1. Just finished making one last night! Looks amazing! I used a ridiculous amount of balloons. Made this and a topiary with almost 8bags of 72 count balloons!!

  2. I tried to do this and it just do not look this nice. Now could it be that I used too many different colors (bc I went to the dollar store and all they had were these weird colors variety pack) and not just solid colors? Any tips as well. Seems like my balloons would not “stand” as well either! I am desperate as I think I need to pull all the balloons out and re-start and I have to have it all done by Saturday as that is when my daughters b-day party is! Please advise!!
    Thank you!

    1. It sounds like you maybe didn’t place your balloons close enough together. That would be the only reason they wouldn’t stand up. They need to be right up next to each other and then they should look great!

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