Flashback Friday: Not-Too-Sweet Baked Beans

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One of my favorite summer dishes is these baked beans. Well. Really. It’s one of my favorite dishes year-round. Nine times out of ten, when we’re invited to a potluck, This is what I bring with the excuse that I “had a hankerin'” for them, but really, I pretty much always have a hankerin’ for them. 

Not-too-sweet baked beans from Our Best BitesRecently, I popped over to that post to make them and realized that they were so good that they a) needed to be introduced to new readers or people who had forgotten about them and b) they needed new pictures, because, bless their little beany hearts, no one was going to want to eat them the way they looked. So. If you also find yourself frequently yearning for baked beans (or just need an awesome side dish for a potluck!), come check them out!


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