Black Friday in July- NUME Curling Wand Sale!

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SO many of you have requested we bring back this wand sale so we’re hooking you up today with TWO great offers from NuMe, our favorite source for professional quality beauty tools.  They’re having a Black Friday in July Sale!  We’ll cut right to the chase!  

Nume Wand Sale

This deal is good for ANY wand, like all of the regular Classic and Magic Wands, but also unique ones like the Pearl and also the Reverse.  (Click Here to see all of the single NuMe Wands.)   With this deal, you’ll also get a bottle of Argan Oil ($50 value) for free.  Argon Oil is a powerhouse for healthy hair and skin!  Use code BESTBITESBF29 to get this deal.

Here is a photo reference of my own hair styled with each of the three sizes of regular wands.  Generally speaking, the larger the wand, the looser the curl.  With any of the wands you can make them tighter by using smaller sections of hair and looser by running your fingers through it more and more.


Now, if you’re not sure which wand you like, or you’d really like to have them ALL then this next deal is the deal you want.  We were so excited to be able to grab this deal for you guys.  The Titan 3.  This is the wand I have been using and I love it because it comes with ALL THREE wand sizes.  (Also, this is a great way to get that 19mm if you’ve been waiting for that one because the single wand is often out of stock!)


One base is able to interchange all 3 different wands so you can get the look you want!  You’re basically getting 3 wands, which is a fantastic deal at literally half the retail price of 1 regular-priced wand.  Click Here for the Titan 3!  Don’t forget to use code BESTBITESBF69 for this deal.

Nume Wands come in all sorts of beautiful colors.  I have Teal, Pink, and Black products and they’re all stunning!  Grab these while they’re hot! (See what I did there?) And happy styling!!


  1. You have no idea how happy this makes me! I bought one in May and loved it, and then I lost it on vacation this summer. Thank you!!

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