheesecake filling. I crave it more than I crave ice cream. It’s so good. I’m pretty sure I’ll die if Winco ever stops carrying this brand.

    1. I also love that zoi honey Greek yogurt, but I only let myself eat it when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding and need extra calories. Otherwise I can’t justify the fat/calories, but the flavor and creamy texture are amazing!

    2. I totally agree with Audrey. ZOI is hands down my favorite brand, and my husband’s too. He absolutely loves the honey one, and he HATES yogurt — has never liked it. I love the Strawberry Cream — it’s an amazing treat that reminds me of an incredibly rich strawberry cheesecake, so I only eat it when I’m craving ice cream.

  25. I’m ashamed to say I wanted to try Greek yogurt, but I didn’t really have money so I got the super cheap store-brand. And the flavor I ended up with was strawberry-mint. Seriously? I’m cringing as I write it. I’ll have to give one of the yummy ones a try, since we don’t eat that much yogurt anyway.

  26. I also make my own yogurt. It’s so easy and so much less expensive than buying it at the store. Plus, then I have control over the level of sugar put in. My kids love it with some honey and a tiny bit of vanilla added. I do use whole milk though since it gives it the best texture. The best part is, when I’m running low on yogurt, I’ll take the few spoonfuls left from the last batch and can use it to culture the next batch. So the total cost of buying a whole gallon of yogurt is the cost of the gallon of whole milk (a couple bucks), no pectin added! I haven’t had to buy yogurt in a long time!

  27. So did you just know that I spent way longer than I should have on Saturday looking at the Greek Yogurt options and ultimately walked away because I was so overwhelmed? Thanks as always for simplifying my life!

  28. Kate you are amazing! I feel like we share the same brain!!! I know scary thought. i have been telling myself I really must diversify and try other brands of greek yogurt. I was afraid to be disappointed b/c my two fav’s are chobani pineapple and chobani peach. Thanks for saving me time and money. I look forward to our weekly chats! ( I promise I am not a stalker!)Thanks again-have a great week.

  29. I love Fage! I’ve tried all the ones you listed, and felt the same about them, actually. I eat the Fage 0% with raspberries and granola. But, when I’ve tried the Dannon or Yoplait, I’m always left disappointed. The only other kind I like is the OIKOS Key Lime greek yogurt, but it has a lot of added sugar and doesn’t seem like greek yogurt to me. Thanks for the post & the charts!

  30. Thanks for this, I love the chart! I’m a big yogurt fan, I prefer regular yogurt over Greek for eating straight, but I’ve just discovered using Greek yogurt in cooking (particularly for cream cheese dips!) and it’s great. I plan on using this chart a lot more often when cooking!

  31. I completely agree with your reviews except for the Greek “style” one and the Yoplait, I’ve tried the others. Voskos was the first I tried and I thought it was absolutely awful. lol Luckily I continued to try others. There is a brand called Liberte. I think it’s Greek and not Greek style but it is amazing. Thanks for this!

  32. Zoi yogurt (especially the stawberry kind) tastes like the tastiest treat you’ll ever eat. It also has the calories of a tasty treat, but it is the most delicious thing on the planet. My non-dieter husband goes through like 4 of these a day when they’re around. Can only find them at winco, though.

  33. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at the ‘baby vomit’ comparison! I just started eating Greek yogurt and I bought 3 flavors of Chobani. Rasberry (LOVE) Blueberry (LOVE!) and Lemon. The lemon was very much under the baby vomit category. I, too, checked the expiration date thinking that was the problem. Nope! Glad I am not the only one who compares it to that! 😉

  34. Thank you so much for this post! I’m going to be using that substitution chart alot! I live in Canada so most of the brands you reviewed are not available here, but I did want to comment that my favorite Greek yogurt is Kirkland brand (Costco label) that is available North American wide. It has an amazing 18 grams of protein per 3/4 cup serving, is fat free and has only 2 ingredients, skim milk and bacterial cultures. It has a heavy, smooth texture and is plain, so you can add whatever you like, as much as you like, to flavor it. (No, I don’t work for Costco, I just wanted to mention my favorite)

    1. I’m with you, Taralee! I buy Fage full fat, 2% and 0% fat depending on the scale and the ‘sale’but only buy plain. Then I can add my own honey or microwaved Allfruit Spread/jam, chia seeds, or fresh fruit. I like knowing what I’m eating and you get twice as much yogurt and protein for the price. Target puts them on sale $1 each about every month and I stock up for the month.

  35. Holla for homemade yogurt. So easy and sooooo much better than the stuff in the grocery store… though I’m a total sucker for Chobani Black Cherry.

  36. i’m in total agreement with your rating system. i was wondering if you’ve tried costco’s brand of greek yogurt. i normally buy their gigantor container of fage, but they’ve got a pretty darn close-second with their kirkland brand. don’t know if you have a costco near you. the only yogurt that i’ve tasted that is over-the-top so good it made me feel like the cartoon character mutley….was this deliciously full-fatted organic yogurt that must be made by some little indie company near us on vashon. holy cow. anyway….it would be fun to see where your thoughts run to the costco brand. just sayin’

    1. I wanted to make the same comment about Costco’s Kirkland Greek Yogurt. It comes in a two-pack for a total of 64 ounces for 6.99 here in Utah. The only ingredient is “cultured pasteurized Grade A nonfat milk”, plus the cultures. It’s thick and creamy, and you can add your own fruit and honey or stevia. The facts for an 8oz serving: calories 140, fat 0 grams, carbs 10 grams, sugars 7 grams, and protein 24 grams. I used to be a Chobani or Fage fan, but this is all I buy anymore! And getting used to plain yogurt is a process. Just gradually add less and less sweetener. Now I can’t stand commercially sweetened yogurt, and I have a huge sweet tooth. (I’m totally fine with chocolate chip cookies!!)

  37. I actually like the Dannon Oikos vanilla but have not tried Chobani or Fage yet. I cannot stand the plain Greek yogurt though! I used the Dannon Oikos plain in a dip recipe and it was terrible! Does Chobani or Fage’s plain taste ok to substitute? I like the fact of getting the extra protein and less fat than using sour cream, but I do not want it to taste terrible!! The Oikos tasted like it was spoiled and it wasn’t!

  38. Thank you for this great review about Greek yogurts also the time and money to do so. I have always been confused about all the different Greek yogurts on the markets today and you just confirmed my own choice.:-)

  39. I mostly dislike Greek yogurt (“You can really taste the goat!” I always say) but I’ll admit that the Chobani Kids flavors are decent. And I had key lime (I think it was Oikos) with vanilla almond granola on top and it tasted JUST LIKE PIE.

  40. Zoi from Winco is my absolute favorite. I get the fruit flavored ones and just eat the yogurt on top and forget about the fruit on the bottom. I fell in love with yogurt when I lived in Europe and this is the closest to it I’ve been able to find in the states. Chobani used to be my favorite until I found Zoi. It’s much better.

  41. Guys don’t like Greek yogurt because of the same reasons many women don’t drink beer: the advertising is designed to appeal to one gender and not the other. It also doesn’t help when they outright demean men (Sorry that your husband doesn’t look like John Stamos, eat our yogurt and fantasize about other men some more)

  42. The first time I tried greek yogurt, I got Greek Gods strawberry honey. Holy cow that stuff is amazing…. but once I realized it was the same calories/ points as ice cream I couldn’t do it. I’d rather have the ice cream…. haha

    I love my greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon!!!

  43. I love greek yogurt. My son is allergic to eggs, and I use this as a substitute for cakes and quick breads for the added protein. The easiest recipe is 1c greek yogurt, 1c, water and 1 cake mix. Bake as directed on cake mix. I’ve tried so many substitutions for the eggs, and this is by far one of the easiest ones and the taste is good. You can mess around with the flavors of yogurt to change the flavors of the cake. My son likes to pick the yogurt we use for his cakes 🙂 For just greek yogurt,my special treat has to be the passion fruit Chobani. It takes me back to Brazil!

  44. My favorite is Fred Meyer brand GREEK Nonfat Yogurt, unflavored. It’s 23g of protein per 8 oz serving, 150 calories and 0 fat; ingredients are cultured ultrafiltered nonfat milk, natural flavor, vitamin a palmitate, vitamin D3 and active cultures (L. acidophilus and b. bifidum). I like to add a bit of brown sugar for sweetness, and granola or chopped nuts for texture – YUM. I have served this to my husband with our tacos, for a sour cream sub, and without hiding the tub and it went over just fine. My least favorite brand was soemthing from Dannon that tasted like rancid goat, but I blocked out the details…Thanks for the humorous post, Kate!

  45. I’ve never had it due to the fact that I’m lactose intolerant:(. If they made it lactose free I’d totally be all over it!

    1. Actually yogurt is lactose free. The live cultures eat the lactose and turn it into lactic acid which curdles the milk into yogurt and gives it it’s tangy flavor.
      Most people who are lactose intolerant can have yogurt.

      1. Yogurt with lots of live cultures is NEAR to lactose free and usually well tolerated. Kefir is also. However, watch out for frozen yogurt- it has no live cultures.

  46. Great information! I totally agree with your reviews and grades on the brands I’ve tried. I use Chobani Greek as a sour cream substitute. I can really taste the artificial sweetener in most of the yogurts, so I buy Fage plain Greek and add my own fruit.

  47. I am loving this post! My mom and I have been making our own yogurt AND Keifer lately. It is so easy and unbelievably good for you. (Seriously, do some research on Keifer. It is awesome! I am a believer!) we make smoothies with it and use it in place of buttermilk in recipes. My mom actually just likes to drink it with a little homemade raspberry jam mixed in… Like those expensive drinkable yogurts.

    Thanks for this post! I love having all the nutritional information in one place, and the substitution chart is fantastic!

  48. Cool post! Except that now I will feel guilty eating my Greek gods yogurt! I’ve tried many “Greek” yogurts and thought Fage was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted. Greek gods and ZOI are the best. Probably both are like dessert. I am ruined!

  49. I haven’t had the yoplait 100 (because i hate the aspertame after taste) but at my store they have the regular yoplait Greek yogurt 4 packs and I love them. Plus they are not quite as much money as the other brands. I also really like the athenos brand I’d get when I lived in the south but hey don’t carry it at my store in Utah. 🙁

  50. i always love reading your posts – especially this one!! We love Greek yogurt and now you have given me more reasons to use it in our cooking. thanks for the info!

  51. I loved your comment about Greek Gods yogurt, because I feel exactly the same way. It’s soooo good, but I consider it a dessert. My husband actually asked for it specifically the other day as a treat. For breakfast, I just buy Kroger brand and it does the trick. The lite version has 90 calories and 16 grams of protein.

    1. AGREED!!! Hands-down simply the BEST-tasting (yummiest) yoghurt in the US and probably second-best in the ENTIRE world after Queensland Yoghurt which it is a clone-copy!! This is SO MUCH better than Chobani and all the other Greek and so-called Greek yogurts. SO MUCH BETTER!!!

  52. I love Fage, especially with honey. I also make my own with a powdered culture and powdered milk. In a pinch if I want extra thick Greek-like yoghurt I’ve taken a large container of plain yoghurt and strained it overnight in the refrig. Reduces it by about half but I have the thickness I want.

  53. Great post! I love the substitution chart, very helpful. The best yogurt is the Friendly Farms Pineapple from Aldi Stores. 0 fat 14g protein 140 calories and half the price of regular supermarkets.

  54. if you like greek yogurt or any yogurt you MUST try Liberte Mediterranee yogurt in COCONUT. OMG! Can I say? I’m from Europe and we have really awesome yogurts… all kinds of things in them and this yogurt was what I dream of in US. Took me 8 years to find yogurt I really like. Tastes like Raffaello, easily could be serve as a dessert… is that good 🙂 If you are not big coconut fun then vanilla and lemon are really good too 🙂

  55. Nice to know there are other Fage lovers out there. I NEVER buy the flavored yogurt. I always buy plain and add how much of whatever I want in it. My hubby won’t touch it but if only he knew how often I use it instead of sour cream when I cook. I’ve found the best buy to be at Costco–the big 35.3 oz tub for less than $5. I used to hate yogurt because every brand I tried tasted fake. then I discovered plain, greek yogurt and a friend of mine suggested Fage. My first bite of this with some blueberries and granola I thought, “Yes, this is what yogurt is supposed to taste like!” Thanks for the post!

  56. I just made yogurt for the first time yesterday. I’m not a huge yogurt fan, but I needed to find some new ways to get dairy into my diet since my OB was a little concerned about my calcium intake (I offered to eat double or even triple my regular amount of ice-cream; she didn’t seem to think that was a good idea :). Anyway, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make and how much better it is than the stuff in the store. If you are looking for a tutorial, Annie’s Eats has a very thorough one.

  57. The Fage is by far my favorite, but where I live it is the hardest to find. I drive 20 miles to Super Target to stock up. I eat one every day! The blueberry/acai berry is my favorite.

  58. I hate yogurt. I just can’t get past the texture and taste. I have tried all sorts of things. I gave Greek yogurt a try on the recommendation of my sister. Still couldn’t do it. My sisters’ kids all liked yogurt so I tried it on my girls. They won’t do it. I even tried freezing it but it is like they know. LOL.

    I would like to try substituting it for sour cream but have a hard time finding plain yogurt. I will have to check out the Costco one people mentioned. Thanks for the post and information.

  59. I served my mission in Poland and fell in love with European yogurt. I couldn’t even eat the yogurt here in the states for years after I got back. When Greek yogurt started being cool, I tried it, and some kinds were okay (especially the full-fat zoi) but it was soooo expensive. So, last year when my baby refused to drink milk and we had a bunch of whole milk around, I did a ton of research and started making my own yogurt. I love it because it so much milder than most of what you get at the store. Sometimes I strain it a few hours to make Greek-style yogurt (it’s still not authentic Greek because it’s not goat milk), or even longer to make yogurt cheese which is like cream cheese with a little tang, but most of the time we leave it drinkable. You can find the tutorial I wrote up at Enjoy!

  60. Wow! You guys have a lot more greek yogurt flavors than I’ve seen in our grocery stores. We have the Chobani and Oikos and recently the Dannon came here. A couple months ago I tried making gyros with the greek yogurt dressing? Whatever brand of yogurt I used made the dressing taste horrible!! I wanted to gag. But recently I bought a 4 pack of blueberry on the bottom chobani I think… and it’s pretty good. I made the coconut lime banana bread the other day and didn’t have plain yogurt, so I used the blueberry. Worked pretty well 🙂

  61. Okay, I checked three stores to find the Chobani pineapple yogurt and you are right. It is the best. Now I want to buy an entire case of it.

  62. This is a timely post for me! I know we can google these things, but I like to hear an opinion for a real person! So in your opinion, is greek yogurt (say Chobani or Fage) better than “regular” yogurt because its less processed and contains more protein?

  63. My first experience with Greek-style yogurt was not good but then I found Chobani pineapple. It has become my replacement for what used to be my favorite–Colombo Vanilla. Colombo was bought out by another company and then they took the Colombo brand off the market and I could not find a satisfactory alternative until I found Chobani.

  64. We eat a ton of Greek yogurt. My french husband likes to put chocolate milk powder in it for a dessert. I buy the big tubs of plain, but for a long time I didn’t like the texture. It would separate and stirring it back up only did so much. Walmart started making their Great Value plain yogurt, and I love it. Smooth and creamy. Ingredients – cultured pasteurized nonfat milk. 1 cup serving has 120 calories, 0 fat, 9g sugar, 23g protein.

  65. When I was younger, I did not like yogurt at all. To me it had a bitter after-taste and was not a treat. As I got older, I started to develop a taste for it … my favorite being vanilla. I tried all different brands, eventually settling on a couple of flavors of my grocery store brand, and one or two from Yoplait or Dannon. Then Greek yogurt became popular… so I had to try it. I bought a container of Chobani vanilla… and hurried home to taste it. “Yucky” was the only word that came to mind at the time. I didn’t like the consistency, nor the flavor. It had a dry gritty feel to it, and was sour. I didn’t give up though, instead trying each Greek yogurt that was on the market. I would choose one fruit (usually strawberry) and vanilla. One after the other they ended up in the garbage…. that is, until I tried Dannon Oikos yogurt. I loved it and still do! Due to some medical issues, and preference, I eat quite a bit of yogurt… probably 3-5 per day. Although my preference is still vanilla, I do enjoy all of the Oikos fat free flavors, as well as the regular ones too.

    One more thing….Just like anyone, I have people in my life who dislike yogurt and refuse to eat it. I have recommended to many of my yogurt haters that they try the Oikos yogurt… even if they had tried Greek yogurt before and hated it. Out of all the people that I referred to this product, only one has come back disliking it.
    Some even claimed it to be like a creamy parfait. The one thing I suggest is to make sure you stir it really well before eating it … and then you will get that creamy consistency. Good luck and hope you like it as much as I do! nb

  66. I want to let my 11 month old try greek yogurt but i can only find nonfat or low fat. He needs a whole milk full fat variety. Is there a brand i should be looking for?

    1. Finding full-fat true Greek yogurt can be hard. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in a normal grocery store. You might have to go for full-fat non-Greek yogurt (Greek Gods, Liberte, Stonybrook Farms) or the baby yogurts like YoBaby. You also might find it in specialty grocery stores and I even some farmer’s markets may carry it. If all else fails and you’re super determined, you could make your own. I’ve never done it, but there are lots of people who do! 🙂

  67. I LOVED this: “Before the Greek yogurt purists hit the comment button and furiously tell me that I am wrong and that TRUE Greek yogurt is made from full-fat milk and the stuff we eat from the grocery stores here in the US is not fit for dogs and we are stupid, stupid idiots for eating “Greek” yogurt, yeah, I get it, whatever. This post is about Greek yogurt purchased in major US grocery stores.” HILARIOUS! This was a great post. I agree with all the grades you gave the yogurts. Good job!

  68. Noosa Finest Yoghurt is hands-down simply the BEST-tasting (yummiest) yoghurt in the US and probably second-best in the ENTIRE world after Queensland Yoghurt which it is a clone-copy!! This is SO MUCH better than Chobani and all the other Greek and so-called Greek yogurts. SO MUCH BETTER!!!

  69. I will have to agree with that. Noosa Yoghurt is amazing. Just tried the mango one last night. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

  70. Just a tip for all the other greek yogurt lovers, a little apple, cinnamon, and heated caramel will make the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted!

  71. I love greek yogurt! I am presently waiting for a yogurt machine to arrive so that I can make my own with fresh fruit. This is mainly to cut my yogurt cost. One morning I was out of milk for my cereal but had a container of vanilla yogurt. Yep! I did. It was delicious!!! Now when I want a crunchy treat that feels “forbidden” I just ad Cheerios to a 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt and am perfectly satisfied.

  72. Liberte greek yogurt? YUCK! Granted they were WONDERFUL before the company was bought by Yoplait in 2010 and then in 2011 by General Mills. Now they have changed the formula. And sadly most of the yogurts mentioned above are just regular yogurt with extra protein and thickeners added. True Greek yogurt is strained to reduce water content, thus concentrating the yogurt. The producers can get away with this because there is no legal standard for Greek yogurt. To tell the difference, just look at the ingredients. If protein is added to the product it is just regular yogurt that has been adulterated.

  73. I am thrilled to see the comments about Costco Kirkland brand yogurt. I used to only by Fage until I tried the Kirkland brand. I am full-blooded Greek and the Kirkland plain yogurt tastes exactly like my Yiayia (grandmother) used to make. It is thick and very creamy.

  74. The thing I don’t understand about Fage, Kirkland, other high protein (2.5g/oz or more) Greek yogurts is: How do they get such high protein and yet not have the consistency of cream cheese?

    By my math for my homemade strained yogurt, with numbers pulled from (which closely mirrors USDA numbers – some micronutrients are listed on n.s.c that aren’t on the USDA site) and accounting for the difference in weight/volume after straining, my skim milk yogurt has only 1.89g protein per oz yogurt, and it’s thicker than sour cream when all is said and done. (Quick breakdown: nutrients of milk at start minus nutrients of drained whey; remaining nutrients divided by ounces of finished yogurt.)

    So are these companies starting off with protein fortified milks? Are they adding proteins but not listing them on the ingredients? Is there some sort of nutrient math I’m not accounting for? What’s the deal?

  75. I am diabetic- and cannot do all the HIGH sugar in yogurt-i have other stomach issues so i cannot have fat. I love yogurt, and use it as a replacement in many recipes- but gave it because of the sugar counts.(most well over 20g)
    I was delightfully surprised when i found a light no fat Greek yogurt with only 8 g sugar! It is (of all things) Supervalue which is Wal mart’s brand. I hate shopping there but i cannot find any place else that has LOW sugar/carb yogurt.
    Blueberry has 8g sugar,Strawberry has 7g.
    They have other flavors too. I am thrilled to have SOMETHING that i can eat and use in recipes. Being a diabetic means really controlling your overall carb/sugar intake, and these are perfect. They come in packs of 4,and since they are already measured out- i can use one for a midday snack.Don’t confuse it with Super value low fat Greek yogurt-it is LOADED with sugar. 24g sugar is 2 WHOLE teaspoons of sugar per unit- That is WAY too much sugar!!!Most yogurts have even more than that. I am so happy to be eating and using yogurt in recipes again!

  76. You need to try the Liberte Vanilla Bean Yogurt. They do both Vanilla and Vanilla Bean, and the Vanilla Bean is by far the best yogurt I have ever tasted.

  77. Thanks for the Chobani chart. I’m lactose and eat a lot of yogurt. Chobani is my favorite. I don’t eat any Yoplait, since one of the ingredients is palmitate, which is made from palm oil. I’m very allergic to palm and coconut. I agree with you on
    the other yogurts. I have not seen Voskos.

  78. But… is Chobani really Greek yogurt or Greek Style Yogurt? I’m looking at the label on my Chobani Key Lime and it says it has pectin in it.

    Did the recipe change or was there a “correction” in labeling.. or a truth in labeling issue?
    Or maybe just because it has lime in it, it needed pectin, too? Any ideas?

  79. Thank you for the great research. I’ve been eating Greek Gods yogurt for years thinking it was good for me. I had no idea it wasn’t even Greek yogurt. I will be trying some of your other suggestions now.

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