Brazilian Lemonade

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Brazilian Lemonade is our most favorite drink, ever.  I fell it love with it while living in Brazil where at most restaurants and homes, fresh squeezed tropical beverages are the norm. It’s tart, but sweet, made with fresh limes and a secret ingredient (spoiler alert: sweetened condensed milk) that makes it mildly creamy.  It looks a little strange but is refreshingly delicious and unlike any other beverage!

The first question that people generally ask about Brazilian Lemonade is why it’s called lemonade when it’s actually made with limes??  In Brazil, lemons are not common.  Their word for lemonade, “Limonada” actually refers to limes.  And in Brazil, they actually call this beverage  Swiss Lemonade.  This is because the signature ingredient there, Nestle brand sweetened condensed milk, shows a Swiss milkmaid on the label.  So.  We’ve got Brazilian lemonade, which they call Swiss Lemonade, which is actually limeade.  Got it?  All you need to know is that it’s DELICIOUS.

brazilian lemonade in cups

Make a Simple Syrup and Mix Limes

The first thing you’ll do is make a simple syrup, and it’s not cooked or anything.  You’ll simply stir sugar into water and stir until it’s dissolved.  You’ll place part of that in a blender and add fresh limes, peel and all (no substitutes for fresh here).

limes in blender

Pulse Mixture in Blender

You will pulse this mixture several times but DO NOT just blend the heck out of it.  If you do that, you’ll break up the peel too much and blend in that bitter pith.   Using the whole lime and pulsing just a few times takes advantage of the flavors from both the juice and the flavorful oils in the rind.  I’ve made this using only the fresh squeezed lime juice, and it’s better this way with the whole fruit!  I usually press the pulse button 4-5 times for just a couple seconds each.
brazilian lemonade in blender

Strain the Brazilian Lemonade

Pour the mixture from the blender through a fine mesh strainer ( like this one) and into a pitcher, thus saving all of the flavorful liquid. You might need to do this in a couple of batches.  Use a spoon to smash down limes in strainer and extract all that great flavor.

straining lime juiceAdd Sweetened Condensed Milk

Then the secret ingredient: sweetened condensed milk.  You can often buy mini cans in the latin section of the grocery store.  This recipes needs about 1 1/2 little cans.  Since you’ll probably want to double this recipe, that’s 3 cans.  They also sell a squeeze bottle in the Latin foods section which is also helpful.   Or just open a regular sized can and make some chocolate sauce with the leftovers! 

sweetened condensed milk in lemonade

The sweetened condensed milk makes the drink itself look like milk, which is sometimes confusing to guests!  It’s unique and so crazy good that I love serving this to people who have never had it before.

Chill and Pour

You’ll want to avoid adding ice to your actual pitcher because it will water it down.  Instead, add ice to the glasses before you pour.

brazilian lemonade in serving cups

You can add fresh limes to the glasses if you like, it looks pretty and adds a little punch of extra flavor.
brazilian lemonade in cups
I hope you try a batch of this Brazilian Lemonade – it will most likely become your official drink of summer!
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Brazilian Lemonade

Brazilian Lemonade

  • Author: Our Best Bites
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x


Citrus and sweetened condensed milk may sound weird but trust us on this amazing Brazilian beverage that’s cool, creamy, sweet-tart and refreshing!


  • 4 juicy limes (try and find ones with thin, smooth skins; they’re the juiciest and the thin skin cuts down on the chance of your drink being bitter)
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 6 cups cold water
  • 6 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk


  1. Mix cold water and sugar very well and chill until ready to use. This step can be done ahead of time.
  2. Wash limes thoroughly with soap (hand-dishwashing soap or regular hand soap works great). Cut the ends off the limes and then cut each lime into 8ths.
  3. Place 1/2 of the limes in your blender.
  4. Add 1/2 of the sugar water, place the lid on your blender, and pulse about 5 times. Place a fine-mesh strainer over a pitcher (the one you’ll serve the lemonade in) and pour the blended mixture through the strainer and into the pitcher. Use a spoon to press the rest of the liquid into the pitcher. Dump the pulp and stuff in the strainer into the trash. Repeat with remaining limes and sugar water.
  5. Add sweetened condensed milk and stir.  You may want to taste test it at this point; Sometimes if you use bitter limes, it will need more sugar and maybe a little more milk.
  6. Serve immediately over lots of ice. This does not keep well, so don’t make this in advance (although you can cut the limes, mix the sugar water, and measure the sweetened condensed milk in advance).


Serving Note

  • Serves 4, technically, although I can pretty much guarantee you that people will want more.  You can double, triple, etc.  the recipe.  Just make in batches that will fit in your blender.


  • Serving Size: 4

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  1. I’m just having time to check in here and can i just say, YUM??! I sure wish I could attend this baby shower!

    Most of you know that my husband and I both lived in Brazil and we love love LOVE Brazilian Lemonade. Ironically, in Brazil, they call this version “Swiss Lemonade” because of the milk in it, funny huh? We love making this for summer BBQ’s and it goes great with all types of food. I hope you all try it!

      1. I’m brazilian and I live on the souther region where mate is most common, my inlaw drinks this for water, I don’t like the taste very much, but there are different types of herbs … some are more bitter , other are more “tea” like. But i always feel a “boost” when i drink

  2. You could totally use it. But don’t use the Walmart brand; I’ve noticed that Walmart sweetened condensed milk is pretty gritty and the fat-free s.c. milk is SUPER gritty.

  3. Oooh, that’s a good question! I know key limes are smaller and the juice is tarter, so I don’t now how many limes you’d need or if you’d need to add any extra sugar, but you could always try it and experiment!

  4. I’ve made this several times since the first time you gave me the recipe and I loooooove it. I wish someone would make it for me everyday.

  5. oooh, I wanted to add something (and Kate, this might be a good thing to add into the post) that you can buy mini-cans of sweetened condensed milk. They aren’t in the baking isle though, they are with the Latin foods. I love them because they come in a little 6-pack and each can is only 3.5oz, which is perfect for recipes like this when you have to open a whole can and then have a lot of left-overs. I use them for a lot of things that call for small amounts of sweetened condensed milk.

    The cans look like this:

  6. I saw this on the site this morning, and I just HAD to try it. We were headed to a playdate and lunch at my sister’s house, so I made a pit stop and grabbed some limes.

    We tried it for lunch, and it was delicious! In fact, I liked it so much, I made another batch for dinner (and so my husband could try it).

    My favorite part, my kids don’t care for it, so it’s all MINE!!! With some for the hubby, of course.

    1. It is Brazilian Lemonade! I don’t know why, linguistically speaking, but there is a fuuny thing about this words… Lime is, for us brazilian, limão, and lemon is LIMA, which doesn’t make any sense AT ALL. I mean… Maybe that is why this is not called Limeade! Haha.

      Greetings from Brasil!


      1. My husband is from Mexico and had been confused on the difference between lemons and limes because he grew up thinking that limes AND lemons were BOTH called lemons or limón. I have since taught him the difference. Maybe it is the same in Brazil. Just a thought.

  7. Just jumped over here from bbc, and I already love this blog! Everything looks so yummy and is motivating me to cook more often…

  8. Does the condensed milk make it less tart? I’m not a huge fan of lemonade generally because it’s just too tart for my taste, but this recipe has me intrigued!

  9. Yeah, Hillary, the milk takes the edge off the tartness; the whole concept kind of reminds me of a Sonic cream slush, but not quite as sweet.

  10. Emily, they don’t use lemons in Brazil- that’s what they call limes, so hence the name Brazilian “lemon”ade!

  11. I don’t think Ryan has ever mentioned “Swiss Lemonade” before. I’ll have to ask him. It’ll be nice to have an alternative to Guarana. (I’m not a huge fan of it.)

  12. I had no idea you would use the entire lime in a drink. I’m really excited to make this. Any chance a brazilian meat recipe is coming up?

  13. AMAZING!!! My sister Stephanie (who knew?) came in town this weekend and made this (and your chocolate chip cookies-yum) and we LOVED it! It is so good, we will definitely be making this a lot.

  14. so delish! you’re right, though…it doesn’t keep well…the bitterness comes back out after it’s been in the fridge for a few hours…adding a bit more condensed milk helps, but definitely better to finish it all at once!

  15. I have made this drink and I thought it was really good, but I thought it had pretty intense flavor. I thought to myself that the next time I made it that I would add a bit more water or something. After reading the other comments posted on this recipe, I have discovered that I used Key Limes rather than regular limes. I feel like such a bonehead, but now I can’t wait to get regular limes (I thought the limes looked small, but I have never cooked with them before) and try this again. LOL! I LOVE THE DAILY BITE!

  16. Just made this tonight and it was a hit! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions and the great recipe! Oh, and the pictures help lots too and make the posts even more interesting and try-able. Now, if only I had found out about those small containers of sweetened condensed milk before. I’ve got some left over sweetened condensed milk I need to do something with…

  17. cafe sabor in logan serves this but adds raspberries to it. yum yum yum! thanks for the recipe, i have tried making it on my own and it wasn't quite right. am going to try it for dinner tonight!

  18. I made this for a get-together recently and it was a huge hit!! I loved it! And the sweetened condensed milk was great to cut the strong lime taste!

  19. FANTASTIC! I bought the ingredients a long time a go, but ended up not making it until today! So sad I waited! It's our new favorite and is so quick and easy!

  20. I tried this at a book group one evening, but it was made by a woman who grew up in Argentina. She added mint to it and it was also delicious – sort of a non-alcoholic, creamy mojito.

  21. This sounds SOOOOOO GOOD ! Now I must go find the limes — thanks to Sara for the tip regarding small cans of S.C. milk too!

    Appreciate this site and all the good recipes you have posted! I really liked the format of showing the pictures separately from the recipe, so that it was more easily printable though; would like to see all the recipes done that way!

  22. I just wanted to say thanks for this recipe! I served this to my hubby (who served a mission in Brazil) and some friends for our Valentine's dinner date. They all commented on how good it was! My husband said it was just like the stuff he remembered from Brazil. Thanks!!!

  23. Simple. Easy. Quick. And refreshing. Just whipped it up for the next day's activities. Hopefully it won't be gone soon enough! I think I'll make this everyday from now on. A bit too much I think? Well every weekend, that's when all the family members are home anyways. Perfect drink for picnics, gatherings, any sunny day. It's wonderful. Thank you for posting this up.

  24. Love your website! My sister and I share things through and she sent me your Baked Creamy chicken Taquitos recipes. I had to make them! So after church today I whipped the taquitos up along with some yellow saffron rice and made this delicious lemonade that was PERFECT with the meal! So refreshing and my husband took seconds of both the taquitos and drink…so I'll be making these again! I posted about it on my blog here:

  25. Made these tonight to go with our carne asada.
    Sooooooo good!

    I just found your blog today and I am hooked! You appear to have the same taste buds as me. You cook with the ingredients I love to cook with. CAn't wait to try out all your fabulous recipes.

  26. hey ladies! i've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make this and i'm finally doing it on saturday for a bbq 🙂 yay!

    quick question tho – when you say that it doesn't keep very long – like how long are we really talking about? would a couple hours be ok so i can make it before the party starts? or is it better to make it as everyone is arriving??

    thanks soooo much!!!

  27. Sara, you can definitely make all of the parts ahead of time. Like prepare the sugar water and get it really chilled, get the limes ready, measure the sweet and condensed milk, etc. But for best results, I would throw it all together as people are arriving.

  28. ok you're the boss! 🙂 that's what i'll do then!

    thanks for the quick response!!!!

    (i'm also making the chili-lime mango skewers – soo excited!!)

  29. I made this with the grilled fish tacos (which were a big hit with hubby. He balked at the idea of a grilled fish taco instead of the deep fried version but ended up loving the grilled!). Anyway, the Brazilian lemonade was delicious as well and when I went to look for a small can of sweetened condensed milk at Wal Mart I found instead a SQUEEZE bottle of the Nestle La Lechera milk! That's what I got and it was so easy to squeeze out what I needed and then put the bottle in the fridge until I need it again. So, I just wanted to give a heads up about the possibility of finding the milk in a squeeze bottle at your local Wal Mart. Thanks so much for all your delicious recipes!

  30. I may be a little on the airheaded side of all things cooking. so dumb question: after pouring in the S&C milk do you put it back in the blender or just mix it by hand? i'm thinking since the milk is so heavy does it stay mixed or sink to the bottom if mixing by hand?

  31. Any suggestions on making it less bitter? I've made it twice now and within minutes it's so bitter, it's undrinkable. Adding sugar does not really help. I also noticed in your pictures of the limes after they've been blended, they were not pulvarized….I've read recipes for this where it says to compeltely obliterate the limes. Could this be contributing to the bitterness?

  32. Atomic Mom- pulverizing the limes is exactly what makes it bitter because you blend the bitter pith into the drink, so definitely avoid that. If it's still bitter than it's most likely your limes. Limes can be incredibly bitter and that will ruin the whole drink. Take a taste of the juice in your limes after you cut them and make sure they taste good before you use them.

  33. We LOOOVED this!

    Just FYI ……I found sweetened condensed milk at Walmart on the ethnic aisle. It comes in a squeeze bottle…….so, you can just use what you need and refrigerate the rest for another time.

  34. Ha, thats funny couse here in Brazil we call this "swiss" lemonade… altough i dont think the swiss acctually drink this very often… it just makes it sound more fancy, hehe.

  35. My daughter got me hooked on you two and I just bought one of your new books for her which her husband also gave her. Sooo, I gave it to another daughter. Have used some of your fun crafty ideas for my activity day girls. I returned from a senior sister mission to Brazil a couple of years ago, and creme d’lecht is in literally every dessert. As far as the lemonade–they don’t have lemons there, or rarely, so they use limes but call them lemons–thus lemonade!

  36. I just tried this recipe today and it was yummy. Very tropical. It’s only March but I have summer fever! I did pulverize my limes and it was not bitter at all. I actually went back and processed it a little longer to get a little more lime flavor. My husband and I both thought it was interesting that it almost has a coconut undertone but no coconut in the recipe. Thanks for a lovely recipe. I will make this again this summer.

  37. I made a batch of this tonight to test for my Easter Brunch…absolutely fantastic. My kids went NUTS for it. I will serve it both non-alcholic and as the “brazillian colada” listed in the comments. Thanks for the recipe!

  38. Came across this the other day and made it for dinner that very night. Aww-Muh-Gawddd lol best drink ive ever had! Thats a drink that I can see my self making every night! Thanks

  39. mmm~~i have never heard of this!! i want to try this as soon as the weather warms up!!! i just love stumble bc i would never have known about this recipe!! thanks!!

  40. Just a quick tip: If you zest the limes and then peal them, you will get the same effect without the bitterness. The reason is that you’re not blending in the pith (white stuff) with them.

    1. Thanks! I was afraid I would have a tiny window of time on putting the limes in the blender without getting too much peel. Great tip!

  41. I tried some of this Brazilian Lemonade at this Brazilian Steak House called Chama Gaucha and everything there including the lemonade wassss sooooo delicious! 😀

  42. Has it occurred to anyone that this recipe is for DRINKABLE Key Lime Pie? How could it NOT be good!? I think I would top it with whipped cream & a sprinkle pie crust on a special occasion. (On a not special occasion I think I would sip it straight from the pitcher I mixed it in!)

  43. hi, I´m from brazil and a sweetened condensed milk addicted (here we call this “leite condensado”). You should try with pineapple also. Fantastic!!

  44. I grew up as a Missionary kid in Sao Paulo, Brazil and practically lived off of this lemonade! We used to walk down the street right out off of the school campus to a little stand that sold it ice cold….nectar of the gods!

  45. I made this recipe this afternoon and drank the entire pitcher myself! It’s great, and I will definitely be making it a lot in the future!

  46. This is amazing! I’ve made it twice now and everyone has loved it. Also it’s really easy for my 3 year old to ” help” with. He loves counting the limes and the cups of water and I keep him stirring that sugar water while I cut up limes. He also gets a kick out of pushing the blender button. Such a great afternoon snack!

  47. Think I could make this ahead of time, without adding the milk till I am ready to serve it? Not just getting all the ingredients ready and storing separately, but mix everything but the milk? We have a bunch of family coming over Sunday after my daughters blessing and I would like to only have to worry about adding the milk along with the other food I need to have ready…

  48. Love this stuff. Our first taste was from Tucanos. I’ve made this a few times from your site and we can’t get enough of it. We always puree a few mangoes into it as well. Thank you for publishing it.

  49. When I first quit work, and started exploring recipes in the web, the first blog recipe I tried was a limeade, made in the same way as in your recipe, but without the sweetened condensed milk. It was so freakin awful I decided if this lady can put up this crap, so can I, and I put together my own blog. I have often thought about what was wrong with that recipe, that there must have been a way to fix it, and here it is! I just know this is the most perfect limeade, i mean lemonade recipe ever, and I can’t wait to try it!

  50. Why couldn’t the recipe be modified to use both cans of sweeten milk, I hate recipes that do that, sorry. for exact measurement one can adjust recipe.

    Use 5 1/2 to 6 limes easier to use a 1/2 lime somewhere in a marinade,
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    8 cups water
    8 tbsp. sweetened condensed milk or 2 small cans

  51. We’re on vacation down in florida so I thought this would be a lovely recipe to try and everyone loved it. It was so simple and delicious! Thank you for sharing!

  52. This was awesome. Thanks for the recipe. Took it to a party last night and had to make a grocery run for more ingredients!

  53. I thought this tasted great! Pretty close to, if not as good as, Tacanos’ Brazilian Lemonade. Try throwing in some pinapple juice for a touch of awesome.

  54. Yay! People enjoying Brazilian lemonade!!! I’m Brazilian, and yeah, we call it Limonada Suiça, haha.
    But glad you all like it 🙂

    1. Ali, did you try it with the coconut milk? What did you think? I was curious about the use of sweetened coconut milk in lieu of sweetened condense milk for people who are vegan.

  55. This looks fabulous!! My in-laws live in Uruguay South America and are coming to stay with us for the summer….I see this in my very near future!! Has anyone tried to make this a cocktail? I was thinking Pineapple or Coconut rum? Anyone try it yet?

  56. This taste great and is so easy to make, thanks Kate! My 8 year old asked if I would make it for her everyday, I’m going to have to go buy my own strainer instead of borrowing 🙂

  57. Hey! Im brazilian too and I must say we dont usually do that here that much…it is like Limonada Suiça (Swiss Lemonade) but with condensed milk. This kind of drink is usually done with alcohol, like Cachaça or Vodka.

  58. Made this for Memorial Day (my daughter-in-law finished making it for me).It was a big hit. Will definately be making this again.I love your cookbook.

  59. I made this recipe with Splenda and Fat Free Condensed Milk, froze it and mixed it with tequila and triple sec to make margaritas! Delicious!

  60. OH MY GOSH!!! thats so funny, I lived in Brazil for 2 months last year on a mission trip!! huh, small world. I love Brazilian lemonade! Over there they called it sumo de leite, milk juice! Lol This is great. I will definatley make this soon.

  61. Well that is really nice and wonderful drink that is and I think the lemons could be best in the summer time. I am Brazilian and love recipes from my country. I am a new follower from the Homemaker on a Dime.

  62. I made this a couple of nights ago, and we added a few tablespoons of your strawberry sauce to our drinks. It’s really good!!

  63. I made this the other night and it was delicious. We didn’t drink it all, I had probably over half or half of it left so I added 1 more TBS of the sweetened condensed milk and froze it. It made a very yummy icy dessert. You can evne let it thaw a bit for a nice slushy treat. YUM!

  64. hey girls, I’m making a double batch of this today for Father’s Day. Can I use a Cuisinart or should I borrow my friend’s blender?

  65. OH MY HEAVENLY GOODNESS!!!!! I made this tonight and boy was I pleasantly surprised!!! My husband is lactose intolerant so I made one batch with no sweetened condensed milk. It still tasted GREAT! of course I made one batch following the recipe and I loved it even better!!!

  66. Has anyone tried putting any liquor in their lemonades? If so what kind? I was thinking coconut rum, I’m having a big BBQ this weekend and was trying to make a nice refreshing adult drink.

  67. I don’t drink cows milk so wouldn’t use the sweetened condensed milk, when someone comes out with an alternative I will give this a try, it does sound delicious.

  68. I made this for Fathers Day along with the all the fix-in’s for a mexi-feast. It was yummy. I had to improvise because the store was out of limes ( weird huh?) so I used key limes and adjusted the sugar and key limes until it tasted good. I’ll try again with limes sometime to compare. Either way I bet is delicious.

  69. This recipe is amazing…unlike “traditional” lemonade..this drink has the qualities of being tart & sweet at the same time! Definitely a “keeper”, will be making this all thru the summer

  70. I will have to say this would be perfect with a little coconut rum (or a lot who am i kidding) and pineapple blended in as well

  71. Here in Brazil we call it Swiss Lemonade.. lol
    It’s not our everyday lemonade, our Brazilian Lemonade takes lime juice, sugar and sugar..

    Best regards!

  72. I am new to your blog and this drink was the first thing that I tried…it was Awesome!! Thanks for sharing all of these yummy recipes…I look forward to trying lots more!

  73. Just a question, why is your brazilian lemonade called, “Lemonade” if you use limes and no lemons? Shouldn’t it be called “limeade”?

  74. Thank you for the great recipe! It tastes amazing! I made it with my mom (I’m only ten) for the first time tonight! We will be making it again, soon!

  75. Just made this 1 min. ago!! Tastes delicious, especially in this hot weather! What’s also great about it is that it looks like milk and my husband hates milk so I bet I’ll have this all to myself!!

  76. Made this last night and it was awesome. Found the thinnest skinned limes I could get and used my Breville juicer. In the pitcher I used my hand blender to whip it good. I think I am gonna make again and this time put in popcicle mold for some yummy popcicles.

  77. My son always wondered why the drinks looked milky while he was in the Brazilian Amazon. Now he knows and we make this for all the time. It is so good and refreshing. Thank you.

  78. I wondered if Ali tried this with coconut milk. I had been curious about making it with other than animal milk for my vegan friends.

    I do plan to try it with the sweetened condensed milk tomorrow. I am taking the ingredients for the Brazillian lemonade and a completed eggplant spread made from heirloom eggplants and the other fresh ingredients from my CSA along with a homemade focaccia to visit my DD, DSIL and new GD.

  79. delicious! In response to an earlier question, you can totally make it with key limes. I didn’t even think about it when I bought the ingredients, and key limes were on sale so I just used those. Followed the directions the same way and it turned out perfect. Now, I just need to sit down and eat my baked creamy chicken taquitos and sip my brazilian lemonade! thanks for a yummy dinner!

  80. What would mix best with this? I assume capirinha would work best but that’s impossible to find. I was thinking 1800 Silver Tequila or Malibu Rum. Thoughts?

  81. At Rodizios they have flavored brazilian lemonades. my favorite is coconut. do you think they add actual coconut milk or coconut flavored syrup? i think i’m going to make some this weekend. yum!!!

    1. I’m not sure; I never order the flavored ones- I like it straight up! I imagine though, that they add coconut syrup.

  82. This sounds amazing but I have given up sugar! Do you know if there is any substitute for sweetened condensed milk? I only use natural sweeteners such
    as Stevia & Xylitol.

    1. My mom is from Brazil and makes this all the time too. Everyone loves it! She uses vanilla soymilk though instead of sweetened condensed milk. I imagine you could use regular milk and add stevia.

  83. I just finished making this and it is officially my new favourite drink!!!

    I only had three juicy limes on hand so I used three limes and one lemon and it’s tart and so refreshing. It’s a great mix of sweet and sour and just so fresh!

    I’m also thinking of trying to add a little rum or tequila to this for a party but on it’s on it is so delicious!

  84. I absolutely love this drink. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing this into my life… is the little things… That’s it. 🙂

  85. I made this for Thanksgiving with my extended family (I know, weird huh), and although all the food was to die for, my father-in-law said that this drink was the best thing he tasted.
    I’ve made this many times for dinner parties and it’s always, always, a hit.
    I could never find the little cans of the sweetened condensed milk, but I did find a larger squeeze bottle of the stuff in the Latin food section at Walmart that I can just keep in my fridge for weeks –then I don’t have to worry about leftovers from the can. Plus it’s good for when I need just a little bit for other stuff like sweetening fruit salsa and making frozen melon pops!
    Thanks for this recipe!

  86. I tried this today… it was yummy!
    I have to tell you that I found a squeeze bottle of Sweetened Condensed Milk in the “latin” section at my Super Target. It was on the bottom shelf near all the other Latin Milks. It is perfect for this recipe!! (I did take a picture of it if you want me to email it to you)

  87. this was so delish! i used whipped cream instead of condensed milk and fanta instead of the limes, but it was soooooo good! nomnomnom

  88. OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is heaven! Most copy cat recipes aren’t quite the same as the restaraunt, but I think this takes just like Tucanos! My husband and I get full off just the lemonade when we go, so now we can have it at home!! I’m impressed. PS…I was at TOFW in SLC when you were there and I would have never guessed that you had been thru a traumatic experience. So sorry that you had to go thru that, so stressful, I can’t even imagine. Glad he is doing ok!

  89. I have made this twice so far, with my son whose 14. We were curious to see how it would taste and were really happy with how it turned out. Made it magazine today and will make it in the future for our summer BBQ parties. I added some coconut water once and it tasted great also -lime colada. Ginger beer might be good too.

    1. I haven’t tried rum. However reg vodka or some of the flavored vodkas would be great. I think lemon or lime would compliment it well.

  90. I also got hooked on Brazilian Lemonade from Tucanos.
    Before I found this recipe I was trying all I could think of on my own to make it.
    The other day I was a being a little sneaky or maybe cheating LOL but I called Tucanos to find out what was in it. I was totally shocked by the sweetened condensed milk. But I did find out one other detail. They told me they use passion fruit puree in it. He said it wasn’t much but they do use that. Now all I can find is passion fruit juice but I actually do not like it at all with the passion fruit. My last batch I tried just a little bit and I still didn’t like it. However I personally go easy on the milk and add it to taste. I just do a little at a time because I don’t like actually being able to taste the milk in it.

  91. Oh wow-just made this for the first time: delicious! I foresee many pitchers of this in my summer! With my big ninja, the whole recipe filled the blender to capacity and I was able to do it in one batch. Thanks!

  92. I just tried the Brazilian lemonade and it was yummy. Used 3 limes ,1/2 c. of sugar, 2 1/2 c. water, and 6 T. of Caruva
    horchata. Not too sweet. I juiced the limes first. Used 2 of the lime rinds in the blender. My new drink for the summer.

    1. I have! Different, but still good. You’ll want to sweeten it accordingly since coconut milk is not nearly as sweet as sweetened condensed milk.

  93. I made this from a previous post of yours. too. It’s absolutely delicious! I saved the pulp & peels in ice cubes, & add them to my water, which is refreshing in the summer

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  94. I know this is a crazy question, but I have a tree FULL of lemons. Can I use lemons instead of limes? It sounds so good but I hate to buy limes when I have so many lemons.

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