Flashback Friday: Almond Toffee Tart

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I’m starting a new thing around here. We’ve been blogging for 8 years now, and if you didn’t know, the blogging scene is much different now than it was then.  Back then, you didn’t start a blog to be a “blogger” and earning an income from it wasn’t even thought of.  Social media was practically non-existent and the only reason we started blogging was because it was fun and it turned out that people liked to see pictures of our dinner on the internet. ( Lucky for us it’s still fun!)

One of the major changes over the past years is that when food blogs first started, they didn’t require professional styled photo shoots like they do now.  As the years have gone by, our style has evolved and some of our old recipe posts with amazing recipes are, well, downright scary to look at.  Case in point: my favorite Almond Toffee Tart. Seriously, this was my showpiece image in the 2009 post!

Almond Torte

So we’re working our way through some of these old recipes, and we’ll feature the updated versions which I’m sure will be brand new to many of you readers.  This is one of my absolute favorite recipes that my family has been making for years, so check it out with updated photos and instructions!

–> Click Here to see the Almond Toffee Tart <–



  1. Let me just say, I made that tart back when you first posted the recipe in 2009. It was awesome! I’d forgotten about it, but perhaps I should revisit it. It was really one of the best tasting desserts I’ve ever made, I still remember serving it to my family. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I didn’t see anything lacking in your original picture BUT when I read how this recipe is a favorite of your family, a hit with guests AND easy to make (with fairies in the oven, even!) I made sure to pin it, with credit to you and notes that it is easy and delicious.
    I also thought that when you said it would be worth it to buy a tart pan JUST for this recipe…that is high praise. I look forward to making this and I MIGHT share the kudos with you.:-)

  3. The blog evolution thing is so funny to me. When I look at your “outdated” picture I see a flaky, buttery crust and a caramely, almondy, delicious filling and I totally want to make the tart right now and eat it for breakfast. When I look at the new pictures I see a cute plate and orange curls and flowers and I hardly even notice the tart but it doesn’t matter because I’m pretty sure I don’t have energy to get that fancy right now. I get that you need to have a current look and I love the idea of highlighting some old favorites that people may not have noticed, but I wouldn’t disparage the old pictures. Just because they were a different style doesn’t mean they were bad pictures and they served their purpose of making us want to make your food. Our anniversary is next week and I’m pretty sure this tart will be a perfect dessert for our family celebration — served on plain white plates without anything fancy because that’s all the energy I have. 🙂

    1. Love that thought! It’s probably other bloggers who put the pressure on the standard for blogs these days and not the general public. I’m glad you see the deliciousness either way 🙂

    2. i totally agree. i liked the first picture better. fancy plates and orange curls do not sell it for me. I think thats a southern thing where the best food is served on paper plates 😉

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