Flashback Friday: Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

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When I was thinking about recipes to post today with a mother’s day theme, I had all sorts of fancy dishes in mind.  But I started thinking about reality and about how if someone is going to make a delicious breakfast or brunch for YOU, it’s probably your spouse or your children, so maybe simplification was more important!  And that’s when I thought about these delicious pancakes.  My go-to fluffy, amazing, delicious, not-horrible-for-you-at-all pancakes.  They’re super easy to make and really good to eat!  Mix and match some fun toppings for a special breakfast or brunch this weekend (and make sure to get someone else to make it for you AND do the dishes.)  Get the full recipe by clicking HERE!

whole grain buttermilk pancakes


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  1. I just made these for dinner a few nights ago for the millionth time – my whole family absolutely loves these and my kids have never once made a comment about them tasting different than regular pancakes. Thanks!

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