Flashback Friday: Chewy Almond-Coconut Chex Mix

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Happy Friday!! It’s almost Halloween! Is anyone else as exhausted as I am?? I feel like the week leading up to Halloween is busier, crazier, and more stressful (but less expensive) than Christmas. All the costumes. All the candy. All the parties. A new theme every day for Red Ribbon Week.

If you’re still looking for party ideas, make sure you check out our Halloween Party Food post. It is an AMAZING resource for all sorts of spooky (and not-so-spooky) recipes, tutorials, and ideas that won’t destroy your sanity.

Today we’re Flashback Friday-ing to one of my all-time favorite childhood treats–Chewy Almond-Coconut Chex Mix!

Chewy Almond Coconut Chex Mix-6 copy

If you’ve never made this before, I have to warn you that it is highly addictive. It’s perfect for a family movie night or for bringing to a party (I highly recommend divvying it up into individual portions because it’s so sticky. And so addictive. Someone might just go all Gollum and grab the whole bowl and crouch in the corner.)

Have a happy, fun, safe holiday weekend!!


  1. This is one my favorite recipes you have! It’s delicious as is, and so easy to substitute things in, too. My favorites add-ins are pecans and M&Ms. Just thinking about it makes me want to host a girl’s night so I have an excuse to make it and not eat it all myself!

  2. So I have made this twice and both times it is soft at first but quickly turns into a hard mass. Like we had to chip it into pieces with a sharp knife! 🙂 What did I do wrong? Does yours stay soft for a long time or go hard after a little bit? Maybe we just didn’t eat it fast enough?!

  3. This looks like a super yummy treat! I really like coconut and the almonds with it sound great. Maybe adding bits of dark chocolate and/or cranberries would go with this nice mix.

  4. You described Halloween week PERFECT, lol. We still don’t have a single bag of candy. Would it be wrong to make this and refuse to hand it out to anyone else? Don’t answer that.

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