Flashback Friday: Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Slices

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Guys, I have been making these non-stop recently.  These marinated cucumber slices look simple enough but everyone who makes them LOVES them.  I had forgotten how popular this recipe was until I went back to update it and read through tons and tons of comments.  I’m glad so many people have made these and love them too!

sweet and spicy cucumbers
I make a big giant batch and keep them in my fridge for the week.  We love them plain or as a side dish with chicken or steak, or on top of lettuce wraps or the Orange Ginger Chicken I posted earlier this week.  They go great with Asian-inspired dishes, but also other flavor profiles like Greek chicken or steak bowls, or in pitas or on salads and sandwiches.  Honestly, there’s not a ton they don’t taste great with.  So check out the updated recipe here!

sweet and spicy cucumbers


  1. I love cold pickling sweet/sour cucumbers and want to try this ‘heated’ version (pepper flakes and cooking the brine). I like to put rings of onion in mine too. I think I’ll try doing that with this recipe.

  2. These are sooooo good! After making a few batches I would recommend using English cucumbers, and keep the skin on, that way it doesn’t get mushy very quickly.

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