Flashback Friday: Giant Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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This is one of those recipes on Our Best Bites that has become kind of legendary. In my own personal life, these are known as “THE COOKIES.” As in, “Kate’s bringing THE COOKIES.”

These cookies are responsible for more friendships, good relationships with teachers, and repayment of favors than anything else in my life. If I say I’m bringing cookies and bring something other than these cookies, there are consequences. If you haven’t tried them…you really need to. Click HERE or on the picture below for the recipe!


  1. I needed this recipe today as I’m having allllll the feelings (like seriously ALL of them, it’s kind of eerie) that you reference in your original post, thank you for your honesty even if it made me misty AND LOL. 😉 But I have no doubt the cookies will make it all better. Baking these tonight!

  2. Praise the heavens! I was so hoping these would be getting a makeover and some more love and attention soon. They so, so deserve it. They really are the best! Beautiful job!

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