Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming and it’s going to be here before we know it! This can be such a hard holiday because my dad already has everything and my husband has expensive taste, PLUS his birthday always coincides with Father’s Day and sometimes even falls on Father’s Day. I’m not at all opposed to photo collages, books, drawings, handprints, all that jazz–in fact, that’s what he got last year and will probably be what he gets this year (in addition to his Happy Birthaversary Day present that kind of ate up his gift budget for the year.) But if you’re looking for something a little extra, we’re here to help! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the Manly Stocking Stuffer guide I did at Christmastime last year–you might find some things to suit the fancies of the men in your life! As I disclaimed in that post, my husband falls on the handy/nerdy/techy spectrum, so if your husband is into sports, fashion, or cologne, I am probably not going to be of any help here.father's day gift guide

1. DEWALT Max Gyroscopic Screwdriver. I don’t know why you should buy your husband this screwdriver because to me, all screwdrivers are the same. According to him, “It’s awesome.” He likes that it changes direction when you turn your wrist and it’s good for a lot of basic assembly and repair needs. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I used this screwdriver to assemble my rolling Ikea cart a few weeks ago. My cart is still in one piece, so if that’s not a testimonial, I don’t know what is.

2. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Grill Set. I actually do about 99% of the grilling in my house, but if your man is the master of the flames, I can tell you that he would like this set. Maybe love, if he’s been known to love kitchen tools in the past. I love the carrying case; I know that my big grilling tongs and spatulas are awkward and hard to store, so they end up getting tossed into a cupboard somewhere, but you’ll always know where these are.

3. Carhartt Men’s Quickduck Traditional Jacket. Leave it to my husband to put a coat on his Father’s Day list (actually, he put two…he’s very thorough.) He says this rugged beauty (the rugged part was him, the beauty part was me, he wants to make that clear) is water resistant, is comfortable in all but the warmest weather, has lots of multifunctional pockets, it seals at the cuffs, covers most of the backs of his hands, and looks super manly (that was also me.)

4. The Complete Bourne Collection. I actually really love the Bourne movies, too, so it’s one of those things that we can watch together, since he won’t rewatch Mad Men with me and I won’t watch Jupiter Ascending with him.

5. Conair Comb. So growing up, the greatest battles were waged over my dad’s black comb and his claim that he had had the same black comb since he left the house (lies!) and how it kept disappearing. So it was kind of eerie when I grew up and got married and my husband started wondering why everyone always took his black comb and how he had had the same black comb since he had left home and why is it always disappearing?! So. If y’all have also had the freaky realization that despite your best attempts, you married your father AND if that realization came as a result of Comb Wars, buy the men in your life their very own comb this Father’s Day.

6. Nalgene Water Bottle. He likes this because it has a wide mouth (perfect for collecting rainwater in the zombie apocalypse; I hate the wide mouths because I always spill them all over my face), is virtually unbreakable, and you can hook it onto a backpack or slip it into your car cupholder. Or your pocket, if you have really big pants. I mean, really big.

7. GoPro Camera. Perfect for attaching to the head of your cat to find out where it goes every day (I don’t have to attach it to the head of my dog because I know where he is all day, attached to my legs at all times.) Also perfect for capturing all the action during water sports, land sports, and whilst sneaking up on your children when they’re being very, very quiet.

8. LED Headlamp. This is great for any time you need to keep your hands free, like while doing some late-night rosemary harvesting (I did this at Sara’s house when we were shooting the pictures for our last book) or spelunking (my dad, husband, and I are all terribly claustrophobic, so that won’t be happening at my house anytime soon), construction projects, or late-night animal wrangling. That’s a thing, right?

9. Giant Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. This isn’t just a regular package of peanut butter cups, this is 2 half-pound peanut butter cups, comprising a 1 pound package of peanut butter cup (I know you can probably do the math here, I’m just trying to really illustrate the magnitude of a half-pound peanut butter cup.) If there’s ever a time to buy this fantastic novelty item, I submit Father’s Day is that time.

10. Popular Mechanics Subscription. Or whatever magazine suits his fancy. Magazine subscriptions are always fun and kind of a luxury that a lot of people don’t buy themselves, so they make great gifts.

I hope this gives you some ideas for Father’s Day gifts! If you haven’t already, go check out our Summer Survival Kit Giveaway!



  1. Thanks for the great Father’s Day gift ideas, Kate!

    For the past couple of years I’ve given my dad books on CD – he’s in the car a lot and really enjoys listening to the books. My husband and oldest son just finished reading Richard Peck’s “A Long Way From Chicago” and “A Year Down Yonder.” They loved them – and we’re hoping my dad will too! (He’s getting them on CD this year!)

    An item on note that husband loves, although it is on the expensive side, is a Hi-Lift Jack. (I ordered his on Amazon, but you get them at several stores that carry tools.) It’s suprising how many different things it can be used for!

  2. My husband has the same comb situation ! So funny, when he thinks he’s lost it, the earth stops it rotation until we find it.
    We just bought a replacement for him, and we also like that same brand.

  3. I will just add that there are these awesome baseball-style hats you can get with LED lights built into the brim that I personally prefer over the headlamp, as I think they are easier to just throw on and off (and swap between people) and they are automatically tilted to shine just a little bit downward so you don’t blind everyone you encounter (fancier headlamps are adjustable…but not all of them). We use these all the time when we’re camping…or that one awesome time when our water pump froze in subzero temperatures in the middle of the night. If only they were heated.

  4. My husband is a nerdy, wood-working, hunting geek so a lot of these are right up his alley! He has a head lamp, but after he and his dad LITERALLY shook the life back into a deer they killed last hunting season, but have no evidence of such an outrageous claim, I’m thinking the GoPro has moved from “Want” to “Need”. The only gift I’ve ever gotten that has made my husband drop into a dead faint was a Kreg Jig, so if your hubby loves DIY projects and tools, this is a must!

  5. My father’s birthday is right around Father’s Day, too. We even sing a combined song when they coincide: “Happy Birthday to you, happy Father’s Day, too…” Pretty tough for gifts, though. I haven’t even found a card I like for him this year.

    My oldest son was born on my dad’s birthday, so the challenge will run in the family!

  6. My husband is the grillmaster and has those grill tools with the long handles but we just leave them hanging on the grill all year round … this set would certainly be way more sanitary!! good tips!!

  7. Great list! I love the Bourne movies too…
    Where in the world did you find the big Reeses cups at? I’ve got 2 men on my list that would be in heaven.

  8. Another great water bottle is the Hydro Flask. Not sure how popular it is around the country, but here in Hawaii it is probably the most popular water bottle. Worth the investment if you like cold water since it keeps it cold for a long long time.

  9. Fun list. The LED headlamp is also useful if your husband becomes a scout leader and has to go on monthly campouts with his scouts so they can get their camping merit badge. It also makes a great gift for your son when he gets old enough to go on scout campouts and for your son’s friends when they turn the same age. I’ve lost track of how many headlamps we have bought for gifts.

    Another idea, depending on the variety of nerd your husband is, is model rockets and associated paraphernalia. They work for sons and their friends, too.

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