Decorating for Autumn at Sara’s House


I love love love looking at other people’s seasonal decorations, because it always inspires me and gives me new ideas, so I thought I’d give you a little peek into the cornucopia of fun at my house 🙂  I mostly decorate for the autumn season, and then I have Halloween-y things that  I blend in during October.

My mantle is built for a tv.  I choose to believe it was built to hold ridiculously large pumpkins.

What you ask, are those feathery cousin-its on the edges?  I have absolutely no clue, but when I saw them at the store I had to have them.  I thought they were cool.  When I got home my son said, “Ewww…creepy.”  So that works too.

What’s my deal with feathers??  I have a thing lately.  This wreath is from Pier One (a couple of seasons ago)  I love it.

I also love collecting pumpkins.  I have wooden ones, twiggy ones, ceramic ones, wax ones…

I about died when I saw TEAL pumpkins at Hobby Lobby this year.  I’m sort of obsessed with teal.

So I love finding seasonal things that blend my holiday stuff in with other things that are already in my house.

Another thing you can do is just give your current decor a new outfit.  Like my family picture below in the glass block; I just switch out the ribbon on it when I decorate for the holidays.  In December it will be bright red or kelly green, for Valentines day it’s hot pink, etc.  Or try switching out photos in your frames, like put a picture of your kids in their costumes in one.

Remember the cute creepy bird from my Halloween Wreath?  This is creepy cute’s cousin.

Target dollar section; holla!


Here’s more of the Halloween-ish side of things.  I love the spider web table runner- that was a Target find from a couple of years ago.  Little tip: if you stack things like I do,  like a hurricane vase on top of a cake platter for example, use sticky tack to hold it in place so it doesn’t slide all over.  And again, good example of using stuff you already have in your house!

I bought a whole bunch of these little spiders on clearance from Pottery Barn one year and I wish I had 100  more.  They’re so easy to just hang around; I put them on my lights, the windows, the mirror on the wall, all over the place.  Although I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen one out of the corner of my eye and freaked out.

Here’s a suuuuper easy thing to do; kids will love it!  I just print out little clip art pics on my computer and cut them out.  Just attach them to the inside of a lamp shade and it creates a cool shadow effect.  Try pumpkins, ghosts, bats, letters to spell out words…

Holiday buntings are super easy too.  If you can sew in a straight line you can make one!

One of my best Halloween purchases were a bunch of these light up pumpkins from Walmart.  $5 each and they’re still my kids’ favorite thing to pull out of the Halloween box.

Have you guys all made these cute jar lanterns?  So easy and so cute!  Click here for the tutorial

Even with all the fun decorations, it’s never officially fall at my house until you can smell it.  Love this yankee candle, I buy one every fall and use it all up by Christmas.  Since I have little kids at home, I only light candles in my kitchen.

I have Scentsy burners (and knock-off Scentsy burners) all over my house too.  That white one is from Walmart.  I love the BHG brand wax bars at Wally World too; they have some awesome scents.  Sorry my Scentsy friends; they’re way cheaper and they work great!  Hope we can still be friends.  The Cinnamon and Spice is intoxicating.  Have I ever told you that I pretty much only use scented products that smell like food?  It’s true.

My other favorite smelly thing are scented oils from Bath and Body Works.  By far, they can smell up a room faster than anything else.  I just light my burner for about 15 minutes and I can seriously smell it through my entire house.  Love love love those.  These are my favorite fall ones:

So what about you guys?  Anything you absolutely LOVE about fall?  What’s your favorite fall scent??

I should note that I mentioned a few brands in here and this post is in no way affiliated with any of them.  Just stuff I love!


  1. That candle looks like something I would love. I agree with the smells. As much as I decorate (LOVE your decorations, by the way) it’s not official until the fall smells begin.

  2. Love your cute tissue papers jars! SO CUTE! And your bunting is fabulous! I like food scented candles, also. I like pumpkin and cinnamon and buttercream (and whenever I have the buttercream one burning the kids want to know what I’m baking *hehe*)

  3. Love your decor! You should come to my house (in MS) and decorate my house 🙂 haha! So how do you shop for these seasonal things? After each season when they are on sale? Accumulate over time? Buy all at once?

    1. I really just pick up stuff here and there. I definitely grab stuff after season though, at sales. Like I really love Pottery Barn autumn and Halloween stuff but it’s way too overpriced for me to pay full price for it! But it gets marked down SO cheap after the holidays so I snag stuff up then. I also find great stuff at discount stores.

  4. Love the wreath! I too love decorating with pumpkins. That’s also my favorite fall scent along with cinnamon. I have some pumpkin scented candles that I purchased from Pier One a couple of years ago and they still smell really nice. I also love pansies in the fall and spent part of yesterday replanting my outdoor pots with them.

    1. You can buy those blocks at craft stores (I get mine at Craft Warehouse) and they have a little opening on one end so you can fill them with things (lights, ribbons, etc.) I just measured my block and cut a photo to fit, then I gently rolled it in order to fit it through the opening and opened it up inside. I put a few pieces of tape on the back of the photo and stuck a spoon in the hole to press the photo onto the tape. It’s super easy!

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