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square_fontsSo…for today’s post on The Scoop, I was going to do a roundup of my favorite Valentine’s Day printables from the blogosphere. And then I took a look at everything I have pinned on Pinterest and liked on Instagram and buried deep in the recesses of my brain and I was, in the words of Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation, LITERALLY paralyzed. By Valentines. Terrified. Overwhelmed. Feeling wildly inadequate in my ability to CHOOSE my favorites (let alone make them myself). The internet is a sucky place for your self esteem, just in case you were wondering.

So, instead, I’m sharing some of my favorite fonts. I did this a few months ago and since then, I’ve discovered new favorites, many that I’ve used on my pictures in the last little while.

Here are my latest faves! You can download the fonts by clicking on the highlighted links below!

10 of Our Best Bites' favorite free fonts!1. Sloppy Hollow
2. Frenchy
3. DK Kwark
4. Wendy LP Std
5. KB Skittled
6. Janda Elegant
7. Gotham Extra Light (this is probably already on your computer)
8. 2Peas Architect
9. Torrent Graphics SSI
10. Peas Our Best Bites

Happy font-ing! Happy Thursday! Be sure to check back in tomorrow morning–I’ve got something sweet coming your way!



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Flash Sale sq


  1. I was hoping you were going to include the one you used advertising the flash sale, it’s so cute! It has some capital R’s mixed in with lower-case letters. What’s the name of that one? Thanks for doing the font posts… keep them up every once in awhile when you discover new great ones! 🙂

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