Father’s Day with Auntie Anne’s Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Pretzel Nuggets

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I’ve said it before, but Father’s Day is one of the hardest holidays to shop for. My dad has everything, and if he doesn’t have it but wants it, he’ll buy it. And with my husband, when it comes to things like Star Wars Legos tools, he is very specific, to the point where if he doesn’t send me a direct link or physically place the item in my hands, I’m probably going to get it wrong.

That said, I’m pretty sure the common ground for most dads (and dudes) is food, Man Food in particular. Pretzels. Bacon. Cheddar.

Now..if you’re like me and a trip to the mall isn’t complete without a visit to Auntie Anne’s, you may have noticed that they’ve been innovating their menu.

bacon cheddar stuffed pretzel nuggets-1-2

Last summer, they had cheddar-stuffed pretzel nuggets, and they were such a huge hit that they decided to up the ante (boooo, Kate!)  this year and add bacon to the equation. You heard me. All summer long, you can get soft, buttery, salty pretzel bites filled with smokey bacon and melty cheese.

bacon cheddar stuffed pretzel nuggets-6-2 copy

And even though this is a Father’s Day post and even though I called pretzels, bacon, and cheese man food, believe me when I say that I know from first-hand experience that ladies are just as capable of enjoying pretzels, bacon, and cheese, both separately and together in nugget form. These foods are equal-opportunity and non-discriminatory. Amen.


bacon cheddar stuffed pretzel nuggets-2-2 bacon cheddar stuffed pretzel nuggets-5-2

So if you’re wondering what to get Dad (your dad…the father of your children…some dad who lives down the street who likes pretzels…) for Father’s Day, here’s your answer.

bacon cheddar stuffed pretzel nuggets-3-2The great news about these nuggets is that they reheat beautifully, so if it’s more convenient to buy them a day ahead of time, you can cover the container with plastic wrap and refrigerate them. When you’re ready to eat them, get two paper towels wet and then squeeze out the excess water. Lay one towel on the bottom of a microwave-safe plate, spread the nuggets out evenly on the towel, and then lay the other towel on top, making sure all the nuggets are covered. Heat for 20 seconds at a time until the nuggets are heated through (just FYI, this method is also fantastic for reheating leftover pizza!)

Just to make gift-giving as easy as possible, I’ve included a printable card that you can give Dad along with his Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Pretzel Nuggets (and complete control of the remote control…although at this point at our house, my husband would settle for FINDING the remote. The remote in the above the picture is not the remote he’s talking about.)

bacon cheddar stuffed pretzel nuggets-4-2

Father's Day Printable from Our Best Bites

You can find the full high-resolution printable file by clicking here. Also, it’s Friday, so you should probably go get yourself some Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Pretzel Nuggets as a way of congratulating yourself for making it through the week.

Auntie Anne’s has been kind enough to offer 10 coupons for a free pretzel, so there will be 10 winners! To enter, leave us a comment below, just make sure the email you use on the comment line is one that you check regularly. Giveaway ends next Friday, June 17, 2016 at 11:59 pm.


While we’re on the subject of Father’s Day, stay tuned early next week–we’ll be having a special, QUICK Father’s Day sale in the shop with some brand-new items just for Dad (I’ll just say if you remember how quickly the Mother’s Day boxes sold out, we’ve upped the number of Father’s Day boxes, but we also expect them to sell quickly!), so stay tuned and act fast!

<em>This post was sponsored by Auntie Anne’s pretzels, but all opinions and ideas are our own.</em>


  1. Oooh- I was just pinning pretzel recipes. This would be a new “twist” on Father’s Day for my husband. I don’t think my dad would eat them, but hubs sure would! But let’s just say that if I won 10 free pretzels, he might not have to know there were originally 10. Ya know- Quality Control testing and all that…

  2. I didn’t know these delicious bites existed. Father’s Day snack problem solved, they have my husband’s name all over them! Love the idea of getting them the day before and reheating. Thanks for a great post and idea!!!

  3. Those sound really good! I might make a trip to the mall just to try them! I always love your reviews on this stuff, thanks!!

  4. There is a new location of Aunt Anne’s Pretzels in our local Walmart. I have never tried them, but now I wil have to give them a shot.

  5. I really don’t like it when people say rude things on the Internet so I’m going to say this at risk of people thinking I’m being rude: I feel like this blog has become more about advertising and money than it is about food and life. I know it must be hard to come up with three new recipes a weeks to post, but why these shameless advertisements (for auntie Ann’s and Kraft Mac and cheese and miracle whip and…etc)? You guys have done so many great posts and even so many inspirational ones, stop littering your blog with stuff like this! We see advertisements enough in this world, I love reading food blogs to get away from that.

    1. I totally get what you’re saying. I really do. That said, at the root of it, there are a couple of issues. 1) We would never write a sponsored post about something we don’t enjoy. We try to be very selective and try to post about things that are relevant to our audience. We have posted roughly 85 posts so far in 2016 and only 6 of them have been sponsored (and the most recent one was in April). Also, the Kraft content was in 2013, the Miracle Whip in 2014, so it’s been quite awhile since we wrote those posts. 2) As much as we would love to do the blog out of the goodness of our hearts, it truly is a lot of work. There are significant expenses–web hosting, food, camera equipment, computer equipment, giveaways, taxes, tech support, web design, sometimes babysitting, plus less quantifiable expenses like time away from our families. This has become a job, a very fun job that we’re grateful for every day, but we can’t spend 40+ hours a week on a hobby. It’s unjustifiable. So we have to be able to cover our costs.

      We love our readers and want this to be a very positive experience for them. But if we’re going to keep the content free, there will occasionally be sponsored posts. We hope you’ll stick around with us and if a particular post isn’t up your alley, we’re totally at peace with it if you skip on over it.

      Have a great day!

      1. Yeah, Kate!! I don’t blog but I totally agree. It’s your blog, post what you want! It’s a business! A business with tons of free content!! I personally don’t mind being introduced to new products by other moms. It’s what we do face to face, right? Why not on a blog? I LOVE Auntie Anne’s and these pretzels look AWESOME!!

      2. Wow, thank you for the reply. Like I said above I didn’t mean to come off rude, so if I did I sincerely apologize. I guess I just feel like you guys have so much personal/inspirational/awesome content {along with all the great food, I mean, I own all of your cookbooks!} that I feel like this devalues that for some reason. But that is 100% just my opinion and you obviously don’t need my opinion to decide what you are going to post. I totally understand the cost and time and tears that go into this operation so I totally get what you’re saying. You guys are doing an awesome thing here and I’m sure you’ve inspired many so keep up the good work and take what I have to say with a grain of salt {or don’t :)}.

  6. I want to tell you that I make your homemade soft pretzels and stuff them with all sorts of stuff. My hubby’s fav is hotdog, swiss and sour kraut- then we dip them in honey mustard. I think I will hurry down to Auntie Annes for a Father’s Day gift.

  7. They’re my Combos dreams come to life! Anyone else remember those sancky things? I’d eat around the pretzel and save all the cheesy insides to eat at once. ;p

  8. Oooh! I haven’t been to Auntie Anne’s in a long time but these could totally lure me back. Cute printable, too! What’s the name of the cursive font you used? I love it!

  9. I truly love all the father figures in my life, but if I’m being honest, these would TOTALLY be a gift to myself 🙂 They look unbelievably good!!

  10. My trips to the mall seem to be infrequent and hurried these days, but I could definitely stand to slow down and enjoy a pretzel while I’m there! I love the pretzel dogs or cinnamon-sugar ones, but I’d give this a try… and it’s totally something my husband would like!

  11. These look amazing! Auntie Anne’s is apparently not in the malls here in Utah, but I located some shops around the SL valley which I may have to check out! Keep up the great work! I love that I am being introduced to new products through posts like these. I love that you both do so in an organic way keeping in mind the readers.

  12. This is a great idea! Men are so hard to shop for. Pretzels are something that won’t get shoved in the back of a drawer or closet and forgotten (hopefully)!

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