Escape with Ghirardelli Intense Dark: Girl’s Night In & Giveaway

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ghirardelli small1I think one of the hardest things for me to do is to remember to take time for myself. It’s really easy to say, “I’m busy and stressed and my 8-year-old and 5-year-old have homework and school projects on a level that I seriously don’t remember having until I was 13 and my husband is working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and I haven’t slept more than 5 hours in a row in the last 8 1/2 months, so I’m going on an online shopping spree and hitting up the drive through between dance class and the second grade musical.” The problem is, no matter how fun it is to get a package in the mail or not clean up after dinner, I still kind of feel like I’m not actually doing anything for myself.

And since, in their own ways, pretty much all of my friends’ lives are as hectic as mine, I decided that we needed a grown-up time out. With grown-up food and drinks and grown-up chocolate.

treated lead photoSara and I are huge fans of Ghirardelli, so we jumped at the chance to try their Intense Dark chocolate. And then I was so excited that I made my friends try it, too (trust me, if you’re ever having a hard time getting your group of friends together, mention the words “kid-free” and “chocolate party.” Everyone’s plans magically fall into place.)

To make the escape complete, I put together little gift baskets for everyone with some of my favorite things that make me happy.

ghirardelli4I put in some cute reusable mugs, toe separators, nail polish, a mini candle, a pumice stone, bath salts, a mud mask, a headband to keep the mud mask out of their hair, lip balm, and a couple big bars of the Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolate.

When they came over, I made our chocolate ganache by mixing 2 bars of the chocolate (I used the Midnight Reverie, which is super dark at 86% cacao, Twilight Delight, which is 72% cacao, and Cabernet Matinee, which is kind of fruity) with 6 ounces of heavy cream and heating it in the microwave for about a minute (in 20-30 second increments). I served the three pots of different chocolate with a big tray of fruit.

ghirardelli17I think the general consensus was that Twilight Delight was the favorite for dipping.

ghirardelli15I also had a cake stand loaded with bars of chocolate for us to try out.

ghirardelli6Toffee Interlude was probably the favorite of the night, followed by Sea Salt Soiree.

ghirardelli16No, this picture was not staged…they were genuinely staring at the square of Sea Salt Soiree in awe.

We had lots and lots of laughs.

friendsand when my kids came home a few hours later, we were genuinely excited to see each other, which was a giant win for everyone.

Since we wish we could invite everyone to a chocolatey escape from reality, we’re doing the next best thing–we’re giving away 3 of the gift baskets from the party, loaded up with  big bars of Ghirardelli Intense Dark chocolate along with a whole bunch of our favorite things to make you feel special!

To enter, tell us what flavors you’d love to try–they are Midnight Reverie (86% cacao), Twilight Delight (72% cacao), Evening Dream (60% cacao), Cabernet Matinee, Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. The giveaway will run now through April 2 and the 3 winners will be announced on April 3.

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This post was sponsored by Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate. Create your escape here.

The giveaway is sponsored by Our Best Bites. As always, all opinions are completely our own.



  1. What cute little gift baskets! I would love to try the Twilight Delight and the Toffee Interlude. Those sound really yummy! Thanks for the chance to win this fun prize!

  2. toffee! a few years ago, one of my favorite toffee candy bars got discontinued, and i have been searching for a toffee replacement ever since.

  3. Toffee interlude sounds amazing! I’d love to try them all out and it’d be best for everyone if I had a party to do it, because otherwise I’d eat them all!

  4. I love all things chocolate! I’d love to try Twilight Delight, Sea Salt Soirée and definitely the Toffee Interlude! Those reusable mugs are super cute too!

  5. Which flavor wouldn’t I love to try?!? They all sound heavenly! I would first try thrTwilight Delight, followed by the Hazlenut Heaven, then, the Toffee Interlude.

  6. I have to pick just one…impossible. Twilight Delight sounds wonderful, so does Sea Salt Soiree! I would also like to try Toffee Interlude. Ghirardelli chocolate is my favorite!

  7. Dark chocolate anything to me sounds spectacular! Since this house buys Nutella by the Sam’s Club/ Costco size I am thinking the hazelnut has got to be a good one (to start with), you ladies are amazing! THANK YOU!!!

  8. i’d like to try them all : ) i have a serious love for all ghirardelli but especially their dark chocolates. oh yum.

  9. I love the Sea Salt Soiree – but would really love to try the toffee interlude! I almost picked it up at the store the other day.

  10. What a great idea for a party! I love the gift baskets and may steal that idea for myself 🙂 I love anything hazelnut, but, of course, all of those sound amazing!

  11. Your chocolate party sounds so fun! What a great idea. We love Ghirardelli, too. My current favorite is the dark chocolate and caramel but I would love to try Toffee Interlude.

  12. Dark chocolate is my FAVORITE. I would love to try them all, but Cabernet Matinee and Toffee Interlude sound especially good to me.

  13. Where did you find those lids and straws? I’ve been looking for some.

    I’d like to try, Cabernet Matinee, Hazelnut Heaven, and Sea Salt Soiree.

  14. Impossible to pick just one. My daughters and I are huge fans of dark chocolate. They even prefer dark chocolate in their Easter Baskets : )

  15. The favorites of the night sound the best to me, Tofee Interlude and Sea Salt Soirée. Yum! I have been slowly moving to dark chocolate. I used to be a die hard milk chocolate girl.

  16. Sea Salt Soiree, baby! I’ve seen several of the others, but this one either isn’t carried by the stores I frequent, or is sold out before I get there.

  17. I’ve saved recipes that use Sea Salt Soiree, and would LOVE to try that, but I am also a huge sucker for anything with the word toffee in it! Crossing my fingers I can be a winner!

  18. Hazelnut Heaven…..mmmmm my kind of heaven! Definitely love me some toffee too…oh who am i kidding….anything with dark chocolate has me hooked!

  19. I would want to try midnight reverie! This giveaway seriously couldn’t come at a better time! My husband just started “night float” and will be working nights for the next 6 weeks! I need a girls night, with chocolate.

  20. I am already a big fan of the Twilight Delight. I would love to try the Cabernet. I love to drink red wine with the Twilight so I can just imagine how divine the cabernet bar tastes.

  21. So, I’m pretty sure I’ve already tried the sea salt and toffee interlude – because I’m a chocolate fanatic and shark the candy isles looking for new things all the time. so I would want to try Twilight Delight (72% cacao) and (there is no “or” when it comes to chocolate) Hazelnut Heaven.

    Thanks for all your giveaways!

  22. Oh I love chocolate so much! I would love a whole basket of chocolate, but I think I’d be most excited to try the Twilight Delight and the hazelnut kind as well.

  23. I would have to go with the Toffee Interlude and Sea Salt Soiree – but don’t ask me to choose between those two, because I don’t think I can! They both sound delectable!

  24. I would love toffee interlude. Just woke up and I wouldn’t mind having a bite of chocolate for breakfast…

  25. What a fun night! Twilight Delight and Evening Dream sound awesome. But so does Toffee Interlude. Oh man. I haven’t had breakfast yet and now I want chocolate!

  26. Sea Salt Soiree, hands down. I love anything with the word “Salt” in the name. Salt….Good. Chocolate….Good. Salty Chocolate….OMG Amazing.

  27. Midnight Reverie and Sea Salt Soiree please!
    Love you website, love your cookbooks, love the inspiration and down to earth mom/cook/women stories!

  28. This looks like so much fun! 🙂 And yummy too! I would love to try the Hazelnut Heaven and Sea Salt Soiree! I love those little mugs too!

  29. i wanna try them all!! when it comes to chocolate, i can not pick a favorite. when i went to switzerland, i brought back about 30 pounds of chocolate, each bar a different flavor. such a great country!

  30. I would love to try the twilight delight and the sea salt one…they sound delicious. Btw is that Rainee in one of your pictures? If so she is a high school friend…small world

  31. The sea salt soirée sounds divine. Of course, I ‘ll have to try all of the flavors. I can’t resist good chocolate.

  32. I would love to try the Twilight Delight and the Toffee Interlude and then have some of my friends over for a chocolate tasting girl’s night! Thanks for the great ideas!

  33. All of the chocolate bars definitely have dreamy names! I am a huge fan of dark chocolate so I think I would like to try the Midnight Reverie and the Toffee Interlude.

  34. How cute are those baskets?! I’m pregnant and have been craving toffee like NO OTHER, so I would definitely NEED to try the Toffee Interlude. I’d probably also love the Sea Salt Soiree- who doesn’t love salty and sweet?!

  35. Oh yum!!! I ADORE Ghirardelli Chocolate!! I would love to try the Sea Salt Soiree and the Toffee Interlude. Those sound yummy!! But then again…they ALL sound wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Um…all of them? I guess the first one I would open would be the Hazelnut Dream. Then I would have a Toffee Interlude followed by some yummy sea salt.

  37. ooooo yummy!! I love Ghirardelli and dark chocolate is my favorite!! I would love to try all of the intense dark flavors!! Yummo! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. I have a confession. I have tried almost all of these flavors already! I lived in France for a time, and came back with a serious love of good chocolate. I haven’t tried Cabernet Matinee and it sounds amazing that would be top on my list.

  39. The toffee interlude and sea salt soiree sound the best to me, but in all honesty, I’m a milk chocolate girl. My sister, however LOVES her some dark chocolate, so if I won I’d give most of it to her. 🙂

  40. The sea salt soiree and toffee interlude both sound delicious. I am a HUGE chocolate fan and would really love to try them all!

  41. Ok, I have to be honest here… I want to try ALL the flavors. I LOVE chocolate! But if, and I mean if I truly had to narrow it down to one it would be the Toffee because my husband adores Skor bars. He works so hard and has unbelievable stress at work right now…. huge inspection coming up in a couple of weeks, waiting to find out if he was granted career status (which determines whether or not he can stay in the military past March 14), promotion board if he is granted career status, and a course which will take him away from home for 6 weeks this summer. So it would be the perfect treat for him… just a little something to say thank you and I love you!

  42. What a fun evening! One year my friends threw me a chocolate party for my birthday because they knew I have a serious obsession/addiction to chocolate. I love Ghiradelli chocolate. I use their chocolate in S’mores when camping. Such a better flavor to me than Hershey’s. I would love to try all their flavors but I’m fairly certain that Midnight Reverie would be my favorite. Thank you!

  43. Sounds like such a fun night! I would love to try the toffee, sea salt or twilight one. Actually they all sound fabulous but when it comes down to it-I’m a toffee girl:)

  44. Mmmm, dark chocolate! What an awesome little gift box and how nice it would be to have an adult time-out. I think I’d most like to try the Sea Salt or the Toffee.

  45. Well, I will TRY anything chocolate! But the hazelnut, toffee, midnight reverie and twilight all sound extra yummy. Thanks!

  46. Mmm! Midnight Reverie sounds like my kind of chocolate–dark is best! Oh wait, they all sound like my kind of chocolate! That’s why I have to work out so hard. But my oh my is it worth it!

  47. Midnight Reverie. I love dark chocolate. I had a bar that was 86% in germany and it was chalky (but from a dollar store). I want to know if this will be better!

  48. i’d like to try hazelnut heaven to see if it’s anything like a deconstructed version of Nutella! thanks for the chance to win. i’ll be SO excited if i do! love me some Ghiradelli!

  49. Such a fun night! I would want to try the Midnight Reverie and then the hazelnut heaven, but ALL of them would be fabulous. I am a true lover of dark chocolate.

  50. Aren’t girl’s nights the BEST?! this sounds like a fun party to try witb some of my best gal pals. Midnight Reverie would be my choice, though the toffee one looks yummy! Oh, so many choices! ;o)

  51. Oh definitely the the toffee interlude… but lets be honest…. anything with dark chocolate would be heavenly (loving the idea of the sea salt one too)

  52. Oh wow! Top picks would be Hazelnut Heaven and Sea Salt Soiree. These might end up on the grocery list this week! 🙂

    Side note–I made the creamy chicken taquitos last night served with a side of refried beans and a salad. Holy cow! They were super easy and ridiculously delicious. Even the picky 6 year old thought they were good. Now that’s a glowing review! 🙂

  53. A girl’s night sounds fabulous! We used to get together and bring any crafts we were working on and have girls nights, but we haven’t done that in a long, long, time. I think some delicious chocolate might be the trick to get everyone together again. The hazelnut sounds great or the sea salt because I love the sweet and salty combo! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  54. What perfect timing. I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself on my b-day and thought… I am going to see what is going on OBB. You guys never fail to amaze me! Any of the chocolate sounds wonderful mmmmmmm! But sea salt and toffee those sounds amazing!

  55. If I had to pick just one, I’d choose the Midnight Reverie. No, Sea Salt Soiree. Err, I mean, well, any and/or all of them!

  56. I swoon for seal salt and chocolate! Sea Salt Soiree is the one for me, for sure.
    Thank you both for the awesome blog! I just found it a couple weeks ago and have been back almost every day since looking around and making notes about all the delicious meals I want to try. I just made your Thai peanut noodles (better than from a restaurant my husband said) and plan on making the Coconut Lime cheesecake for Easter dessert. Can’t wait! You two are delightful and have made meal planning something I actually look forward to every week! I can’t thank you enough! Also, your ginger peeling technique has changed my life! I used to dread peeling it, not anymore! Thanks again!!

  57. I’d love to try them all! But if I had to pick just a couple, definitely the sea salt, hazelnut, toffee and/or twilight. What a fun girls night!!

  58. This sounds so fun and I am all about girl’s nights and chocolate! I would love to try the Hazelnut Heaven and the Toffee Interlude

  59. Chocolate? any and all is good! I would love to try the toffee and the twilight the most, I think. There’s nothing quite like the combination of toffee and chocolate (unless it’s the combo of mint and chocolate or peanut butter and chocolate 🙂

  60. Ooooh, the Toffee Interlude sounds great! Would love to win this–no kids here, but no shortage of stress either!

  61. As an expecting mother in her third trimester chocolate is one thing I’m still able to enjoy so this is right up my alley. 🙂 I would love to try the Twilight Delight and the Hazelnut Heaven.

  62. This looks like an awesome party and I love the little gift boxes! I would love to try the Cabernet Matinee & Hazelnut Heaven.

  63. Fun times! I have had the Twilight Delight and love it. I am a dark chocolate kind of girl! Toffee interlude and the Sea Salt would be fun to try though! This is such a fun giveaway!

  64. That looks so fun!
    I have tried the Sea Salt Soiree and it is amazing and the Toffee interlude is delish. I haven’t seen the Hazelnut Heaven yet! I love anything hazelnut.

  65. Would you judge me and think me totally greedy if I said I want to try all of them??! I have a total weakness for Ghirardelli! I’ve had the super dark stuff before (love love) soI would say the Cabernet, toffee, or hazelnut, for good measure. There’s a Ghirardelli inside of California Adventure and they hand out free samples so every time we go we pretend that we’ve NEVER tried their chocolate before, peruse the shop, and leave. Because that’s how we roll. Ghirardelli junkies!

  66. WOW! One thing that will send me to my happy place quicker than anything else is chocolate! I luv it all, dark, milk, white. They are all welcome here! I would especially love to try the Sea Salt Soiree and Toffe Interlude. Huge toffee fan and since time for myself has been a lost commodity lately, I can’t imagine a better way to make it happen! Thanks so much girls!!

  67. What a fun party. I can’t think of a better product to get to try and taste and enjoy. I am sure everyone is so glad that you included them in this yummy endeavor. I think all chocolate is great. I would love to put to the test which is best. Looking forward to a cute and delicious gift basket. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day and include some chocolate too.

  68. Twilight Delight and Sea Salt Soiree are amazing! But for new ones, I’d probably try Cabernet matinee and Hazelnut Heaven

  69. I love Ghirardelli’s chocolate. They are the perfect escape. I really want to try Sea Salt Soiree and Twilight Delight! Both sound amazing!

  70. The Toffee sounds fantastic! So does Sea Salt! More importantly, so does the free time with friends. That sounds like so much fun!

  71. I love the 86% dark cocoa. I didn’t realize it had such a wonderful name. I think the one I am most interested in trying is the Toffee Interlude. I love Ghiradelli Chocolates!

  72. I would love to try Twilight Delight, and Hazelnut Heaven! Of course, I am a chocolate lover so really I would love to eat them all! 🙂

  73. Omg. All of them sound soooo good there’s no way to just pick one. I would love to try them all. To kick my husband and kids out for the night. That I could try but not sure they would wanna go.

  74. Yes, that’s me actually in awe over the chocolate. True story. It’s divine! You are all right about the Tofee and Sea Salt!!!! Soooo good!!! I think if I could only pick one….I’d cry. Haha. I loved them all but those 2 were my favs. And you should all continue to be jealous of being friends with Kate…not just for the chocolate, but it’s a definite plus. 😉

  75. What a great idea for a girls night in! I want to try them all!! Especially the Cabernet Matinee, Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. I’ve never had any of the chocolate bars, just the individually wrapped single squares.

  76. A raging choco-holic, I’d take them all. If I had to pick one it would be Evening Dream… I love the name, and it definitely sounds like something I could take with me when I hide out for a quick chocolate break from the family.

  77. Chocolate and friends….that is my kind of party!! I would love to try them all but my top three picks would be Twilight Delight, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude.

  78. I’d love to try Hazelnut Heaven. Toffee Interlude and Midnight Delight sound delicious too!! Anything dark chocolate is bound to be good!

  79. I think that the flavors Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude sound amazing! My baby is due April 7th, so I think a chocolate party for myself would be a good reward for the last 9 months 🙂

  80. I would love to try the Sea Salt Soiree, and the The Midnight Reverie!! What a great giveaway!! I would defintely have to hide this from my sweet children(8 of them), and risk having no sleep the next morning to stay up late and enjoy each bite!!! Thanks so much!!

  81. What a great idea for a party! I love the little gift baskets Im not a dark chocolate eater but my husband can tear up a dark chocolate candy bar!!

  82. Toffee interlude for me! Yum! If I win, I promise to share with my dark-chocolate-lovin’ friend Lindsay, who’s about to join the ranks of the sleep deprived and certainly deserves a bit of chocolate therapy.

  83. They all sound delicious! mmmmmmmm. But I guess if I had to narrow it down I would really like to try the Twilight Delight, Sea Salt Soirée and the Toffee Interlude! Yum!

  84. Ummm….all of them….;) Duh! But if I could choose only one I would pick Midnight Reverie. I don’t think you can have chocolate that’s too dark!

  85. I’ll bet you were one popular lady! YUM!!! I’m all about the last three, Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. Of course, how can you go wrong with any! 3 cheers for Ghirardelli!

  86. wow! you’ve inspired me! i sooo need a girls night! (and so do at least 5 other ladies i know!) I’am in the same sleep/husband always away boat.. we really do need time for ourselves once in a while.. i want to try Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude and cabernet matinee 🙂 and PS, you ladies are AMAZING! Ghiradelli is truly the best chocolate ive ever had… it really beats them all!

  87. Really you can’t go wrong with dark chocolate! Or chocolate in general! The flavors that sounded the most intriguing to me were: Twilight Delight, Evening Dream, Hazelnut Heaven, and Sea Salt Soiree. They all sound delicious…now I am tempted to go to the store and get one for my gift from the Easter bunny!

  88. I’d love to try the Hazelnut Heaven or the Twilight Delight…or any of the others, really. They all sound too delicious to choose just one!

  89. Hi, I would LOVE to try the Cabernet Matinee as I am trying to abstain from the real cabernet and shed some lbs…but a little chocolate now and then cannot hurt me!! What a great Easter present this would be!

  90. I love Cabernet Matinee and Sea Salt Soiree! I have been promising the girls that this would be one of our next get-togethers complete with wine and food for pairing! You can go on to get pairing suggestions for the intense dark chocolate!

  91. I’m not normally a chocolate eater, but being pregnant always change my tastes. The Sea Salt Soiree sounds the best right now, but give me an hour and I’m sure I’ll get a craving for any of them.

  92. Oh I would love any of the really dark chocolates or hazelnut! I always said that Calgon couldn’t take me far enough away!! but chocolate would!!! 🙂

  93. Sea salt sorrier and hazelnut heaven sound like just the thing I need to cure these 7th month pregnant complaints. 🙂

  94. What a cute gift basket! I was wondering where you got these colorful, fabulous mugs?
    I would love to try the Toffee Interlude!

  95. What a great idea! You have my wheels turning now! I would love to try the Evening Dream and the Sea Salt Soiree. Oh, my, I think I’m going to start drooling now! By the way, your Cinnamon Bun Caramel Corn is always in high demand. My friends all call it “Crack Corn.” We had a dessert auction recently where one batch went for $27, more than all but a few special desserts. Thanks for the best happiness recipe ever!

  96. I love Ghirardelli! They are chocolate royalty! The Sea Salt Soiree is to die for, but I also love the Twilight Delight and Hazelnut Heaven. Any of these chocolate bars are guaranteed to make your day better… or at least taste better!

  97. Oh my! I am lusting after the Hazelnut Heaven and the Sea Salt Soiree. I love that just a bit of dark chocolate can have an amazing effect on your mood, whereas it takes several [bags of] M&Ms to do the same. 🙂

  98. Definitely interested in sampling the Sea Salt Soiree!! Yum!! And I just may have to steal your little idea of kicking the kids and hubby out to have a little indulgent party of my own! :0)

  99. I love chocolate in general but the Hazelnut one sounds really good! I think I could get both of my kids to try it without any ewwwws or gross that’s nasty remarks lol.

  100. The Cabernet Matinee sounds amazing, as well as the Sea Salt Soiree. I’m a sucker for hazelnut though so the Hazelnut Heaven would probably be my top choice! 🙂

  101. I would love to try any of them! Can you come be my new neighbor and best friend? 🙂 I think Sea Salt Soiree and Toffee Interlude, would be my two favorites if I had to pick 🙂

  102. Oh how I love chocolate! And being from the SF Bay Area, Ghirardelli holds a special place in my heart. I would love to try all the new flavors, but toffee sounds delightful! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  103. Any and all chocolate is good for me. I would like to try the toffee one and the Sea salt one. Yumm. And what a good idea for a mom night. Time away to spend on myself makes me a better mom.

  104. Since I am a true chocoholic, I would love to try Midnight Reverie, Twilight Delight, Evening Dream,Cabernet Matinee, Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. Recently I have particularly craved anything with sea salt! The Cabernet Matinee sounds great with a nice glass of cabernet!

  105. Which flavor to try? Ummmmmmm, how ’bout ALL of them. We are talking about chocolate here, right? Okay, so if I HAD to pick one, I would go with the Sea Salt Soiree. Sounds delish.

  106. Oh, without a doubt I’d want the sea salt one. I love salted chocolate with a passion that my family just doesn’t understand! My second choice would probably be toffee because that’s another love!

  107. How many can I choose? I’d love Cabernet Matinee, Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. But I think I only get two… so maybe Sea Salt Soiree and Toffee Interlude? and if I can add a third, I’d go Cabernet Matinee.

  108. Really you expect me to choose which I would like to try the most???? Yes, all of them. But if I have to choose it would be midnighttwilighteveningcabernethhazelnutseasalttoffee.

  109. Sea Salt Soiree for sure! I have loved Ghirardelli chocolate since I was little. One of my favorite memories is baking Ghirardelli brownies with my dad and getting to lick off the spoon:)

  110. Oh, I could use a girls night especially one involving chocolate! I’d love to try the Sea Salt or the Toffee Interlude, although they all sound so good.

  111. My father would be in Heaven with this. He has easily taken me over to the “dark side.” I am becoming more and more a dark chocolate fan. They all sound delicious but I would love to try Toffee Interlude or Evening Dream.

  112. Wow…so hard but fun to pick!!! I would say the sea salt would be my first choice. Just the perfect mix of salt and sweet especially when you have PMS!

  113. Sea salt for sure, but only because the toffee has almonds. My husband would want the 86%, but that’s the only one I’d share. 🙂

  114. I would love to try Evening Dream, Cabernet Matinee, Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree and Toffee Interlude. I’m pretty sure that Toffee Interlude would be my fav but I’d need to sample the rest, just to be sure. 😉

  115. Do I have to choose?!? Toffee Interlude and Twilight Delight would be my two first picks. But I would totally try them all! Those gift baskets are SO CUTE!!

  116. Ohhhh, Hazelnut Heaven would be just that…….heaven!
    Thanks for the give away. Glad you had a good time in chocolate heaven!

  117. I think the Hazelnut Heaven and Toffee Interlude sound great! We’re hitting up the Ghiradelli factory store tomorrow for some yummy ice cream sundaes!

  118. I would love to try the Toffee Interlude first. And then the Sea Salt Soiree, and then the Hazelnut, and then… They all sound wonderful!

  119. I love dark chocolate and I love girl’s night out! Sounds like a perfect night to me! It would be fun to try any flavor – but anything with dark chocolate, mint and or toffee in it – would be amazing! Thanks for the fun.

  120. I think Twilight Delight, Evening Dream, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude sound the best. Would love to try any of them tho.

  121. I would love to try the Sea Salt version! I loved eating Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate while I was pregnant because it satisfied my sweet tooth without going too overboard on sugars and stuff, but I never tried the sea salt!

  122. I would love to try the Toffee Interlude although they all look awesome. I am newly pregnant and have been craving chocolate like crazy!

  123. The toffee and sea salt flavored ones sound awesome. Glad you got to have a fun night with the girls. Hopefully I can do the same!

  124. I am entering my wife who works 2 jobs, helps me with school and work, and is raising 4 great kids(while i am gone so much working and going to school) She is a big time chocolate freak, and I know that toffee would be her best choice.

  125. Oh, um, gee I have to pick one? I would have to go with the Midnight reverie, no wait! The toffee interlude, yeah the toffee inter…no I meant the Midnight reverie. Although the cabernet one and the sea salt sound awesome too:) Oh well, just send me any flavor nom, nom, nom. Must have chocolate, must have choclate<3

  126. I love dark chocolate! We don’t even buy milk chocolate at our house! I would love to try the twilight delight and toffee interlude, but they all sound good 🙂

  127. My Chocolate dream starts off with Hazelnut Heaven…drifting into Sea Salt Soiree..melding into Twilight Delight…onto Evening Dream..then the grand finale of Midnight Reverie…the perfect end to an Chocolate dream come true. 🙂

  128. I would love to try HazleNut Heaven, Sea Salt Soire, and Twilight Delight. Being a military wife, I know how important it is to take time for ourselves. I am currently proudly supporting my husband on his third deployment overseas. Chocolate was sounding so good today-I have not bought it yet. I then came home, and saw flowers my husband had sent. I just need the chocolates to go with it. 🙂 That would mean a lot to my husband and I to win the chocolates!

    Thanks in advance for considering me!

    Sarah P.S. Added benefit-I have the same name as Sara, only mine has an ‘h’. 😉

  129. Mmm…I would want to try evening dream, or the one with toffee (can’t remember the name and I don’t want to scroll up :)!)

  130. Not that I LOVE chocolate or anything but I would die to taste Evening Dream, Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlud! Just a couple!!

  131. Ooh I definatly need some chocolate in my house. I’ve been eating dark chocolate chips in place of a chocolate bar. I would totally want the Evening Dream and the Toffe Interlude. 🙂

  132. I’m 8 months pregnant with my 3rd boy and my oldest just turned 3. I need chocolate 🙂 Toffee and the Salt Soiree sound amazing.

  133. Sea Salt Soiree and Toffee Interlude would have to be the ones I tried!! My girls and I were just thinking of ideas for a girls night, and I think you may have helped us figure it out!

  134. I just know I would love the Hazelnut Heaven. I’d also love to try Midnight Reverie. I love love LOVE dark chocolate!

  135. I LOVE dark chocolate, especially Ghiradelli! I would enjoy any of these varieties, but especially the Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and I KNOW I would love the Toffee Interlude. What a fun evening you put together!!

  136. The toffee interlude sounds the best, followed closely by hazelnut heaven. I love Ghirardelli chocolate. My Valentine’s day present was a bag of their caramel filled squares.

  137. I LOVE Ghirardelli chocolate. There is a Ghirardelli ice cream place in downtown Disney, we would drive there just for they yummy ice cream and chocolate (hour plus drive, crazy). I would love to try the Midnight Reverie, and or the Twilight Delight! Love your blog, got to see you at Time out For Women in Orlando last yr. it was so fun!!!

  138. What a delightful way to pamper yourself and your friends. Friends + Chocolate=winning combination! The options are pretty tempting but I think my favorites &/or the ones I’d like to try are Evening Dream (60% cacao), Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. Maybe this is an idea for throwing myself a birthday party…hmmmm…while it’s a bit unconventional, it might be ok if I am bringing out the chocolate to share. 🙂

  139. I was going to say sea salt soiree, then I switched to the hazelnut, but then the toffee sounded good. Better try them all!

  140. Evening Dream and Sea Salt Soiree sound divine! I’m also a pretty big hazelnut fan and what women wouldn’t want to win some free chocolate (to hide from her kiddo and hubby and enjoy in sanctity???).

  141. Did you say chocolate? I am in. I would like to try the toffee … and the hazlenut … sea salt … oh come on. Who are kidding? I’ll just have a little taste of each 😉

  142. Did you say “chocolate” and “dark” in the same sentence!? I’m totally there!! I’d love to try any of them, but the Twilight Delight and Toffee Interlude sound the tastiest! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  143. Toffee Interlude and Cabernet matinee. The first because I know I’d love it; the second because i want to try it but I’m not sure I’d bite the bullet and buy it. Your party sounds fabulous, btw! I need to host a similar party for my exhausted mommy friends too!

  144. They all souns delicious, but I’d go for the Twilight Delight and perhaps the sea salt one. It’s intriguing to me.

  145. I am a chocoholic and my mantra has always been “the darker the better”, so I would definitely have to try the Midnight Reverie. *All* of them sound good, though. Oh man, I want it now!! How soon before you pick the winner again?? 😉

  146. If all of them isn’t an option, then I’d have to say Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. There’s nothing I love more than hazel nuts, salt, and toffee, especially when combined together.

    Now I have to go dig around for a piece of chocolate to satisfy this sudden craving!

  147. Thanks for the giveaway. All the chocolate sounds great but I would love to try Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. You gals are amazing.

  148. Dark chocolate is my absolute favorite chocolate. I have tried Midnight Reverie and Twilight Delight, so I would love to try Hazelnut Heaven and Toffee Interlude. Who doesn’t love toffee and dark chocolate? No one, that’s who.

  149. Hazelnut Heaven and Sea Salt Soiree sound wonderful. My whole family gave up chocolate and sweets for Lent. We are sooooo ready for Easter and to dive into our Easter fondue tradition. Ghiradelli chocolate would be a great addition

  150. Midnight Reverie (86% cacao), Twilight Delight (72% cacao), Evening Dream (60% cacao), and Toffee Interlude. I think these would be the ones to try. I have diabetes so sweet treats are limited, BUT I am allowed a square of dark chocolate once a day and that seems to satisfy that nasty demon inside of me that wants to cook pralines and fudge. So I would love to try some of these new ones to see which one would be my favorite and I have to say, Ghiardeli is one of my favs, especially their chips when cooking. Love the almost as much as I love the joy you girls bring to my life each day.

  151. I would love to try Midnight reverie. I associate really dark chocolate with my childhood and my dad, that is thousands of miles away and has cancer. When I was growing up, he used to eat dark chocolate in the evenings and share it with me. It is nice looking back at these memories, especially since I have to be so far away, while he is going through this difficult time and can not help him.

  152. Sea salt soirée is definitely the most intriguing to me! I love things that are sweet but not too sweet, with a hint of salt…YUM

  153. I would love to try the Midnight Reverie, Cabernet Matinee, Hazelnut Heaven, and Toffee Interlude. And that is only if I have to choose, I am sure I would love all of them.

  154. YUMMY! I’m having sweet dreams already! I would love to try any of these – it’s so hard to decide. Probably the Sea Salt Soiree, and since I’m a true chocoholic (the darker the better!) I would adore the Midnight Reverie!

  155. Can you really choose? I suppose I would start with Toffee Delight and Cabernet Matinee, followed closely by Twilight Delight and Sea Salt Soiree. Mmm.

  156. Hazelnut heaven for me. The name says it all!

    Fortunately, for us, we have a Ghiradelli chocolate factory just four miles from our home. And yes, we make frequent visits/purchases there. My husband is convinced that if he eats two squares of the 72% bars per day he will live a long healthy life. I sure hope he’s right!

    Our daughter came home for a visit the other day, high on her list of things to do was to pick up a stash of Ghiradelli to take home with her. Apparently, our family can’t live without it now. 🙂

  157. All of them! Sea Salt Soiree sounds fun because I love alliteration and definitely the Toffee Interlude. I do love all chocolate though 🙂

  158. My choice would have to be the Sea Salt Soiree. The combination of the rich delicious chocolate paired with the contrast of the sea salt would be ultimate treat for me!

  159. I’d love to try them all! But especially the Midnight Reverie, Hazelnut Heaven, Sea Salt Soiree, and Toffee Interlude. Yum!

  160. Planning a girls trip to the beach.
    How perfect these gift baskets would be.
    With Sea Salt Soiree, Cabernet Matinee and Midnight Reverie within reach.

  161. I would love to try the sea salt! Have you tried the one with espresso? Delish!! 🙂 Now I want to organize a girls night out (IN, rather)! 🙂

  162. I love dark chocolate! This gift would be fabulous for a chocolate in-home retreat! I’d love to try the Sea Salt Soiree, Toffee Interlude, and Hazelnut Heaven!

  163. So many lovely choices – I would like to try either the Sea Salt Soiree or the Toffee Interlude. I think I might have a chocolate and wine tasting party as an adult time out (:

  164. Oh heavens, how to choose?? I guess the Sea Salt, but I’ll tell ya I do not discriminate among types of chocolate. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Yumm! What a great party! I am partial to Sea Salt anything, so that gets my vote. Also Twilight Delight. Again yumm!

  166. We love our chocolate dark. I would try the Midnight Reverie. After that, we are in love with toffee bits in our chocolate, so Toffee Interlude would be next.

  167. I LOVE dark chocolate!! Oh YUM! I’d love to try almost all of them – Midnight Reverie, Twilight Delight, Evening Dream, Hazelnut Heaven, and Toffee Interlude (no Sea Salt for me).

  168. I’ve heard of this choc, but have never tried it! My Mom raves about it. I’ve looked and can’t find any in local stores here. I’d love to try the Toffee Interlude