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So, yesterday on Instagram, I teased with a sneak peek of new flavors dropping in our shop today.  (You guys had some great guesses, by the way!)  And here I sit at midnight, pulling my hair out for the last hour, because of a major computer crash and program fails, and all sorts of other technological problems that are preventing our new flavors (and 1-day sale) to go live today!  So sorry for those of you anticipating it, but no worries- it will all be up as soon as I can find my sanity and make that happen.

In the mean time, it’s been a while since we’ve reminded you of all of the places you can find us on the great big internet so that’s what’s going down today.   Make sure if you’re on these platforms, you’re following us, too (okay, only if you want to) because ya know, we want to be friends.


Pinterest:  It’s no secret we took a loooong break from Pinterest, but we’re back to play again.  Find us here!

Facebook:  As you all know, Facebook is constantly changing their algorithms, probably just to frustrate everybody (at least that’s how it feels sometimes!)  We’re sharing lots of great stuff over there and we love hearing from you.  If you’re not seeing us in your feed, click over to our page and start liking things, leave a comment or two, share a post to your wall, etc.  All of those things trigger Facebook to know that you’re interested in us so we can start showing up on your page.  Interacting with our posts seems to be the best way to do that.  Follow us here!

Instagram:  We probably hang out on Instagram the most these days!  You might not know there’s a few places to find us there.  You can follow our personal accounts at @sara_ourbestbites and @kate_ourbestbites.  Follow our Shop account at @ourbestbites_shop for the first look at new stuff, fun cooking tips and recipes, and discount codes!  Lastly, we have our health and fitness account at @ourbestbites_fitclub where we share fitness tips, snack ideas, favorite grocery store finds and more.

Twitter:  Click Here to follow us on Twitter.  I’ll be honest with you, we’re not on there very often, so if you try talking to us and we ignore you, we’re not trying to. Pinky swear.

You Tube: You can find our collection of FitClub workout vidoes with our favorite Trainer, Jani, and some other random stuff there.  Check it out!

Those are really the places where we’re most active.  We’ve noticed all of the bloggers making the mass migration to SnapChat but we’re not jumping on that bandwagon (at least not yet!)  What are you guys liking these days?  What’s your favorite social media platform and where do you like to follow your favorite bloggers?


  1. Hi ladies! Good job on the choice to stay clear of snapchat! Although it’s fun to see a pic with a caption, I’d MUCH rather use Instagram where I can go back and find a pic I saw in the past or look at all your stuff at a quick glance. Love your blog and every recipe I’ve tried has been outstanding! We can’t get enough of the Choc Chip Cookie Bars – YUMMY!!!!

  2. (oops first comment didn’t post all the way)
    Lately I have started using Instagram more and love following all 4 of y’all’s accounts for the quick tips & of course Costco faves. 😉 In fact, I was refreshing all day waiting on the reveal and code. While I’e bought oils as gifts I haven’t actually bought myself any & figured this would be a great way to justify treating myself! I feel your pain of technology getting in the way of a good plan! Waiting patiently 🙂

  3. Love the blog, reference it & read it regularly (like right after getting the email telling me there’s a new post

  4. Like Ellie, I go to your blog. I do have Facebook and check out Pinterest occasionally but Twitter and the others are just too much for me. I don’t want a running dialog of what someone is doing every minute of the day. Keep up the blog – we love it!

    1. Totally with Ellie. I check the blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as Thursdays and Saturdays and Sundays (Checking for Fit Club stuff). After the blog, Facebook.

  5. For following my fave bloggers, I use Instagram the most, followed by Twitter and Facebook. I follow all of your instagrams and love seeing the food interspersed with flowers, kiddos and other bites of real life. I’m on Pinterest more than anything, but that’s more searching for inspiration than following specific pinners.

    I’m using Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest the most for my own blog material, I haven’t taken the plunge and set up a blog Facebook account yet.

    I don’t see the allure of SnapChat, seems a bit too middle school for my tastes!

    1. Middle school, haha. That’s kind of how I feel, too. I don’t really “get it” yet, but heck- years ago I said that about Pinerest and Facebook too! We’re always the last ones to the party. Lol.

      1. Until pretty recently the only people I knew using SnapChat were the middle schoolers that I coached…hench that association!

        I’m with Ellie, though, in that I usually go to the blog first! I check my favorite blogs while I’m eating breakfast, and usually don’t get on social media til later in the day when I’m playing on my phone!

        I follow some bloggers on social media because I only read the actual blog posts if they interest me – your site (and a few others) I read no matter what!

  6. I’m an Instagram girl these days and follow you guys on all your IG accounts. You’re my favorites for sure! 🙂 I also follow you on FB and noticed while perusing your page the other day that it doesn’t look like I’m seeing all your posts there. Lame! Thanks for making it easy for your readers to feel connected to you! Also, I made your Creamy Cajun Pasta from your new book for dinner tonight. So good! Not that I’m surprised. You guys never let me down! And the chili lime popcorn is a new favorite for me and my husband. Thanks for all the fantastic recipes. They are much appreciated and well used!

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