DietBet: We’re Back!

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So for those of you who have been with us for awhile, you know that for us, balancing the whole blog thing with the whole healthy lifestyle thing can be quite a juggle. We both love delicious food (and not, like, paleo pancake delicious…we’re talking gooey, carb-filled cinnamon rolls delicious.) We’re busy. We’re tired. Sometimes life happens. So, basically, we’re just like you.

Before the launch of our 400 Calories or Less Cookbook and throughout the rest of 2015, I worked really, really hard on my fitness goals. I overcame my fear of the gym. I felt amazing physically and emotionally. I ate great, I worked hard, I gained new muscles and new confidence. I weighed less than I had in a long time. That’s not to say there weren’t ups and downs, but it was amazing to see some payoff for my hard work.

And then 2016 happened. And that doesn’t mean 2016 was bad–a lot of things about 2016 have been amazing. I’ve gotten involved in new facets of my community, I’ve watched my kids flourish in their talents, I’ve made new, amazing friends. I’ve traveled to incredible places for work (like here and here) and for fun (like here). But there have been hard things. There was an entire 6 weeks where my family passed influenza/bronchitis/pneumonia back and forth between each other. My best friend moved across the country. I had a miscarriage. And as the year went on, I started noticing the weight creeping back on. 


So. My kids are back in school. Our family is in a good routine. And now I’m ready to jump back into things. Sara and I are very excited to announce our next DietBet. We’ve hosted them before, and had SO much fun doing it, but we’ve taken a little break this year and I am so ready to get back into it!

How does it work? Basically, you enter $30 into the pot. If you lose at least 4% of your starting weight after 30 days, you split the pot with everyone else who achieved their goal. You can lose it however you want (I’m doing Weight Watchers), but you can count your macros, go low-carb, whatever works best for your body. We’re giving away prizes, recipes, lots of support, and some healthy competition. We’d love for you to join us–if you want to check it out, head here and if you still have questions, please feel free to email us at


  1. So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, Kate. That’s so hard. I think I really need to consider this dietbet. I’ve lost about 38 lbs since January and have been super happy with myself…..but life has snuck up on me lately. End of summer vacations, new house, moving, starting a new job (albeit very part time), potty training my stubborn as crap 3 year old….anyway, let’s just say my eating and exercise habits aren’t what they used to be 3 months ago. Somehow I’m actually maintaining and not gaining, but I know I need to start back at making better decisions or that won’t always be the case. Anyway, I participated in a dietbet before and lost, and it’s made me scared of them now. Ha! Maybe I should end this novel of a comment….

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the rough year, especially the miscarriage.

    I won’t be joining in for this Dietbet (going in the opposite direction as I’m pregnant) but I might need to take advantage of the next one post-baby!

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