The Blogger who tried ALL the Pumpkin Spice.

I’m just going to get right to it.  I love Pumpkin Spice. (What?  You guessed that?) Always have.  You know when imagine those people in marketing meetings saying “Who cares what it is- slap a pumpkin spice label on there and people will buy it!”  They’re talking about me.  I’m the people.  And I did something this season that I’ve wanted to do every year on this blog.  Buy ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS.  

Pumpkin Spice Stuff

That’s just some of these things, pictured.  There are still things I’ve missed, mostly because they just weren’t available where I am, and I didn’t go into beverages at all.  And I only bought about 1/4 of everything available at Trader Joes.  But.  Here’s a ton of fun stuff for you to keep your eyes out for!  I bought all of this stuff at normal stores like Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer and Winco.  I’m including mostly pumpkin spice, but also some caramel apple, maple, and other fall flavors.  I grabbed anything and everything I spotted.  (And because I know someone might make a comment about it- most of these things are non-perishable and I can save them for my family to enjoy over time.  I also shared quite a bit of this with friends, family, those in need, and my kid’s school classes and sports teams.)

I have to say, though, I feel like I have a knack for great grocery store finds and I started an Instagram account just to share stuff like that.  You can follow it, here!  I’ll post limited edition holiday products, but also great all-around things you might want to pick up on your next grocery trip.

Now. Here’s my very scientific rating scale for the things I tried.  There were a few things I didn’t open, just because I didn’t want to be wasteful.  I chose to include them in gift boxes, donate, or pass along to friends!

Heck yes: Love it, want it, find it, buy it. 
Pretty Good:  Tasty, but not the BEST thing I’ve ever eaten.
Just Okay:  Meh.  Not memorable, but not horrible.
Blech: Save your money.

I’ve placed a * next to anything that I think is extra delicious in a given category, and when you see pink text, those things are linked so you can find them online if you’d like to.

Ice Cream

I had several friends come over and blind taste-test these ice creams, but it told me one thing; everyone has a different preference when it comes to pumpkin spice.  They ALL had different top choices!  So I’ll just rate them according to my own taste and try to explain the flavor as best I can.  Every one of these ice creams are good, it was only after tasting them all and comparing them back to back that it was easy to tell where some were lacking.

Ice Cream

Dreyers Pumpkin Patch: Pretty Good.  Fairly mild flavor, but good crowd-pleaser.
Tillamook Pumpkin Cookie Butter: Heck Yes. Has the most unique flavor but every tester loved the creamy texture and cookie chunks. My husband’s #1 pick.
Talenti Pumpkin Pie Gelato: Heck Yes.  The only flavors in this are pumpkin and nutmeg, so if you like nutmeg, you’ll love this.  Tasted like pie ala mode. 
Albertson’s Signature Select:  Heck Yes. This was a very surprise favorite for me.  I actually ranked it on top!  This has swirls of cream and big chunks of pie crust.  It’s super creamy and has a very traditional, classic pumpkin pie flavor. 
Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream:  Pretty Good. A couple people chose this as their top choice.  I thought it tasted very distinctly like egg nog. 
Private Selection Pumpkin Cheesecake: Just Okay. This was a surprising LOW ranker.  I love Private Selection; I’m a huge fan of their ice cream.  If you taste this all by itself you’ll probably love it (I did) but when compared to all of the others it was incredibly bland.
Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake: (not pictured) Heck Yes.  from my memories of year’s past!
DQ Pumpkin Pie Blizzard (not pictured) Heck Yes!

CEREALSPumpkin Spice Products

Trader Joes Pumpkin O’s: Pretty Good.  lighter, crispier & milder than the Cheerios.
Pumpkin Spice Life: Just Okay. Very tasty, but not enough pumpkin flavor for me.
*Pumpkin Spice Cheerios: Heck Yes
Pumpkin Spice Special K: Pretty Good. Would get a heck yes if the amount of pumpkin spice yogurt balls was quadrupled.
Pumpkin Spice Mini Wheats: Just Okay.  Not enough pumpkin flavor for me.

PUMPKIN SPICE YOGURT Pumpkin Spice Products

Chobani Lowfat: Pretty Good
*Noosa: Heck Yes. Heck Yes. Heck Yes.  You could basically put this in a pie crust.
Chobani Pumpkin Harvest Crisp: Heck Yes I also love the apple version of this
Dannon Light & Fit Greek: My 6 year old ate this one before I could try it!

BREAKFASTPumpkin Spice ProductsKodiak Cakes Chocolate Pumpkin Minute-Muffin: Heck Yes.
Trader Joe’s Organic Toaster Pastries: Pretty Good.
Quaker Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal: Just realized I forgot to try this.  Stay Tuned.
*Belvita Pumpkin Spice: Heck Yes. Love these so much.
Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts: Pretty Good. I liked the Trader Joes one better.
Pumpkin Spice Granola: Didn’t open this yet!

Nutrition and Snack Bars

Pumpkin Spice Products

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bars: Just okay.  If you like this type of bar you’d probably rate it higher than me.  I don’t like these to begin with, so…
Sunbelt Granola Bars: Just okay.  Not super pumpkin-spice-y though.
LaraBar Pumpkin Pie: Just Okay.  I don’t really like these to begin with though…
Clif Bar Spiced Pumpkin Pie: Pretty Good
Kind Bar Caramel Almond Pumpkin Spice: Heck Yes. BUT, doesn’t taste significantly pumpkin-spicy.  Mostly just really great nuts and caramel and cinnamon.  But still tastes fantastic so I gave it a heck yes. But if you’re expecting pumpkin spice you’ll be disappointed.
Special K Pastry Crisps: Pretty Good! 
Think Thin Bar, Pumpkin Spice: Blech  I didn’t like these at all. 

SNACK CAKESPumpkin Spice Products

Little Debbie Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cream Pies: Pretty Good.  Taste a lot like regular oatmeal cream pies. 
*Hostess Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes: Pretty Good!  FOR a Hostess Cupcake, ya know?  Surprisingly tasty.  It’s still a Hostess Cupcake, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Honestly almost rated these as Heck Yes.
Hostess Caramel Apple Cupcakes: Pretty Good!  Again, relatively speaking. My family loved these ones.
Little Debbie Pumpkin Spice Rolls: Blech.  Didn’t like these.
Hostess Pumpkin Spice Twinkies: Pretty Good.  Not afraid to say it.  I totally liked the Twinkies.

COOKIESPumpkin Spice Products

Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies: Just Okay.  Wouldn’t buy them again.
Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Spice Milanos:  Pretty Good.  I have yet to meet a Milano I didn’t get along with.
Pumpkin Spice Wafer Cookies (Winco): Heck Yes! I have these in Apple Spice as well, and they are both REALLY good!  I love love wafer cookies.
Pumpkin Spice Fudge StripesHaven’t actually opened these yet.
Pumpkin Spice Oreos: Heck Yes.


Pumpkin Spice Products

TJ’s Pumpkin Biscotti: Have any of you tried this one yet?  
TJ’s Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s: Heck Yes.  These have a very strong Ginger flavor, the Oreos are definitely more of a traditional pumpkin spice flavor.
*Mrs. Thinsters Cookie Thins:  HECK YES x 10.  Love these.
Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Cookies (Target): Pretty Good.  FOR a gluten free cookie.  They are very soft, but do have kind of a funny texture thing at the end.  But I’m assuming people that eat gluten free are kind of used to that.  Flavor is great.


Pumpkin Spice Lindor Truffles: Pretty Good.  I thought the chocolate overpowered the pumpkin spice filling.  I was a little underwhelmed. 
Pumpkin Spice Caramel Ghirardelli Squares:  Just Okay. Again, not much of a pumpkin spice flavor comes through.
Pumpkin Seed Bark Thins: Heck Yes. Not pumpkin spice flavored, but I do love the crunchy little seeds.  I’m a big fan of all the Bark Thins. 
TJ’s Pumpkin Spice Salted Caramels: Heck Yes. To be fair, my husband hates these.  But I happen to love them.  They’re very dark with a hefty sprinkle of salt.
*Pumpkin Seed Brittle: HECK YES x 1000.  If you buy one pumpkin spice thing at TJ’s, let it be this.


Pumpkin Spice Products

Pumpkin Pie Almonds: TBD
Pumpkin Spice Candy Corn: TBD
Pumpkin Spice Kisses: Pretty Good!
Pumpkin Spice Almonds from Costco (not pictured, still looking!) Heck Yes



Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel: Heck Yes. I’ll take a strudel over a pop-tart any day. 
TJ’s Pumpkin Waffles: HECK YES. Fluffy, flavorful, delicious with cinnamon-butter.  We love these.
*Pumpkin Caramel Danish (TJ’s): HECK YES. These freeze beautifully, grab some for holiday breakfasts!  Soooo good.
Thomas English Muffins (Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Spice): Just Okay.
Franz Pumpkin Spice Bread: Just Okay. Tastes like regular ol’ cinnamon bread.
TJ’s Pumpkin Rolls: Just Okay. Not bad, but tastes very tub-o-dough-like.  


Pumpkin Spice Products

TJ’s Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn: Heck Yes
Angies Boom Chicka Pop Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn: HECK YES. I am COMPLETELY in love with both this one, and the candy corn version below.   I wasn’t able to find these in-store, so I ordered from their website!
Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels (Target)  Heck Yes.  These were a surprise hit.  Loved both these ones, and the apple cider ones below.

POPCORN AND SNACKSPumpkin Spice Products

Apple Cider Yogurt PretzelsHeck Yes. Loved these!  Great apple flavor. 
Caramel Apple Cosmos Creations: Heck Yes. Cosmos can do no wrong in my book.
Candy Corn Boom Chicka Pop: Heck Yes. Better than I expected.  SO good.
OTHER FALL FLAVORSPumpkin Spice Products

Caramel Apple Sugar Babies: TBD
Candy Corn Hershey’s: Just Okay.
Candy Corn M&M’s:  Just Okay/Blech.  Not a fan.
M&M’s White Butterscotch: TBD
Werther’s Caramel Apple: Just Okay
Brach’s Maple Almonds: TBD
Hershey’s Caramel Apple Chocolates:  Pretty Good!
Caramel Apple Milky WayPretty Good!


Pumpkin Spice Products

TJ’s Maple Leaf Cookies: Heck Yes.  Although I wish the cookie part was more buttery.
Apple Crisp Wafer Cookies (Winco): Heck Yes.  Loved these!
Candy Corn Oreo’s: Meh.  Not a huge fan of these.

You guys MUST leave me a comment if I’ve missed anything I need to try!  Tell me what your favorites are!  

Gift Boxes

AND I’ve taken a lot of yummy stuff and packed them lovingly into some gift boxes and I want to send one to YOU, and YOU, and ALL OF YOU!  But I can’t.  I have a few though.  THREE chances to win!

1. Use this Rafflecopter and then leave a comment telling me about your Favorite Pumpkin Spice flavored thing- recipe, limited edition, whatever.

2.  SHARE the post on our Facebook page.  I’m going to pick one winner just from people who share the post from Facebook, it’s pinned to the top of the  page, here!

3.  I’m also going to pick another winner from THIS Instagram account.  Follow and stay tuned for giveaway post!

Then I’ll write you a note and pop one of these babies in the mail for you- who wants one??  The only requirement is that you LOVE pumpkin spice!  I’d sure love it if you pinned this, too!  Just hover your mouse over this image:

Nearly 100 pumpkin spice products to try this fall!

and now enter to win!

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  1. Wow! This is awesome. I love Little Debbie’s Pumpkin Delights. You should try them out! I am so excited to try those wafer cookie flavors. Those cookies are my favorite. Also excited to try the Toaster Strudels. I also bought the pumpkin spice Kisses, my husband and I both didn’t like them. But my brother came over and pigged out and ate them all in one day. So like you said, everyone has different tastes. Thanks for posting this, it was fun, and I’m excited to try some new things.

    1. I love the pumpkin pie frozen yogurt at Maverick (convience store) when it’s available. AND I haven’t tried it yet but friends tell me that pumpkin spice coffeemate is amazing (put it in hot chocolate if you’re not a coffee drinker like me).

  2. What a great idea trying EVERYTHING pumpkin. I would have enjoyed taste testing with you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all things pumpkin. The oreos are surprisingly delicious.

  3. I’m bummed to hear that you didn’t like the private selection ice cream very much. I just bought some of that, because I love their ice cream. It is pretty much my favorite. I also bought some of the Tillamook, and I am excited to try that! Stupid Trader Joe’s has replaced a lot of the sugar and corn syrup in their products with brown rice syrup, and I am allergic to rice, of all things. So every year, there are fewer of their products that I can actually eat. Which is great for my waistline but sad for my mouth! πŸ™‚ I am dying to try the boom chicka pop. Those sound so good!

  4. woah.. I don’t even know where to start. Usually I don’t buy anything pumpkin flavored (except pumpkin puree) b/c I’m afraid it will taste too artificial. I wish we had a trader joe’s nearby. You’ve intrigued me with the tillamook and kettle corn though… I’ll have to try those.

  5. I make mini pumpkin loaves every fall that are to die for. I will be making my way to the grocery store to try the Pumpkin Pie ice cream very soon!

  6. WOW! That was one of the most amazing posts! So excited to see products I’ve never seen before – BelVita Pumpkin Spice, I’m talking to you!
    I’ve been eyeing some of the products you’ve listed, so it looks like shopping day is going to be extra fun tomorrow.
    My favorite is homemade pumpkin muffins with double the spice, but since we are talking commercially prepared it has to be tillamook ice cream (don’t try their lemon bars – you’ve been warned) with a close second from chobani flips.

  7. Oooh, Try Philadelphia cream cheese in the pumpkin spice flavor! (I wish there was an HEB where I live, their flavored cream cheeses are so well done)

  8. I tried (and loved!) the Apple Spice wafers, but now I’ll have to get the PS ones! And a trip to TJ’s is DEFINITELY in order. I had a mild-yet-delightful PS sugar cookie from a Holiday Gas Station the other day, and I’m currently looking for a copycat recipe. Let me know if you find one! ?

  9. I was not aware of all these pumpkin products. Wow. My family is crazy for Entenmanns Pumpkin donuts. Their Apple Cider donuts are awesome too.

  10. I love so many pumpkin flavored things too, but I think my mom’s pumpkin & walnut cookies are my favorite! I know you said you were underwhelmed by them, but I am an obsessed, I mean huge Lindor truffle fan and so badly want to try those now!

  11. So you post DietBet last week and now you post this?!?! I see how it is πŸ™‚ I’m actually not a huge pumpkin fan, but once in a while, I try something pumpkiny that makes me rethink that. So maybe if I win this, I’ll find some more like that. I think the pumpkin brittle and the Kind bar would be good, I’d love to try the pumpkin waffle things, and we lover wafer cookies here too- I’ve never even seen them in pumpkin. The cookie thins from Target look yummy too.

  12. TJ’s pumpkin cookie butter might be the yummiest thing I have ever put in my mouth! This was an epic blog post and I LOVED it. Now you definitely have to do it again for peppermint come Christmas time!

  13. For anyone in the Boston area, Bedford Farms makes an amazing pumpkin based ice cream with Oreos and chocolate chunks in it called Monster Mash. It is my favorite ice cream of all time.

  14. Long time pumpkin spice lover here. Like before they made ALL the things pumpkin spice! I think you and I could be besties irl! Love this post!

  15. I loved Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. I also like the General Mills pumpkin Cheerios. I was not a fan of the Trader Joe’s oatmeal or Quaker pumpkin flavored oatmeal.

  16. I like pumpkin spice ice cream, though I am a popcorn nut, so I am sure I would love some pumpkin spick popcorn if I had ever tried it.

  17. I would love to try the Toaster Strudel pumpkin and we love pumpkin ice cream for sure! I was at Kroger yesterday and saw Triscuits that were Pumpkin Spice. I had a blech moment there, but if you feel the urge/need to try it then there you go. lol

  18. I often say to people that I’m *THAT* person that they make all things pumpkin spice for. They finally put a Trader Joe’s within an hour of me and my first visit was last fall when I went and bought EVERYTHING pumpkin spice I could find. My mother just had me try some pumpkin spice custard from a local place that makes their own….soooo good! Pumpkin spice soft serve/custard for the win!

  19. One thing I love thatI noticed you did not test is pumpkin spice coffee creamer. I love to add that to my hot chocolate. There is a gingerbread flavor that is super delicious as well!

  20. Thomas’ Pumpkin Spice Bagels! I think Panera (maybe Brueggers? I can’t remember) also makes a pumpkin spice bagel that is to live for! Basically pumpkin+carb = winning.

  21. Love Ben and Jerry’s pumpkin cheesecake I may have stocked up at Walmart and then hid them in the bottom of my freezer.:) this is such a fun post! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love all kinds of pumpkin treats, but I would have to say my favorite is my mom’s homemade pumpkin pie (she cooks her own pumpkin-not canned!). Sooo good!

  23. I was trying to add my comment for the raffle but it was blank so I’m adding it here. I love Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter!!! Have you tried their pumpkin spice cookie butter and coffee??

  24. Oh man…I’ve been unable to drive and walk around a grocery store due to a broken foot, so I’m living out my pumpkin spice dreams through blog posts this year. I’ve scheduled a shopping trip immediately after my next follow up appointment, when I should get out of the cast. One more week!

  25. How fun of you to do this! I LOVE the Chobani pumpkin crunch flips; ; when I bought them last year it was actually the first time I remember buying something that was commercialized pumpkin as I’ve always been more of a homemade pumpkin girl (pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin waffles, etc). I love making pumpkin goods but now I’m itching to branch out and buy some more commercialized products.

  26. Know that you were not too keen on them or your review is not a rave regarding the Trader Joe breakfast pumpkin bars. I really have enjoyed them.

  27. I went a little pumpkin spice crazy at trader joes this week. I love the pumpkin herbal tea. Also, those caramels. Yesterday I made snickerdoodles with caramel bits in them rolled in pumpkin pie spiced sugar….yum.

  28. I love anything pumpkin spice! In fact I’ve bought quite a few things lately that are pumpkin spice. I love the pumpkin spice almonds you can get in bulk at Winco. Can’t wait to try some of these, that I haven’t tried.

  29. I almost bought the pumpkin spice Cheerios, then I hesitated and put them back. I will definitely try them now! Thanks for doing all the dirty work for us!

  30. I LOVE pumpkin spice. Except 2 years ago when I was pregnant I had a horrible aversion to it and I was so sad! Last year I took it easy, and this year I’m ready to jump right in! So far this year I love the Oreo’s, but I now have a few other things on my list to try. πŸ™‚

  31. I love homemade pumpkin streusel muffins. My kids have devoured the pumpkin spice Cheerios very, very quickly and I obsessively stocked up the pumpkin Chobani flips last fall so I would still have them as long as I could before they got pulled off the shelves.

  32. I’m eating healthier right now and I’m loving a great pumpkin waffle recipe I found on @biceps.after.babies instagram

  33. I have loved pumpkin flavored things since I was a kid, way before it was trendy. My favorite from your list is probably the book chicka pop pumpkin kettle corn, although I definitely want to try some of the ice creams!

  34. I think my most favorite pumpkin flavor was that milkshake you posted a few years back that I tweaked into a protein shake and drank everyday for months πŸ™‚ and love this post … totally something I’ve always wanted to do but never had a reason like being a blogger πŸ™‚

  35. I love pumpkin, but I have always been too afraid to try some of these things, especially because I would probably be the only one to eat it at my house!!! I have an awesome recipe for pumpkin bread and my daughter and I love pumpkin oatmeal.

  36. I need to try some of these things! I love the pumpkin cupcake recipe from Deb at Smitten Kitchen. I make them every year!

  37. We love the Pumpkin waffles from TJ’s. Last time I was there I bought 4 boxes just incase. Love this post so much. Me and my daughter are always on the hunt for pumpkin/fall foods to try.

  38. I love pumpkin everything, but had to stop eating gluten a few months ago. (Stupid thyroid!) I’m so excited to see tons of gluten free options in your pile. Thanks for doing the research for me!

  39. So hard to pick a favorite pumpkin spice item, but we just made the pumpkin sheet cake from your blog and it was delicious! Also love pumpkin spice m&m’s and oreos.

  40. Fun post, thanks. Debating whether to chuck all my chores in favor of a Tillamook hunt. I tried the pumpkin spice Cerritos and didn’t like them. They made my mouth go numb.

  41. Where did you find the Milky Way Caramel Apple flavor at? I’ve been trying to find them for my hubby but no luck so far! I tried the Pumpkin Spice Life cereal too and it doesn’t really taste like anything but cinnamon. I love the little pumpkin muffins they sell at Sam’s Club. They are so moist and delicious!

  42. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and homemade is better than I can find to buy! The Pumpkin spice Cheerios were OK.

  43. Current favorite is Pumpkin Spice Eggnog. Or maybe the canned spray whip cream. OR so many other things, EXCEPT pumpkin pie. It’s a texture thing, not a flavor thing.

  44. Pumpkin Spice muffins (homemade) are my fave, oh and Natural Bliss Pumpkin Spice creamer makes a yummy steamer! Can’t wait to try some of the above!

  45. I LOVE Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream and am now on the hunt for the Tillamook Cookie Butter Ice Cream – that looks AMAZING. I also want to try the Noosa yogurt!

  46. Holy goodnesss I love all the pumpkin spice stuff too. Although it sounds like our taste buds are different. I love the pop tarts from Trader Joe’s and their snack bars. Yum!

  47. I love pumpkin spiced stuff so much! And this might sound silly, but I have a hard time buying some of the stuff I see at the stores, cause I’m so worried I’ll be dissappointed! So I loved this post! I’m definitely going to venture out and try some of these. I love getting pumpkin spice hot chocolate, and my favorite pumpkin spiced flavored item is the pumpkin pancake mix at Trader Joe’s! Ah I love it!!! They are so fluffy and flavorful!

  48. I really, really, really want to try the Cheerios Pumpkin Spice!!! And I’ve been tempted to pick up every pumpkin-flavored item at Trader Joe’s, so if I win, I would be ecstatic!!! πŸ™‚

    1. I really, really, really want to try the Cheerios Pumpkin Spice!!! And I’ve been tempted to pick up every pumpkin-flavored item at Trader Joe’s, so if I win, I would be ecstatic!!! ?

  49. Okay, love, love, love pumpkin spice flavor, but I tend to lean toward home cooked goods with it such as pumpkin cookies or pumpkin streusel cake. I’m intrigued by the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. I’ve been seeing them in the store and was afraid to take the plunge. Now I’m totally going to do it! Also, I know that the pumpkin spice dipped pretzels are good. And both of those wafer cookies are going to be on my next shopping list!!!
    Thanks for all the great reviewing you sacrificed for us!

  50. We LOvE to make pumpkin waffles and slather them in buttermilk syrup, maple syrup and/or chocolate chips. We’ve already made these twice this month! Yep. Waffles are a favorite here.

  51. Loved this post!! Such good info. I made your pumpkin cake with brown sugar caramel frosting ???? I think my favorite store bought item I’ve tried has been TJs pumpkin brittle. It’s amazing.

  52. I love pumpkin strudel Muffins I got one time at sams club. I haven’t seen them since but I continue to keep my eye out for them! I’m a fan of most things pumpkin spice.

  53. TJ has an awesome pumpkin butter. I put it on Greek yogurt and top it with homemade granola. It’s my breakfast all Fall!

  54. TJ’s pumpkin spice cookie butter is pretty amazing. Also love to make homemade pumpkin waffles with your buttermilk syrup recipe.

  55. I am feeling a strong urge to run to Trader Joe’s right now! Thanks for this fun post! I had heard about the butterscotch M&M’s being hailed as “butterbeer M&M’s” so we took some on our trip to the Wizarding World in Orlando last week. The kids loved them (not as much as actual butterbeer, but it was extra fun)!

  56. Oh my!!! Clearly I haven’t branched out enough to try all these pumpkin spice offerings!! I love mostly baked goods that revolve around pumpkin spice, like cookies and muffins. I

  57. I’m in Canada and usually miss out on all these fabulous finds. Good thing my mom is in the states and will send me a goodie bag every once in awhile. I will be adding some of these to my want list!

  58. I have always loved the pumpkin spice pretzels at Costco each year. I have not seen them yet though. I can’t wait to try the Tilamook Pumpkin ice cream. Thanks for the lists!

  59. I had some Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels. Bought them at a bulk store, so don’t know the brand, but they were yummy!

  60. I love pumpkin spice things! My favorite are these homemade pumpkin spice bagels that I make many times throughout the fall. I got the recipe from a magazine years ago and they are so good!

  61. What a fun giveaway! I love making pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the fall…from scratch, not the cake mix kind.

  62. When I lived in Florida, one of the grocery stores there, Publix, had a really yummy store brand pumpkin pie ice cream that I would watch for every fall! Yumm!

  63. I’m a huge fan of my grandmas pumpkin spice cake we serve it at work which is a local coffee shop in our town! But seriously #pumpkineverythingplease

  64. Pumpkin ice cream is probably my favorite. Love the shake you have on your site! But I now need to try the yogurt too!

  65. Anything pumpkin spice gets tried at our house! I’m a November Birthday, so I like pumpkin pie for my birthday cake. Also my hubby makes an amazing pumpkin spice cake that he found online & tweaked the ingredients, it’s a birthday favorite as well! I can’t wait to see if I can’t find any of your “heck yes” items! I live an hour from any big stores, so I will have to make a list for my next trip! Thanks for your dedication to the best flavor ever!

  66. I really like Ben & Jerry’s pumpkin, but let’s be honest, my real favorites are Libby’s pumpkin pie and Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. I am almost always disappointed when I try other products because I’m comparing to the orignals!

  67. So far my favorite that I have tried has been the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios but I’m looking forward to the Pumpkin Pie pop tarts hiding in my pantry as well!

  68. Oh wow, I never knew that many items existed!! Our family was not thrilled with the Frosted Mini Wheats, but in terms of seasonal items, I love iced coffee and the new International Delights Salted Caramel Mocha coffee is soooooo good!

  69. I can’t wait to go buy some of that Ice Cream! My favorite pumpkin spice stuff is the cereal. I liked the instant oatmeal by Quaker and Sprouts.

  70. Trader Joe’s has a pumpkin cookie that is coated in yogurt. They’re almost a combination of a cookie and a yogurt covered pretzel. They’re shaped like pumpkins, are orange and white, and have tiny sprinkles on them. You must try them! I ate a whole box single-handedly.

  71. I love more the spice that goes with the pumpkin and all the flavors of fall. I would love to share all these goodies with my kiddos

  72. My 4 year old son and I have been waiting all year for the Thomas Pumpkin Spice Bagels to come back and they finally showed up last week! Oh happy day! We would love to try some other pumpkin snacks and treats!

  73. Pumpkin spice bagels toasted with cream cheese and targets pumpkin spice hot chocolate are 2 of my favorites right now. I also have a favorite pumpkin cookie recipe with butterscotch chips that is a favorite all year round!

  74. Everything sounds awesome! Love fall and the flavors that come with it! I now have more ideas of what to buy, I am drinking my coffee with pumpkin pie spice creamer and loving it!

  75. I love pumpkin frozen custard/ice cream! My husband and I thought the oreos were good. Have you ever tried the market pantry pumpkin cheesecake sandwich cookies from target? Sooooo good! I’m excited to try the boom chicka pop (love their popcorns) and also the trader Joe’s brittle. Both sound yummy!!!

  76. My favorite pumpkin spice recipe is for a homemade gluten free (because celiac ??) Pumpkin roll cake from the blog Gluten Free on a Shoestring.

  77. Okay … I am in total Pumpkin Spice Envy !! I am in Nova Scotia and the ONLY product I have seen from your list is the Lindt chocolate balls. That’s it !! We are virtually a pumpkin spice free zone. Is that fair ?? Not really. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the fun trip through the amazing plethora of PS Stuff !!!

  78. Pumpkin Noosa has been my breakfast for almost two weeks straight. Just tried the Kringle last week, and it was also delicious! Also love the Petite Pumpkin cookies from Trader Joe’s.

  79. I love anything pumpkin! Since my birthday is in October, it’s tradition for me to have pumpkin pie instead of birthday cake. And I love pumpkin creamcheese muffins!

  80. Oh man, my kids LOVE the TJ’/ cereal bars and we made a special trip last week just to get the pumpkin ones. I feel like we need to go back and pick up a few more items you mentioned… like that brittle. Oh, my yum!

  81. Eating the mini wheats as I read this. πŸ™‚ I will be adding a few of these to my next shopping list! I was able to find pumpkin spice yogurt in Target’s simply balanced line a few weeks ago and prefer it to the Choboni, but it’s been gone every time I’ve gone back for more.

  82. I just had the pumpkin spice Cheerios, pretty good! Going to go grab the Belvita and the Noosa yogurt. I love pumpkin and Fall!???

  83. Homemade pumpkin waffles with maple syrup, pecans and fresh whipped cream. I think they need to happen tomorrow for breakfast.

  84. I fell in love with TJs Pumpkin Ice cream last fall when I was pregnant but didn’t want to be :-). It helped me eat my feelings. Now with baby in my arms, I’ll eat it to celebrate! I forgot how much I loved it!

  85. I love pumpkin ice cream, my favorite is probably Tillamook, but I can’t find that where I live… so I deal with the HEB brand, and it’s delicious!

    I want to try basically EVERYTHING you posted now, but I’m doing a healthy living challenge with my entire family for the next month, so I may have to buy a few and stick them in the pantry for next month!

  86. Costco had bags of pumpkin pie almonds this weekend – and they’ve had them in years past. They’re not a Kirkland brand, light colored bag by the candy/fruit/nuts. (I’m super helpful, right? This is why you’re the lady with the blog – not me! lol) Anyway, they’re a huge favorite of my friends. I personally prefer homemade pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or bread to anything at the store.

  87. Oh man! How do you pick a favorite??? I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, etc. etc. etc! This week we are going to test out a new recipe….Pumpkin cheesecake snicker doodles!! Oooooooo…..that reminds me!! Olive Garden pumpkin cheesecake?!?!? One of the best cheesecakes I have ever had!!! That’s my favorite right there!

  88. Sarah – you have made my day. We LOVE pumpkin everything at our house but nervous to try some stuff. Thanks for making it easier at the grocery store next time. This was an awesome post!

  89. I am dying over this post! I totally fall under the “Buy all the Pumpkin!” group. I really like the TJ’s Maple leaf cookies. Can’t wait to try some more stuff!

  90. I LOVE Trader Joe’s pumpkin yougurt – it’s much better than Chobani’s pumpkin Greek yogurt…..the Trader Joe’s version tastes like a creamy pumpkin pie….delish! And of course their pumpkin spice Jojo’s are the best!

  91. I had those caramel apple pretzels. They were so amazing. I thought I bought them at Target. I was either mistaken, or they were out of stock when I went back for more.

  92. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure I’m not a fan of the Pumpkin spice. But after reading this post, I’m wondering if it is just pumpkin pie (I have issues with certain textures) and I just associate that with all things pumpkin spice. Because a lot of these things sound intriguing…

  93. Good thing I’m stuck at my desk all day or I’d be out buying ALL the new things I just learned about! I was disappointed in the Quaker oatmeal, personally. Our grocery store carries the signature select brand…I might have to stop on my way home tonight and check for that ice cream!

  94. My favorite fall thing are the Pumpkin Spice ghirardelli squares. I loved seeing this. I would have never tried the Noosa pumpkin yogurt and now I can’t wait to try it!

  95. Love pumpkin pancakes with a cinnamon maple syrup. Also love adding some pumpkin spice seasoning to my latte each morning.

  96. My favorite pumpkin spice snack is Trader Joe’s pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting are also a favorite of mine. I’ve made 4 batches this fall already!

  97. Oh my goodness this post definitely speaks to me! I love me some pumpkin spice! My husband thinks I’m crazy that I buy anything i see that’s pumpkin flavored.

  98. Oh how I love me some Pumpkin Spice!!! You NEED to try Pumpkin Pie Almonds! (I will post a picture for you on FB). I would die of excitement to receive a box of goodies from you!!! XOXO

  99. I LOVE pumpkin shakes (put a pumpkin bar in a blender with ice cream) or go to Iceberg drive in. I love the pumpkin spice oreos, my now-husband won me over by buying me them a year ago:)

  100. I love pumpkin too! Homemade pumpkin mini-muffins are a staple in my house. (We make and enjoy them year-round.) As for commercial products, my favorite is probably Celestial Seasonings’ Sweet Harvest Pumpkin black tea. =)

  101. My fav pumpkin anything is Martha Stewart’s pumpkin cookies with browned butter icing. They are insane! I also love savory pumpkin flavors- soups, pastas, etc!

  102. My kids love the limited edition pumpkin muffins from Costco. I buy dozens and freeze them. They are perfect after one minute in the microwave. Mmmmm, I love Fall!

  103. I’m a lover of all things punkin’ spice, but I especially love my Pumpkin Spice Latte…the fact that I don’t have to share it with my hubby and kids is a bonus.Β πŸ™‚

  104. I love pumpkin spice pancakes! I have been wondering about the Belvita cookies (love them!) and so I’m glad you tried them, now I need to go get some! I wish they had them in the bite size, love those ones to throw in my bag to go and share with my 3 year old while we are out.

  105. Homemade pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting are my favorite fall treat. We tried the pumpkin spice yogurt pretzels from Costco and they were very good !!

  106. First off, I think I need to move to Boise! I don’t think we have nearly as many delicious pumpkin spice things here. I already tried to track down that Tillamook ice cream and they say no stores within 140 miles of me are carrying it. ? I’m a HUGE fan of all things pumpkin and it’s hard to pick just one…but Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter is definitely high on my list. Yum.

  107. TJ’s Pumpkin Waffle is pretty good – like to mix it in with the regular pancake mix. Kids love it! Costco also has a Pumpkin Caramel thin cookie – pretty tasty! TJ’s pumpkin cheesecake is really good too:) Love most ANYthing pumpkin!!!

  108. My daughter was mad at me that I didn’t buy the pumpkin spice granola the last time I was at Trader Joe’s. She loves it!! (And I know you can’t eat it, but their pumpkin body butter is FAB!!!)

  109. This is amazing! I love this post so much! My favorite recipe is actually one of yours. It’s the easy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. My daughter requests those every year for her birthday! She doesn’t even want cake, only your muffins!

  110. Fall flavors get me so excited! I love apple flavored things, but my husband can’t eat apples, so we lean toward pumpkin stuff instead. I made some pumpkin and chocolate whoopie pies two weeks ago and last night, my husband made a pumpkin pie smoothie. I am amazed by your ability to purchase all these things, but absolutely love that you did it too. πŸ™‚

  111. My favorite pumpkin thing is pumpkin whoopie pies. But my favorite fall treat is the caramel apple sugar babies! So good! And now I have to make a special trip to Trader Joe’s!

  112. I wish I could narrow it down. I love ALL things pumpkin spice. ‘Y husband is military and we are stationed overseas so I have to rely on friends and family to send the occasional care package to get anything πŸ™ we recently had a friend send the pumpkin spice cheerios and they were delicious!! Thanks for your post πŸ™‚ we will have to try these when we get stationed back in the US

  113. I haven’t ever really tried pumpkin spice anything, but I’m so intrigued by this I may have to dive in and try some things! I love all things pumpkin though, does that count?

  114. I will eat pumpkin spice all the things. Putting pumpkin puree and spice in my oatmeal is a fave, and once I had a Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte that gave me life. Yay, pumpkin!!

  115. I mix a can of pumpkin with a box of spice cake mix and chocolate chips and they are my favorite cookies in the fall! (Bake at 375 for about 10 min)

  116. I’ll try anything pumpkin spice!!! I seriously LOVE this post! My favorite is to make pumpkin spice white hot chocolate. Mmmmmm….?

  117. Wow! I can’t believe you tried all of those things. Personally my family LOVES the TJ’s Pumpkin Rolls. My sister tried the Lindor Truffles but did not like them, I have not tried them yet but they are in my pantry, We Love the Autumn ice cream from Schwans. It is to die for. The little Pumpkin Spice cookies at TJ’s are like the Mother’s Circus Animal cookies, so good. Thank you for doing all this research for us and saving us all time and money.

  118. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve tried storebought pumpkin spice treats! I love love love pumpkin pie, though! So it looks like I should branch out to the storebought goodies!

  119. I love pumpkin spice too!! I love pumpkin cinnamon rolls and traditional pumpkin pie. I’ve loved making pumpkin overnight oats too.

  120. Bought the PS Cheerios on a whim and LOVE them. Truthfully I avoid the pumpkin spice display at TJ’s because I don’t want to be sucked into all the things… thank you for doing all the research for me! = )

  121. Wow! Seems like quite the undertaking! Glad I have you to do this for me because I’m always afraid to spend money on something that I might not like. I have to say that I’m really looking forward to trying the pumpkin spice Cheerios. My favorite pumpkin flavored thing EVER is your recipe in your Savoring the Seasons cookbook. I can’t think of the name but it’s a yummy pumpkin and cake concoction that I crave every year.

  122. I went to TJs and got a few of the pumpkin things but the BEST thing I tried (but didn’t buy) was the pumpkin bread pudding they had a sample of! I little let out a little moan when I took a bite and the sample guy giggled. HA! I think I’ll grab a box for the “lil pumpkin” baby shower I am throwing in November! thanks for all the recommendations!

  123. This post was made for me! Love me some pumpkin! I’ve been looking for the Tilamook ice cream! Where did you find it?

  124. King Arthur flour has this amazing gluten free pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting that I could eat all day…and night…and weekend…and never ever ever ever get tired of. I make it ALL autumn long. It’s the best thing ever. Seriously. Go get it and eat it.

  125. I’m a pumpkin spice addict like you. So is my best friend. Which means that we buy and bake and make and share a LOT of pumpkin stuff this time of year. Last week she made us fried Oreos (Double Stuf) using a pumpkin spice batter. They were amazing!

  126. The Belvita bats were surprisingly good! I’m a massive pumpkin fan, I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, pumpkin shakes… The Tillamook ice cream sounds divine!

  127. I love the caramel apple milky ways. But cant seem to find them this year! Where did you find yours?? Also as far as pumpkin spice I love pumpkin ice cream!! Yummy

  128. You are amazing! I love that you did this. To be honest, although I love pumpkin spice, I haven’t bought one single thing you showed here. I love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes. πŸ™‚ I know, not listed. I really should try some of the things but I love that now I have your list so I know where to start!!

  129. I love anything pumpkin flavored! This makes me even more excited to try these pumpkin things! I tried the Quaker pumpkin oatmeal and it’s really good!

  130. I love Starbucks caramel apple cider, pumpkin muffins from Costco, pumpkin spice bagels from Einstein, pumpkin spice cream cheese, oh the list could go on ????

  131. My favorite pumpkin spice dessert is a recipe I got from my sister. We call it pumpkin bars. It’s thick and delicious and has an amazing pumpkin spice cream cheese frosting on it. Definitely my favorite. I try not to make it thought because once I start I can’t stop eating it.

  132. I love homemade pumpkin bread. I’m really tempted to run to Trader Joes and pick up several of the items on your list! I need to try all the good ones.

  133. I have been trying this with my husband! He says I have fallen into the pumpkin spice trap, since the ones we have tried haven’t been all that good… but I do love TJ’s pumpkin spice cookie butter!

  134. The pumpkin spice pretzels and the caramels tie for my favorite! But really, any product with pumpkin spice in the name will do.

  135. Nice work! I’m always afraid to spend money on seasonal things in case I don’t like them. Also my husband hates pumpkin! It’s the worst! Nice to know which ones are worth it. I love pumpkin flavored things, but classic pumpkin pie is still my favorite thing. I have an October birthday and always get a pumpkin pie instead of a cake. My husband does not appreciate my tradition.

  136. I love pumpkin sheet cake with cream cheese frosting. I’ve always been afraid to try ready made pumpkin flavored things but I guess I need to!

  137. I love making my pumpkin pie a little healthier by adding egg beaters instead of whole eggs and non fat evaporated milk. Then I don’t feel so bad about eating the whole pie!!

  138. Trader Joe’s mini pumpkin pies (they are in the frozen section) are a HECK yes. Had them at book club and didn’t discuss the book, I was too busy eating these and the maple cookies you already mentioned. Also, Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice tea is awesome, no caffeine, hints of apple and cinnamon and heaven.

  139. What a fun post! I love stuff like this. I love Pumpkin/Fall flavors. A few of my favorites are caramel apple suckers, pumpkin spice m&ms, I love any kind of pumpkin sweet bread, soft pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips…to.die.for! One of my favorite things that I indulge in is a Starbucks hot chocolate with pumpkin spice or a caramel apple cider. So, yummy!! It’s not always easy on the budget or waistline so I usually only get a few a season and I savor every last drop and I never share! haha!!

  140. My favorite are classic pumpkin rolls with cream cheese frosting! Thanks for doing all the work so I can go out and buy pumpkin flavored everything!

  141. I heart pumpkin spice, too! Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread mix is the best (second, of course, to your recipe )! And pumpkin ice cream (can’t remember the brand I tried).
    I have to take credit for the Kellogg’s pumpkin pop tart. I suggested it to them about eight years ago! I only got a “thanks, but no thanks” form letter in reply. They must have started soon after, because I saw the pumpkin pop tarts on the shelf last year. (no! I haven’t tried them yet–I’m being a sore loser) ha ha

      1. …Yes, way (that I suggested it to them AND a bit of a sore loser πŸ™‚ ) AND I can’t believe MnMs (or Hershey Kisses) hasn’t made the all-time, best choco combo for their products. I am writing to them to suggest is not pumpkin or spice. It is an everyday staple in homes all over the world…can you guess it??

  142. I love the Pepperidge Farms Pumpkin Spice Milano Cookies! The pumpkin spice almonds are also really good πŸ™‚ I would really love to try all of the pumpkin spice things though, I’m a huge fan as well!

  143. Pumpkin trifle is my favorite! Though I don’t think I’ve met anything pumpkin I didn’t like. Oh, and the pumpkin scones from Starbucks….yum!

    I’m 38 weeks pregnant – how amazing would this box be for late night feedings πŸ˜‰

  144. Those pumpkin spice cheerios have been my favorite new thing this year. And I need to get my hands on all of those ice cream flavors STAT!

    My recommendation is the pumpkin pie almonds from Costco – have you tried them?!? I just picked up a bag today and am now figuring out where I can hide them from my kids. Those things are too delicious for children. πŸ™‚

      1. Sad! My sister is from Boise and is coming down next weekend…I could always send back a bag (or 3…) with her if you get a hankering!

  145. Those Pumpkin Seed Bark Thins are awesome! Costco has carried them in past years… both a good thing (big bag) and a bad thing (big bag = dangerous). Love this list! And I’m on my way to Trader Joe’s right now!

  146. I love pumpkin spice sheet cake but I just tried the Special K pumpkin spice cereal and thought it was pretty good. I agree with you though–it needs more of those little balls of goodness in it.

  147. I should add that I LOVE TJ’s Pumpkin Pancake Mix… I seriously buy enough boxes to keep in my freezer to last for an entire year. So, so good!

  148. Pumpkin spice is my weakness! Thanks for all the research ?
    I love Entemanns pumpkin doughnuts and Archer Farms pumpkin spice hot cocoa.

  149. I’ve always wanted to try all of the different holiday/special edition flavors, but I” always too scared! Haha. Thanks for doing it for me! Two of my favorite pumpkin spice items are Thomas’ pumpkin spice bagels. You had the english muffins, but not the bagels. SO good! Also, Sconza pumpkin pie almonds. Yum!

  150. I’ve been eating Pumpkin spice Cheerios several times a week. I’d like to try some pumpkin waffles. I bought my kids the Pumpkin Life but they didn’t think it was much different from regular Life cereal.

  151. I have to say I Love the pumpkin donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. I recently bought the pumpkin spice cheerios but I haven’t opened them yet. I’m glad you love them so I most likely will too ?

  152. Oh my goodness!! This is so fun!! Not a food, but I bought pumpkin spice Chapstick this year that and I can’t stop wearing it!

  153. I love pumpkin spice so much I’m trying not to go out and buy everything you said heck yes to right this second. I wish I lived near to a Trader Joe’s, but I’m definitely going to get some ice cream and Cheerios tonight. Love pumpkin spice Oreos!

  154. We love the TJ’s Pumpkin O’s. TJ’s isn’t close to us but my husband made a special trip. Now I need to find the Cheerio’s if they’re so much better.

  155. Pumpkin cake roll! I only get it at Thanksgiving. Golly it’s good. I also really love pumpkin roll pancakes. I collect neighborhood Jacko lanterns after Halloween and make puree. It makes me feel so domestic.

  156. I’ve had the pumpkin biscotti from Trader Joe’s. It’s delicious!! It has great flavor. I also like their pumpkin spiced pepitas. I put them on top of pumpkin bread and pumpkin cream cheese muffins (Starbucks has nothing on me!)

  157. The best thing about fall Thomas brand pumpkin spice bagels. Toasted with butter and honey, oh my goodness! I already ate two bags myself since they came out.

  158. I loved the pumpkin Oreo’s. I need to get some of the Trader Joe waffles. I’ve been wanting pumpkin pancakes or waffles for the past week. Need to give them a try now.

  159. I like pumpkin spice coffee creamer! That Noosa yogurt is amazing but I can’t eat yogurt without digestive repercussions.

  160. I LOVE all things Pumpkin Spice, especially that famous latte. However, my favorite thing is something from TJ that you didn’t try (because it’s a beverage) — the Pumpkin Rooibos tea. It is comforting and tasty, and just reminds me of home! Thanks for the chance to win.

  161. What a cool review and giveaway. I wish you had added coffee creamers because Bailey’s Season Favorites Pumpkin Spice is YUCKO !

  162. Trader Joe’s can almost never go wrong, their pumpkin yogurt is a hit every fall. And I’m so excited to try more of this goodness before it’s all gone!

  163. We like Schwans pumpkin spice praline ice cream. I also thought the pumpkin spice Life cereal missed the flavor mark. It was pretty bland. ??
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. I just love that you did this! Pumpkin lover for life! I love DQ’s pumpkin pie blizzard, the pumpkin joe joes and Noosa! Now i need to take a trip to the store!!!

  165. Love pumpkin! I have a major weakness for pumpkin pie blizzards. Those pumpkin spice cheerios got me through morning sickness and first tri, so apparently I am growing a baby pumpkin lover too. Pumpkin spice kisses topped on a warm snicker doodle cookie is heavenly!

  166. I love pumpkin (pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, etc.), but I’m afraid to try all the pumpkin flavored goods for fear that they’ll be fake tasting and disappoint me. Thanks for the reviews! Off to try several!

  167. I love every thing Pumpkin… but what has been my go to is pumpkin butter!!!! OMG I even put it on my pulled pork! so good.

  168. We love, love, love the Pillsbury Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls. However, we don’t love the frosting that comes with them. Make cream cheese icing for the rolls, they won’t last long!

  169. This is hilarious! My husband and I went and tried a bunch of TJ’s pumpkin stuff last week too. I love the pumpkin Oreos and I love homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too!

  170. I’ve tried the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, but I’m super excited to try Mrs Thinsters Pumpkin thins. I had no idea they made them! I loved the coconut ones, so I’m totally in trouble! LOL

  171. My fave pumpkin spice treat at the moment are your Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Glaze, though I add some toasted pecans because we love the added chunks and crunch at our house! Though I am excited about the pumpkin spice Joe Joe’s (have yet to find a better flavor than the peppermint but I’m optimistic about pumpkin) and Boom Chicka Pop!

  172. I love the Pumpkin Spice Milanos! They’re a great marriage of our traditional and forever loved classic with a pumpkin spice twist. I can’t wait to try the Talenti Gelato though!!

  173. I’m so glad I saw this on FB! I bought the Special K cereal and had it Saturday. I agree with you need more the of yogurt balls but good. Now I will try the cherrios!! I’m going to have to try the icecreams. DQ Blizzard is prob my favorite!!

  174. My favorite is a pumpkin pie shake! But I’m thinking I need to try some of these items! I love all things pumpkin spice!

  175. I have a recipe that I got long ago from channel 5 in Utah…..Pumpkin Crunch muffins. YUM! They are probably my favorite pumpkin thing.

  176. Love me pumpkin everything! I love the pumpkin blizzard and love your recipe for it! LOVE pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I love TJs pumpkin bagels and cream cheese but haven’t gotten them this year. I’ve kind of avoided TJs because I know I’ll want everything!

  177. I loved the frosted mini wheats last year, I’ll have to try the cheerios this year!
    Also, Arctic Circle (in Utah) makes a yummy pumpkin Oreo shake. Mmmmm

  178. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios! I eat them with protein milk in the mornings, stick my hand in the box in the afternoon, sprinkle them on yogurt or ice cream in the evenings. So good!

  179. My favorite pumpkin spiced things: pumpkin cranberry muffins (like with real cranberries not craisins), pumpkin pie, and those pumpkin cream cheese roll things that I really want to make but have never actually attempted. I must say that I almost bought the pumpkin spice wafers but grabbed the apple crisp ones instead. And the tillamook ice cream has me really intrigued so I will be looking for a splurge on that on my next grocery trip for sure.

  180. With so many comments, I’m worried my favorite, best, most beloved pumpkin spice recommendation will be buried! I’m sorry you didn’t love the Thomas pumpkin spice English muffins, but don’t give up on Thomas yet!!! TRY THEIR BAGELS!! There is NO better breakfast (or lunch) (or dinner) (or snack, basically any time food, okay?) than a Thomas pumpkin spice bagel, TOASTED, with real butter spread on top. Eat the bottom half first, then the top. I’m only being this bossy because of my years of experience buying and enjoying these celestial creations. For real, I am currently drooling, and looking for my keys so I can go buy some right now. You won’t regret these!

  181. I’m surprised you didn’t buy and test out the pumpkin loaf mix from TJ’s. That is my all time favorite. I buy them by the case and use them all year round.

  182. Okay. Not strictly pumpkin spice, but the pumpkin pasta sauce at Trader Joe’s is amazing. So so good, and so much fun on their pumpkin shaped noodles.

  183. Oh, I love Pumpkin Spice! We’ve tried the cheerios and the frosted mini wheats. Our current favorite is a pumpkin granola at Costco. It’s not really pumpkin spice, but pumpkin seeds and cinnamon-y. My boys are addicted, which I find very funny to see a 7 and 9 year old fighting over who gets to eat the organic, gluten free pumpkin granola. Better than the cheetos!

  184. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are my favorite but pumpkin spice almonds are yummy too. Our local Winco has pumpkin spice almonds in the bulk section that look & taste exactly like the Costco ones (we did a taste test last year). After reading your blog I really want to try the Tillamook pumpkin ice cream :).

  185. I tried the chioboni pumpkin spice flip crisp thing today and it was yummy! My favorite pumpkin spice thing is egg nog though! Yum!

  186. You missed something that I saw yesterday at the grocery store and I thought it sounded awful. There were pumpkin spice Triscuits.

  187. I love pumpkin stuff and get so excited when I see it coming to the stores. I make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins year round and I love buying Costco’s huge pumpkin muffins!

  188. Target has these pumpkin cookies that are crispy with a cream cheese filling (and a gingerbread version too) They are the target brand and absolutely delicious!

  189. This is not pumpkin spice, but I love gingerbread flickered things right now in the fall. I love Annie’s ginger thins. I don’t know why, but I love them with hot chocolate!!

  190. I really enjoy pumpkin ice cream and all baked goods with pumpkin spice. I would love to try the pumpkin joe-joe’s or the Bark Thins! Thanks so much!

  191. I love that you did this! My husband is obsessed with pumpkins – especially carving them and roasting pumpkin seeds – I have an amazing recipe that includes butter and Worcester sauce mmm… We carve 30+ pumpkins every year so he can have the seeds to share! My favorite fall flavor is an applesauce spice cake with penuche frosting mmm I could eat the whole sheet in one sitting πŸ˜‰

  192. Pumpkin spice Oreo’s for sure. I did have my hands on the Thinster’s Cookie Thins at Costco yesterday, but decided not to get them. Wishing I had…

  193. I love fall for all the pumpkin spice stuff too! Overall my family loves pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I love pumpkin spice steamers!! Yum

  194. My favorite pumpkin spice things are pumpkin muffins I’ve been making for over twenty-five years. Everyone in my extended family loves them! Second to that are your pumpkin scones with maple glaze – because if dairy allergies in our family, I substitute Almond Milk and Earth Balance buttery spread and they’re beloved by my grandchildren!

  195. So many of these I have tried and loved and I found myself nodding throughout the post. But there are still so many you posted about that I haven’t tried and want to.

    That TJ brittle is so so good and so are the pumpkin chocolate covered almonds you have posted. I have never had the Brach’s brand, so I can’t vouch for that one in particular, but the ones they have at Winco and Costco are amazing!

  196. I now will have to try the Tillamook Pumpkin ice cream…and ALL the other things you posted! I wish I could do something like this, how fun to try them all! I LOVE the Caramel Apple Sugar Babies, have been eating them for probably 10 years! Try them in oatmeal cookies, sounds odd but they are super good!

  197. So glad you did this! I’m always dreaming of trying all this stuff!!! My favorite are my homemade pumpkin muffins! But I always want to try these!!

  198. I’m like you–I’ll try anything pumpkin! Right now I’m liking the Special K pumpkin spice cereal but I totally agree that it needs more of the yogurt balls. I can’t even wait to get to Trader Joe’s for O&H kringle (that is where you got it, right??)! We’ve been ordering kringle from Wisconsin for years because it’s the closest to the pastry we love in Denmark.

  199. I need to find some of these items. I’ve tried a few already. Chobani greek yogurt flip pumpkin harvest is the best. I can’t get enough of it. Cheerios Pumpkin Spice is very yummy too. Not a big fan of Quaker Oatmeal Pumpkin Spice. I love oatmeal it was a huge disappointment. I’ll try anything pumpkin spice.

    1. Ha – flavors, I mean. I type better when it isn’t a Monday.
      Also, my husband bought some caramel apple stuffed Twizzler licorice at Target, which I thought would be disgusting, but was actually pretty good. It reminded me of those caramel apple suckers, but without the propensity to rip out braces with that super sticky caramel!

  200. I’m dying!! I live for pumpkin flavored anything. A local soda place has oatmeal cookies with pumpkin frosting (and no raisins!) and I almost cried over the goodness.

  201. Pumpkin spice season really is the most wonderful time of the year! Can’t wait to try some of your “Heck yes” products. πŸ™‚

  202. Pumpkin cheerios have been in my bowl every morning. Love this post though, you’ve convinced me to drove the 30 min to treat joes to stock up on everything I’ve been missing

  203. I admit, when it comes to prepackaged food, I find the caramel apple flavors to be more reliably delicious. That said, it’s hard to go wrong with a nice pumpkin cookie! Mmm. (And I love love wafer cookies, too, so I might even make the extra effort to drive out to Winco and try them!)

  204. Oh my word, Sara I was totally laughing through this post! Loved your very technical rating scale. This was SO MUCH fun!! What a great idea!! Thanks for the great post!!

  205. First, you missed Alden’s Pumpkin ice cream. Organic. Pumpkin ice cream. Nuff said. (it does have the spice in it, just not in the name) Second–*HOW* do you NOT weigh 300 pounds after all this?!? :-O

  206. I about died when I saw the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios at my local Target a month or so ago. I had to have them and they were A. MAZ. ING.

  207. WOW! I am so impressed at how thorough you were at getting all of these items! I am a HUGE fan of pumpkin spice and try things all of the time, but this review is the BEST ever! Thank you!

  208. Well, this post is a pregnant girl’s DREAM! Now you’ve got me craving everything pumpkin spice. I’ll need to make an emergency trip to the grocery store tonight! πŸ™‚

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  210. I like all the pumpkin bread, all the pumpkin carbs, I’m pretty sure I would love all the pumpkin ice cream. πŸ™‚

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  212. Can’t wait to try these. We love the pumpkin spice mix from Krusteaz. My kids want those pancakes every day in the fall.

  213. We don’t get as many fall flavor specialty items here in Canada. πŸ™ Hubby loves pumpkin pie (I like it but other flavours are great too) aonhe chose pumpkin fudge once. I them chose my favorite flavours for the other three 1/4 lb blocks. The pumpkin one was by FAR the best and I’ve loved pumpkin things more ever since.

  214. That pumpkin Noosa has all my pumpkin spice loving heart this year! I’m not usually a fan of store-bought cookies, but I’m dying to try the Oreos!

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  216. This is amazing! I love Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer but as for food it has to be that Noosa or the Pumpkin Spice popcorn. I haven’t seen it this year thanks for the link. Oh Pumpkin spice cheerios are awesome too. Clearly, I have a problem!

  217. This post made me laugh so much – I LOVE that you did this because I have ALWAYS wanted to take a shopping cart and FILL it with holiday flavors (pumpkin spice being a top fav)! And I LOVE all of the pictures and reviews of everything! One of my favorite of the above listed items is the pumpkin spice yogurt covered pretzels – pretty sure I ate those until I was sick! And I have NEVER seen the seasonal poptarts…please send me a box! Wooooot!

  218. I love Costco’s pumpkin pies and the western family brand candy corn. I tried the Life and Cheerio’s pumpkin cereal and like both.

  219. This is amazing. I’m literally going to Target today now to find some of these. My daughter and myself love Pumpkin Spice so time to get crazy!

  220. The pumpkin muffin at Cracker Barrel during the Fall is scrumptious!
    Have them split it in two and grill the portions (like they do their blueberry muffin that comes with one of their salads). The toasted part adds a hint of salty, think salted caramel, and paired with the brown sugar and oats toasted on top & you will want one for breakfast, or dessert, or just whenever EVERY DAY! I know I do!

  221. I had no idea how many commercial pumpkin flavors you can buy now. Where have I been? My 21 year old made the yummiest shake, he combined slivers of a Costco pumpkin pie with ice cream in the blender. It was delicious. Being a big ice cream fan, I can’t wait to try the Tillamook flavor. Now, I am really going to have run some hills to get off the extra weight!!!

  222. I love homemade pumpkin spice scones with cinnamon icing. Also, Bluebell makes a wonderful pumpkin praline ice cream that my husband and I can’t get enough of!

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  226. PS Eggos! I’d rate these as just ok. TJ’s also has a great PS cream cheese, which gets a heck yes from me. Thanks for doing this!

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  228. The SUPER easy pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies made from a spice cake are my go to favorites! So I may need to branch out and try a few more things!! Some of these sound amazing…

  229. I love lots of things Pumpkin Spice but right now I love muffins! Pumpkin Spice muffins! If they have chocolate chips in them even better!

  230. I’ve had the Quaker Pumpkin Spice oatmeal. I liked it, but it’s very similar in taste to the regular Cinnamon & Spice flavor.

  231. Excited to hit up Trader Joe’s ? And I think someone commented already but the werthers hard shell-soft center caramel Apple are SO GOOD- way better than the soft ones! So try those next. ?

  232. The TJ’s pumpkin brittle gets my every time. I pretend that I’m getting them for gifts and hoard them instead.

  233. I love all things pumpkin- I also like Pumpkin Puffins Cereal! You can find it at Fred Meyers or Kroger. I love to make a pumpkin custard anytime of year. Similar to pumpkin pie filling, but with less sugar and more eggs.

  234. I was happy to see you gve the Cheerios a heck yes. I have been trying to find them at my local Stop & Shop. I am going to have to run to Target so I can try them. I did try the Pop Tarts last year and was very disapointed Thank you for the chance to win such a great give away.. It must have been awesome to try so many things.

  235. Looks like I will be making a trip to Trader Joe’s this weekend. I didn’t realize how much yummy pumpkin stuff they have. Publix has the best pumpkin pie ice cream. Can’t wait to try TJ pumpkin brittle. I usually get William Sonoma’s brittle, but it is so expensive.

  236. I ate an entire bag of the Boom Chika Pop Pumpkin Spice Kettle corn last night and loved every minute of it! I would love to try the Noosa yogurt! Yummmm!!

  237. Pumpkin is the best thing ever! I look forward to it all year long. Favorite pumpkin food is Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) soup. Favorite pumpkin spice flavor is the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. Wanting to try Talenti now. Actually want to try the majority of these now!

  238. You forgot the fiber one pumpkin bars. I think they are selfish & 90 calories. It’s like eating a white choc chip pumpkin cookie.

  239. Holy Cow! I can’t believe how many pumpkin spice items there are out there. I had no clue. I’m a fan of pumpkin bread. Plain, simple, hot out of the oven, or frozen with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum.

  240. I love your scale! I’ll definitely be trying some of these now. I’m a fan of the pumpkin spice creamer from Starbucks (non coffee version – it’s basically hot pumpkin spice flavored milk mmmm!) the classic pumpkin chocolate chip cookie is always a winner too!

  241. I love Chobani pumpkin yogurt. And pumpkin kisses. I haven’t tried nearly this many things but I want to!! My favorite pumpkin fall item isn’t food though….I love the Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion! So divine.

  242. I love classic pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Have to make plenty of batches during pumpkin season. I tried Peanut Butter & Co’s Pumpkin Spice peanut butter a year ago, but haven’t found it this year. I have also heard the cereal Puffins has an amazing Pumpkin Spice version.

  243. One of my favorite pumpkin spice fall things is scones. Brown Eyed Baker (blog) has a recipe for pumpkin scones with spiced glaze that I LOVE. I’m planning to make them this week!
    I like pumpkin spice stuff in general, but some of your finds stand out. I’ll have to do some hunting around when I’m at the store tomorrow.

  244. Homemade pumpkin cream cheese muffins are our fave. The maple cookies you tried are a Canadian standby- we grew up with them. We hardly have any of these products here except the mini wheats which we agree, need more pumpkin. (P.S. If by chance we win, we have a US shipping address πŸ™‚ Fun post!

  245. I don’t think I have tried any of those, but I wanted to try Pumpkin Spice cheerios and my son vetoed it. But since they got a good review, I’m gonna try them anyway

  246. YOUR chocolate chip pumpkin bread!! Every year I make it about 5 times throughout oct and nov and every year I have people asking me for the recipe. ?

  247. I seriously can’t tell you how excited I am about this list! I’m going to need to print it and keep it in my purse so I remember the best stuff at the store! Up to now, my favorite pumpkin spice recipe has been pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, but I’d bet that will be changing after I try a few of these!

  248. TJ’s pumpkin seed brittle!! And this year I may have “accidentally” bought 4 boxes of PS Cheerios-such a yummy snack!

  249. i love pumpkin flavored things, especially baked goods. the BYU creamery used to (and maybe still does) make a pretty tasty pumpkin ice cream. i don’t know how it compares to these other ice creams mentioned, but i’m gonna have to try the ones you’ve listed. i wish tillamook was out east!

  250. YES, YES, YES, HECK YEAH!! to the TJ’s Pumpkin Biscotti!! Just tried it today. It’s SO good with hot chocolate. Delicious.

  251. I cannot believe you were able to do this! What an awesome undertaking. I’m impressed. I love pumpkin spice too! I made a smoothie this morning with it! Yummy!

  252. Freddy’s Frozen Custard has a pumpkin pie concrete. It is the best thing I have ever tasted! They put a whole slice of Pumpkin Pie in it and mix it with custard! YUM! I am drooling just thinking about it!

  253. I know your items were non-perishable, but I LOVE
    pumpkin spice coffee creamer. Maybe you could add in a small section on some diary items… Love your post!

  254. I love to get a pumpkin pie blizzard at Dairy Queen every fall. But now we’ve moved, and the closest one to us is 40 minutes away!

  255. I’m tempted to drive 90 minutes to Trader Joes just to pick up a few of these tasty treats! I’ve never had pumpkin flavored ice cream but now I’m dying to try it!

  256. While I have a love/hate relationship with her recipes, Martha Stewart’s pumpkin chocolate chip bars are my favorite!

  257. I like Dunkin’ Donuts pumpkin spice munchkins! I don’t know why I prefer it to the whole donut, but I do!!!

    So my favorite thing about Trader Joe’s is all of this pumpkin spice stuff will turn into peppermint stuff for Christmas!!!! Yay!

  258. TJ’s maple cookies are my kryptonite! Seriously, I can’t buy a box because they are gone before I realize it! Not Weight Watcher friendly. πŸ™

  259. I love your chocolate chip pumpkin bread but I think my favorite is the Paleo Pumpkin bar recipe from I can’t stop eating it if I make a batch!

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  262. I’m a bit of a pumpkin spice freak every year! I agree, the Belvitas are awesome, but the Trader Joes pumpkin yogurt was awful! You dodged a bullet there!

  263. Oh my pumpkin heaven! You don’t know who you’re “talkin'” to! i am the queen of pumpkin spice! I have this built in radar for anything pumpkin spice when I am in a store. I even found pumpkin spice triscuits! What?! That’s right, and they are Heck to the yes!! The pumpkin twinkies frozen…a delightful frosty treat! I am well known by my friends and family for being pumpkin crazed, and on Facebook, I get tagged a bazillion times a day on recipes and jokes about pumpkin spice tampons and toilet paper… we could only be so lucky! My “Pumpkin Obsession”board on Pinterest has more pins than any of my other boards. Yup, it is a problem and I am pretty darn ok with it! My hubby says we need to budget my pumpkin addiction, because it is out of control. So I hope I win one of these to get him off my case for awhile! πŸ˜‰ You lived my dream trying all of these by the way, someday I hope to shake your hand! πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much!

  264. I agree 100% on Angies Boom Chicka Pop Pumpkin Spice Kettle Corn. I currently have a bag hidden in my car so my kids don’t eat it (somethings I am incapable of sharing). I have also tried the smores flavor, which was just ok to me.

  265. Just picked up the Tillamook ice cream. And now I need to add a few more things to my shopping lists.

    PS I’d love to know your favorite place to grocery shop in Boise. I find myself going to several
    stores each week. I’d love to narrow it down to one or two.

  266. You missed the TJs pumpkin spice cookie butter! And their weird cake that’s like a holiday fruitcake kinda sorta.

    My favorite pumpkin spice recipe is for a no-bake cheesecake. Omg. It’s so good.

  267. Homemade pumpkin spice pancakes are amazing! I might even serve them in the summer. That is code for I do but am not ready to admit to it.

  268. Have you ever heard of Green Bluff in Washington? Close to Mt. Spokane area. Anyways, there are lots of small family owned farms where you can go to pick your own fruit through all the seasons. They all have great festivals in the fall and most places offer hot pumpkin donuts that are A-mazing! They also sell the most wonderful apple cider. There is nothing better than picking some fresh honey rips apples, getting your carving pumpkins and taking some donisrs home in the fall. THE. BEST. ?

  269. My very favorite pumpkin spice food is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! As a teenager my friend declared it was her favorite cookie, and since then Fall has not arrived until I bake a batch!

  270. I love the pumpkin spice streusel muffins from Costco! Love this post and all the great info. Excited to try the pumpkin jo Jo’s and the Mrs. Thinsters cookies! Thanks for sacrificing for all of us and gathering this crucial information ?

  271. I’m in Canada so it’s kind of sad for me to read about all the things that are most likely not available here. πŸ™ My favourite pumpkin spice flavoured thing is homemade pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

  272. In the past Target had a Market Pantry cookie that was pumpkin spice and cheesecake. Like an Oreo but with two pumpkin spice cookie and cheesecake filling. I haven’t seen them yet this year, though that maybe a good thing for my sugar intake!

  273. It’s amazing the variety you found and I’m willing to bet there’s a lot of things you didn’t find! Hard to believe that not much more than five or so years ago, the only place you would find pumpkin spice was in a pie πŸ™‚
    I have to ask though – after tasting all that stuff, aren’t you a bit pumpkin-spiced-out? You should be careful – what if you ate so much that you couldn’t stand to look at it again??

  274. My fall indulgence is Starbucks caramel apple cider. Sadly, my hubby doesn’t care for pumpkin anything..but he has nat’l guard drill this weekend and my daughters and I have big plans to make pumpkin muffins and a pumpkin crepe that I’ve been dreaming up!

  275. Sara, I love that you did this! I’m sure it was so fun, but this is so helpful! I usually stay away from stuff like this because I don’t think it will be great, now I can’t wait to try some pumpkin spice Cheerios! And the Tillamook! My favorite pumpkin things are definitely fresh baked good- pumpkin cookies, bread, muffins, pumpkin roll, all of it! But now I’m excited to try a few of these packaged items too! Thanks for the awesome info!!

  276. One of my favorite things I look forward to every fall is Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Granola. I buy it from Costco, it is so good and all of my kids love it too!

  277. I’m not sure what pumpkin spice thing I like best, but I am intrigued by your post and am going to give some of these a try. Especially the pumpkin popcorn.

  278. I hope that your readers who are gluten free will still give the WOW Pumpkin cookies that are wheat/gluten free a try! My son was diagnosed with celiac disease a couple of months ago and we think these are pretty darn good!!
    Thanks for the reviews… very helpful!!

  279. You HAVE to try Nicci Pumpkin Spice Cookie Butter. It’s what dreams are made of. Also Krusteaz pumpkin pecan mix is something I look forward to every year.

  280. I just love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this time of year. Saw the pumpkin Life cereal and wondered. Don’t think I’d be brave enough to try popcorn, but after your review I just may! And now I want ice cream. Thanks.