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Hi, everybody! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Jani is back this week with a super-fun workout that you can do with a partner! Whether you’re hitting the gym with your significant other or a friend, this is the perfect way to spend some quality time together!

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Trainer JaniIn celebration of Valentine’s Day weekend I thought it would be fun to do a workout that you can do together with your favorite Valentine!  Having a workout partner can make all the difference when it comes to meeting your fitness goals.  If you’re struggling with your motivation, or you simply want to squeeze more out of every workout you do, then one of the smartest moves you can make is to get a workout buddy. Here are 5 benefits of working out with a partner:

  1. It increases your level of commitment.  It’s so much easier to skip out on a workout if you are the only one that will be let down. If you are working out with someone, that means you have both made the effort to find a time that works for your schedules.  Knowing that your partner is counting on you to be there, you will much less likely to let excuses get in the way of your workout.
  2. Working out becomes fun!  Instead of looking at the clock every 5 minutes wishing you were done, you will look forward to spending time catching up, chatting, laughing, and encouraging each other.  Studies have also shown that those who buddy up for their workouts, workout much longer verses working out alone.
  3. It’s safer.  For some of us, the only time to get in a workout is either before the sun rises, or after the sun sets.  Having someone with you is much safer than being alone in the dark.  If at the gym, lifting heavy weights without someone to spot you can be quite dangerous.  Also, your partner can make sure you are keeping correct form.
  4. You work out harder.  Most of us have a little competitive streak, and a little friendly competition can help you perform better.  This is true especially if you work out with someone who is fitter than you.  You will most likely rise to the challenge, not wanting to be the “weakest link.”
  5. You can celebrate your successes together!  You’ve set goals, worked hard, and have made progress.  It’s time to celebrate!  Celebrating alone isn’t as much fun as it is with a partner.  Set goals for yourselves and celebrate every few weeks after you’ve met those goals. Take a break from work, stress, homework, carpools, etc. and get out to dinner and movie, or lunch and a pedicure, or a shopping spree!   You deserve it!


 Now grab your sweetheart, friend, or buddy, and get moving!!!  You will need:  each other, a mat, and a weighted object such as a dumbbell, and a weighted ball or a weight plate.  We used a dumbbell in the video.  Make sure to watch the video and the moves and instructions will make more sense.  Complete the sequence 2-3x.

20 side-by-side alternating front lunge with db twist (switch sides after 10 reps). Starting with you and your partners inside leg, lunge down to 90 degrees while keeping the knee behind the toe. Rotate away from each other, then rotate toward each other passing the weight. Repeat with other leg.

  10 Plank 3 way knees while partner does oblique crunches (swap positions after the 10 knees). Person doing the plank 3-way knees will bring knee to their side, center, and cross.  That’s one rep.  Switch knees and repeat for 9 more reps.

  10 Push-up, high fives. Keep the core locked in and modify the push-up on the knees if needed.

  15 Dumbbell front raise pass, while in a back to back static squat. Make sure knees are behind the toes on the squat, and pass carefully for obvious reasons.

  10 Partner pull up to stand or jump (switch hands after 5 reps and swap positions after 10). Person standing, be sure to engage the core to protect the back while pulling up your partner.

  10 Tire run to burpee while partner holds a low plank (swap positions after 10 burpees). Person holding the low plank, keep legs wide so partner can “tire run” in between.  If you feel pain in your lower back, drop to your knees on the plank.  See the video for a burpee modification.

  20 dips while partner holds a wall squat (switch after 20 dips)-  You can make the dips harder by placing the feet out farther or easier by bringing them in, but always keep the hips in line below the shoulders.

20 Roll-ups with dumbbell pass. Be careful not to use momentum on the roll-up, keep it controlled and make your abs do all the work!

Give your partner a high five for a job well done and set a time to do it again!!!

Since video reference seemed to be a big help last time, we’ve done another one for you.  Make sure to come back to this post once you’ve tried the workout and let us know how it went!



*Note from Sara:  I’ll get a printable card up in the next few days, it wasn’t quite ready yet!

Jani D. has over 20 years of experience working in the fitness industry.  She has a BS in Health Promotion and is certified in many disciplines including personal training, group exercise, yoga, Pilates, TRX suspension training, Insanity®, Zumba®, and water fitness.  She currently teaches a variety of group exercise classes for the Treasure Valley West YMCA in Boise, ID  and also owns her own personal training business, Body Balance Training.  As a busy mom of five kids she understands the challenge of finding a balance between  family , church, work, maintaining a home, and taking care of ourselves.  She believes that if we can make our own health and well-being a priority, we will be better equipped to handle the demands of a busy lifestyle and enjoy a better quality of life.


  1. I modified for one person (high five the wall, hold the weight for all crunches, etc) but three reps leaves me dripping sweat with shaky arms and legs. Thank you!

  2. Hey! Loving these intense workouts and I love having the reference cards so I can remember the sequence, sets and reps. Will you have the card ready to print soon for this workout?

  3. Thank you so much for the workouts, I like the video demos! I have lost 9 pounds since December and love the motivation.

  4. That looks awesome! Now if I can just convince my husband to do it with me….

    Thank you for these wonderful workouts.

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