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For many people, carving out time to get outside or to the gym, is difficult, and investing in expensive machinery for a home gym can be costly.  Today I’m sharing some of my personal favorites when it comes to working out at home.  Obviously you can work out with zero equipment (as evident by our great Fit Club workouts) but I’ve found some personal favorites that are easy on the wallet (for the most part), take up little space, and are actually useful and worthwhile.  Hope you like them too!  Leave a comment on this post to add your own faves.


Step Machine

I have been so excited to share this one with you guys, it’s one of my most favorite things!  I bought this Twist Stepper after having my baby last October, and not being able to get back to the gym very quickly.  It was also cold and yucky outside during the winter, so walking wasn’t really an option.  I bought this little stepper, essentially a mini elliptical machine, and I love it.  It’s small enough to fit in a closet or under a bed, but I was very surprised at how sturdy it was.  It’s certainly not the same thing as a full-sized elliptical or stair machine, obviously.  You won’t get the same type of cardiovascular workout you would get on one of those, but it’s the perfect thing to have at home.  I often keep it in my family room and hop on for a few minutes here and there.  Or at night when I watch TV I’ll step during all of the commercial breaks, or if I’m lifting weights at home, I’ll do a couple of minutes in between sets.  I’ve found that by simply positioning my body in different ways (like slightly leaning forward, etc) I can work different muscle groups.  It also comes with resistance bands, which is a great way to work your arms.  You can totally get a full body workout on this little thing!   And those of you with Fitbits- it counts your steps!  It’s a great way to get in your step count without making laps around your kitchen.  At under $50  it’s a steal when it comes to fitness equipment and I’ve been really happy with mine.
adjustable dumbbells


I’ve written about these adjustable dumbbells before, but this is probably my favorite piece of fitness equipment.  It’s like having an entire wall of dumbbells, like you have at the gym, in one compact set.  They take up very little room, and both you and your spouse can both use them.  Depending on the muscle group you’re working, you really do want to use a wide range of weights.  In a single workout, I use 15’s all the way up to 50’s, so having them all in one set is a great investment.




I have so many memories from my childhood involving an ab roller.  Of course I had no clue that’s what it was.  We would hold on to the handles and run around the driveway with it.  It wasn’t until I was much older that I spotted one in a gym and had a light-bulb moment.  This is such a super simple mechanism, but it is an awesome way to tone not only your abs, but also your back, arms, and shoulders.  It’s something easy you can do while watching tv or waiting for dinner to cook in the oven.  When I first picked one of these up a few years ago, I could hardly roll forward more than a inches, and I got to the point where I could roll town and almost touch my nose to the ground and come back  up.  Last week I picked one up for the first time post-baby and about fell flat on my face.  I have some work to do!  There are really basic ab rollers, like this one, that do the job just fine.  I’m considering getting this fancy one myself, that can tilt to the side.  (Anyone have it?)



Such an oldie, but a goodie.  You can find stability balls on Amazon, or at places like Target, Marshalls, etc.  Try replacing your office chair with a ball to build core strength (oh my gosh, I just saw they actually make chairs for this!) or using it for crunches and other ab exercises, and as a seat while you do resistance work with dumbbells.  One of my favoring things to do is balance on the top with both knees while doing bicep curls.  Try it, it takes a lot of concentration!


Resistance Bands

Another oldie, but goodie.  Resistance bands are still around for a reason.  I’ve even taken these with me on trips because they pop in a suitcase so easily and you can use them anywhere.  They’re a great way to add resistance work into your at-home workouts and can be used for very low-impact work, as well as higher intensity moves.


Xbox Fitness Hero

I shared this on our FitClub Instagram account last week.  My husband introduced me to XBox Fitness and I LOVE it!  It’s available on the Xbox One, and you need a Kinect.  There are lots of programs for purchase, but I have been happy and busy with all of the free programs available.  They are all from well known celebrity trainers and offer amazing free workouts at home.  My favorite is Group Power (Mossa Power), and it’s something both my husband and I can do together.

What are your favorites when it comes to working out at home?


  1. I’ve been finding lots of great videos on YouTube! I do about 10 minutes of weights and 20+ of Zumba (cardio) every weekday. It was a struggle to work out 3 times a week before I found Zumba, now I happily do 5 days & could do more! It varies a lot from one instructor to another though, there are plenty of videos I turn off after a minute to find a new one. (Quite a few of the weights videos I’ve done are from Fitness Blender ~ it’s funny to see so many people mentioning them!)

  2. I have a set of free weights/dumb bells that are probably my most commonly used “home workout” tool. Those adjustable ones look great – they’d take up so much less room than my various sets/sizes! …I have a stability ball, but haven’t used it in quite a while. I may have to try replacing my office chair with it. 😉 Thanks for the idea!

  3. I’d like to use my resistance bands more often but I have a hard time finding the actual moves to do with them. Maybe this could be a fit club segment? so far I’m loving all your ideas!! now if I would just eat less chocolate…. hmmmm…..

  4. It’s not exactly exercise equipment, but I LOVE my foam roller. My muscles get pretty tight when I exercise and the roller works everything out for me. It’s like a free massage!

  5. One of my most favorite pieces of equipment is the TRX suspension trainer. https://www.trxtraining.com/products/trx-home You can use it at home, or throw it in a suitcase and use it in a hotel room or on the beach, you can use it pretty much anywhere you go. You can work every muscle on your entire body and it helps build amazing core strength. The workouts utilize both muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. LOVE IT!!!

  6. You have got to check out fitnessblender.com. They are the best thing to ever come along for anyone who works out at home.

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