Cinnamon Candy Apples

  • Author: kate jones


These classic shiny red cinnamon candy apples are perfect for Halloween parties!



1 pound bag cinnamon disc candies or Red hots
1/3 cup water
1020 drops teaspoon red food coloring (optional; sometimes the candies are more pink than you might want)
12 small apples (preferably crips, tart-to-tart-ish apples like Granny Smith or Honeycrisp)
12 wooden candy sticks


Unwrap candies and place in a medium heavy saucepan. Combine with water and begin cooking over medium heat, stirring frequently. While the candy is cooking, wash the apples well (you can even add a tiny drop of dish soap) and then dry them completely. Insert a wooden stick into each apple and set aside (as the candy mixture starts to boil and cook, you’ll need to stir constantly.)

Grease a sheet of parchment paper or foil and set aside.

Use a thermometer (or an instant read thermometer like ThermoPop) to monitor the temperature. When it reaches 300 degrees F, remove from heat. If desired, add red food coloring. Dip the prepared apples into the mixture, coating evenly and twirling to remove the excess. Place on the prepared sheet and allow to cool completely.