Flashback Friday: Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

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I use this blog to look up a lot of my own recipes, and I pull up our favorite Ranch Dressing recipe a LOT.  Every time I do, I think about how badly I want to take some new photos of it- so I finally did.  The recipe and the instructions have been a little updated as well.  If you’ve never made this recipe, move it up on your to-try list asap.  It’s SO good.  And so easy, too.  You can basically drink it.  You’re welcome.

Get the recipe right here!  

Homemade Ranch Dressing 


  1. This is the only ranch dressing I will make and I am making it in a little bit here to go with the fresh garden tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots fresh from the garden. Yes! we have garden tomatoes in Tennessee now!

  2. HOLY MOLEY…..these are AWESOME I was so impressed with the flavor combo that I tried making my own version out of crescent roles, it wasn’t happening! I have to tell you these little guys are addicting

  3. I remembered when you first posted this recipe. I tried the same day and since them it has been my favorite. It tastes better than the bottled one. I make my version light. I use low fat buttermilk and light mayo. It still tastes great. When I take it to potluck parties, people do not believe it is homemade. Happy Friday!

  4. This is one of favorite recipes. I make it at least once a month. I have your cookbooks and every recipe is a keeper!

  5. I make your ranch all of the time. I am not an ingredient replacer (i.e. I don’t think applesauce and oil can be swapped for delicious brownies etc.) but when I make this I do half mayo and half greek yogurt. It makes it just a little bit thicker but I don’t notice a flavor difference and I feel a little less guilty about drenching my salad with it. Thanks for all of the deliciousness!

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